love lindsay


Michael: Lindsay is the soldier we need on the battlefield.
Jack: she’s the drunken master!
Michael: she’s dropping grenades into enemies’ tanks by accidents. ‘oh sorry, did i kill everyone?’

Lindsay’s luck in Let’s Play Worms W.M.D 3

I almost forgot that I did this real quick after seeing the Broadway Newsies in theaters for my cousin’s birthday last month, so…. here you go!

Let’s Play - Snipper Clips

i love when they seem to have as much fun playing as we have watching them<3 can’t wait for more of this game!

Something I'm Highkey Annoyed About

Gavin: *becomes creative producer*

Y'all: *makes gta headcanons/fics/art of Gavin becoming the heir of the Fake AH name/something bigger*

Gavin: *steps down because he wants to work on slow mo guys more*

Y'all: *makes gta headcanons/fics/art of Gavin and Dan being criminals together before Gavin joined the Fakes and Gavin wanting to do crime with his B again*

Lindsay: *becomes AH’s executive producer*

Y'all: *makes gta headcanons/fics/art of Lindsay becoming the new heir to the Fake AH name and learning from Geoff*

Trevor: *become AH’s executive producer after Lindsay steps down so she can be in more content*


Geoff: *goes on a sabbatical*

Y'all: *make some gta headcanons/fics about Geoff going on a sabbatical, without addressing the whole “theres no crew leader anymore” issue*

Trevor: *Is literally the boss of Achievement Hunter*