love life rhymes

Feeling your hands
on my skin is when living my life
started to begin. It was a struggle
but you let me in.
I wanted to breathe your air
and you to became my wind
—  (C.B)
A poem #12

Tell me your favorite show and if you binge
What you watch on Youtube and if you cringe.
Tell me your ideal date and would it be
hot if I was fashionably late?
Can I have your hoodies or do you want mine
what are we eating and can I buy?
Is it cool if I pretend I don’t care
and run a hand through my hair?
What’s your favorite food
and can I steal a fry or is that rude?
Do you need to know my sign
and do you care if my poems rhyme?
So how about you fall in love with me
and we can see if it’s meant to be?

“I set myself on fire because you said you needed light. I could feel it crawling up my skin, you left your marks on me like the fire, burning through my throat like all those shots we took whenever you decided you didn’t want to breathe anymore, and finally, when you decided you didn’t want my heat anymore, you let me burn to ashes on the ground.”

- (C.B)

His eyes are the color I am named
His smile lights warm fires in my breast
His hair is messy and untamed
His laugh is always joined by mine in the chest.

His heart is the purest gold
And he believes every lie I’ve told.

He is innocent and beautiful
My heart yearns for his love
The ways he could hold me would be wonderful
Yet I am a broken and wounded dove.

His heart is the purest gold
And I hurry to let this tragedy unfold.

—  Hazel

It’s only a matter of time
Until my two worlds collide
And I am left in the middle
Being torn inside-

Being crushed by the weight
By the heaviness of fate
Slowly breaking my bones
While my heart desecrates

How long can I hold
This secret so bold
That’s eating me up
While I slowly implode

I’m trying to stray
By keeping you at bay
But all my heart wants to do
Is give itself away


We’re all searching. 
Searching for meaning, 
or a purpose, 
just so we can believe 
we belong 
in our skin. 
We want to be a 
or to be defined 
as a person with an 
but we sometimes 
head in the 
wrong direction 
where we have no intention 
of living in this skin 
We dream that 
we won’t be identified 
by the shape  
of our bodies
or let our looks 
define us in society - 
our marks on this world 
should shaped by 
our creativity 
and the ability 
to express ourselves.
—  We all want to be ‘someone’, and sometimes the world tries to stop us becoming the person we want to be. Don’t listen to those who oppose you; wear your skin like armour and be proud of who you are. // J.A.Fiddy @jarfidd

“I was sick
And he was my remedy
I drank him in everyday


He made me forget
That even medicine have expiry dates


He turned out to be my destruction
Poison filling my entity
Intoxicating my veins
Devouring me from the inside

And I ended up on the ground
Clawing at my own throat
With his name last on my tongue.”

- (C.B)

ask-army-mio  asked:

Well ... since jin is gone for prom , do you guys wanna hangout a lil bit ? It's okay if you can't cause I was kinda bored and I'll find something else to do (guys plz come with me i'm so lonely)

Hobi: OH! IT’S YOU! I remember youuu

Hobi: It was supposed to be Jin Hyungs other prom outfit but he didn’t wanna wear a dress so I made him the current outfit he’s wearinggg and fortunately, he was nice enough to draw him wearing the dress hehe here it is

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“I can’t look at your eyes
I don’t know where your mind is
But it’s not behind your eyes
It takes a master of lies
To make sense of your disguise
Behind those blank
sullen eyes”

- (C.B)

Would you rather be
the poem,
or the writer?
Love hurts
which is why
some observe
from afar,
like stars,
but only those we
love could leave
deep scars
on your heart.
Is it worth
feeling this
Pain will repeat
but we can learn
from our
mistakes so we
can love
the stars again.
—  Sometimes we have false starts when finding our ‘star’, but often we find ourselves happier than ever after feeling like we’ve lost half of ourselves. // J.A.Fiddy @jarfidd