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Hot Topic!AU (Klance) - Date

(submitted by the lovely: @mayoffnaise)

I had the worst thought while writing this and it was “What if Keith actually said rawr means I love you in dinosaur” Also I had to look up emo looking anime characters for this.

“So is it a yes, or a no?” Keith pushed the tickets across the counter, towards the other boy.

“You like me!” Lance did a weird little shimmy with his shoulders that could only be described as ‘a completely Lance thing to do’.

“I,” Keith inhaled deeply through his nose, taking a moment to collect himself. “I have been very clear about the fact that I like you. We have been dating for two weeks.”

Lance leaned across the counter. If he had been any other customer, Keith would have punched him. Pausing dramatically, Lance gave the most awkward wink that Keith had ever received in his life. “So you admit you like me.”

“Okay, you caught me, I like you.” Keith rolled his eyes. This boy would be the death of him.

“Well in that case…” Lance closed the gap between them and pecked him on the cheek. “I’ll be at that concert.”

To say Keith was embarrassed by PDA was the understatement of the century. You could almost see his blush underneath the layers of white foundation. Shiro’s imminent comments always made it worse, validating it was in fact a public display of affection.

“I know it’s a slow day, but I’m still here guys.” Shiro folded a Blink-182 shirt, throwing it into the pile with the rest of them. There it was. Now the blush was definitely visible. It wasn’t fair. Keith knew Lance thrived on getting a rise out of him. Asshole.

After the redness in his face subdued, Keith directed his attention back to Lance. “Just warning you. The people at the concert are like the people here, but…” He shifted his gaze to a man browsing the hoodies heavily tattooed, brightly colored hair, clad in mostly leather, and studs, “More.” He emphasized the last word.

“No problemo.” Lance pocketed his ticket. “I’ve got this in the bag,” He holds up a plastic shopping bag. Keith can’t make out the text before it’s out of sight again. “Literally.”

“How?” Keith pointed at the item in question. “How did you even know I was going to invite you?”

“Uh. It’s a figure of speech.” Lance can’t help but smile at Keith’s inability to understand the joke.

“But then why would you say literally?” He placed his hands on his hips, like he was scolding a child.

“Don’t worry about it, just trust me.” He ended their conversation finger guns, and left without making any more annoying comments, not even one passing comment about the dumb Suicide Squad toys they had set up near the front of the store.

Maybe Pidge and Hunk’s lectures had finally gotten to him.

Whatever Pidge and Hunk were telling Lance, it was not working. When Keith had told Lance about the type of people at these concerts he had hoped it would prompt Lance to dress normally. Maybe just jeans and a black t-shirt instead of his usual anime attire, but this? Nothing could have prepared Keith for this. “What the fuck are you wearing?”

Even with Keith’s reaction, Lance’s posing did not falter. Actually, it only made it more over the top. Lance was dressed head to toe in the most ridiculous get up he had ever seen. A black and white jacket with coat tails that were too long to be functional, and a skirt, maybe, with the same color pattern. That was all bad in itself, but the makeup and hair was what really took the cake. White face makeup with two black streaks extending from his eyes to his chin. The wig was closer in length to Keith’s own hair and hung right over Lance’s shoulders. “Like it?” He winked hitting another pose.

“Wha- why are you wearing that?” Keith sputters. He circles Lance taking in all the details of this costume. It was well made so either Lance had a lot of time on his hands, or a lot of money to spend.

“I didn’t think you’d want to hear my explanation, but since you asked.” Lance rested against the side of the car. “I wanted to fit the ‘emo’ aesthetic, and because I’m far from emo, and don’t have any normal clothes that’ll for in, I could just use cosplay.” Lance’s annoyingly bright smile only brightened at Keith’s red cheeked reaction to being called emo. “I would have went with L, but that seemed too simple, and then my next thought was Sasuke, but that’s kind of your thing, so I settled on Ulquiorra.” He finished, triumphantly, with his hands on his hips.

Keith dead panned. “We both know that’s not what I was asking.” He didn’t understand half of the things Lance said, and didn’t care to, but at this point they were already running late, and he was sure Lance wouldn’t be the weirdest looking person there. “Let’s just go.” He offered, opening up the passenger side door of his crappy car for Lance, and rounded the vehicle to slide in to the drivers side.

Lance hopped into his seat, and slammed the old car’s door shut. “I could ask you the same question.” He stated, looking forward as the other boy drove out of the lot.

“Oh yeah?” Keith raised an eyebrow, gaze remaining on the road. He was just in his usual attire, which made him a little nervous to ask.

“Yeah.” He kicked his feet up on the dashboard, slumping back into his seat. “You can’t just wear a crop top and not warn me, you’re too cute in them.”

“Shut up.” The words lacked venom, and came out more shaky than aggressive. Lance couldn’t help but peek over to see Keith’s face as red as the streaks in his hair.

Looking around, he recognized a few faces, he also realized, while Lance was very overdressed for the occasion, he certainly didn’t look the craziest there.

The crowd wasn’t huge. Keith prided himself in his very underground taste in music, despite Lance’s accusations that he only listened to My Chemical Romance. The band wasn’t on yet, but from the noise the hundred or so people made, you would think the band had already been playing for an hour.

“Yo, Kogane.” The two boys were approached by a man who pretty much fit every stereotype of what a stoner should look like. Skinny, long hair, baggy clothes, dead eyes. Rolo, great. Even though Keith appreciated the thought that went Lance’s outfit, after seeing it he’d kinda hoped he wouldn’t run into anyone he knew. “Who’s the friend?” He shouted over the crowd.

“Oh, um, hey Rolo… This is Lance.” He said, gesturing to the boy next to him. Lance gave his signature dazzling smile and mock salute, and Rolo smiled lazily, entertained by his energy.

“You look pretty sick, dude.” Rolo leaned in closer to get a better look at Lance’s make up. “You do that yourself?” Keith couldn’t believe what he was hearing. To think he had been so worried. The two carried out their conversation about proper concert attire until for several more minutes until Lance squeezed his shoulder and brought him back to reality.

“Did ya hear that?” Lance boasted. “Your friends think I’m cool.”

Keith blinked, he hadn’t even noticed Nyma joined the conversation, but she and Rolo were such close friends he should have expected they were both here.

“That outfit is so cool.” She gushed, feeling the fabric. “Where did you get this?”

“I made it.” Lance smiled smugly. Keith didn’t interject, Lance’s smile was too genuinely happy.

A few more minutes of conversing over Lance’s 'super cool’ outfit passed by quickly. “Can you believe Keith didn’t want me to wear this? He must’ve afraid I’d look too good and everyone here would hit on me.” The whole group laughed loud enough to be heard through the audience.

“I still can’t believe you wore an anime costume to that concert.” Keith chuckled incredulously, pulling into an empty spot near the apartment building.

“I can’t believe you still don’t think it’s cool. I think you’re just jealous your friends liked me so much.” Lance leaned across his seat, challenging Keith to a kiss.

“No way.” He pushed the other boy’s face away. “Not with all that make up on.” He had only momentarily touched Lance’s skin, but his hand was already caked in white powder.

“Why don’t you come in and I’ll clean up, just for you.”

“Well, I’m usually not the kind of guy to kiss on the fourth date, but you are dressed impeccably.” Keith replies sarcastically, tugging at Lance’s jacket.

Lance laughs.


“You like me!”

“Yeah, yeah I do.”


SUPER embarrassing post alert. Take a look at this beauty lol.. 

This is the first picture I ever posted on tumblr. December of 2014. YIKES. It probably took me a couple of hours to draw.

Now here’s my drawing from today. June 2017, it took me about 20-30 mins? I never thought I would see this day. It’s taken so many hours, tutorials, tears, and a some victories. I still have SO MUCH I would like to improve on but I’m hoping to inspire someone today. You’ll get there, just be patient and keep at it. 

Part 2 : Jeff Atkins

The bell had just rang while Hannah and I got up to leave.
“Hey after you have practice thing you wanna meet up at Monets ? On me of course”
“Yeah, sure”
We both walked towards the exit door of the class when she started giving me ‘the eyes’
“Hannah stop I know what you’re doing”
“Oh yeah what am I doing” she answered smirking at me.
“Stop or I won’t even show up”
“ you wouldn’t ”
“Try me baker” I smirked
“Okay” she walked away from me toward the door.
I was curious to why she rushed out when it hit me shit Jeffs last period was across from ours.
“Hannah no ” I said a little to late for she already makes it to him as all the other students poured out ready to leave. As I walked over I heard her say hi
“Hey n/n ” •nick name -Jeff smiled then looked over to me.
N/n I thought what’s that about?
Before I could answer Hannah spoke for me,
“You know what I don’t think I can walk you out to your puff thing, Jeff could you do me a favor and walk with her I mean you’re already going the same way right?”
Thank god he wasn’t looking at me because as she spoke because I was burning holes through her head.
“Yeah sure no problem ” he turned to me as I changed my expression, and smiled at me which to I smiled back.
“Ok good and thanks, so bye guys ” Hannah said turning to go but not before she sent a subtle wink my way clearly taunting me over the ‘you wouldn’t’.
“Alright ,Ok lets go” he said as we started walking with me right next to him.
'god this is awkward ’ I thought to my myself as we simply walked side to side without saying a word for a few solid minutes. If I was being completely honest I was thinking about our oblivious height difference
“So I’m taking a guess you’re not very talkative” he told me with a slight chuckle.
“Oh no it’s not that I was just thinking ”
“Hopefully not thinking I’m strange or anything”
“Why would I think that?”
“You know sometimes people think it’s strange if someone they aren’t really familiar with knows their name and well I said your name while you were signing up and I had this question almost questioning feeling from you,,, and now that I’m saying it out loud it sounds really funny”
I decided just to laugh it out since we where at the doors and I didn’t quite know how to respond.
“Well I guess I’m going over there with the rest of the girls to change out, bye and thanks for walking with me”

Jeffs POV ~
I couldn’t help but smile at Y/N as she walked away she certainly was something else. I slightly shook my head getting myself back to normality.
“Ok time to practice”

///after practice///

Normal POV
“God I’m going to die” I said to myself as I dressed back into my normal clothes sore as heck and by the time I walked out mostly everyone had left already but I honestly did take my sweet time and I had no rush, plus making Hannah wait was a type of pay back. Not to mention my soreness while walking.
I walked out of the school toward Monets.
I took out my phone to see a text from Hannah so my idea had worked
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂 💖: Hey you on your way yet? 🙄
Mini Y/L 👑✨: yeah 😘 on my way I just got out.
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂💖: practice ended like 20 mins ago I swear you take longer than any girl ever.
Mini Y/L 👑✨: ehh you still love me 🤗 well im on my way, don’t complain or I’ll walk slower.
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂💖: Ok, see you here . Read 3:45

I heard behind me making me jump. I turned to see who the hell had done that to me and to my surprise I saw no less and no other than Jeff.
“Sorry for scaring you”
“Well if it isn’t Atkins” I laughed “what are you doing still so close to the school?”
“I could ask you the same thing” he threw back
“I’m taking my time ”
“Same here, where you going?”
“Monets ”
“Really?, what a coincidence me too ”
“Yeah hey let me give you a ride at least, you know for scaring you ”
I smiled “are you sure you’re not trying to kidnap me Atkins I mean you already sneaked up on me” I joked making him laugh. God did he have such a nice laugh.
“I promise not to kidnap you today” he threw back making me laugh making me quote with my fingers as I spoke
“Yeah today come on get in ”
“Ok” I smiled and walked across the street to get into the passenger side. “Thanks ”
“Yeah no problem” he said smiling and put the car into drive.
“So what do you think about practice?,, or wait better question what do you think about liberty? You’ve been here for like four weeks now right?” He said glancing at me while still looking at the road .
“Four weeks yes, and practice it’s actually tiring I haven’t done anything athletic in two months, and it’s okay I guess it’s high school I don’t think it gets any better than okay there ” I said
“Mhh I see” he said driving toward Monets.
“So where you from?”
“Y/H” (your home town )
“Yeah, you?”
“I’ve been here since ever”
“I see nice ”
“Yeah ” he laughed turning the car off.
“So two months uh”
“Yup I took two months off to go with my aunt in the U.K. I came back and moved here so my parents could be closer to they’re companies so that meant no cheer for awhile ”
I said as he just stared at my face for what seemed like an eternity after we made it to monets

Jeffs POV
Dear holiness I couldn’t stop staring at Y/N as she spoke
“You’re so pretty ” I thought out loud without recognizing it. Shit I said it out loud,I could already feel the pink spreading across my face when Y/N’s phone went off

Normal POV

I sat there shocked now his cheeks were the lightest shade of pink,when my phone went off I checked down and saw Hannah calling so I picked up
“Y/L where are you I’m waiting and my hot chocolate is turning very unhot ”
“I’m here see you in a bit”
“Ok just hurry ”
“Ok bye girly ” I hung up.
Jeff had already gotten out While I was on the phone and went to my side to open the car door for me.
“Thank you ” I said as I stepped out.
“No problem ” he answered rubbing his neck somewhat nervously. He closed the door behind be as we both silently walked to the monets door which I opened for him. He smiled at me the pink already gone had he not gotten pink?. He got the door from above where I was holding.
“After you” he said breaking the quiet
“I held it first ”
“And now I’m holding it”
“I’m not going in until you do ”
“But I’m a gentleman ”
“But I’m a lady ”
“Exactly go in ” he laughed
“Nope you go ”
Jeff laughed as he walked in and turned to me , “Y/N Y\L , you my lady are something else” he joked as I walked in after him. We both saw Hannah and Clay together
“Swear I can’t wait to see them get together, you can easily see them together” I said more to myself than out loud.
“You see it too? I’ve been waiting forever so one of them to make a move”
“I bet ,but no I must wait for my parents to get together”
“Yeah Hannah and Clay always baby me since I’m the youngest so they’re my other parents ”
“Ohh , I see ” he smiled “Well lets go”
We walked over to them
“Humans!” I said making them turn to me
“Child!” Hannah replied as I pulled out a chair and sat down
“ Me and Clay ordered your drinks ” they said as they both held on to a cup of hot coco.
“A peach ice tea for Y/N” Hannah said sliding it across the table to me
“And a Carmel frappe for Jeff” clay said .
“Awwweee my beautiful parents finishing each others sentences ”
Hannah and Clay simply gave me “thee annoyed” look.
“Oh so I was actually checking with my parents and I can’t tutor you today my parents need me home so is it ok if I tutor you tomorrow with y/n?”
Jeff smiled and nodded, “hey totally man no problem I actually might have plans myself ”
'Plans?’ I thought to myself while sipping on my tea.
“Well since my precious munchkin y/n took so long I need to go help at the store”
“Ok mom” I said doing grabbing hands toward her as she stood up so she’d hug me.
“Bye guys” she said turning to them.
We turned to see clay gulping his drink down, “I actually should get going to, and ummm hey I can finally give you that bike ride” he said toward Hannah.
“Yeah sure helmet ”
Clay stood up and said his goodbyes and left with Hannah.
“Well that was shortly lived” I said making jeff chuckle
“Well thanks for the ride but I think I’m due a nice bath ” I smiled about to get up
“Yeah but-” he starting making me stop
“I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go hang out in the park if you want to of course later after your bath”
“I mean I would love to but what about your plans?”
He only looked at me panfaced when it hit me
“Yeah” he said smirking
“Ok yeah sure”
“Great … so umm…. could I drive you home right now?”
“Right, yeah” I said standing up while he did the same .
At the exit door he made sure to get to the door and open it before me and the same for the car door.
“Thank you Atkins ” I said smiling
“No problem “he said getting into the car as he took off.
"Ok so the address is y/a/n ” •your address name -
“Got it” he said, “hey you said you did cheer right?”
“Yeah funny story so um……..”
-time skip here with conversation-
We made it into my drive way
“Well thanks and I’ll see you at…?”
“Six work for you?”
“Yeah ok six”
I was going to reach for the door but he locked it making me laugh
“You said you wouldn’t kidnap me today”
“Maybe I lied ” he shrugged and got out to which I got the message
“Not on my watch Atkins” I said trying to open my own door again but he locked it and opened when he got there.
“I’ll get it one day” I said stepping out with my things.
“Thanks” I said when he Leaned in and gave me a hug .
((HA bet you thought I was gonna say kiss not on my watch ))
“See ya y/n”
“Bye” I said as he got back in and waited for me to go into my house. I took out my keys and opened my gate to go into my house

God what a day a hug and so much time sent with him I smiled to myself. As I got closer to the door I saw my mom grinning ear to ear good she saw that…

((So yes I did a part two already but I didn’t like it and it was terrible quality so I fixed it a bit sorry it took so long))

anonymous asked:

Is it weird to think that your doodles and scribbles look more like professional drawings that would take me 10 hours, but for you they're wips?

ANON, ANON, hear me out, this is not weird, believe me, I’ve had the SAME kinds of feelings too when I first started drawing, there were so many people around me both online and offline that made drawing seem very easy for them but it wasn’t the same way for me which made me feel sad about my capabilities of drawing but I don’t want you to get discouraged. It’s only natural that my drawings are easier to draw for me since I’ve been drawing the same things for several years. I sat down hours every day struggling to develop a unique style (I make it look so easy now but I felt very miserable when I couldn’t make things the ways I wanted them to be) I feel being a beginner artist is an endless repetition of self-loathing and endless trial and errors because there are so many people who are better than you and make beautiful and lovely works that you believe you’ll never be able to create and then as time passes, all of a sudden you come to a realization that if you are happy when you draw that’s all that matters!! (it took me like five years to get to that point but time to time those negative feelings crawl up to me too ;v;)  Drawing is a gradual process. It may seem like you’re horrible at first (I very deeply know that feeling it took me hours and hours to complete a drawing that it’d take me like 20 mins to sketch now) but it grows on you and you see yourself getting better over time. That’s what I really love about drawing you know? If you practice, it pays off one way or another. The degrees of your effort paying off may differ but you certainly do get better as you practice.

professional?// ahaha..// I’m happy you feel my drawings look professional to you but there are so many things I lack and need work on// but I’m not too impatient about it now because I sincerely enjoy drawing and it’s my means of getting my thoughts and feelings out there, and my drawings allowed me to meet and communicate with many precious people.

Sidetracking a bit but when I first started to get down and actually practice developing a style I felt I was too late compared to my friends/other artists who started drawing at ages younger than me but I’m glad I tried.. I had so many self-loathings regarding art (you see where I started out from ;v; it were dark times) and I still do too sometimes, but what I felt about art is that if you practice it DOES pay off to at least a degree no matter how much talent you have.. I have people who started out later than me who has way surpassed my levels of art and is very well off and I’m proud of them ‘v’ kind of sad about myself but proud of them on their behalf too!! So if you follow me and you feel horrible about your drawings because everyone else seems so good, sit down and practice for at least three years before you give up (In other words, if you love drawing, keep drawing, TREAT YOURSELF WELL AND BE PATIENT ABOUT IT)and you will have noticed yourself having gotten very far from where you started. You CAN really do it. I’m not a good example actually because I only draw the things I want to and I don’t improve so fast (there are cases where people just.. bloom in a span of a year or two and I don’t know how they do that) but I’ve been trying for pretty long too and I think I’ve gotten better bit by bit over the years even if it’s not a huge difference ;v; I’ve said this to lots of people and I really mean this, you can surpass me if you practice. It kind of hurts to acknowledge it but I don’t have that much talent regarding art considering the time I’ve spent on it (I’m still trying though because I love drawing!! >//<). You really can do it.

Here are my tips on drawing that I picked up myself/learned through all the years I’ve been drawing: I hope it helps you too!

Take other people’s drawings as goals, not as something you should compare with your own works and get discouraged for. That’s something I wish I’ve learned earlier but I feel this way now and I feel very satisfied, it makes me appreciate beautiful works with joy

If you feel your sketches (not complete drawings, just simple sketches) take too much to complete, just keep practicing. It really does grow on you and you get faster, like how all other things are.

Remember that other artists have spent countless time struggling, shed tears and went through their own trial and error. They’re people too, they weren’t just great one day- boom! I’m a good artist now- it doesn’t work that way.

And take your time, be kind to yourself and if you aren’t one of those people who plan to do draw as a living and need to improve like really fast be patient and doodle away. Feel happy about it. Take breaks when you need it. and practice, practice, practice. 

I can’t stress this enough but love yourself and have fun and remember why you started to draw in the first place. Believe in yourself that you’ll get better. It takes at least 3 years as a minimum to develop a pretty decent style of your own so look up many references and cool artists and learn from their works and what you can incorporate in your own works and make something only you could make, even if there’s an urge to copy someone else’s style don’t do that and be creative and be respectful to other artists, acknowledge that they try too

Hope this helps you!

my love @braziliankitsch tagged me to name 10 of my fave characters from 10 different things so letsa go

  1. Joan Watson from Elementary
  2. Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99 
  3. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
  4. Debbie from Mindhunter
  5. Shawn Spencer from Psych
  6. Dustin from Stranger Things
  7. Angus McDonald from The Adventure Zone
  8. Mako Mori from Pacific Rim
  9. Peggy Carter from Marvel
  10. Nyota Uhura from Star Trek

this was a lot harder than i thought it was gonna be lol anyways im tagging @wondergenie @amyzantiago @potatofuzz and anyone else who wants to play with me 

“move with me”

aka narry being narry

ok great you clicked read more so 2013 was a great year for narry and these asses stayed copying/mimicking each other and it killed us all but thank the lord for such a bountiful year full of narry amen



they’re so dumb omg they literally do whatever the other one does i love it

im sure that’s not the only time their mouth’s been full of white stuff

look they even fall together how cute


yeah this was a REALLY good interview 

thank god for the this is us narry interviews

“how many girls have you fucked”

External image




remember when niall was the charmer and harry was his obedient snake (does this tell you something about their sex lives)

don’t forget where you belong

in conclusion

bring it on down to narryville


So close yet to far!

My lil’ Gambit’s costume is done!! don’t mind my ugly  hand stitches, aaaand I need to know how to attach lining to it because ewwwww the inside looks really fucking bad. In general I think the costumes look pretty nice.

Noooo I didn’t spend like at least 20 mins making them kiss just because they can’t do it (most of the time) in the comics.Nooope I didn’t. Not at all. Girl gotta dream y'know?

oh dear dolly hair, when will I ever order you? soon I promise. Stupid expensive stuff I need to buy first, they don’t let me indulge in my fandomness hahahahaha. And I haven’t practiced faceups in a while, i gotta do that too. Damn.

Next up: a Kitty Pryde costume for larry-stylinson-loves. I haven’t forgotten it! I swear!! I’ve just been massively busy with other stuff, it took me like 3 weeks to do the hem in gambit’s trenchcoat because I didn’t have the time :/ but I will! I’m really looking forward to it :) I also bought fabric to make Rogue’s Shi'ar uniform and the 2 Green ones she wears with the Avengers :)