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Everytime I look at this gif. I stare at it forever. Looks at the intensity in his eyes. There isn’t anything in this universe he wouldn’t be willing to kill if it meant saving Melissa. Like I’m pretty sure that Chris would rip apart Heaven and Hell to be reunited with Melissa in the train station. And I’m upset because I was shipping Mama McCall and Sheriff for so long and now Jeff Davis threw this in my face and now its working, I’m a solid member of the McArgent Shippers. Someone close my coffin and start throwing dirt on it cause I’m dead. ✌

Pregnant - Scott McCall imagine

Prompt: Y/N and Scott have been dating since their sophomore year of high school. Now their seniors and are both werewolves. Y/N is a part of the Hale family (Derek’s younger sister, Cora’s twin) and is pregnant with Scott’s child.

Warning: N/A

Rating: PG-13

**Will be written in first person, because I hate writing in third person.**


Artificial light burns my eyelids as I wake up from the non comatose state that I had previously been in. Being smacked over the head by something heavy and blunt by Theo Raeken is not the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Nor is it my proudest moment.

Groaning as I sit up, holding the place that the blunt object had made contact with, I glance around me only to see a dark, gloomy place as my surroundings.

“Great,” I mutter as I stand up, straining my ears to hear my baby’s heartbeat.

Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump.

"Oh thank God!” I let out a sigh before walking around, searching for a way out.

Nothing good every happens in dark gloomy places! The whole room smells… sanitary. Like chemicals. Am I in the hospital?

I quickly and easily find a door and make my way out as the distinguishable ding of an elevator rings out, and I hear my boyfriend’s mother say, “Over here, yeah.”

"Shouldn’t we be talking to one of the doctors?” Mason’s voice sounds and I follow it.

"I’ve been wrestling with that for hours. Do we bring them in and watch them treat her as a normal patient while we stand here knowing it’s not going to work, or do we keep trying to do everything medically possible to save her while her body does things that shouldn’t be medically possible?” Mama McCall’s voice asks breathily, her obviously working hard at saving someone.

"Is she dying?” Mason asks the woman.

"With the amount of mercury in her body right now, she shouldn’t even be alive,” Melissa deadpans.

"Mason?” I call, still not being able to see where I’m going before having the bright idea to use my other eyes.

"Y/N?” he calls back. Footsteps easily follow and the sound makes their way to my sensitive ears.

"Over here!” I call back to the sophomore boy. He quickly finds me and brings me back to where Melissa McCall is trying to save Hayden Liam’s girlfriend.

"Y/N! Are you alright?” Melissa asks when she glances up to see me. The woman rushes over to me, looking at my head injury which really isn’t that bad.

"I’m pretty sure. Other than a super headache. I should be alright,” I push her hands off of me lightly.

"Y/N, you’re still bleeding,” she states seriously.

"Really?” My hand flies up to the injury, then back down to look at it. Sure enough, there is lots of blood on my hand.

"Mason, could you run back up and get me some gauze, wrap, and IV tape?” She asks the boy. He nods and jogs out of the room and back up to the main part of the hospital.

"Really Mama McCall. I’m fine!” I persuade.

"No you’re not. You’re six months pregnant and have a bleeding head injury. You are going to sit your butt down and let me take care of you, because if you go out there and hurt yourself or my grandchild anymore there will be hell to pay!” She exclaims.

"Uhh… Okay.”

"I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you,” she apologizes.

"No! No! You’re fine! It’s okay. I understand!” I say before she goes back to taking care of Hayden.

"Just… Keep her awake for me please,” she nods toward the girl dying of mercury poisoning. I nod and pull a bucket up next to the table.

"Hey,” Hayden chokes out.

"Hey. How’s it going?” I grab her hand.

"Not good,” she forces a smile, “My sister?”

"Scott is out looking for her right now,” Melissa leans over to look at her.

"And Liam?” The sophomore asks.

"I’ll call him,” I tell the girl. I get a slight nod in response before pulling my cell phone out of my pocket and unlocking it before searching for Liam Dunbar’s contact.

Ringing is all I get before going to voicemail.

I leave him a very colorful voicemail:
“God damnit Liam. Get your ass over to the hospital before I skin you! Hayden needs you.”

The sophomore boy, that until recently had no clue about the supernatural, comes running back in with his arms full of medical supplies before dropping them on the nearby table.

"Thank you Mason,” Melissa says before getting to work on my banged up head.

I hiss in pain as Mama McCall places a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol on the site of injury.

"Sorry. Should’ve warned you,” she states before going back to treating my head.

A few minutes pass and I’m still holding Hayden’s hand as Scott’s mom finishes up with my head.

"Let’s hope you heal soon before you go back to the fighting,” she says before the heart monitor flat lines. She looks up at Mason.

"I’ll go get Liam,” he goes to run off again, but my hand catches his arm first.

"Let me drive you.”

"Y/N,” Melissa says in a warning tone.

"I can hurt myself anymore than I already am,” I shrug.

She pulls me into a motherly hug, “Just be careful.”

"I promise,” I smile at her before running off with Liam.

It’s a good thing that my body is used to running so much, because it could mean bad things for my pregnancy if not.

I speed all the way to the library, but when we get there there’s a barrier of mountain ash.

"Mason, you need to break it,” I state.


“Break the barrier. I can’t get in otherwise also, Scott and Liam can’t get out,” I state.

He nods before leaning down and brushing the dust away, breaking the barrier. Making it possible for me to get across.

Mason runs in, yelling for Liam. All I can see is Liam on top of Scott, clawing at him like crazy.

“Liam!!” I bellow at him in my alpha status, causing him to shrink away from Scott and look at me.

“Hayden,” he mumbles.

“She’s gone. Hayden died a few minutes ago. She’s gone,” Mason breaks it to the out of control beta. Liam takes off running out of the doors, as I run to Scott.

“Scott, what happened?” Mason asks him once we get Scott to his feet.

“It was the super moon. It’s just-”

“Bad timing. Seriously, you couldn’t have waited five minutes?” Theo comes barreling in right toward us, shoving Mason and I to the side like rag dolls. Mason getting knocked unconscious and me getting the wind knocked out of me.

My vision is slightly blurred and sounds are muddled as I pull myself back to my feet, but what I could make out what Theo digging his claws into Scott’s abdomen and dragging him over to the stairs to sink his claws into Scott a few more times before stalking out of the library.

I rush over to Scott, “Oh God. Scott? Scott! Look at me!!”

His red alpha eyes fade to his normal brown, telling me that he’s gone.

“Scott McCall! Come back to me!! You can’t leave!! You’re too strong to die. You idiot!!” I yell and scream, trying to get some sort of answer from him.

Mason grabs my arms and pulls me away from Scott’s body and into his own chest, allowing me to break down and sob. He soon calls Melissa, getting her to the library as soon as humanly possible.

“H-he can’t be gone. It-it’s just not possible!” I speak through broken sobs.

“Scott?! Scott!!” Melissa comes running in, coming to a halt at her son’s dead body. I tune Mason and Melissa’s conversation out.

He can’t be gone. He just can’t be! Scott can’t die. He’s an alpha. And not even just an alpha, a true alpha. My Scott is gone and is never coming back.

“Come on Scott! Roar!!!” Melissa slams her hands down onto Scott’s chest in a precordial thump, causing Scott to legitimately roar.

“Oh dear God!” I shuffle my way over to the boy lying on the floor heaving. I pull him into a hug.

“Hi,” he whispers in my ear as his arms wrap around my smaller figure.

“I thought you were gone,” I mumble into his shoulder.

“I could never leave you,” his hands clutch either side of my face.

“Good, because I was about to resuscitate you then kill you ag-” he cuts me off by pulling my face down to his and pressing his chapped, dried, crusty blood covered lips to mine.

Some people say that kissing chapped lips is the worst thing in the world, but I can counter that by saying: when losing the one you love most, kissing their crusty lips one more time is the best thing in the world. Sure, soft lips are great and all. But after everything Scott and I have been through together, blood covered lips are what I look forward to at the end of the day. And I almost lost that.

After Melissa hugs her son and tells him how much she loves him, we help him up and get him into her car. Mason in the front with Scott and I in the back.

“I can drive you back over tomorrow to get your car,” Melissa says as she starts toward the hospital to drop Mason off so that he can get Liam.

“Mhmm,” I nuzzle my face into the crook of Scott’s neck and sigh.

I’m not sure how many minutes passed, but what I do know is that when we got back to the McCall residence Melissa and I helped Scott out of the car and back inside. Scott wanted to talk to his mother alone, so I grabbed one of his shirts and a pair of sweatpants and headed to his bathroom.

With the hot water running I strip my dirty, blood covered clothes off and look in the mirror before stepping in the shower and cleansing myself of dirt, sweat, and blood.

Once I’m done I turn the hot water off, dry my body with Scott’s towel and redress myself. I run my fingers through my wet hair and leave it cascading down my back, leaving a wet spot where it sat.

I walk back into Scott’s bedroom, where he lay on his bed. Obviously in pain. I grab his hand and start to take it away.

He rips his hand from my grasp, “Don’t.”

“Scott, you’re always taking everyone else’s pain but never will let anyone take your own. You just died! Please, just let me take some of it,” I plead. His gaze softens before he grabs my hand again.

Black veins splotch up my arms as I grunt, taking away the gruesome pain from my boyfriend.

“I’ve lost everyone,” Scott says later after I’ve laid down next to him in bed.

“What do you mean?” I ask as he traces shapes on my arm, relaxing himself and me.

“I’ve lost everyone. Lydia, Stiles, Kira, Malia, everyone!” He exclaims.

I sit up to look at him clearly, “Scott, you haven’t lost everyone. If you did, you’d have lost me too. And I’m not going anywhere!”

“But you can always leave!” He argues.

“I’m not going to though,” I assure him, “Scott. I loved you yesterday, I love today, I’m going to love you tomorrow, and I’m always going to love you forever. No matter what happens, I’m not leaving you.”

He sits up and rests his forehead against mine while placing a hand on my baby bump, “I love you so much Y/N, and our baby.”

“I love you Scott McCall,” I press my lips to his.

>>> Three months later <<<

“Stiles! Let me see the baby!” Lydia argues to the brown haired teenage boy holding my baby girl.

“You’ve had her for the past twenty minutes! It’s time for uncle Stiles to hold her!” He argues back, sticking his tongue out at her.

The laugh of a crooked jawed teenage boy sounds from the chair next to my hospital bed while his mother watches with an amused expression from the doorway in her nurse’s scrubs.

“I think aunt Kira should hold her at least once in her lifetime!” Kira argues back to the group of teenagers arguing over who gets to hold the newborn baby.

“Okay! If any one of you yell one more time and wake her up, I will personally find you while you’re sleeping and kill you slowly and painfully,” I threaten.

“Sorry,” Malia, Mason, and Liam whisper.

“Harsh much?” Stiles questions, causing me to glare at him in return.

I glare at him before saying, “Stiles, why don’t you try being in labor for eight hours and pushing a tiny human out of your-”

Scott’s hand finds its way to my mouth, “Okay! Easy there turbo. Why don’t we turn off the throttle?”

“Alright everyone. As much as I’d love to keep you all here, you should probably get going,” Melissa states, causing all of the teenagers to groan.

Malia, Kira, Lydia, Liam, Mason, Hayden, and Stiles all walk out the door in a single file line. Stiles handing my daughter back to me before walking out the door into the hall. Mama McCall follows them out the door and closes the door after her.

“Can you believe we made her?” Scott asks me while looking at the sleeping newborn in my arms.

“Yes and no. Yes, because I just spent eight hours in labor. And no, because we’re still only teenagers,” I say.

His hand finds mine and intertwines our fingers, “We’ll figure this out. Together. You, me, the pack, and Talia.”

Baby Leave Your Mark on Me // Chapter 8

This extra long chapter is for the individuals out there who have taken a liking to this daydream of mine. It’s been amazing to have had such a positive response to my first imagine series, and I look forward to supply more of this story and further stories to all of you. 

Special shoutout to @lunaskyhunter and @ciana-millerr who have made me smile with their excitement for each new chapter. This one is for you.


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Tesoro, lascia che ti dica una cosa a cui nessun adolescente crede mai, ma ti garantisco che è la verità. Ci si innamora più di una volta. Succederà di nuovo. Sarà esattamente tanto fantastico e straordinario quanto la prima volta e forse anche tanto doloroso. Ma succederà ancora. Te lo prometto. Ma fino ad allora sii la tua stessa ancora.

So all the cast really liked their portraits, but Keahu and Melissa took the time to write me these lovely messages. That said, my favorite autograph was still this one of Linden from Wyatt Earp. He was trying to remember his line from the movie and ended up writing ‘I think we should kill them all’, but the actual line is: I say we just kill 'em all.


Melissa McCall is Beacon Hills Badass as far as I’m concerned.