love me face. love it


i’m laughing so hard this supercorp vid was made to celebrate mon-el’s yeeting and the rise of supercorp complete w the evidence itself 🍾🥂clink clink the party never stops when mon-el is over 😏


Listen, I’m busy today, so these are the only selfies I could manage. Enjoy my face in the car and at the grocery store.

Also, I reached 500 followers!! 🐝🐝 just in time for this season finale that’s going to tear my heart out 😭

This one goes out to all the incredible friends I’ve made in this fandom this season, but tag me in all your selfies so I can see your pretty faces!
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I was tagged by @seokgay to do a selfie tag literally months ago, but since I’m slow af I haven’t done it until now (I suck okay?)

And I’m tagging: @protectaetae @confettibangtan @halaltae @i-touch-my-hair-a-lot @mylovelytaetae @protectkimtaehyung @yoonseokee