What Your Favorite Childhood Book Series Says About Your Love Life

A study recently revealed that people who read Harry Potter as kids are more likely to be be progressive and more empathetic toward marginalized people. HP mega fan humble brag right here but, yeah, that sounds about right.

If our favorite book series can predict our politics, can they predict our love lives? Well, I have a few ideas on that front. Check them out.

People come & go. We meet new people always… Some last longer than others but we always learn something from each & every one of them.

Life’s too short to be surrounding yourself with negative people who always want to strip away the positive from your life, discourage you & envy your every move.
Surround yourself with people who encourage you, push you beyond your limits & are truly there for you in the good & bad times. Surround yourself with those who see the positive side to the negative side. Surround yourself with those who are true to you in your presence & without.

Grimmy talking about his love life in The Times

*a man he was seeing a while ago had never heard his show.*

“Then he listened and he was, ‘I hate you on the radio.’ I was like, ‘Oh thanks.’”

“Did it last long after that?”

“It ended that day.”

The Downside of Love: Capricorn

Known for being faithful, steady, and all around husband or wife material you would think Capricorn makes for a great partner! But every sign has forces working against them in love. Here are some things that go against Capricorn: 

#1: Can have issues with control and jealousy.

#2: Their work can get in the way of a relationship.

#3: Can have an overly logical and practical approach to love.

#4: They can be materialistic or concerned with status when it comes to love.

#5: Some people don’t have the patience to get to know or get close to a Capricorn.