love makes a family whole


~ “I know a boy from an island, he stands apart from the crowd, he loves the sea and his people, he makes his whole family proud

“Sometimes the world seems against you, the journey may leave a scar, but scars can heal and reveal just where you are

“The people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you, and nothing on Earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you, and when that voice starts to whisper, Hiccup, you’ve come so far, Hiccup, listen-

“Do you know who you are?” ~

i did feelsy thing because character parallels


(August 2015)

You may have seen a crop of this before - if you frequent the page of my blog or see me on picarto. I had planned a lot more into this, but never got past the base shadows… still pretty darn cute though. 

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Hey Julia, I'd love to see a pic from Sam's mom. Do you have one? thank you xoxo

my initial reaction to this was that since Sam doesn’t put pics of his family on the internet really so why would I BUT I was reminded his mom went to EIFF with him and Cait so here you go:

I love that the whole family is making the same face in this pic hahahaha

and just because proud mama Heughan is so cute:

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Cherik and no. 12?

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

Charles was a wreck. Buried under blankets and fast asleep, his bed was covered in used up tissues. The top of his forehead peeked out from under the covers and his nose looked red. He was wearing that ratty old Oxford t shirt of his and sprawled on his chest was a copy of Utopia. Charles’ abysmal taste in literature shouldn’t have been so endearing. It absolutely was.

Erik sat down in the chair next to Charles’ bed and reached for his hand. It felt warm and feverish. His pulse was unsteady, worryingly so. Erik traced the lines of his hand and reassured himself that nothing was going to take Charles away from him. Not after everything. He held his hand and pressed a kiss to the center of his palm.

“I won’t lose you, not like this. Get up, you stubborn old fool.”

Some one knocked hesitantly and Erik turned around. Beast was standing in the doorway and he looked very uncomfortable. His eyes shifted to their hands. 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt… whatever this is is.”

He didn’t sound sorry at all and Erik didn’t give a damn. He glared at him.

“You should have called me sooner.”

“I wouldn’t have called you at all if it were up to me. Charles asked for you.”

Erik smirked.

“That’s because I’m wanted here. Unlike you.”

Beast scowled.

“He’s been like this for a week, if you’re not going to help then get out.”

Erik laid one last kiss on Charles’ hand knowing full well how uncomfortable it made Beast. Good.

“I’ll be back in a moment, dear. Don’t get into any more trouble while I’m gone.”

When Charles woke up his room was filled with daisies. Metal daisies. The ones to his left looked suspiciously like his staircase bannisters. They were beautiful and delicate. They seemed to burst with life and joy. Hope.

Charles smiled. After all these years, Erik never ceased to surprise him.  

The door to his room opened and Erik entered carrying a metal tray filled with food. He froze when he realized that Charles was awake. He had been caught doing something thoughtful and now he’d never live it down.

As if to undermine the sweetness of the gesture, he closed the door behind him forcefully to shut out any impertinent people disturbing Charles’ rest. The fact that he was disturbing Charles’ rest didn’t seem to bother him at all.

“Here. Eat.” he placed the metal tray down on the bed and upon closer observation it was a bit of everything. Pumpernickel bread and warm butter. Apple slices. Earl grey tea. Best of all, was the soup. Good lord, it was heavenly. Hearty, warmth and soothing. It seeped into all the crevices of his soul. Charles was going to marry Erik and then divorce him for the soup.

His throat was swollen and he could barely speak but luckily he had other ways of communicating.

where did you get this?

Erik looked anywhere but at Charles.

“It’s my mother’s recipe actually. Rosoe. She used to make it for me.”

Just when he thought he couldn’t adore him any more he’d go and do something like this.

Charles sent him a wave of gratitude and understanding mixed with the ever present fondness that belonged solely to Erik.  

Erik smiled in that uncertain way of his. He still didn’t trust happiness, not even after all this time.

Well that just wouldn’t do at all.  

come here

He put on his best come hither face. It may have been more effective if he hadn’t sneezed.

Erik laughed, which is all he really wanted in the first place. The man had such a dear laugh.

“Insatiable as ever.” 

sit with me

Erik eventually gave in. Charles looked unbearably smug about it. It was a good look on him. No one had the right to look that good when they were ill, it was unbelievable. Unbearable and unbelievable. Just like everything else about him. He couldn’t wait to kiss the smugness off him. A hundred times. A thousand.

Erik cleared a path for himself amidst the pile of tissues, cough drops and scattered books. Took his rightful place on the left side of the bed. He belonged here.

The irritating smile had turned into something gentle and content. Charles knew it too.

If Erik held onto his hand more tightly than usual neither of them mentioned it.

The thing is he could really lay claim to anything. Not to Charles or his bed. Not to any part of him. Not so long as he was Magneto. Charles welcomed him into his home but he could never stay. Never tell him the words that had been burning up in his chest since 1964. 

So they lived like this. No man’s land.

“We can’t keep doing this you know. Sneaking around.”

Charles hummed thoughtfully and sipped his tea.

“I can’t climb up your balcony anymore, I have arthritis. Someone is bound to notice one of these days.”

darling, you have many fine qualities but subtlety is not among them.

Erik sat up abruptly.

“They kn-”


“All of them?”

every last one. especially after this morning.  

Erik glared in a valiant attempt to conceal his anxiety.

“You were supposed to be asleep.”

taking advantage of me in my weakened state? how thrilling

“You are hardly an invalid and it was merely a kiss. On your hand, need I remind you.”

yes, very gallant and very chaste. very disappointing. next time you should kiss me on my-


Charles smiled at him and it was the sun coming up in the morning. It was beautiful. It was the most obnoxious thing he had ever seen in his life. Erik kissed him.

you’ll get sick 

“Kiss me back this instant or I swear to god I’ll steal all your cough syrup.”

Charles obliged. Quickly and with enthusiasm.

For the sake of the cough syrup.

Having thoroughly conquered that smug smile, Erik pulled back with a smug smile of his own. Charles looked dazed and delighted. His best look yet. There was another look Erik was partial to but he’d wait until the fever had passed.

He held Charles tightly against his chest. In sickness and in health and all that. Erik really wouldn’t know he had never bothered with that sort of thing. Perhaps he should.

“I think I like you like this.” 

don’t be disgusting, i’m a mess

“You.” He punctuated the word with a kiss.“are the most beautiful goddamn person I have ever seen. You are the best person I have ever met. I don’t give a damn about your cold, you absolute idiot.”


“Yes, oh.”

that was -

Erik shifted uncomfortably. There was a reason he prefered not to express himself. Ever.

“That was something.”

Charles beamed.

Yes. Yes, you certainly are something.

The intimacy of the moment was almost intolerable. He had to act quickly before he did something foolish. Run. Move to Barcelona. Propose.

“Right well. Is there anything else you need?”

Charles held onto him tighter as if he knew what he was thinking. 

He probably did.


Like he could do anything else.


Happy Mother’s Day to all my dog moms out there!

I know dogblr likes to make fun of “pet mommies” but man, these are my kids, y’all. I love them like my children and they make our family whole. So shout out to those who work their bums off for their furry family members, and love them with all of their hearts. ^_^

The Immortals- Part 22- The Lie

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 4245

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Summary: Elijah finds out his mother is trying to kill him and his siblings.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I am so sorry this took so long. I didn’t even get to the end of the episode. I wrote all night and it’s over 6AM now and I’m so sorry for the many mistakes I’m sure I made.

I really hope you like it. I’m going to bed now XD

Please, tell me what you think, feedback is always appreciated!

Enjoy ;)


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How Far I’ll Go

From Moana

Lyrics from “Moana”
Music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Mancina
Performed by Auli'i Cravalho as Moana

I’ve been standing at the edge of the water
Long as I can remember
Never really knowing why
I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water
No matter how hard I try

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Every path I make
Every road leads back 
To the place I know
Where I cannot go
Where I long to be

See the light where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
No one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

I know everybody on this island
Seems so happy on this island
Everything is by design
I know everybody on this island
Has a role on this island
So maybe I could roll with mine

I can lead with pride
I can make us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me

See the light as it shines on the sea
It’s blinding
But no one knows how deep it goes
And it seems like it’s calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond that line
Will I cross that line

See the light where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)

There’s a line where the sky meets the sea
And it calls me
But no one knows how far it goes
All the time wondering where I need to be
Is behind me
I’m on my own
To worlds unknown

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Is a choice I make
Now I can’t turn back
From the great unknown
Where I go alone
Where I long to be

See her light up the night and the sea
She calls me
Yes, I know that I can go
There’s a moon in the sky
And the wind is behind me
Soon I’ll know
How far I’ll go

I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

Performed by Auli'i Cravalho (Moana) & Rachel House (Gramma Tala)

(Gramma Tala): I know a girl from an island
She stands apart from the crowd
She loves the sea and her people
She makes her whole family proud

Sometimes the world seems against you
The journey may leave a scar
But scars can heal and reveal just
Where you are

The people you love will change you
The things you have learned will guide you
And nothing on Earth can silence
The quiet voice still inside you
And when that voice starts to whisper
Moana, you’ve come so far
Moana, listen
Do you know who you are?

(Moana): Who am I?
I am the girl who loves my island
I’m the girl who loves the sea

It calls me

I am the daughter of the village chief
We are descended from voyagers
Who found their way across the world

They call me

I’ve delivered us to where we are
I have journeyed farther
I am everything I’ve learned and more

Still it calls me

And the call isn’t out there at all
It’s inside me

It’s like the tide, always falling and rising

I will carry you here in my heart
You’ll remind me

That come what may, I know the way
I am Moana!

Know Who You Are

Performed by Auli'i Cravalho, Matthew Ineleo, Olivia Foai, Opetaia Foa'i and Vai Mahina

I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They may have stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

People seem to forget that at the time he was drafted, Bucky Barnes had two living parents and three younger sisters.

He was also an excellent student, according to the museum part of CA:TWS.

Bucky was not wealthy. He may not have even been quite middle class. But he was not as poor as Steve. I’m getting really frustrated seeing all these headcanons about how Bucky and Steve had nothing but each other before the war and one was some bullshit about him “dropping out of high school to get a job and earn money for him and Steve.” 

Like??? No??? Bucky and Steve BOTH graduated high school and Bucky did very well and while he definitely considered Steve a brother, that would have made Steve PART of his family, not his whole world or his only family. If Bucky was earning money as a kid, it almost definitely was either his spending money (which, yeah, some of it would have been spent on Steve for like, candy or something to share), or it would have gone to HIS FAMILY that had four kids to support.

Can we learn to appreciate Bucky as his own character and not as half of “Bucky and Steve”, or as a broken helpless shell of the Winter Soldier?

Bucky Barnes was an intelligent, funny, charismatic, compassionate man. Please stop making him into a plot device to romanticize Steve’s poverty and bad health.

signs as things my mother has said to/about me
  • Aries: "she's just fat and her face is destroyed"
  • Taurus: "all she does is eat and sleep and go on her computer"
  • Gemini: [to my sister] "she's never going to succeed but you can"
  • Cancer: "don't come crying when you have no money we're not helping you"
  • Leo: "you only failed because you didn't listen to me"
  • Virgo: "no you can't bike home you're too fat and need exercise just walk"
  • Libra: "you'll never get anywhere in life"
  • Scorpio: "i don't even like you"
  • Sagittarius: "at this rate you'll never be good enough"
  • Capricorn: "if you don't want to cut your hair you can just get out of my house"
  • Aquarius: "no wonder you don't have any friends"
  • Pisces: "why are you such a freak"

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I know a girl from an island She stands apart from the crowd She loves the sea and her people She makes her whole family proud Sometimes the world seems against you The journey may leave a scar But scars can heal and reveal just Where you are

((lazy sketch :3)

Avengers Halloween Headcannons

Tony absolutely loves the holiday. He spares no expense dressing up the tower in all sorts of amazing decorations and throws parties every weekend leading up to the grandiose party of all parties - Halloween night. HOWEVER, Natasha won’t let him start the party until after 9, when all the trick-or-treaters are done.

Thor has no idea what Halloween is. After a sort of half-assed explanation, Thor decides to celebrate by bringing a bildschnipe from Asgard as his “monster donation” for the night. The team spends two hours trying to catch it and shove it back into a portal.

Steve makes home made Halloween treats - popcorn balls, chocolate covered candies, caramel apples, and so on. He has since had to lock them up every time he turns around because people keep eating them behind his back. He has yet to use a lock Natasha and Clint can’t pick.

Clint loves to dress up his whole family for Halloween and makes all their own costumes. They’re not good, but they love it anyway. This year he’s thinking either Wizard of Oz themed or the Ninja Turtles.

Bruce loves more fall things and tends to stay away from scary movies. (jump-scares. Not good)

Bucky gets candy duty. He secretly loves it; all the kids are amazed at his “super cool costume.” He’s wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans.

Sam dresses up in rags and flies around the tower, wooing at everyone like a ghost.