love me a fully rotated triple

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Hi! Can you show me why Shoma's jumps are pre-rotated? I always see people saying his jumps are pre-rotated, but I can't really tell 'cause I'm a newbie fan. Can you put it beside Yuzu' s jump for comparison or any other skaters who has a perfect jump technique

This is Yuzuru’s triple flip take off:

he points his right toe (since he is extra, he points it inwards, going against rotation and actually rotating his triple flip more than necessary. The love for counter-rotated things is strong in him) and he does leave ice immediately. You can clearly see how the blade is fully off ice well before he hits 90° on first rotation. (Gif credits to (x))

This is Shoma’s truple (thanks Uncle Kurt for the definition!) flip:

he points his right toe at 90° degree already and he does rotate at least an additional 90° on his toe (or on his edge, since he doesn’t use only his toe in pointing…) before leaving the ice (I’d say it’s way more than 90°, but let’s be generous). You can clearly see how he takes off forward.

A text-book image of what a cheated jump is.

If you want to see other comparisons with other skaters, a youtuber put up these videos: (x), (x).

GOE debate aside, they are quite useful to see the difference.