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I still remember the first time you kissed me… you held me in your arms afterwards and I was so happy.
It really was that simple – You and me in love, holding each other close and looking into each other’s eyes.
Why can’t things be that simple again?
Why can’t we go back to that?
Why do things have to be so complicated and messed up between us? I’ll never understand how something that felt so right could turn so wrong… How we could be so inseparable one moment and so completely separate the next. We don’t speak to one another… and what’s even worse is that we don’t even talk about each other either. It’s like we never happened… like it was all so terrible that it had to be completely forgotten and its existence denied.
But it wasn’t terrible was it… we were happy together and I know you remember that. And I wonder sometimes what it was all for in the end? Because I’m certainly no happier now than I was when we were together… and for all your reasons to leave I’m not convinced that you are either…
He told me that he loved me, but it hurt.
I knew he would never love me like he loved her. I knew he’d never see me in that light, the light I wanted him so desperately to see me in, the one I shone on myself, begging him to please notice me.
Begging him to see my beauty, and my wit. Begging him to think my jokes are as funny as I try to make them. Begging for him to look at me a little longer, a little harder, so he could see all that I am. So he could see all that I could give to him.
Begging for him to one day come to his senses and realize that all along I was the one he needed.
—  v.m // maybe one day
@the anti-otayuri crowd

We are all fucking tired of your hate. We are all tired of you. So I am going to do us all a fucking favor and educate you all on how WTTM isn’t sexualizing Yurio, how Otayuri isn’t pedophilia, and all about the age gap situation.

So let’s break it down considering the amount of bullshit and uneducated guesses that come from you antis…

The “sexualizing” assumption:

A lot of antis and yoi fans in general are using the excuse that WTTM is sexualizing Yurio. Well, sorry to break it to you, but it is not. And here’s why.

Yurio is literally called the “Russian Punk” for a reason. Yurio being 15/16 (lot of controversy over his age) is honestly super rebellious and that is completely normal for most boys and girls of his age.

It’s the angsty teen phase.

This leads up to why Yurio did NOT want to skate to a “pure/innocent” routine that Lilia had planned for him. He wanted to be himself.

Yurio didn’t want to do a normal exihibition skate. He wanted to perform something that he would be comfortable doing and something cool (according to the WTTM manga). And not to mention, he wanted to fucking show up his gay ass parents with his DJ boyfriend because he’s rebellious AF.

Therefore, the Welcome to the Madness skating routine showed Yurio as the character he was. It’s his character. It’s not sexualizing him. And believe me, if Kubo intended to sexualize Yuri, we would know. Yurio would be sliding down the ice in a fucking transparent thong and nothing else.

The “pedo” card & “age gap” bullshit:

This is where the uneducated antis come in to play. Yes, we all know that Yurio is 15 and that Otabek is 19. However, them being in a relationship together is perfectly normal and completely legal. There is no law saying they cannot be together at the age of 15 and 16. As long as it isn’t sexual.

The age of consent for Yurio would be 16 (Russian age consent).

Now, along the lines of Pedophilia. It is definitely NOT Pedophilia and here is why….

“A person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.” -  “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition”. American Psychiatric Publishing. 2013. Retrieved July 25, 2013.


Pedophilia is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger.” -  “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition”. American Psychiatric Publishing. 2013. Retrieved July 25, 2013.

So, in simple terms, Yurio would have to be below or at the age of 13 for it to count as pedophilia. And he isn’t so…

Conclusion: It’s not fucking pedophilia. Please educate yourselves before making petty assumptions and guesses.


SO THERE YOU GO. Now shut the hell up and stop hating on ships. Instead, you could focus on the ships that YOU like. Ignore the ship if you hate it so much. Blacklist it. Unfollow people. Place in your description that you don’t like the ship and JUST BE DONE WITH IT. It honestly shouldn’t be that hard if you are mature enough to deal with it.

Thanks :)

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What are your Sims stance on the whole pineapple on pizza thing?

Matt: “Hahaha no.”

Zero: “Omg. Love it! Yes!”

Jaide: “I didn’t know there was any other way to eat pizza???”

Fenix: “Hell yeahhhhh, bitch.”

Aniyah: “Ideally for me, it depends on the place but yeah, sure.”

Casper: “Love yourself.”

Benji: “Is there weed in it?”


Natalya: “Fuck no.”

Granger: “Pizza?”