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Please do not self-promote or edit/delete the text. Doing so will have you not being counted.

Hey everyone! Thank you for taking the time to click on this post! I am so excited to announce that I am hosting my very first favorites! Which is in the honor of me reaching 3k (yay!) I have discovered so many beautiful blogs and want to discover so much more!


  • Must be following me (It’s only fair and I will check)
  • Reblog this post (Likes are for bookmarking and will not count) 
  • Do not self-promote or edit/delete the text on this post

Higher Chances:

  • Talk to me! (I don’t bite and I will notice you and your blog more)
  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Have a similar blog style!
  • Be active and friendly (Can’t stress that enough)


  • A follow back from me (If not already)
  • A new friend! You can talk to whenever and about whatever! I love to make new friendships and getting to know new people
  • Featured on my favorites page (Currently under construction)
  • I will be queue from you on a daily basis
  • Random promos to show the love I have for your blog (You many request promos too; twice a week)
  • You can always have me to click on your ads, vote for you, reblog your post (If it suites my blog style) we can collab with networks, awards, etc.


  • Banner was made by @rehticent (Haniah) and you can request your own banner @bannersbyrehticent
  • I will be choosing roughly 20-30 blogs
  • The number of notes will depend on when I am choosing
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!
  • Please don’t make this flop, if so we’ll never talk about it again

That’s it! I wish all the luck to you and happy reblogging!

Love, Lexus


Gotta love the lexus V8 powered Corolla wagon of @butters9185. The #rollingwago is a beast!! #toyota #corolla #corollawagon #lexus #v8swap #lexusv8 #1uzfe

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