love me love me say that u lov me

mxrksgf’s first follow forever!

ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i donโ€™t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!iโ€™ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg itโ€™s not alphabetic either

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hello a little appreciation post for annie

i met annie because of my ex gf dix (who is pretty flippin rad, we just dont talk anymore asdfghj). im almost 100% sure i met her on dec 23rd of 2015 (annie, correct me if im wrong) and honestly? i love her to death. shes stuck with me through a BUNCH of garbo. and shes so strong???? dealing with her own garbo and also trying to help her friends??? she put up with me when i was foolishly talking to an extremely toxic and shitty person (and i kept going back to him bc “i lov him”) and she!!!!???? is so patient with me ;-; and so nice! guys i love annie to death ;-; shes such a sweet dork ;-; ill be like “whats good” and she’ll say somethin like “u, ur pure and good” and im??? !!!!!!! i love annie very much ;-;

@annierama is one of the sweetest people i know and im so honored to call her my friend ;-;

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Have you ever fallen in love???

yes~! i am married and i love davyn v much (even tho he says colossally dumb shit like “what if u were hittin an owl from the back and it turned its head around to look at u”)

he can make me laugh without even trying and his kisses r soft and plush like his tummy! his cuddles recharge me and his voice soothes me i lov him more than chipotle!!! every day i wake up excited for another day of being married to my best friend in the universe!!!! our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up and we’re gonna eat heart shaped pancakes!!!

i love him!!!!! (*´♡`*)