love love love her hair

This is my Gracelynn Flynn, a cyclops girl living in a world where all kinds of monsterfolk live in peace, more or less, depending on the place. She was born in the country with the harshest laws for monsters and her parents were killed when she was little, because they were deemed problematic for the government. The hired killer didn’t know the man and woman he was supposed to kill had a child and he didn’t really know what to do with the little girl - he certainly didn’t want to kill the innocent child, no matter how much of a trash angel he was. So he decided instead to protect, raise and teach little Grace. 

She’s amazingly nice girl, a bit naive. She wants to go on an adventure and make some friends. She has all this hair that she can’t properly care for but her guardian Azazel helps her keep it in good condition because he really likes her hair (who wouldn’t)

(submitted by @leoffel)

People recognized them at Starbucks and let’s say the barista and Kirishima pulled a prank on Bakugou…

Collab with my amazing friend @joolychuu


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.


Cardi b on natural hair

 Comptine d’un autre été (x)