love like the wind

we pull over on the side of an old highway,
everyone’s knees a little too tight
and my sister leans to look out
at the overpass,
the land below a sea of green

and she whispers ‘wow’
in that tone that we begin to forget
as we age

I think about you,
how you love the way long grass
moves like waves in the wind

and I think about us,
how young we could be
if we hadn’t lost our wonder
during these long roads of wander

—  highway 27, east mountain pass || O.L.

No, it’s you.


cheesy metaphor for freedom aside, look, they have plenty in common and would be adorable friends, dont look at me

no offense but wuthering heights has the best final line of any book ever in the history of human sentience 

i lingered round them, under that benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath, and hare-bells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers, for the sleepers in that quiet earth. 

i literally ascend to a higher plane of existence reading this, i feel it in my bones. i want to carve this entire book on the back of my skull but this line especially. 

It’s okay to let go, it’s all right to say goodbye. It’s a cruel truth within our lives that like the leaves of a tree, love disappears into the wind easily. How do you survive experiencing the most beautiful love and then suddenly finding it diminished or gone? You learn that love is, like sadness, like joy, seasonal. You learn that the only love that truly lasts in the love you hold in your heart for your family, for the chosen few and you forgive others for forgetting you.

I want you to remember not to assess your worth by how temporary others have been in your life. Even if someone was wonderful, you need to realise that wonderful people have the right to walk out of your life too. In the same way, you have the right to walk away from a wonderful person because you have outgrown them.

Recognising this fact will not just allow you to grow, it will help you breathe freer every single day. Stop assessing your worth by how many people have walked away from you. You have not walked away from yourself yet. And that is what counts most of all.

—  Nikita Gill, Why Saying Goodbye Doesn’t Need to be Sad

“If you could order a crime as one orders a dinner, what would you choose?”

“A very simple crime. A crime with no complications. A crime of quiet domestic life… very unimpassioned — very intime… Supposing, that four people sit down to play bridge and one, the odd man out, sits in a chair by the fire. At the end of the evening the man by the fire is found dead. One of the four, while he is dummy, has gone over and killed him, and intent on the play of the hand, the other three have not noticed. Ah, there would be a crime for you! Which of the four was it?”
- Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders


the small shoulders of the hero of hyrule

(alt. title: young links)


“There stood the famous detective in his long Belstaff, holding tightly onto the little pathologist in her white lab coat. Her feet continued to dangle some inches above the ground as he held her in place. Neither of their faces were clearly visible, as they were both pressed into the other’s neck. Not that it even mattered. Faces clear or not, it wasn’t exactly a mystery as to what they were feeling in that moment.”

I Told You So, Chapter 12; by writingwife83

Done! I hope you like it! Had fun drawing this! <3

Your Love (Sun/Venus Signs)

Your love is like
a fire,
burning her way into my heart,
creating something
I didn’t know it was art.

Your love is like
a tree,
growing branches all the time,
being steady without to crumble,
but you’re afraid to climb

Your love is like
a rainbow,
being full of colors and great to see,
you’re a miracle,
and you need to be free

Your love is like
a lake,
where everything seems to be at peace
but the water is deep,
and it never does cease

Your love is like
a firework,
people admire you for a second,
so you have to work hard
to be seen as a legend

Your love is like
a book,
only open for those who read it till the end
because for you the perfect lover
is also your best friend

Your love is like
a rose,
blooming as long as you live on this earth
but you need to realize
your own grand worth

Your love is like
a thunder,
creating a loud and heavy noise,
but it’s weird because
it’s never one that destroys

Your love is like
a flower field,
big and colorful to everyone that goes by,
it’s all fun to watch,
until the sunshine turns to a dark sky

Your love is like
a house,
being a warm and comforting home,
but what if every room is empty
so you’re here alone and roam?

Your love is like
a galaxy,
difficult to understand for those
that have never seen the night
but only shadows

Your love is like
a wave
created by the wind and the moon
but if you’ll drown it it,
you won’t come back soon

but first, some music

If I could touch you one more time
If I could please you one more time
If I could kiss you one more time
If I could hold you one more time
I would never let go.
If I could control your feelings I would make them the same as mine and give you all you deserve. But I can’t. It’s impossible. My love for you wasn’t something I could quit on. No. Even when I knew you were fading away I kept trying. I couldn’t help but try to be the best man I could for you. It was what you deserved. Even when your rejection hurt the shit out of me. I still trusted in myself I could make things better. That I could fix things. But you had to severe the ties we made with each other. You are going through something that I can’t fix. My actions of affection do not help anything and it hurt me to see your love for me fade away like it was dust in the wind. It was too soon, but love doesn’t care for time. Love and time don’t last for us humans. So the best thing I can ask of you is to never let someone treat you worse than I did. I just wish we could do this one more time, but your clock ran out of me.
—  kajecollins