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How to Tell if I‘m in Daddy Space
  • Holding a stuffed animal on my lap like a baby because my littles aren’t around
  • Accidentally making two or three cups of hot chocolate instead of one
  • Sudden need to give cuddles, hugs, kisses, and little bits of affection to every cute person, but mostly my littles
  • Calling people shorter and/or cuter than me “little one” on impulse
  • Tries to go to bed at a normal time, but stays up because of the need to take care of my littles
  • Leather boots that my little bugs love
  • “Make sure you take a shower, brush your teeth, and change into your jammies before you go to bed.”
  • The obnoxious desire to baby EVERYONE

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I have to say as someone who is pansexual polyamorus and deals with kinda bad depression, seeing all of y'all doing this reassures me that I'm valid the way I am. And your blog in particular has brought me so much joy so I just want to say thank you!

( POLYAMORUS PEOPLE MATTER!!! And I’m so glad that Blush’s Poly relationship helps validate you!!! You deserve to know how special and amazing you are! That’s why we did this! One because I love them all, but also to get more representation out there for poly people! ) 


Red is him, blue is me

Dear Tumblr: This was my late-night motivation for that ealier post about tickling.

My friend texted me this a week ago, and after much persuasion I snapped and told him. He then proceeded to take a minute before saying that it was adorable and honestly:

I couldn’t find a reason for it being weird.

I bet you guys can’t either.

Then… yknow… he demanded I come over and show him what its all about so that’s a fucking +1… but seriously guys.

Don’t overthink it. It might not turn out like this for everyone, but maybe this can be some inspiration not to hate your little tickle bug interest. Love the little bug.

Love yourselves.

met a friend today!!!
if u know stuff abt mantises i tagged this with like 100000 questions lmao thanks

(some of my) Dating Kurt Wagner headcanons

imagine Kurt walking up to you, wringing his hands shyly and tapping on your shoulder.
When you turn around you smile at him making him even shyer and his tail moves from behind him, handing (or tailing?) you a bouquet of flowers before quickly bamfing away.

-Once Kurt teleported you both onto the mansion’s roof to watch the sunset, (one of his favorite things to do) and you almost slid off. He quickly caught you with his tail, apologizing that he sometimes forgets not everyone is as agile as him.

-So so much cuddling together. Kurt is such a little love bug.

-Laying together with Kurt snuggled into your side, his tail curled around you while you trace his angel markings

-Kurt gets spooked by things really easy, loud noises, things falling, bright flashes which make him think of the fighting ring, whenever he gets spooked he immediately bamfs to your locations and clings to you like a frightened koala

That doesn’t happen every time though, other times he jumps and hisses at the offending noise like a kitty.

You lowkey find the hissing a bit of a turn on and one time pined him to the sofa kissing him senseless after he hissed at Peter for something

-He loves your attention and affection, he just soaks it all up with an adorable smile

-Kisses, cuddles, snuggling, hugs, hand holding, anything and everything he just loves being around you and being affectionate

-Kurt never had many possessions of his own while he lived with the circus, whenever you get him a little gift, maybe something that reminded you of him or just a little trinket he’s always surprised and his heart melts because “for me, Liebe?” he has the biggest heart warming smile and loves whatever you gave him

The first few times you got him a little gift he started tearing up because no one ever gave him things like that before, he pulled you into a hug repeatedly telling you thank you. You were confused at the time because ‘Kurt? it’s just a book I thought you’d like baby’

-Back to the cuddling thing, (pretend you’re like me for this if you don’t) you love soft things, you have tons of blankets and fluffy pillows and giant stuffed animals pilled around your room and when Kurt first saw this his eye lit up like a child on Christmas. Your room became his favorite place to cuddle since it was the comfiest spot.

-Kurt’s favorite cuddling position it laying partially on top of you, curled into your side with his head on your chest while you play with his hair, it nuzzles into your hand and purrs at the feeling.

-One time when you couldn’t find him anywhere you went to your room and found Kurt had fallen asleep under a pile of stuffed animals and pillows on your bed, his arms wrapped around your favorite stuffy as his tail twitched in his sleep. You couldn’t contain your 'Awww’ and woke him up, he smiled at you and soon you both wasted the rest of the day curled up together napping on fluffy things.

-Kurt is always eager to try new things, so you take him fun places all the time. One of his favorites was going to the fair, on a few of the rides he got scared and accidentally teleported away (into the petting zoo area) but his favorite part was the cotton candy without a doubt.

with some help from a metal bending mutant and Hank, some special ice skates were made for Kurt’s feet. You tried to teach him to skate but it was a big of a disaster, it was kind of funny to watch though. Especially when he lost his balance and his tail grabbed Scott’s arm trying to steady himself but just crushed Scott instead.

-Kurt doesn’t like winter, he hates how cold the snow is but loves cuddling with you in front of the fireplace, wrapping in a blanket and drinking hot coco.

-It’s hard for you to hold hands which makes him sad, but you like having your arms linked together and holding onto his fingers.

-Kurt gets sidetracked a lot when you’re out at new places, a good way to get his attention is tugging his tail (something you learned from Jubilee).

-Kurt loves when you give him nicknames, he smiles shyly or brightly depending on the moment and always gets a “Warm and fuzzy feeling inside” when you call him one, some of your favorites are Blueberry, My sweet little Cinnamon Roll, Kitten, and Fuzzy Elf.

-*Cough* Kurt doesn’t bruise like regular people, instead of spots turning darker on his blue skin they turn a light lavender color, something he hadn’t realized and you didn’t know about when after a bit of fun together with you earlier, he walked past the squad with his neck and chest covered in light purple splotches, when he figured out what they were from he became flustered, cheeks also turning a lavender and bamfed away.

Jean and Jubilee figured it out soon after and starting laughing to herself, making the boys completely confused.

Later when Kurt showed you the bruises you smirked a little, (what? you were happy people would know he’s taken.) You explained to him that they were hickies, or the term he liked more, love bites and when he asked why you were smiling about them, he couldn’t help but smile too. He proudly wore his lavender spots, even if he was a bit shy about it

-Kurt’s tail is extremely strong so he likes hanging upside down from branches to give you (Spider-Man like style) kisses.

-You knew Kurt was an acrobat in the circus but you never knew just how flexible he really was, something you had fun putting to good use *wink*

-Kurt is not someone to get jealous a lot, he doesn’t actually know what it is when he does get jealous. He just kind of wants your attention when you’re giving it to someone else, kind of like a puppy.
He bamf’s himself next to you a introduces himself to the person with a friendly smile, his  tail wrapping around your waist as he rests his head on your shoulder while you continue your conversation.

-He has the cutest little kitten sneezes and his nose scrunches up you always get the urge to squeal at his adorableness.

-You’re convinced he’s part cat mutant, he likes perching on things, he hisses, he loves curling up into a little ball, and his kitten like purring.

-Kurt has always been insecure about his looks, especially because of all the stares he gets but you think he’s just adorable (who wouldn’t?) and loves that you think he looks like a 'little blue elf’

You always tell him he’s perfect in your eyes, which is the truth and it always makes him blush and hide his face in your neck while smiling

-When you sleep together he likes wrapping his arms around your waist, legs tangled together and tail around you and nuzzling his head into your stomach.

He purrs himself to sleep a lot too.

-Kurt’s tail is a lot of things, an extra hand of sorts, extremely strong, an easy way to see his emotions, and you ended up figuring out a few more things about it.

-If you rub or message the spade tip of his tail, Kurt immediately relaxes, all tension leaving him and he purrs contently with a soft smile on his face while half asleep

If you rub the base of his tail though,,,it has a whole different affect on the little blueberry, a low moan leaving his lips mixed with the purring in his throat. His eyes shoot open, starring at you (he didn’t even know of this little trick) almost panting at the feeling as you rubbed his base, a playful glint in your eye seeing him just begging to be kissed…..

This base-of-the-tail-rubbing action quickly leads to some other fun 'activities’ ; )

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Dirty Tag-Yoongi

You’re a famous youtuber and you decide to do Dirty Would You Rather with your boyfriend.

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“Hello my little love bugs!” You shouted while waving at your camera. You heard a chuckle and you turned the camera around to face your boyfriend, Yoongi. 

“Is something funny?” You asked

“Love bugs? That sounds so nasty.” He laughed out as you rolled your eyes and turned the camera back to you. 

“As you can see, we are outside right now and it’s dark as hell but Yoongi was out here working so I came to be annoying.” 

“When are you not annoying?”

 Your eyes went wide as you snapped your head towards him, “Fuck off duchebag.” You laughed while throwing a piece of ice from your cup at him.

“Since I’m so annoying I’ll just go inside.” You mumbled before getting up and trying to walk off.

“Stop jagiya! Stay here and do your little game.” He said as he grabbed your hand to stop you. 

“You guys.. I think something maybe wrong with my boyfriend.. He is acting extremely nice and affectionate today.” 

“Nope! Nevermind. You ruined it. Go inside.” He said coldly as he let go of your hand. 

“No no no! I’m sorry babe!” You yelled as you fell onto his lap and smothered his face with kisses. 

“Come on lets do this game babe.” He said, as you both stood up. 

You held the camera and pointed it at him. “Are you ready?” 

“I think I should be asking you that babe.” He winked and bit his lip. 

“You’re stupid.” You laughed, “Okay first question!”

“If we played “sexual truth or dare” with other couples, would you rather watch me have sex with someone, or would you prefer having sex with someone?’’ You asked. 

“I’d rather have sex with you and have other people watch us.”

“That wasn’t the question!” You argued

“That’s the best answer you’re going to get out of me. Why in the hell would I fuck someone else when I have you? And you know damn well you’re not having sex with anyone else but me.” He said and laughed. 

Your teeth started chattering due to the unexpected cold breeze that washed over you. 

“Go get your tri-pod babe. Let me hold you.” 

“I’m okay babe!’’

“You’re literally shivering, go get the tri-pod before my illness wears off and I don’t want to hold you anymore.” He grunted

You switched the camera back on and stood in front of Yoongi. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and leaned his head on top of yours. 

You looked down at your phone to get another question, “Would you rather watch porn with me, or read “50 Shades of Grey” out loud, while touching me?” You asked while giggling.

“The fuck would I want to read that boring ass book for? Like seriously, if you can read a book out loud while touching your girl… something is wrong with you. I’d rather just touch you but I guess we can watch porn together.” He rolled his eyes. 

“What kind of porn would we watch?” 

“Our own.” He whispered in your ear and bit it sightly. 

“Babe! Stop!” You squirmed and he laughed at you.

“Okay next question!  Would you rather have sex in the morning, or at night?” 

He clicked his tongue, “Aish… can’t I have it at all times? Morning, noon, and night?”

It was your turn to roll your eyes. “Lets do truth or dare!” You suggested

“Okay jagi.” He said as he kissed your hair and tightened his arms around you.

“Truth or Dare?”


 “I dare you to spank your partner.” 

“What’ll be different about it this time? I always do it.” 

You blushed and he chuckled. 

“This game is for newbies. I’m always touching or smacking your ass. I have a question for you jagi.”

“Okay go ahead.” You said as you put your phone in your pocket.

“What’s my favorite way to kiss?”

You smiled and giggled, trying to keep a straight face, “You like to grab me and pull me to you but you like it when I grab you too. Tongue, lots of tongue. Lip biting is a must and you like it when I pull your hair.” 

“Can you give me a demonstration?” 

You turned around to face him and pulled him to you by his hoodie. He dipped his head and licked his bottom lip, biting it slightly. You went to pull him down to meet your lips– 

“Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed watching this very dirty game. Until til next time, it’s ya girl Y/n, keep it classy and keep it sassy!”

Hi! Hi! Can you believe how cute we are?

I’m Nishi, and that golden-eyed girl with the white blaze on her face is my sister, Kita. She’s shy, so I agreed to do the talking!

We live at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Oregon, and are a bonded pair about 6 months old.

I’m super-playful and affectionate - I love those pets, and pure all the time!

Kita needs time to trust people, but I’m here to give her confidence and help her navigate the scary world. Once she is comfortable, then she too is a sweet little love bug! That’s why we have to be adopted together!

You’ll love seeing us play with our toys and give each other head butts, licks, and

If you want to experience our cuteness for yourself, please call Beth at 541-255-9296 to find out more and set up a meeting.

And remember, like I always tell Kira when she takes my toys: It’s always good to share, so please reblog us!!!


Nishi and Kita


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