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NDRV3 Transcripts: Ouma Consults Monokuma

I’m a firm believer that there are things that can really only be conveyed in a work’s original language. Danganronpa knows it all too well: while the localisation does a good job overall bringing this fantastic series to the West, there’s still so many nuances and details that are easily lost in translation.

So as we know, transcribing Japanese text is quite the laborious undertaking, and naturally I took it upon myself to perform this task.

The following scene occurs after one of Saihara’s nightly training sessions. Much like a couple of scenes in the previous games, this one does not happen in the presence of our protagonist. Rather, it is a quick exchange between Ouma and Monokuma, and I thought it was significant, so I transcribed it.

Not only did it surprise me, because I was not expecting it, it also scared the shit out of me, because I think it’s the first time Ouma pulls out one of Those sprites. So anyway, please enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to transcribe all of this! I definitely agree that trying to take the time to look at original Japanese always gives the fullest picture of what’s going on. English localization companies do their best and work under time constraints, and always have to keep in mind how best to appeal to a wider audience in order to sell more copies of the game—but that does mean that sometimes the original meaning or intention gets lost a little along the way in favor of making the game more generalized. Cutting out honorifics or particular suffixes that are specific to a character’s speech habits is just one example of this.

I’ll definitely go ahead and translate the transcription here. This is a very fun exchange in Chapter 4, and it was definitely meant to shock and intrigue the audience. The fact that we see this whole exchange between Ouma and Monokuma without Saihara around at all emphasizes that this is particularly important that it would be shown to the audience and the players, even without the protagonist around.

For anyone who wants to see a particular translation of this scene, please be careful because spoilers for Chapter 4 will follow under the read more!

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I’ve (lovingly) complained a lot about RWBY being separated in volume 4 because I enjoy the show the most when the four of them are together, but I also recognize how separating them makes their choice to inevitably be team RWBY again one day so much more important.

Like, at Beacon they were team RWBY because they had to be. Because Ruby happened to run into Weiss, and Blake happened to find Yang (I’ll still fight you that Blake chose to reveal herself to Yang though). Because both pairs happened to pick the white knight relics.

They never chose to be team RWBY, even if they did grow to love each other.

So I’m really looking forward to the moment where they all actively choose to be team RWBY because they want to be and not because someone else told them they have to be.