CLAWS. she was certain she saw ones before just as they were now on her own
     hands. long and sharp. non-human like. she was hallucinating. seeing things &&
     hearing thing over the last couple of days. she had to be exhausted. working too
     much. no wonder, she’s been working double the shifts to make up for the money
     she’s lost… thanks to liam. && now thanks to him she was so overworked she
     had begun to HALLUCINATE. but this time it was different. the claws. they’re right
     there and she had never seen anything more real before. && it’s the first time hayden
     begins to panic. eyes wide in horror as she stares down at her hands. examining them
     like an alien object. this wasn’t really happening, was it? yet as she senses someone
     approaching she clenches her hands into fists and puts them behind her back anyways.
     “what do you want?!” she snaps. rather focusing her panic into good old bitchiness.