Maki and Yohane wallpaper (requested by anonymous)

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Aishiteru Banzai! ([LOVE:BIND] Mix)
Honoka Kousaka, Maki Nishikino, & Umi Sonoda

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Aqours Duo/Trio Collection CD and Costume Image Poll Results! (translated)

Not only are we announcing the Duo/Trio Collection CD, we’re releasing the results of the costume image poll with blurbs that make an impact!

In this CD, the four duo/trio combinations present new songs with unique styles, distinct from those of the subunits. We’re also announcing the fans’ choices from the nine colorful concepts of the costume image poll! The costumes for the winning concepts are scheduled to be introduced in next month’s issue (of Dengeki G’s Magazine). Please look forward to it ♪

CD Details

  • Name: Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo/Trio Collection CD
  • Release Date: 2017-08-02 (Wednesday)
  • Price: 1700 yen (without tax)
  • Contents: 4 new songs and drama tracks

Twilight Tiger (Chika & Kanan)
These childhood friends become tigers, shining in the morning sun—!

The costume image for the childhood friend combo of Chika and Kanan is Twilight Tiger! Imagine what kind of costume could incorporate the tiger’s distinctive colors and patterns alongside the gallantry and power the concept evokes.

Inferno Phoenix (Dia & Ruby)
The sisters—clad in crimson flames—take off!

Phoenixes, reborn from hellfire, have symbolized destruction and reincarnation from time immemorial. The concept suggests the sound of energetic rock music, but how will the Kurosawa sisters’ costumes incorporate the deep crimson and flames of this image—!?

Unicorn Blizzard (You & Yoshiko)
“You & Angel” become a silver-white blizzard!

A silver blizzard envelops the figure of a sparkling white beast. It gives the sense that those who approach it will freeze to death, and suggests a harsh, severe outlook on the world. Think about these two people obsessed with distinctive clothing: You, the uniform enthusiast, and Yoshiko, the fallen-angel fashionista. With this concept, what in the world will their costumes look like—!?

Hurricane Blossom (Riko & Hanamaru & Mari)
The sounds of this balanced trio reverberate from under the cherry blossoms—

Hurricane Blossom was chosen as the image for this well-balanced trio composed of one person from each year. This concept conveys the beauty and melancholy of flowers scattering in a storm of cherry blossoms. You can definitely expect costumes that reflect the elegance and fragility of maidenhood ♪

(Warning: this was done quickly, my Japanese isn’t great, and my translation leans towards being liberal… hopefully it gets the point across correctly!)

chuunibyou--disaster  asked:

Hi again! For my friend @infamoustaco, could I get a wallpaper with the same starry night background as my Umi/Maru request, but with idolized constellation Maki and Fantasy Job Kanan?

Of course! I hope your friend likes it!!!!

chuunibyou--disaster  asked:

Could I please get wallpapers of the Yukata Hanamaru and the recent Festival Umi, both unidolized and idolized with a night/starry background like in the Yukata URs? Sorry for the long request, tell me if you can't find the Umi I'm talking about, and thank you in advance!

Thanks for the request I hope you like it!!


Nishikino-san Chi no Meidonikon - 西木野さんちのメイドにこん


The Best Family Ever!!! µ’s version is Best & NicoMaki sure popular now and their kid is yoshiko,hanamaru & riko are also there.