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What an awesome night! Thanks to 30STM and specially to jaredleto / jaredletoworld (I’m not really sure of which one is the right one lolz) not only for an awesome show, but also for showing us that HE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT A HUMAN BEING, I was next to the guys that passed out and it was nearly impossible for me to do something more than calling someone for help, and then you stopped the show just to help those guys. People are losing their values every day, and stop caring about the ones that surround them, but I’m glad you are not like them, I’m glad you’re part of the few ones that actually cares.

Imagine.. Touring With 30 Seconds To Mars

“Okay - we’re going to run straight to the front okay? Not going to do anything beside getting to the front, got it?”

“I think I might buy a t-shirt… I mean there’s one with all of their faces on it… And a triad one… But I like the wristbands too?”

“Do you think they’ll come outside after?”


You’d missed this. 

After a grueling 8 weeks of assignments and essays and projects and exams - university had hit a break. Finally - you could spend some time with Jared. It had been hard for both of you not seeing eachother but now you were finally going to Birmingham in England for the UK leg of the Mars tour. You were excited due to the fact that Jared would be in the UK for a while and that you’d finally be able to go on tour with him, Shannon and Tomo. 

"We’ll be arriving in 10 minutes or so - big hugs waiting for you! J x" 

You bit your lip nervously as you waited at the trainstation. It was 7am and you could barely sleep last night in excitement. It had been 3 months since you’d last spent any proper time with Jared and you had never missed anyone so much before. 

"Hello you,” You felt a tap on your shoulder which made you jump around. “Missed me?” He said with a cheeky grin lifting up the left of his mouth, always wanting to surpise you. You jumped up and hugged him straight away as he dropped his bag to his side and kissed you straight after. 

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He smiled intensley and kissed you again. 

“Now you understand what it’s like for me and Vicki, Jared,” Tomo chuckled as he picked up Jared’s dropped bag. “It’s absolute hell but Christ everything feels better when you’re back. It’s nice to see you again!” He smiled and walked on to outside the station. Shannon smiled at you and Jared and carried on walking. 

“Still not good, right?” You watched Shannon’s footsteps as he walked out. 

“It’s fine, it’s all fine, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how much I’ve missed you!” He picked you up and span you around which made you giggle as you rested your arms over his shoulders. 

“I’ve missed you so damn much, you know.” He said in his serious tone. 

“I’m so happy you’re here.” You replied. You both smiled and walked out of the station hand in hand. 


“Okay we’re here - Birmingham NIA!” The driver called out as Jared caught hold of your hand. You looked at him looking out the window as he smiled. 

“Let’s go!” He said as he opened the door. 

The back entrance led you into the corridors that took you anywhere within the building. 

“Lets go look in the actual place - it’s been a while since I’ve last been here!” He chuckled. 

Walking in through the main entrance to the floor you could see a large standing area with seats surrounding said space and a large stage with a protruding column that goes into the crowd. At the back of the arena was a merchandise stand. To the right - You Me At Six t-shirts and wristbands and to the left - Mars Merch. 

“Jared these look awesome!” You marvelled at the triad t-shirts and the city of angels red shirts and more. “Seriously, wow!” You couldn’t help but smile. 

“Pick something. Anything. You can have whichever shirt you want, right?” You could feel his right thumb rubbing your waist as his arm wrapped around you. 

“I think I better have that one with the triad and that handsome devil on the front…” You said, pointing to a black shirt with a multicoloured inverted triad and all of their faces on it. 

“As long as you are saying that handsome devil is me not Shannon…” He laughed and received the t-shirt off the sales director. You knew he was joking but after the previous incident at the party, you felt a little uneasy. 

“Joking!” He forced and laugh and walked you out of the arena. “Well, you better be.” He smiled.


 "One day I will get revenge.. One night to remember..“ 

It was sound check and you were swaying in the crowd of about 100 people who had bought tickets to experience this. Night Of The Hunter was in full swing and everyone in the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. Jared had asked you repeatedly to come side of stage for sound check but you knew you’d be there later so you wanted to experience the crowd now before you weren’t near them. As the song slowly came to a close, Jared wrapped up sound-check and all the boys headed back to their dressing rooms.

Beside Tomo. 

"Hey kiddo!” Tomo said in his normal, up-beat tone which was louder than usual due to having headphones in as he saw you walking on stage. 

“You not going back to the dressing room?” You inquired, a little confused as to why Jared had rushed off stage without saying goodbye to you as you now couldn’t go and visit him as he was going to get ready. 

“I am, after I keep my promise,” Tomo began, taking out his headphone and walking over to you with his arm out-stretched. “I promised Jared I’d give this to you when he wasn’t here and when you couldn’t go and talk to him after. This moment fits both of those criteria, am I right?” He laughed, smirking. He handed you a neatly folded piece of paper. 

“See you soon!” He walked off waving without giving you any chance to ask questions. 

Opening the paper, it read - 

“Tonight, we’re going to jump and touch the sky. That includes you. J x" 


"Awesome job guys!” You shout at Josh and Max who bound off stage your side like delighted little puppies after You Me At Six gave an awesome performance. They both flashed you a smile and a wave and walk off. 

All the crowd were warmed up and already were crushed close to the barrier. The whole arena looked so full and the floor was overflowing with Echelon. The low murmuring sound of talking and excitement made you the most excited you had ever been. Here you were: standing side of stage, waiting for your favourite band to perform with the man you loved. 

All of a sudden, the black sheet with a white triad dropped onto the stage.

It had begun. 

“I will save… You from yourself…” You could hear Jared singing from the very top of the stage area which slowly lowered him to the main stage. His voice dissipated over the crowd like a shower of affection over the family and they went insane. Singing, jumping, anti-dancing, crying some of them. It was everything you had ever dreamed of. 

“Isn’t he just perfect?” An older lady shouted to you. 

“Yeah,” You looked at him on stage, waving his arms, singing from the heart, interacting with his family, providing hope to those most desperate and making some people experience the night of their lives. “He is." 


"One day, it’ll all just end…" 

The final lines of Night Of The Hunter played out and the whole crowd applauded and cheered. You hadn’t read the set list purposely so the whole show would be a surprise but you could certainly hear a buzz of excitement and tension in the pause.

"Okay guys, okay…” Jared said a little breathless. He flicked his hair out of his eyes, caught yours and winked. “Anyone know a little song called… Search And Destroy?” Jared’s eyes sped to Tomo’s and Shannon’s and in unison they all nodded. 

The song begun.

This was your absolute favourite song of all time. The lyrics, the sound, the meaning… All of this made you feel like the present moment was a dream. You felt completely and utterly infinite. The song played through and you couldn’t help but cry with absolutely joy and admiration that this was happening. This was your life, and it was happening now. You were alive.

Just before the last chorus, Jared starting walking over to your side of the stage. 

“A million little pieces… A million little pieces…” He whispered into the microphone as he grasped your hand and lead you out to the long corridor of protruding stage in the lead up to the final, huge chorus that you had been waiting years to hear. 

Here you were. Stood out on a stage in front of thousands of people that lead thousands of lives with thousands of hopes and dreams and fears and faiths and loves and you were stood in front of them all. This wasn’t a dream but this was your dream.

“Stolen from you…” Jared looked at you dead in the eyes as the whole room seemed to go completely silent in the couple of seconds break before it began. He grasped your hand tighter.

“Run” He whispered. As the singing from the crowd started, he tugged your arm and you both ran full speed and jumped and were caught by the crowd that continued to hold you and spin you around. 

“Search and destroy! Search and destroy!” The whole time Jared still held your arm high above anyone as the feeling of support both emotionally and physically completely over-whelmed you. 

“A million little pieces, a million little pieces to start…” You were hoisted back on stage by 2 security guards and Jared kissed you, in front of everyone. A collective gasp came from the audience and you could feel your face go bright red. 

“And to the girl who was crying with the triads on her face and her friend wearing the Of Mice & Men top trying to comfort her - I understand. Sometimes, a moment is just too beautiful and perfect.” Jared’s eyes caught yours and he smiled and kissed you again. 


The rest of the concert went on and each song continued to get better than the last. All the people that were next to you had the time of their lives and the audience soaked up the atmosphere and seemed to be having the time of their lives. At the moment, Jared was taking the acoustic set.

“How about this?” He questioned. The opening notes of Up In The Air started to be played from his guitar. “No… I can’t play this without Shannon and Tomo.” This made you so happy to realize how much he cared for them.

“How about this then? You may or may not have heard this cover. But we’re going to play it anyway. So I want you to find that someone and hold onto them. That guy who you’ve fancied since the beginning of this gig? Go grab his hand! Or the girl… You know who she is! Anyway… Here we go." 

Slowly and quietly, the sound of Stay by Rihanna began to be played from an old guitar and a husky voice. This hit you and pulled you back into reality. The night was almost over and soon Jared would have to be leaving the UK after this leg of the tour and you wouldn’t see him for however long again. This was the hardest part: the separation. The knowledge that soon, you wouldn’t be able to just look across a room and see him blinking and breathing and laughing. Somehow, you found yourself at the front of the side of stage people as they all collectively pushed you to the front so you could see Jared and so most of the audience could see you. 

"Hold on a second guys…” Jared broke off mid song as he took off his guitar and walked over to you and whispered “Trust me…” as he guided you onto the extended platform he was performing on and made you sit on a stool facing him with your back to the audience. 

“Not really sure how to feel about it… Something in the way you move…” His eyes fixed on you and his voice became quiet and sincere. “Makes me feel like I can’t live without you… It takes me all the way…” His voice sounded a little more shaky and he tried his hardest to steady it. 

“I want you to stay…" 

I want to stay…“

He had changed the lyrics. Reality hit you and you weren’t sure if his eyes met yours again because your vision was blurred by tears of happiness and sadness and everything in between. As the song finished, Jared had to walk back stage to receive his other microphone and you were escorted back to the side of stage area where everyone was giving you hugs. You wanted to go up to Jared and explain to him how much you wanted to leave London and come away with him and never have to wake up alone again and to tell him for the first time how much you loved him. How much you couldn’t and didn’t want to live without him. The stage went completely dark for a few seconds before Jared, for the final time, walked onto it. 

"I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a little Up In The Air right now…" 

Slowly, one by one Jared chose people from the crowd to come up and go crazy on stage. 

"Yeah you with the tattoos… You with the onesies… Yeah you can come up too…”

The stage was piled with at least 50 people before Jared starting looking around jokingly. 

“Have I missed anyone?” He chuckled as his eyes shot to you and without and hesitation you were pushed along with all the other side of stage members. 

For the final time it was just you, Jared, Shannon, Tomo and the Echelon.

“I’ll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love, love…”


About half an hour after the show had ended you sat with your legs hanging off the end of the long column of protruding stage watching the last few members of the audience picking up confetti with notes on them and the cleaners beginning to restore order. All of a sudden you felt an arm wrap around your back and someone sitting down next to you. 

“So how was it?” Jared said with a smile. 

You kissed him with absolutely not hesitation. This had been the best night of your life and it was made possible by him. 

“I love you,” You finally said. You wanted to wait for the right moment to say it and now was finally the time. “I am completely in love with you. You saved me. You are the only person that I truly care about and I want to do or die with you, okay?” Your words completely shocked Jared and he sat next to you practically speechless. 

“Do or die with me right?” Jared began, standing you up. “How about we start ‘doing’ this whole relationship thing properly - okay?” He stood with his hands on your waist and his head tilted slightly downwards. 

“I love you” He whispered. 

“I love you too” You replied. 

“No sorry that’s too normal,” He laughed “Since when did us weirdos get this normal?” He turned to face the huge room which seemed to be getting bigger by the minute as more people left. You did the same. “How about we try something else,” He placed his hand on the back of your head and stroked your hair. 

“Nos adversus mundi…” He started in Latin.

“Always…” You finished in English. 


Conquistador (Layered)
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Conquistador (Layered)

Made another one of these! First the song starts in the left ear, then a few seconds later it starts again on the right ear, creating a layered effect!

(Use earphones!)


Dreams aren’t made - they’re won.

“City of Angels” somewhere outside Chicago - August, 29, 2014.
Jared Leto // 30 Seconds to Mars // LoveLustFaithDreams