love love love this movie!

mike is the boy the falls asleep first, or stays awake until everyone else is asleep. but when he is asleep? not even richie will wake the boy up, because even though he is used to waking up early- hes still a morning grump™

he also makes everyone breakfast- but not without shoving everyone out first. he appriciates the help but-

‘eddie i know you’re trying to- oh my god gET OUT YOU JUST SPLIT THE BATTER’

How to Properly Save a Cat (Mike Hanlon x Reader Imagine)

Summary: The highlight of your week is when Mike Hanlon delivers meat to your father’s butchery, but you’re too shy to talk to him and prefer to stay hidden away. What happens when your father is out for the day and you’re in charge of getting the meat delivery from your secret crush.

Word Count: 2806

A/N: I always say to myself write a small imagine then it just transforms itself into one very large fic. I’ve never written for Mike, I feel pretty good about this! Enjoy~!

You sat there, starring outside the window of your room at the streets of Derry and at the stores that were barely being opened. You lived on mainstreet above your father’s butchery. It was one of the only butchery’s in Derry, and probably the biggest one there. The whole town of Derry would come here, resulting in you knowing basically every face since you’re one of the only workers along with your mother.

Now, you don’t actually cut the meat persay since you’re parents are afraid of you hurting yourself, you just wrap it up in paper and ring the meat up for the customers. You knew the customers by name, and the customers definitely knew you by name.

It was early in the morning, just an hour before the butchery would open and you’re father was expecting a delivery of meat by none other than the boy you’ve been fawning over, Mike Hanlon. That’s right, you had a hopeless crush on the only boy in Derry who doesn’t know your name or face even.

Despite not talking to him at all, you did know about him. You knew he was homeschooled, and that…he worked at a farm…okay so you didn’t know that much, but that didn’t stop your heart from beating a million miles per minute whenever you saw him.

Usually, you never see him because you are at school when he makes weekly delivery of meat from the Hanlon Farm. But since it’s summer, you are here for it every week, and every week he comes, you sit here at the window, awaiting to see him come down the street on his bite, the wrapped up raw meat stacked in his bike basket. A part of you wanted to wave at him through the window so he could at least be aware you existed, but the other part was telling you to stay hidden.

It was a struggle in all honesty because you kept listening to the other part instead.

You sighed and was about to move from the window to get dressed for the day, since you were still in your pajamas, when there was a knock at your door. You quickly skidded over to the door, and opened it to reveal your dad.

“Oh you’re up,” he said a bit surprised, you shrugged not admitting the fact that you had been up for at least 2 hours, just starring out the window and writing in your journal as the sun came up.

“Yeah,” you said rubbing your eyes and noticed that your dad was wearing his “I’ll be back, watch the shop” blue jacket, “You going somewhere?” You asked, eyeing him.

“Oh, the jacket huh?” he laughed, “I got to go drop off your mother at your Aunt’s house since her car stopped workin’,” You tilted your head, your Aunt’s house was literally all the way across Derry, if your dad was going to drive all the way over there that just meant-

“What about the meat delivery today?” You asked, feeling your body tense up hoping to god he would say “oh I scheduled it for another day!” but by the small smirk on his face, you knew he wasn’t going to say that.

“Well since you’re not doing anything important, I’m trusting you to sign for them…you’re old enough, and responsible enough, it’s not like you’re gonna steal it…” his eyes wandered around the room for a moment, before resting back on you. He raised a brow at seeing your reaction, your hand was clenching the edge of the door, and your eyes were wider than ever, “It ain’t that hard (y/n),” he patted your shoulder, “Mike’s a nice boy, he should be here a little bit after I leave. Just wait downstairs, and unlock the door and-”

“I-I know, I’ve seen you sign for them millions of times,” you said, surprised by how steady your voice considering the tight knot in your throat. Your dad gave a proud smile.

“I’ll be back in about a half hour,” he rubbed your head, messing up your already messed up hair. You were too much in a daze to even try and shrug him off. He gave you one last look before he turned around, leaving you alone with your thoughts.

The butchery was something you had always been familiar with since a child. You’ve lived your entire life, in fact one of your first memories was watching your father cut up some pig meat.

As a child, instead of having a babysitter or your mother taking care of you, they would sit you in the corner of the butchery, with a small television that had cartoons playing and coloring books to keep you entertained. It was easier to have you down here so your father wouldn’t be working down here all alone considering how busy it would get. Many people knew you before, and it’s not really a surprise when an older folks would come in and say “Is that you (y/n)? Wow you’ve gotten so big!”

You would just smile, and say, “Sure did! So that’s 4 pounds of pork you got there?” and ring them up, avoiding a complete conversation.

All in all, this butchery had always been a part of your life and somewhere you loved. But for the first time ever, it had been the last place you wanted to be in.
You sat there in one of the waiting chairs, waiting for Mike to come. If you chewed your nails more, you would no longer have nails. Yeah, you were that nervous. You spent so much time admiring him from afar, that the idea of actually talking to him faded away and now- now you had to think of what to say. Should you just stay quiet, sign for the meat, then tell him to go away- or would you just stay silent and weird him out? Oh god what if you took the meat and your hands touched and you just drop the meat and ruin it! Not only will you’re dad be upset with you, but Mike would think you’re just some weirdo child of a butcher.

The scenarios playing through your mind of the inevitable meeting was making you want to puke out the breakfast you hadn’t even of had yet!
Your eyes wandered to the door, waiting to see him set his bike on the side of the wall, and to come to the door. Every time it was Mike-less, your anxious, beating heart just got louder and faster. Where was he? Just come already so this torture will end!

The clock ticking was becoming so loud and unbearable that you decided to just stand up and open the door to take a look down the street to see if you could see him coming. The chill in the air went against your skin as you opened the door, looked in both directions down the street.

You blinked when there was no sight of him, just the other shop owners either cleaning their windows, or switching their “Closed” sign to “Open”.

Where was he? You hope he was okay. You couldn’t help but have a bad feeling at the pit of your stomach.

Just as you were about to move back inside, there was suddenly and loud crash that came from the side of the building. Without a second thought, you dashed through the door to investigate.

When you reached the alleyway next to the butchery, you first noticed a very familiar looking bike with a basket full of also very familiar meat wrapped in red paper. You raised a brow, curious and confused as to why there was a bike and no Mike in sight. 

Without really thinking, you walked over to the bike, your hands touching the cold metal and the handlebars. What happened? You turned your head to look deeper into the alley, but once you did there was another loud crash as one of the metal garbage cans tumbled to the floor, then another loud thud, followed by a cat meowing. All the noises that came at once caused you to jump.

Slowly, you walked closer, the feeling in the pit of your stomach becoming much more stronger and worse. What was happening right now? His bike was here, but where was he? Nothing happened…right?

Many questions rung through your mind as you headed deeper into the alley, closer to the dropped garbage can that was spilling out a bunch of crumbled paper bags and pieces of meat. You stopped just next to it, looking around cautiously. 

“Owww,” someone grumbled from inside the large, green dumpster next to you. You raised a brow, stepping over the trash and made your way over. The dumper was a good foot taller than you, so it was impossible to see over. Clearly there was a person in it- oh shit. You thought as something suddenly went through your mind.

“M-Mike?!” you called, there was movement in the large dumpster then silence before…

“Can I get a little help?” the horrible feeling in your stomach quickly vanished. He was in the dumpster?!

“Why are you in there?!” You asked, Mike grumbled softly, followed by a meow. You blinked confused.

“Umm, can you just please get some help?” his voice was softer. You quickly nodded as if he can see you.

“Y-yeah I’ll be right back!” You ran back to the shop, and quickly took a hold of the stepping stool you’re father kept in the back. (It was pretty old, you used to use it as a child to see over counters) After finding it, you made your way back outside toward the dumpster that Mike had somehow fallen in.

Setting down the stool, you stepped on it and was a good head over the edge, and looked down to see none other than Mike Hanlon laying on his back on a pile of trashbags and…was that lettuce? You weren’t too sure. 

He was starring up at you with wide eyes, he looked so embarrassed and incredibly adorable, especially with the-


A large, orange cat was resting between his arms, looking up at you with wide green eyes. Did he really throw himself into the dumpster for a cat? You asked yourself, assuming that it’s exactly what happened.

Mike got flustered at the sight of it being you, and quickly lowered his head to look at the cat.

You couldn’t help but crack a smile before holding both of your arms out.

“Hand over the kitty,” You said, deciding to not question him until he was out of a dumpster. Mike nodded, eyes not meeting yours as he handed the fluffy cat to you. You slowly, while petting the purring cats head, set it down on the ground next to you before turning back to Mike. He was now sitting up, his white shirt covered in whatever substance those trash bags he laid on were leaking. 

With a shaking hand, you held it out for him. He looked up at your outstretched hand and hesistated slightly before reaching out to grab it.

You could of swore you felt sparks once your hands touched, and it made you suddenly feel like your were floating.

With all your strength, you helped him climb out of the dumpster. Noticing that he had not once looked at you, like he was the shy one here! You scoffed slightly, surprised by the fact that you weren’t as shy as you thought you would be.

When he was safely on the floor, he pulled his hand away and quickly looked around before his eyes settled on the stray. A smile fell on his face as the cat wandered over to him, meowing still. You watched in a complete daze as he picked the cat up. 

Mike could see you watching, and as he pet the cat’s head, he turned towards you.

“When I was uh…coming here- I could hear him meowing from the dumpster…I was trying to help him by climbing ontop of one of the bins- but….” he trailed off.

“You fell in,” you finished, a warm smile resting on your lips. Mike stared for a moment before nodding.

“Is that weird?” he asked. You shook you’re head.

“I would be more weirded out if you just threw yourself in the dumpster for no reason,” You laughed. Mike laughed as well, petting the cat who was now purring. You guys were both silent for a moment before your eyes caught sight of his bike, remembering that he was actually here to deliver the meat. Mike seemed to remember as well.

“Oh yeah! You’re (y/n) huh? (y/d/n)’s kid?” he asked, you were caught off guard because he knew who you were. But how? He seemed to sense your confusion, and said, “Well he talks about you a lot when I come,” You blushed, wondering what on Earth your father would be saying about you. 

An awkward silence fell between the two of you, he continued to pet the cat. You chewed the inside of your cheek, this has gotten super weird.

“So…where is your dad?”

“He left me in charge of getting it,” you said, looking down. Mike nodded, and looked down at the cat. He slowly held it closer to you, and you got the message. You took the cat into both of your arms, smiling while doing so.

“He’s really sweet for a stray,” You said, scratching the top of it’s head while following Mike to his bike. He agreed.

“I see him a lot when I come here, he likes to hang out in the alley…I’m surprised you’ve never heard him, his meow is loud,” Mike said as he started to pile the meat into his arms. You thought back to that one night when all you heard was a cat, and couldn’t sleep. It was clearly this cat.

“Does he have a name?” Mike glanced at the cat, then at you.

“If I name him…I might take him home with me, and I’m not sure my grand dad would like that,” he admitted. You hummed softly, holding the cat like a child, “He really likes you,” he noted. You looked up, an idea going through your mind.

“I think…I think I might keep him,” you said, Mike’s eyes widened gently.

“Would your parents even let you?” he asked, “With like the butchery and stuff,” he gestured to the building. You shrugged, and smiled at him.

“I can convince them…and I want to do it so when you come, you can see him inside of a home rather than the streets,” You looked down nervously, hoping that Mike would get what you were saying. He stared at you for a moment, before a smile settled on his lips.

“That’s nice of you, (y/n),” he complimented. You blushed even brighter than before as your eyes met. He turned away for a second in thought before looking back and saying, “You know…after this I don’t have anymore deliveries, if you’re not busy we can go out to the pet store and buy him some things like a bed, and some cat toys…” he trailed off. The butterflies in your stomach began to flutter madly. Does this count as ‘asking to hang out’? 

“I…I don’t have a bike like you do,” you said, Mike shrugged.

“It can fit two people,” he turned to his bike, then nodded to the now empty basket, “And a cat,” The feeling of floating returned yet again.

“Okay…” you agreed breathlessly. Mike smiled at you brightly, before turning away.

“The sooner we get this order done, the sooner we can get going…” You nodded, quickly returning to reality and following after him, the cat still in your arms.

You were sure you’re dad wouldn’t mind you hanging out with Mike, he expressed how much of a good kid he was excessively. You sure as hell didn’t mind as you quickly as possible put the meat in the freezer, and running outside to see Mike already on his bike, a winning smile on his lips, and the cat sitting in the basket. To others, it didn’t seem like much, but in your eyes it looked like your own personal chariot to happiness.

So, you hopped onto the back of the bike, wrapping your arms around him to steady yourself, and held on tight as he sped down the street. Thinking back to the morning, you would of never guessed you would speak to your crush, Mike Hanlon, let alone be riding on his bike to a pet store.

You smiled to yourself. Today was definitely the start of something special and new.