love me love me say that u lov me

anonymous asked:

you do more than make me laugh. you give me an overwhelming sense of warmth and love which I feel in deepest depths of my heart

anon pls u r gonna make me cry this is so sweet I’m a mess rn I really appreciate u saying this holy crap thank you so much but this is v good to know bc I do lov u lots and I’m glad u feel that ahhh I hope u r doing well u lovely bean

anonymous asked:

I just wanna say, u seem like such a lovely person!!! the way you answer questions on here is so nice u must help so many ppl out, it's the loveliest thing! ur such a wonderful person ! ur lil pieces of art are so cute too I lov them !!!

thank you so much for sending me this. thank you so so so so much. it really means so much that people could perceive me in this way. its important to me, it really is. thank you so much darling. you have a kind heart. i send my loves