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victor’s the kind of parent that will set you up w/ some embarrassing shit while you’re still young and naive and will use it against you if you fuck w/ him (insp)

Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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Criin |  ◎夏○

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You can hear it in the silence, silence
You can feel it on the way home, way home
You can see it with the lights out, lights out
You are in love, true love
You are in love


Then take me back into your arms, if you my love would win, and hold me tight and fear me not I’ll be a gentleman. But first I’ll change all in your arms into a wild wolf but hold me tight and fear me not I am your own true love

Sophie Turner as Janet

Bob Morley as Tam lin