love loops


NC: You guys are the best. Thanks for helping me out with this; she’s gonna love this! Mod Small is gonna be 21 so we need to bring on the booze! Clo, that means no hogging the rum…that’s my job. Also, Hex, I’m honestly surprised. You wrap presents like a champ! You’re gonna need to help me with mine….it’s still in the bag…heh…


(( AHHHHH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Tomorrow (March 24th) is my 21st birthday! In light of recent events, I’ve been looking forwards to having a day that I can be with family and friends to enjoy their company and not have to worry about anything in the world.

To keep you lovelies in the loop, recently my job had retired my position….so I wasn’t “fired” and they aren’t hiring anyone for a graphics position again because there wasn’t enough work for it. I had even been helping out in other departments to keep myself well rounded but it wasn’t my strong-suit. So, as of the recent weeks I’ve been searching for a new job in my field. There is promise, but a lot of hangups have come into play that I really…really was not expecting. I’m happy for the experience I’ve earned there and for the opportunity they provided me, but at the same time I’m happy to be gone. Sadly even with my searches however, I wanted to dedicate my birthday for fun and being able to relax, but I know that even then it’s going to be hard at work to get that new career.

These coming days are going to be rough, but I’m working to pull through. With the support of friends and family, I want to thank you all for watching through the years I’ve been here (even if I’m not as active as before…imsosorrymysweets), it truly means a lot to me.

I hope you all smile as big as I will be tomorrow and that everyone spreads the love and happiness that is needed in the world. You all are wonderful, beautiful, outstanding and kind people and I’m honored to be alive another year and to be here with you all <3

Have a drink, smile, laugh, and celebrate the day!! :)

Two to the one to the two to the three, ⚬ I AM A PEARL! ⚬ Don’t 🚫 give him 👶 to me! ⚬ ALRIGHT! Let’s do it. So uhm, goodbye. 👋 That will be a l l. 👏 I do ✔ like pie! 🍰 Three to the one to the one to the three, some of us 💎 are trying to protect 💥 h u m a n i t y. 🌎 What are you all doing?! You want me to do whaaat?! I’m still gonna kick 🏃 your BUTT! 🍑 I’M OVERREACTING! New Pearl, ⚬ no plan. 🚫 WHAT? Ah yes, the task 🗒 at hand! ✋ And who’s your favorite gem 💎? What did you two do?! 😲 To the⚬Pearl⚬Prize⚬Pouch!⚬ Haha why thank you. 🙏 Anyway, glad we cleared ☉ that up. Isn’t this great?! Hah? EEEE! 😨 Garnet 💎, WAIT🚫! HOW on EARTH 🌎 did you bubble ○ that w h o l e thing?! A gem 💎 , fusing with a human b e i n g? 👧 Whaaaat?!?! BUT if you’re okay ✔ with it, I ’ m f i n e t o o! ✔ You won’t like ✖ how I g i v e i t t o y o u. 💦