love love looovvveee


Domics- I love hearing his stories and love his animations and drawing style(and because of butts.) 

HOTDIGGEDYDEMON- One of the few people that has inspired me to go into animating, and I love his sense of humor. His Jerry video was also one of the first videos I saw on youtube also.(i think I made him a bit to tan in the picture though…)

JackScpeticEye- I love watching this guy play games a lot!(It might be because of the accent?) He might just yell at the games he plays, but the way he acts just makes me laugh.

Jaltoid- They make one of the most funny animations on youtube along with a lovely drawing style. They’re one of the few animators that got me interested in animating

JonTronShow- I love how he makes his game review videos, very entertaining to watch! I usually watch them when I am drawing.

LandonProduction- I watch his videos everyday. They help me keep up with events (which I am very bad at) and hes very short and into the point about them.

Markiplier- Hes a big goofy goober. Hes very entertaining for me to watch, he has a very nice voice to listen to, and I love the way he reacts to the games he plays.

Matthias- I love the creativity that goes into his videos. They make me laugh and sometimes on rare occasions they leave me with a different view point on a subject he talks about. 

Octopimp- He makes one of the two abridge series I watch on youtube(50% Off). I love his voice acting, especially his Nagisa voice.

Pinkstylist- He makes one of the best makeup art I have seen on youtube! Even though I might not do the tutorials he makes, he has a very grand talent in what he does. (I drew him how he usually looks in the beginning of his tutorials because I dont know how his actual hair style is .w.)

RageQuit- It may be obnoxious to others, but I love seeing him get pist off. I’ll admit, if I am feeling very sad I will usually go see one of his videos and it will make my day better. I dunno why, it just does.

shane- I may not be a fan of the videos hes known for but I love watching his vlogs a lot. They’re very funny and entertaining for me to watch and usually leave me laughing!

Smosh- I used to be obsessed with these guys. They where my first youtube drug. Even though I am not much of a fan as I used to be, I still get a laugh from them a lot.

TheFineBros- Love, love, looovvveee, their React Videos. I get excited when a new one comes up, especially an Elders or Youtubers react. They also seem like really cool guys to hang around with!

Tyler Oakley- Tyler is amazing and super adorable! Whats not to love about him? Just look at his hair. Beautiful. 

Yamimash- Has to be the most adorable gamer on youtube to me. Hes really fun to watch and I love watching his collaborations with Mark and horror game play throughs.

Zach Garry- A really cool and funny guy to watch. He seems a bit laid back in his videos and some of the stuff he does in them are very entertaining. I was very glad when Tyler Oakley made a shout out to him because I think hes one of them channels that dont get enough love that they should get.

So there you have it. And I apologize if I drew one of the youtubers wrong. I am not perfect.