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Kenna by Liz Osban

Psychedelic long dresses, Mademoiselle Magazine 1967.
Three models stand close together wearing brightly colored maxi dresses; from left to right: sleeveless dress with swirl pattern in green, orange, red and black by Fifth Avenue Robes; a long sleeve dress with paisley print in pink, purple and red by Chezelle; and a kimono-style dress with floral print in green, yellow, purple and white by Gigette. Photo by Didier Dorot

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Hey , can you do a bullet point where shawns girlfriend is like 1,75m tall ?♡

  • Laughing at each other when one of you bangs their head into something
  • And keeping score on who does it the most
  • Mirror selfies turn out amazing
  • Shawn loving to look at those long legs walking in that short summer dress
  • You are both at the perfect kissing height
  • Both being sarcastic when responding to lame ass comments about your heights
  • Big spoon, little spoon, it doesn’t matter really 
  • Never losing sight of each other in a large crowd
  • Playing any kinds of sport together beating Shawn’s friends every single time
  • Shawn kissing teasingly all the way up your killer long legs (just imagine, fuck)
  • You fit into his clothes and can wear it as you want
  • And he’d lowkey love seeing you rock his clothes
  • Hugs are amazing 
  • Shawn love seeing Maxi-dresses on you
  • “That’s my girl”
  • Whining about the leg space in the airplane together
  • You and Shawn always walking super fast while people struggle to keep up with you
  • “Babe whatever, you look good in everything. Everything”
  • Shawn watching you sway them hips and move that booty when walking away from him
  • Either of you ever look down on each other
  • You are slaying couple photos together
  • “I like how I don’t feel like a giant around you”
  • “Shawn, we’re giants together”
  • Perfect height for cheek kisses oh my lord
  • Calling your friends “little people” and both laughing at it

I am 27 and this is my first maxidress. My whole teenage and adult life I have felt that I am too curvy/fat/chubby/just the wrong shape for a maxi dress, even though I have always wanted one! My journey towards anything resembling body positivity has been long and slow and set back by so many things but I bought myself this dress and I love it and I love wearing it and I’m working hard on loving myself too. 👗❤️


I don’t know what the deal is with rainy weather…it makes me so tired!  I had zero desire to work today, but I got to read exactly four posts before my day got crazy busy!  Fortunately, I was uncharacteristically proactive about packing breakfast and lunch last night, AND I pre-chopped the onions and jalapenos and mixed the spice rub for the shredded beef tacos I’m making in the crockpot, too.  This morning, prep took five minutes and I just got home to an amazing-smelling house!  And…as you can see…I’m EXTRA prepared with salsa for the tacos! That salsa is SO good, and they haven’t had it the last two times I went to Trader Joe’s.  So, I felt it necessary to stock up!  The guy at the checkout was like, “Wow…somebody really likes salsa.” Lol

I just don’t have it in me to go to the gym tonight.  I’m currently summoning the motivation to either go out for a rainy 65 degree run (LOVELY running conditions!) or do a yoga video.  I saw a super unflattering picture of myself from this weekend’s work event on Sunday.  I’m STILL trying to talk myself down about it (it keeps popping up on our work social media…UGH).  I was standing at an angle and wearing a rather flowy shirt, but for whatever reason, no amount of logical reasoning with myself has made me feel better and it’s been two days.  That nasty negative self-talk is such shit. :/

On a brighter note, I was looking for a couple of new maxi dresses for work for the warmer months and I ordered this one (in charcoal) from Amazon.  I don’t order a ton of clothes online but I took a chance on this one because it’s nice, cheap, and plain. Plus, I already have a belt that works with it (I’m wearing it in that picture).  I’m totally happy with the fit and the material. I’m 5′9 and it falls to the perfect length, too!  I ordered a second one in olive.  Yay!  I am not a fashionable person at all.  I love that maxi dresses are a complete outfit all on their own with minimal effort, and if they’re plain, I can match them to any number of shoes or sweaters.  I live in TX, so basically 99% of my wardrobe is sleeveless and I own a bunch of sweaters! Ha!