update for my followers & a thank you

I started this Tumblr back in March of this year for the Ts3 community…I didn’t expect to find such an amazing community but I have! Tumblr is more than just a Ts3 community, its a community for EVERYONE! Anything your interested in, theres a community for it.

SO MUCH has changed for me since starting this Tumblr, and you guys have been along for the ride whether I’m posting Ts3 stuff or something personal.

So what exactly has changed?

1) My Simblr because its ever evolving and I’m still getting the hang of it

2) My gameplay style, I grew some balls & installed MODS thanks to you guys which has made my gaming play and experience 10x better.

3) My relationship status, I went from in a relationship to single back in August after almost 2 years together. I was devastated, but I picked up the pieces and can actually smile again. From August until beginning of November, there was no contact what so ever between my ex and I because I was so upset and heartbroken because I felt as if he abandoned me in a time of need. Well I realized that relationships aren’t one way streets and that we both had problems of our own even if he had left me for a co-worker of his. We spoke last week for the first time since he had picked up his stuff August 30TH or whatever…and the conversation went well and he has asked to talk when he comes over Wednesday to collect the rest of his things and some important mail (also we’ll do an address change so his mail goes to his parents where he lives)…I’m not really nervous for this talk as I know he isn’t going to try and get back together. I AM READY to talk to him though even though I’ve requested nothing to SAPPY so I dont cry. I’m still getting over losing him but I wouldnt get back together if he asked because whats done is done.

4) My depression and anxiety isn’t as bad as it once was, I’m seeing a therapist once a week and I truly like this woman. I’ve been off my medicine though since September because it was effecting my appetite greatly and I lost too much weight. I’ve gained it back thank god and still am because DAMMIT I LOOK GOOD THICKER in my opinion everybody looks good with meat on their bones but thats just me.

5) I’m dating again, aka I’m testing out the waters. I’ve been on a few dates with some good guys but I’m still just doing me. HOWEVER, there is one man in particular that I’m casually seeing and its hilarious. Why you ask? He’s a good friend of mine and ex-coworker from my old career. We did NOT plan for this and we both laugh every time we talk about it because holy crap fate has a funny way of intervening with peoples lives. He’s also YOUNGER than me, by like 6 years. I’m 29 and he’s 22 and even though I KNOW this won’t develop into a FULL BLOWN relationship because I DO NOT WANT ONE I’m enjoying going with the flow. Our chemistry is seriously on point, we have a lot of fun together and more importantly, were 100% on the same page with what were doing. No confusion that way. ALSO, in my past I always dated WHITE MALES due to my Father. I love ALL RACES of MEN (and women too just don’t date females because were crazy hahaha) and YUP YOU GUESSED IT…he isn’t white. His skin is more like chestnut brown like the color of my Ugg boots because I put my boot next to his skin and said “YOU ARE CHESTNUT NOW!” he also makes me look EVEN MORE white than I already am. But I love the way he interlocks his hands with mine for no reason or when I’m in the mirror checking myself out (im just growing fonder of the way I look these days TBH) he will come up to me, grab me from behind slide his arms around me and look at me looking at myself in the mirror and he’ll smile when our eyes meet or compliment me or whatever. It’s ridiculous lol and WE HAVENT EVEN DONE THE DUUURTY YET (yes we have messed around but nothing crazy, but yes its gotten hot and heavy cause we will end up making out for a long time cause when you have chemistry aka fireworks its hard to stop lol) but hopefully that changes tonight cause I’ve marked today as D DAY aka DICK DAY aka SHITS GOING DOWN TONIGHT. If all goes according to plan. Whew that was a long one guys I apologize.

6) WE HIT OVER 230 FOLLOWERS YOU GUYS! So true to Tumblr tradition a GIFT is in order for yall. So I’ve built a few things but can’t decide what to gift yet. MAINLY, a HUGE and generous THANK YOU is in order to each and every single one of my followers. THANK YOU SO FREAKIN MUCH FOR EVERYTHING I TRULY LOVE ALL OF YOU!

7) I’m okay. I’M MORE THAN OKAY. And I got this, ‘YOU OWN IT GIRL’ is actually what my mantra has been lately.

So, while this may or may not be Sims related YOU GUYS ALL have impacted my life greatly and have helped me SO MUCH. So now, I’m going to WALK in the rain to the grocery store to go buy razors with my remaining 4 dollars and change so I can shave my legs and get all ready for D DAY uuuuhhh son I’m gonna put it down flip it and reverse it. ONLY JOKING but no really its going down tonight as Celly Cel once said. Hahaha anyways SORRY FOR THE LONG POST BUT AGAIN THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING.


The fact that hiro has baymax to talk to through is computer is amazing… I just thought hiro would be in his lab on his own and maybe have the rest of the gang around every couple of days xx

What the signs look for in a lover

Aries: They are all about the romance and the passion. As long as you never get bored of them, they’ll love you to death. They share a lot of inside jokes and love being goofy together.

Taurus: Besides the comfort and the reliance in the relationship, they will take pleasure in those little moments that you share together, those brief moments of physical contact when your hands brush against each other. Doesn’t hurt to share some similar interests with each other.

Gemini: It’s in the little things. The bright smile. That look of adoration. That little way your eyes move to the left every time you tell a white lie. These mean a lot to them. 

Cancer: They don’t want you to share their interests, they want you to be able to respect and understand these interests. Once they realise you can be trusted, they’ll let themselves fall in love and give all of their heart.

Leo: They want someone who can show their love, display it. Show them you mean it, show them that you’re not faking, they want to know, but they can only realise it when you show them in bold, obvious ways. Don’t be too subtle, just flood them with your love.

Virgo: They don’t want extravagant displays of your love, for they feel that you’re flaunting them. They want it in the details, in the small things you do for them, the subtle ways you convey it. Be romantic, be genuine, but above all, be sincere.

Libra: Tell them you mean it. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them anything and everything. They like to share and be a part of your life too. They want to know your day, your successes, your problems and live them with you.

Scorpio: They don’t need romance, they need to know that your love is heartfelt. They need to be able to trust you, to know that you won’t hurt them, and once they do, they’ll go all out to show it.

Sagittarius: They want you to understand their flaws and quirks. They want you to respect them. They want you to be able to be with you through all the ups and downs of life. They’ll know that you want to be with them.

Capricorn: They want someone who they can be comfortable with, show their true self, the self that has all the quirks and fun and humour and hidden qualities. Few people make them feel that way.

Aquarius: They want someone who they can hold a meaningful conversation with. They’ll rarely waste their time with someone who doesn’t put themselves in it, like engage in the moment. 

Pisces: Don’t be a liar. Don’t be a faker. Don’t break their heart. They want someone who can understand their emotional changes and go along with it. They want someone who can be by their side at the worst of times. They want someone who they can entrust their secrets with.

Things can change ever so quickly. It only takes a single moment. One second we may have something, and with the next it may be gone. Treasure everything that you have at this very moment, for it may not be this way forever.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin