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To whom it may concern, 

In the nearly 10 years that I have known Luke Danes, I have come to know him as an honest and decent man. He’s also one of the most kind and caring persons I have ever met. I’m a single mother, and I raised my daughter by myself, but once Luke Danes became my friend in this town, I never really felt alone. Luke and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but through it all, his relationship with my daughter, Rory, has never changed. He’s always been there for her no matter what. He was there to celebrate her birthdays. He was there cheering her on at her high school graduation. Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life. With his own daughter, Luke wasn’t given the opportunity to be there for her first 12 years, but he should be given that opportunity now. Once Luke Danes is in your life, he is in your life forever. I know from personal experience what an amazing gift that is, and not to allow him access to his daughter would be to seriously deprive her of all this man has to offer, and he offers so much. Thank you for your time. 

Sincerely, Lorelai Gilmore


my body is a cage - my miranda/jack fanmix for @meflashfanwork
(I’m early but you know, MEA at the end of the month!)


for @erughostcat who does the cutest miri/jack fanart and who is a good friend, the kind that always makes you laugh when you feel down (sorry if this mix is a bit angsty!)

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Why u gay for CBS? I mean.. I know he H A W T but dayy- Okay nvm I agree wit ya, I'd be gay for him too lmao

I’m sorry if I delayed a little reply this, I was out but here I go!

I have been waiting for this question so long, like you can’t imagine, and actually is really curious explanation why I like his character a lot and why CBS is one of my special interest now (probably the top one after the normal Sniper).

I discovered the character because of @strahldelune​, we were already sharing a mutual love for Sniper and Spy, but one day she showed a random fanart of CBs, and at first, I felt kinda confused. I was like “why Sniper is now all dark, with beard and all bloody” It was quiet strange, because I didn’t new about the character himself, so it was a reason to investigate about him more.

In my honest opinion, I could say that the videos that you will find on youtube are probably the best reference that you will find about him, basically the canon is based a lot on the videos (You can watch them here, the video of the origin of CBS!) where, before he has the actual appearance  all black clothes and pretty morbid, he was portrayed as Red Sniper killing people. I think that’s where all the theories started, and some people tried to make really nice hypothesis of why he turned all violent and sadistic.  

The character himself is pretty negative, if we talk about that he in fact, enjoys killing people, but lately I really spent my time trying to develop him more than that. He is not only the guy who kills, actually, I think already some people tried to make more stories with him, and not only based on his bloody personality. His charm of this character by far is that “he is the one who comes here to kill you” and yeah, I recognised that for so long. It let the fandom make some funny things (despite for the bloody ones) like Cbs annoying people and such. 

What I also would want to explain, is that the character of CBS made me back that phase when I used to spend long time developing characters and creating multiples stories. In fact, this would be hard to explain a little. But my perception of CBS is pretty different than the canon itself, the only thing that I share with the canon is the way that he is all bloody.

However, I spent long time, as I said at the beginning, developing him a solid personality based on probably all the negativity that the character had. Also, based on probably all the negatives things that I would not like to have. It’s basically like a self-indulgent version of CBS, the one that I have a lot of love. Since, I don’t want to let him go by CBS, I wanted to call him Lawrence (A latest doodle that I drew of him!), but the funniest thing is that actually I was not the one with the idea of the name, it was @strahldelune​ who suggested me, and we both agreed that we liked it!

Since I share a lot of things with her, and she encouraged me for work more in him, and create his persona, and all what I wanted to create in his character. As I said, he share the bloody personality of the canon one, but he also deals with a tons of mental things. He, in fact, is pretty vulnerable and has a lot of issues trusting  people. He is morally wrong in many aspects, and his decisions could be always based on his impulses because he is a pretty compulsive/obsessive person.  

Talking about his relationship, his most consistent relation could be CPS. But, then again, here comes another thing, since Gekko and I worked a lot of them here we have also her self-indulgent version of CPS, called Cecil (Here is a pretty fanart of him as well, made by Gekko herself). He also share some canon aspects, like the way he is gentle and easy-going. But here, we actually created a prologue, like a story of how they became CPS ana lotd CBS, and create their origins. Also as well, we talked about their past, like relationships, family, formal work , etc. So, we have this Au where, of course, CBS and CPS are the protagonist of this.

Lawrence basically depends on Cecil for make his life, he even couldn’t deal with he fact that he is far away from him. Cecil actually control him, control his impulses and, he tries to work in his behavior, giving more positivity to his life. Since, as I said, he is a pretty negative person, is his natural behavior after all. Of course, Cecil doesn’t support his actions, because Lawrence could be really violent, and Cecil wants to avoid the violence as much as he can, because it trigger him lot.

Even if those two are the principal characters in our Au, there are also another important characters too. We also wanted to describe the other guys from the team as well. We took canon character (Mostly the whole red team is the canon one) and the Blu team is already changed, not as the canon, but also as another Ocs. Lawrence and Cecil used to have pretty good relationships with their teams, but there were significant relationships that influenced Lawrence and Cecil’s lives. 

There is , the Blu Sniper, called Oliver (Here, another doodle by Gekko, and yes he has heterochromia!) who was basically one of the closest friend of Cecil before everything happen. He used to be pretty close to Cecil, and he trusted him a lot. After Cecil left the team, he started to feel really alone, and actually kind of disappointed for his decision, But actually, the drama started when he realised that Cecil was pretty close to Lawrence. He felt furious, actually pretty worried knowing that he was being near this pretty negative person, also because CBS basically always killed the whole Blu team many times, and that made Oliver mad. So, basically is like a triangle between Cecil, Lawrence and Oliver, not in a romantic way, of course.

I could say more, but that’s the most relevant facts about our guys, and actually they mean a lot to us. We are working more in their stories and little by little probably we will talk more about them. 

And in a personal way,  the character himself means a lot to me, since he helped me to deal with a lot of negatives things, I think he is like a copying mechanism that let me feel much better. Sometimes I just make angst based on him because somehow, it’s like a catharsis. I mean, I love CBS a lot, but not only as the character, I think that he was like a great support for deal with a tons of bad situations in my life. Personally, he already did a lot for me and I’m glad he is part of my interest again. 

If everybody is interested on know more, you all can hit Gekko or me a message and we will talk more about them, for sure. 

Dear God,
Help me to love those who are forgotten. Help me to love those who no one sees. Help me to love the brutally wounded. The ones wounded on the outside and inside. Lord God open my eyes and my heart to the Spirit of God and what your telling me to do. Without you I can’t do it, but with you nothing is impossible. Lord help me to reach the lost and to bring those who need Christ the most to His salvation: cover me Lord and strengthen me. In Jesus mighty name amen

He was supposed to be an angel but they took him
from that light and turned him into something hungry,
something that forgets what his hands are for when they
aren’t shaking. (x)

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& : )

THEY’RE UGLY, GNARLED THINGS, those scars on her back. her skin had healed correctly, but it had taken them HOURS to get the situation under control enough that she would even entertain the idea of a med droid….and laying unconscious in a sand dune hadn’t exactly made the cuts easy to clean. she would have been better off in a bacta tank, but at the time, it hadn’t seemed justifiable, or important. now, though, with her husband’s fingertips tracing along the long lines, spanning almost shoulder to hip, she feels ––––– SELF CONSCIOUS. her face is angled towards his where she lays on her stomach, clothed only in a thin sheet tangled around her legs, curls spilling out across a pillow and eyes watching him carefully. there’s a measure of guilt to the landscape of his features, and a measure of discomfort to hers. not from the contact of his fingertips, no, but from the vanity she thought herself so above, rearing its head and reminding her that she is not, in fact, above that vanity. ❝ please don’t look at my back like that, ❞ she mumbles, reaching up to stroke fingertips down the curve of his jawline. ❝ not every injury i manage to sustain is your fault, ani. ❞ her fingers trail down his throat before falling somewhere around his pectoral, her hand dropping gracefully onto the mattress between them. ❝ besides, ❞ padmé starts, looking up at him through her lashes, head tilting more firmly into the pillow, ❝ there are much nicer looking parts of my body you could be touching, ❞ she teases.


lethalduo’s “Best Playmates Around!” bias list

Originally posted by mortalkombatdaily

I just… I just wanna say thank you all. So much. I’ve never felt so welcomed in a fandom, nor as loved, as I do here. It really means a lot to me that people actually want to RP with me, and they’re like… 10x more quality than I am like?????? woah all of you guys are so damn cool and I want to hug each and everyone of you and thank you guys for liking my portrayal of Ferra/Torr! It means a lot considering I came into the fandom kinda afraid and unsure if I would get noticed…

But now! onto giving love!

KOTAL KREW (All the precious Kotal Krew babies who I really enjoy seeing around and RPing/talking with!)

outworldoutlaw | emperorkoatal | the-last-zaterran | erronism | animarumx|

THE PESKY KOMBAT KIDS (Precious baby kombat kids who I wanna talk with more and enjoy in general)

telepathiiiic | cassandraxcage | jacqueline-sonya-briggs | shaolinarcher | gauntletology | lasher-takeda |

OLD KOMBATANTS (Not gonna forget these precious babies <3 the ones I’ve talked with, and the ones I just enjoy seeing on my dash!)

you-just-got-caged | uncle-kano | sentosbite | sergeantxkurtis | thundertakeyou | nethersorcery | treacherousorcery | bloodied-arm-blades | kiitxna | scorpicn | rulerofoutworld | weshareblood | bigniggajax | kahnuum | princess-of-outworld | seductivekahnum | backstabbingxbitch | general-blade | fallen-elder-god | wxthteeth | jasonvoorhees-unstoppable |

THE KOMBAT OCS (The ones who I kinda enjoy, cause hey, they get along with Ferra so!)

ravenandraven | celestialcrabshooter | millikan-tarkatanson| capoeiira | corrupt-roulette | tiesoffamily |

OTHERS (This is for the other fandom blogs who have followed me that i really enjoy seeing on my dash and wish I talked to a bit more)

littlebearwithinthebull | corybanticdeviant | whohastimefortears | rollingsnowsmasher | superxgo | whenthingsfall | acomicofmyown | ismellherblood | navixtsumasiyu | spacerat-chet |

I would just like to say thanks for putting up with me like seriously it means so damn much to me like you don’t understand <3 lots of love and kisses 2 u all from Ferra/Torr mun!