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It’s criminal that there isn’t more fanart from this Snowbaz fic out there (and I am totally incapable of making some myself), so I commissioned this angry makeout scene from the amazing @sadfishkid for @deservingporcupine‘s birthday. 

Happy birthday, Sam! May it be filled with antagonistic wizard love 🎂🎂🎂  


Isak + being shook when Even talks to him


Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)


Schools Out Locker

Really loved EA’s Locker , however I wanted a functional Locker closet ..

Re-meshed , recolored in my palette , Grunge versions added , as well as wood variations

this is 2 tiles wide ( looks like 4 individual lockers) ,,, when placing next to another it looks seamless .. good for school builds or industrial lofts , bedrooms rooms , gyms etc

  • 650 Poly
  • 30+ swatches
  • All LODS
  • $220
  • Found in Dressers
  • Functions as a Wardrobe
  • Shit ton of slots on top

Find it searching Schools Out Locker 

Download link: SimsFileShare

Paper Stars

Summary: Dan starts to get love notes in his locker in the form of origami stars, so he gets the help of his best friend, Phil, to figure out who it is.
Word Count: 2,398
Warnings: cussing
A/N: Thanks to @insanityplaysfics as always for giving me ideas. I’m a fucking sap recently because my boyfriend proposed to me and I just wanna write a crapton of fluff and puke rainbows everywhere. This is short and sweet, which is very rare for me! I hope you like it anyways!
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The day Dan opened his locker to a strange slip of paper folded into an origami star was one of the strangest moments of his life.

“What,” Dan said simply, giving the offending paper a strange look. He bent down and retrieved it, staring at it long and hard. It was thin, made with a flowery paper, and he could just make out words written in very small print on it. “What,” Dan said again.

With a small amount of struggle, Dan managed to unwrap the star, revealing the writing inside. The script was sloppy to the point where Dan thinks it was written with the wrong hand. Dan said “what” again and the word didn’t even sound like it was real anymore. It took him a few minutes to read what it said due to the scribble, but he eventually managed.

‘i used to stare out the window because i thought the scenery was beautiful. Then i saw you and suddenly the world didnt seem nearly as captivating as before.

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eddie’s a Big Boy™ even without waylon being as tiny as he is and it makes their size difference all the better