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I don’t know about you but I love, loove, LOVE bangs but it is so hard to find cute maxis match hair out there. Thankfully, some wonderfully talented creators have made these little ditties for your banged beauties.

One by SimLaughLove

Two by Nolan Sims

Three by Awsimmer92

Four by Nolan Sims & Deetron (Spring Fling Pack// Blossom Hair)

Five by Crazycupcakefr

Six by Crazycupcakefr

Shout out to all of the amazing creators! You all are rockstars!

Til I Hear You Sing

Request- Hi, i love love loove your writing! Could you please write a one shot where the reader is always singing songs from musicals and Sam finds it really adorable? thanks! x)

A/N- OKAY so this one took long cause I had to look through all my favorite musical songs and, of course, listen to new ones! I had to pick the right ones to fit the storyline and then there was one where it didn’t fit but I HAD TO HAVE IT IN HERE AH! Hopefully it doesn’t seem forced or anything. BONUS PINTS if you can know the songs! Tell me what you think! x)

Sam x Reader

Word Count- 1169

Sam was walking toward the library, having just taken a shower, he wanted to look for the next case. Just before he gets to the library, he gets a text from Dean.


Went on a food run. Want anything?

As he thought about it he received another text from his brother.


Ask Y/N too. Their phone off or something.

Sam smiled and told his brother he’d ask you. As he turned around to walk to your room he stopped mid step. He could hear someone talking. No. Singing. He already knew who it was. He walked slowly and quietly toward the sound and found himself in the library entrance. He saw you looking through the book shelf, as if looking for one in particular.

You were singing. “Let your mind~ Start a journey through a strange new world~ Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before~ Let your soul take you where you long to be~ Only then can you belong to me!”

He leaned against the doorframe to continue to listen but didn’t stay long- knowing that if you caught him listening to you, you’d never sing again. Not aloud at least. Naturally, he takes a few steps back then calls your name as he supposedly entered the library for the first time.

You stopped singing immediately and turned around to see him enter. “Sam? What up?” you question, hoping to all the deities that he didn’t hear you sing.

“Dean went on a food run. He says you’re not answering your phone and if you want something,” he told you.

You sighed, “Um… I don’t think I need anything.” You look around for your phone bet it wasn’t anywhere. “I must’ve left my phone charging in my room… I should go get it,” you tell him as you practically run out of the room. It didn’t seem like he heard you but you were embarrassed nonetheless.

Sam smiled, finding it adorable that you would sing when you were on your own, proud that this wasn’t the first time he’s heard you. He’s happy that only he, knows this side of you. After he told Dean that you didn’t need anything, he googled the lyrics to the song you had sung, and was surprised to see what it was. He didn’t peg you for a musicals nerd at first, but now he sees that it’s pretty obvious. He’s listened to a few here and there.

‘I should listen to a few,’ he thought. Somewhere in the back of his mind he might have hoped that by listening to the music, he could become closer to you.

He hadn’t seen you for the rest of the day though.

The next day~

Dean came into your room as you were lying in bed listening to music and reading a book.

“Y/N,” he called waving his arm up and down so he could grab your attention.

Seeing this, you turned and removed your headphones, “What’s up?” you ask.

“Me and Sam are gonna go get the food for today because apparently we can’t have burgers twice in a row,” he explained.

You chuckled, already be able to imagine how that conversation went. You nodded, “Alright then I’ll hold down the fort,” you answer.

He nodded and waved you goodbye before he closed you door and left.

You waited a few minutes and then checked the garage if they had left. Once you saw, or rather, didn’t see the Impala there, you smiled. You had been waiting for this. You had the entire bunker to yourself, and although you were a tad bit hungry, you did what you always wanted to do.

“And I am not throwing away~ My shot~ I am not throwing away
My shot~ Hey yo, I’m just like my country ~ I’m young, scrappy and hungry~ And I’m not throwing away my shot!” you sang. You threw your arms up happily.

You ran to your room to put on socks, since you were bare foot at the moment. The first thing you did was slide across the floor, singing once again.

“Dancing through life~ Swaying and sweeping~ And always keeping cool~ Life is fraught-less~ When you’re thoughtless~ Those who don’t try~ Never look foolish~ Dancing through life~” you continued this singing for a few songs. Then you remembered that you had to return a stack of books to the library. So you stopped and walked to your room, gathered your books, and walked to the library. Putting each back where it belonged.

Of course not without another song.

“All they say~ Is ‘Trust in What is Written’~ Wars are made~ And somehow that is wisdom~”

As you sang, you heard a door open. You stopped, “Are they back already?” you asked out loud. You go to check and found Sam. “That was fast,” you told him with a chuckle.

He just stayed silent, not wanting to give anything away.

Finding his silence suspicious, you narrowed your eyes, “Where’s Dean?” you asked.

“Yeah… He’s uh- not here,” Sam answered. He cleared his throat, “I needed a book from the library so-” he says as he tries to walk passed you.

“Have… Have you been here this whole time?!” you question, but you shouted.

He stops and turns around to face you, “Yeah…” he paused, “Why?” he asked as if to brush off any suspicion you had.

“Oh my god!” you shouted. “You heard me! You could hear me this whole time!” you added, putting your hands on your head. How could this happen? “Didn’t you go with Dean?”

“I was going to go… but I didn’t…” he told you.

“This is the worst,” you whispered. “I’m just… I’m just gonna be in my room for the next year or so…”

“Y/N… Wait!” Sam called as you ran to your room. It was no use you closed and locked the door.

Just as you said, you didn’t come out, though a year hadn’t passed, just several hours. It was three in the morning. Sam left his room, walked to yours, and knocked. “Y/N~” he whispered, loud enough that you’d be able to hear it you were awake.

No answer.

Sam sighed, leaned on your door, and slid all the way down. He took a deep breath and began:

“The day starts, the day ends~ Time crawls by~ Night steals in, pacing the floor~ The moments creep~ Yet I can’t bear to sleep~” he paused and stood as he heard you move toward the door. When you opened it with a giant smile he continued, “Till I hear you sing~”

He believed you were adorable when you sung, but seeing this enormous smile on your face, seeing your eyes practically sparkling from excitement- this was his favorite expression he’s seen on you and nothing could possibly beat it.

Or so he thinks. He’d have the rest of his days with you to witness countless more of your facial expressions he’d loved, as well much more of your singing.

Hope you liked it!


Im not sorry

U’know because my main langage is spanish…i lOOVE I LOVE FAN ARTS WITH SPANISH LATINBOY- LANCE 


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