love love love this movie!

these gay bricks can’t believe they’re in love

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1. I’m Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand | 2. The Long Way Down - Robert DeLong | 3. Purple Yellow Red And Blue - Portugal. The Man | 4. Happy Idiot - TV On The Radio | 5. R U Mine? - The Arctic Monkeys | 6. Be Your Shadow - The Wombats | 7. Genghis Khan - Miike Snow | 8. Bite - Troye Sivan  

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“ أنا لا أستطيع أن اُخبرك اني أحببتك من المره الأولي التي رأيتك فيها أم كانت من المره الثانيه او الثالثه او الرابعه, لكنني أتذكّر المره الأولي التي مشيت فيها بجانبي و وقتها شعرت بطريقةّّ ما أن بقية العالم يختفي حينما أكون معك “

“I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.”

My King (2015)


The line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows
How far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea
Stays behind me
One day, I’ll know
How far I’ll go