love letters to rae

Love Letter to the Queer Fandom

by Rae D. Magdon (tumblr user raedmagdon)

The women who taught me how to be queer are fictional.

Growing up, I didn’t know a single gay, bi, or transgender person. I was young, I was sheltered. When I started wondering if, maybe, the way I thought about women wasn’t the way most other girls did, I went to the internet.

I hoped to find answers. What I found was a lifeline.

 I read about women in love. Unapologetically in love, unrestrained with their love. I read about women like me, and it gave me the courage to start writing.

I wrote about what I wanted my own future to look like. I wrote about women like me, queer women, getting happily ever afters. I wrote and wrote until I had published ten novels and over two and a half million words of fanfiction.

 Then I started getting messages.

 I got messages from myself ten years ago. I got messages that said: “Thank you.” I got messages that said: “This is me.” I got messages that asked: “Is it really going to be okay?”

 And I got to say, “Yes, it really is going to be okay.”

My lifeline had become a rope, and I was pulling it from the other end. Now it runs in front of me and behind me. And that, I think, is what queerness is, and what fandom is. It inspires you, and gives you the chance—the honor—to inspire other people too.

 It’s the most personal form of expression, but the best thing you can do is make it public, so you can touch someone else.

 So this is my love letter to the queer fandom. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am.

This essay was submitted to the @aroomoftheirown​ project, a blog and zine that seeks document the myriad of ways in which LGBT content creators and fandom participants use fanworks as a celebration of their identities and to force popular mainstream media to reflect their lived experiences by collecting essays, comics, and interviews documenting how LGBT members of fandom use their various talents to carve out a space for themselves in mainstream fiction and to explore their identities in a relatively safe space.

The blog that will accept submissions on a consistent basis and the eventual goal is to compile a selection of the pieces into a zine or a series of zines, the proceeds of which will go to the Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline

To learn more or submit to the project, click here.

MMFD FF Masterpost #1

Because TUMBLR does weird things, I had to divide the masterpost to make the links work (Explanation here). Remember this is for fics before April ‘14. THANK YOU :)

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Little By Little / Part 4

I hate you all! Because I want to spend all my Saturday doing nothing and then, I think about fanfictions and I write an episode in like two or three hours. I was planning on watching the full series again but no. The fic was telling me to keep writing… So there you have. You will love this episode. I didn’t really know how to focus it, but I did a good job with it. I’m happy with what I’ve done today! :D

Thanks for all those likes, reblogs, comments and messages. I specially wanted to say my thanks to mirandasmadeofstone for those messages talking about my excellent Enlighs (I’m improving it quite well, ain’t I?)



Finn heard the postman was on his door. He opened it and told him to give Finn the letters. As soon as he had them, he checked if there was something for him. It was weird to receive something, but Rae and him had this little joke to send each other stupid letters to have some fun. Letters from bank accounts, the gym, some advertisement… And then, a letter with no return adress and it hadn’t any name. Rae had done it again. It wasn’t the first time she didn’t write her name just… Because. He closed the dolor, saying his goodbyes to the postman and left his father’s letters over the kitchen’s table. He went up to his room, closing the door in the process. He broke the paper, grabbing what was the content of it and sat on his bed.

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Just Tell Me.

This is from a open prompt from @mallyallyandra :

The Prompt is:

I was thinking the other night that I don’t remember reading a fic of where chloe tells Rae she sent the love letter and asks Rae if she liked anyone. So I was thinking does someone fancy writing it was Rae didn’t lie n she said she like someone and either did or didn’t tell chloe who it was??

So this is what I came up with…


Did he just kiss my cheek?! Good?! Bad?! Oh god I have no idea… I’ve been friend zoned officially now… Great! Seriously why did I ever think that Finn would ever like me… Oh, Danny’s taxi is here.

Rae went to Danny, held his hand and walked him to the taxi. It was too much for Danny last night, she should have known he would have an ‘episode’ as they call it. He hadn’t mentioned Churchill in a long time. He got in to the taxi without any argument, Rae warned the taxi driver he might seem a bit strange but he would be fine. The taxi drove away.

Rae walked back to the front door where Chloe stood waiting for Rae to come back and they waved Danny off. Rae could see he didn’t notice, he was in his head again. Never a good place to be for him. “Rae can I tell you something?” oh great who did you get off with this time Chloe? How many did you get off with?

“Yeah.” Rae mumbled back knowing that she was going to have to sit through the next half hour looking happy for Chloe because she got off with some fit lad from the party. OMG what if it was Finn? She took him to my mum’s room… oh god… Then she said something Rae wasn’t expecting at all.

“I sent the letter to Finn!” Chloe looked so happy with herself. Rae’s heart dropped to her feet. Chloe had once again upped her on something that Rae loved. Rae had finally become friends with Finn and now Chloe was stealing her thunder, because of course Finn would find out about who sent the letter. Hell he probably already knew! They did go up to Rae’s mums room, she probably told him then and they were shagging all night! Fucking Finn! Fucking Chloe! Angry tears came to Rae’s eyes. She stomped in to her house and sat on the sofa. Sadness enveloped Rae. She knew before there was no chance she would get with Finn, but at least no one else seemed interested, which meant Finn could still be close to Rae, even if it wasn’t as close as she would like. But now she knew Chloe was interested, Rae would be shadowed by Chloe.

 Chloe could tell something was up with Rae. She looked so sad. And angry. She didn’t like angry Rae.

“It’s just the more time I spend with him this week, I dunno, there’s something about him ya know? And after Steven I needed to feel normal, to be involved with something normal. Does that make sense?” Rae looked up at Chloe and she could see tears in Rae’s eyes. “No.” Oh God, Rae likes Finn. Shit! Should I back off? Rae deserves someone like Finn. He’s so sweet and kind. I just need her to be honest with me. If she tells me she likes him, ill back off. “ Do you like anyone at the minute Rae?” Come on Rae, tell me.

Rae was having an internal battle. She hated lying to Chloe. But this was something so personal and Rae couldn’t handle her heart being broken again. But what if I tell her and she leaves Finn alone? Yeah right Rae like that’s going to happen! You don’t know that? Just tell her! Rae took a deep breath. This would unload more bullshit from her backpack, she was determined to be more honest. It’s a test Rae, just do it! “Yeah Chloe I do.” Chloe smiled at Rae. She was happy Rae was being honest with her. Chloe made a vow, I will leave Finn alone now. I know she likes him, I’m a bitch but I’m not going to break my best friend’s heart. “Oh really? Who is it then?” With Chloe smiling at her Rae couldn’t resist cracking a smile back. She could see the pride in her friend’s eyes. Does she know I mean Finn? Maybe me telling her wasn’t a terrible idea… “You know…” Chloe nodded her head, “Still want to hear it Rae.” Chloe gave Rae a mischievous smile. “Fine! It’s Finn ok!” Rae huffed and sunk further in to the sofa. Chloe laughed at Rae’s childlike behaviour. She went over to Rae and hugged her hard. “God Rae you are such a knob sometimes! Why didn’t you just tell me? I’m your best mate, I’m not going to go after Finn when I know you like him! Your my best mate, I wouldn’t do that!” Rae hugged her friend back. Moments like this is what makes Rae realise why Chloe is her best mate.

“But, you like him too Chlo, it’s not fair if you back off for me and I don’t for you…” Rae felt a bit shit now. Chloe was being amazing and leaving Finn alone for her, but it didn’t even cross Rae’s mind to do that for Chloe. “Look Rae, I just think Finns fit really. He’s sweet and absolutely gorgeous. But seriously, what would we talk about? He is so opposite from me, it would never work.” Chloe winked at Rae. Well it was true what Chloe said, they would have nothing to talk about. Finn is basically another Rae. Even though Chloe and Rae could talk and be best friends, her and Finn really didn’t make sense.

“Look Rae I’m going to shoot cause I stink and I need sleep, so don’t worry, he’s all yours.” Chloe winked at Rae again, grabbed her bag and sauntered off out the door. Before it closed, Chloe shouted, “Love you!” over her shoulder. Rae sat on her sofa, contact and so damn happy her best friend was Chloe Gemmel.


They were at the pub when shit really hit the fan. They were all a bit pissed so no one had control over what they were saying apparently. Rae was sat with Finn and he was ghosting his finger over her leg making comments at Chop’s (true) story. They consisted of Finn writing L-I-E and T-W-A-T on her leg a few times. She was deliriously happy, he just wouldn’t stop touching her. If it weren’t his finger against her thigh it would be his leg lying against hers.

Chloe kept staring at Finn and Rae with a smile on her face. They would share a secret look and a laugh and they both looked so happy. She hadn’t seen Finn smile this much in one night the whole time she knew him. He was happy too. Then she did it. She had a few too many Alco pops and just couldn’t filter between her brain and her mouth. Chop was still telling his story when Chloe interrupted. “… so apparently his head was like half chopped off…” “Oh you pair are such a cute couple! Just tell each other how you feel, god!” Oh shit!

Everyone stopped. There was complete blanket of silence over the gang. Everyone knew who she was talking about because apparently she was pointing. When did my hand do that?  Rae was staring wide eyed at Chloe with a slight shake to her head. Rae silently begged her to stop. Chloe lowered her hand from her mouth and whispered, “ I’m so sorry Rae, I didn’t… Shit I’m just pissed, ignore me!” Rae turned her head to see Finn frowning at Chloe. “What you talking about Chlo? Rae?”

Rae couldn’t be there anymore. The look of confusion on Finn’s face making her realise that he only saw her as his mate. Like it wouldn’t cross his mind to think of her that way. She grabbed her coat and left the pub as quick as her legs could take her. She could hear the shouts of Chloe behind her but she couldn’t look. Couldn’t see his face again. Oh god, he doesn’t even think about me like that, of course he doesn’t! Now he knows I like him, oh god… She heard someone following but didn’t stop until she felt a hand on her arm. “Rae will you just stop a second and tell me what the hell that was about please?!” Finn turned Rae round and she couldn’t look in his eyes, couldn’t see the disgust she knew would be waiting for her in his eyes. “Rae… will you just look at me?”

Rae raised her eyes to see that confusion again. She couldn’t take it. Tears sprang to her eyes and trailed down her cheeks. “Finn I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you like that.” She began to turn around again but Finn still had his grip on her arm. “No… Rae. You didn’t embarrass me. I want to know what she meant. Just tell me.”

Rae let all her frustration of the last week seep out in a blur of speech. The damn was broken now and it all came gushing out. “Fine Finn, you want to know? Ok I’ll tell you. I like you ok? Actually if I’m being honest I think I’m sort of be in love with you and I know you will never think of me like that but…” Rae couldn’t finish. Finn had crashed his lips against hers. His hands were on her waist holding tight as he deepened the kiss. Rae fell in to the it without thinking and revelled in every touch and graze of his lips. Finally she broke away for some much needed oxygen. “Ok…” Rae gasped “Well that was unexpected.”

Finns eyes were glowing. He finally had her. He was feeling so much in the past week he could barely contain himself. He touched her at every available opportunity because he felt lost when he couldn’t feel her beneath his fingers of her leg against his. “Jesus, I’ve waited ages to do that.” Finn chuckled looking shyly at Rae. Rae’s couldn’t contain her face splitting grin. Finn still hadn’t taken his hands off Rae’s hips. He was holding them in a tight grip, never wanting to let her go. He placed his forehead against hers. “I kind of think I love you too Rae. Actually I don’t think I do. I really do.”

It was Rae’s turn to kiss Finn. It was all tongues and teeth and absolutely amazing in Rae’s standards. She had never felt so much emotion in one time. It was pure happiness.

The gang were watching from outside the pub. Chop being Chop started whooping and cheering, making the rest of the gang join in. Finn and Rae separated and smiled at each other. Finn reaching for Rae’s hand leading them back to the gang. Finn had a dopey love sick grin on his face and Rae’s eyes were sparkling. They went back in to the pub for celebratory drinks. “Well, I think you two should buy me a drink because if it wasn’t for my big mouth you two wouldn’t be sat there with love sick grins on your faces!” Chloe thought even though she had fucked up initially, her drunken mouth had proved to be one step ahead and knew what had to happen. Finn got up to get Chloe another drink and Rae went over to Chloe to give her a vice tight hug. “Thanks Chlo!”. “You’re very welcome!”.

“Right, Chop you owe me 20 quid!” Archie piped up demanding his money. “What you talking about?” Finn had returned with Chloe’s drink along with one for Rae. “ Well I bet Chop that it would take you two a week since the party to get together, Chop bet two weeks, so I win!” Archie seemed proud of himself. The gang fell about laughing.

The guys were still going strong late in to the night and the gang pretended to not notice when Rae and Finn snuck off.  


Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think :)

Common People, Ch. 5

Hello sweet readers!

We would like to thank you all for hanging in there with this story. Hopefully
Chapter 5 will make up for the long wait ;)

As ever, we are absolutely grateful to @madfatty, without whom…


Dear Tix,

Well, my life continues to be a right ridiculous mess. I’m really struggling not to give in to the dark thoughts, Fatty, but it’s hard. A cold war is raging in the Earl household. My mum and I aren’t speaking, other than her barking orders at me, and me huffing at her and rolling my eyes.

After she’d humiliated the ever-loving shit out of me at that stupid dinner, making sure I never want to show my face again in any social situation, she is now walking around the house acting as though it was my fault, and I’m the one who’s fucked up. I’m pretty sure she called Karim on a Tuesday specifically to bitch about me, and then she gave me the phone and stood there with her arms folded across her chest, while on the other end of the line Karim was trying to do as she expected of him and bite my head off. But that’s just not him, is it? And so I just stood there and nodded and hummed, pretending to be thoroughly chastised, while he softly and kindly asked me to “please be good girl, take care of your mother, yes? Be nice to her, she is having hard time. And you big sister, very important.” I get all chokey when he starts talking about how we’re his girls, and that he is trusting me with his little baby that he misses so much. I think it’s amazing that this man thinks I am his daughter, when my own for-real wanker of a dad doesn’t remember my actual existence. I did get a little softer after talking to him, and promised him I would be better, and when I gave mum the phone back I could see her eyes getting all misty and lovey-dovey when he started talking to her. I suppose she really is having a hard time being away from him. Love is so weird.

I got over my momentary empathy for her, though, when she wouldn’t come around on me being grounded. I can’t go anywhere and escape the house, can’t see my sweet Archie, who is walking around out there, like a sexy gazelle amongst the hungry lionesses. God only knows what desperate girl is throwing her tits at him as we speak. He does call me a lot, which is just the sweetest thing. He doesn’t seem to mind that we can’t see each other, and we talk for hours (until mum yells) about so many interesting things, like music and art and history. Archie knows so much, and I try to keep up. All right, on occasion I do let him go on while my mind goes to a wonderful land where he talks dirty to me in that informative, geeky voice, but mostly we really have the best phone conversations. He’s so easy to talk to. I just wish he would be in arm’s reach again. I really want to try all that kissing-and-more stuff Izzy is always on about, you know? I need to experiment.

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Hi Guys! I hope enjoy this fic, or as I like to call it an excuse to write smut. just under 5k :)

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A/n: in this Rae is more confident. SMUT


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A Letter, with Love

A/N: I have a couple of related prompts in my inbox right now that I’m working to figure out how to combine (because I think they would really go well together), but this little idea was bothering the back of my brain, so I exorcised it.

I cried while writing it, so that’s a fair warning to you, dear readers. (However, it gets better, just as I hope the series will.) This is spoilery for episode 2, if you haven’t seen it yet.

* * *

Who would even write a love letter? That was so stupid.

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a/n- I suck at smut but even I don’t know what happened here.

Finn doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Valentine’s Day. He never has and he never will.

When he was a younger lad, he hated the stupid little parties and Valentines because his dad would force him to make him to make a box covered in hearts and write out the names of each of his classmates on a Valentine while being careful that none of the more romantic one (“I want YOU, Valentine”) ended up in the hands of the wrong girl or, worse yet, one of the lads. (Finn always ended up with the most romantic Valentines in class and all the girls would stare at him, hoping he liked theirs the best).

He spends the majority of his teenage years hiding out from the holiday with Chop and Archer in his parent’s basement. They had a rule that they didn’t date anyone the week before, the week of, or the week after Valentine’s Day (because girls needed that much time to get it out of their system). Finn becomes a pro at dodging girls the entire month of February (they all fantasize that he’s so grumpy because he’s ate up with longing for them).

It’s different this year, though. Chop’s got Iz and Archer has a date with someone (it’s always just someone; no name, no description, just someone) and Finn finally has a girlfriend at the worst holiday of all.

He figures she’s not going to want to do anything (someone decorated the school in little paper hearts and Rae ripped them off and said something about ‘just another mass consumer holiday’) but they’ve both got an empty and he’s thinking maybe movies at his wouldn’t be so bad and maybe a little kissing and (if he’s honest) sex anytime is great but maybe Valentine’s Day sex is like super magical.

“You wanna do something tomorrow?” He blurts out. It takes approximately one second for him to realize that it wasn’t Rae who picked up and he just sort of asked her mother out. Fuck.

“Finn, I’m flattered. I’m sure it would be great fun but in the end, I don’t think it would be worth hurting both Karim and Rae. Maybe you should ask her, hm?”

He makes a noise but he’s not sure what it’s supposed to be because as Linda passes the phone to Rae, he hears ‘Your boyfriend just asked me out’.

“Did you ask my mother out on a Valentine’s Day date?”

“No!” He rubs a hand through his hair. Oh, this was already turning into absolute shit. “I just sort of rushed it out. She sounds a bit like-“

“Don’t finish that.”


There’s a lengthy pause. “Well?”


“Finn, I’m hanging up!”

“No! I- do you want to come round mine and watch a movie tomorrow? Like, Valentine’s Day is stupid but we usually hang out on Friday and it’s seems sort of dumb to avoid each other just because-“

“I’d love to.”

“Great!” And his voice cracks. Fuck. He clears his throat and tries again. “Alright.” (He lays on the floor in the hall a long time after they hang up trying to figure out exactly when he became a complete and utter idiot.)

Movies at his were fine, right? It didn’t have to be over the top. Rae wasn’t that kind of girl. She didn’t need a particular day of the year for him to prove his love, he showed he loved her every day… right?

It’s two in the morning when this though has him wide awake, sitting on the edge of his bed, mind running through the last 6 months of their relationship. He had done romantic stuff. Or had he?
Well, there was their secret communication. That was romantic, sort of. I mean, yeah, it was mostly because he was too terrified to tell her some stuff and other times it was because he couldn’t say Chop was bangin’ on or Archer was being a bore out loud.

But, what about the love caravan? That was romantic. He had done that for her (and, well, sort of for him, too) but he had put a lot of effort into it (and was rewarded in the best of ways).
He told her he loved her all the time, now that was definitely romantic. Well, not really. He told her he loved her because that’s how he felt and every time he said those words it was like putting ice on a burn- instant relief.

So, he spends all night writing her a love letter (not like the one in his underwear drawer- that one had grown to 21 pages and was full of deeply embarrassing emotion that he couldn’t even face) and he tells her about the love songs his heart sings to him at night and at school and really everywhere about her and how he knows he’s not good with words but that’s because she makes his brain all wonky and he just really fucking loves her.

When he realizes it’s 4 am and he has 3 hours to get some sleep, he folds the note up (and tries not to think about all the hearts he’s doodle in the margin like he’s a fucking girl high off of Cupid’s arrow) and slips it into his jacket.

They don’t say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to each other when he sees her at school but he kisses her extra long and she pulls him back for another when the bell rings (they spend their first hour of school locked together in the upstairs girl’s room).

“What are you two doing tonight?” Chloe asks when they meet after their last class.

Finn shrugs (because he doesn’t want Chloe to know) and Rae does the same but adds, “Probably just watch movies.”

“Well, how romantic,” she rolls her eyes.

“Valentine’s Day is too mainstream,” Rae shakes her head and Finn knows she feels this way and he feels this way, too, so he isn’t so sure why he’s got such a sinking feeling in his gut (it may have been because he had devised a plan for seeing if she tasted any different in a room filled with candles). “Like, can you imagine how cheesy it must be to get a love letter on the worst possible holiday ever?”

Yep, that was it. His hand instantly clamps for the lover letter in his pocket.

He’s in the kitchen, about to throw the letter away when he decides to re-read it. Heart palpitations and his hands start to sweat. What the hell was he on about in this letter? Did he think that Rae, his feisty Rae who hated love letters (he had momentarily forgotten that), would somehow enjoy reading the shit his brain spilled at 3 in the morning?

The doorbell rings and he puts the letter in his back pocket (he’s debating whether to put it in the drawer with his other shameful letter and mix tape or just burn it). He thinks it’s Rae and it is but she’s got Chloe and Archer in tow. She shrugs at him apologetically and Chloe pipes up, “Since you two weren’t doing anything of consequence, thought I’d tag along.”

Archer holds up some beer. “Date bailed. I brought drinks, though.”

Well, fuck him sideways. Not only was his love letter idea shot all to hell but now there was absolutely no chance of sex (Valentine’s Day sex or otherwise) with the Cockblock Crew on his couch. Rae leans up and kisses him, tracing S-O-R-R-Y-! on his stomach. He catches her fingers and brings them up to his mouth, kissing them. “It’s alright.” It wasn’t but he wasn’t going to blame her because he hadn’t the guts to tell her he wanted a proper Valentine’s Day date (because he could barely admit it to himself).

Chloe and Rae are chattering through the first movie (Braveheart) and Finn thinks about feigning being sleepy to kick the two stragglers out but he doesn’t have the heart to do it. He loves his friends (even when they are encroaching on his time with Rae) so he offers to make everyone drinks. Rae offers to help and they leave Archer and Rae to fight about the next movie.

“You’re being really great,” she kisses the corner of his mouth as he pulls glasses out of the cabinet. “I know this is exactly what you expected but… I have an empty tomorrow night, too. Mum and Karim won’t be back until Monday.”

Well, at least they have that. “It hasn’t been too terrible with them around.”

“Nah,” she kisses him properly on the mouth and he has to set the glass down because he’s suddenly wrapped up in her and his hand is shaking enough that he might drop it. Her hands move around him to do that thing he secretly loves and just he before his brain can catch up and panic, she’s giving his bottom a healthy squeeze and the love letter crackles in his back pocket. Fuck.

“What’s in your pocket, Finnley?”

Is he wasn’t absolutely pissing himself, he might have made a corny (and horny) joke but he can only stare wide eyed as she pulls the letter out. “Don’t.”

“Someone send you another love letter?” She asks, briefly glancing towards the living room.

“No. It’s, um, it’s a homework assignment I wrote down.”

“You draw hearts on all your assignments?”

“Only if it’s a class I love,” he tries weakly.

She’s unfolding the note and his hands are over his mouth (to hold in a scream he thinks). He shrinks away from her, folding himself into the corner of the counter. He wants to tell her to stop, that it’s a joke but he can’t because his throat has closed.


“I’m sorry,” he blurts out. “I know you hate love letters, I just-“

“I don’t hate them!”

“You do. In the pub that time you said they were stupid and then today-“

“I love anything you give me.” She reads it again and he’s dying of embarrassment all over. “You really feel this way?”

All he can do is nod.

She’s out of the kitchen and he hears her say, “As lovely as this has been, it’s time for you two to go celebrate together.” Then she’s got him by the front of his shirt, pulling him upstairs before their friends are even out the door.

He’s half-naked and he’s feverish all over for her and his mind tells him that maybe he should give her the mix tape or the big love letter but then his pants are around his ankles and he’s in her hand and then her mouth and his brain completely shuts down. He doesn’t get to find out if she tastes different in the candle light but she’s exquisite the way she is and he’s strumming her like she’s a guitar (and she makes the most beautiful music in the world) while he’s writing another love letter between her thighs.
They tumble around in his sheets until they’re both so tired they can barely pull the blanket over their flushed bodies. She’s in the nook of his arm and he’s kissing her hair, heart belting a love song she can hear against her ear.



“Write me another love letter someday?”

And his eyes land on his underwear drawer and he thinks about telling her that he’s been writing her one since he punched Big G but then she’s asleep against his chest so there’s no point. “Yeah, I will.”

Common People, Ch. 3

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Chapter 3

Dear Tix,

There’s been so much going on since I wrote you last, I don’t even know where to start.

Okay, that’s a lie, I know EXACTLY where to start! So I hope you’re sitting down on something extra fluffy when I tell you that… I HAVE BEEN DATING SOMEONE! 

I know, right???

Technically we’ve only been on two dates, but we did meet at a cafe so I’m counting that as a third. Three dates is considered “dating”, I have that on good authority, i.e. Chloe. 

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Part 1 Part 2 

In Secret Part 3 Final

Finn read the letter again unbelieving of what he was reading, it was a love letter, an actual letter that someone sent him, someone who wanted to make him theirs, but bad news for them because he was already Rae’s. He wondered who it could be from, he thought maybe the girl Chop had mentioned who was giving him love eyes as Chop put it, and then his next thought was Chloe, but he thought it couldn’t be her, she was bold when it came to letting guys know she liked them.

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so yeah, here’s another fic..sorry I like to put them in the dark or lock them in spaces lol I just think it funny but here ya go..I hope you enjoy my quick fic :) also I’ve never done the POV thing so I hope it transitions okay…

Uncle Archie

Finn’s POV


I wanted to let you know that I like you, I’m sure you don’t even notice me, but I think your amazing and your taste in music isn’t that bad.


Rae’s POV


I like you, I have for a while now. I think your brilliant and your taste in music is pretty awesome.


Finn’s POV

As I walked into the pub I was wondering who could have sent me a love letter, I mean even though I just sent one, I can’t believe I got one, I wonder who it’s from…maybe it’s from Rae!? Nah, what are you thinking Finn she’s not the kind of girl that sends love letters… but I hope she’s the kind that likes to receive them.

As I made my way into the pub I walked up to Archie showed him the love letter and asked him if he recognized the hand writing.

He said “no mate sorry, any idea who it might be from?”

No, but I’m hoping it was Rae

“No, not a clue”

“let’s just keep it between us yeah?”

“sure, mate not a problem”

Rae’s POV

I walked into the pub and straight to Archie

“Hey Archie do you have a sec”

“Sure Rae whats up’

I pulled him slowly towards the bathrooms and showed him my love letter

“Do you recognize the hand writing, Arch?”

“No, can’t say that I do”

“Do you have any idea who might of sent it”

“No, why would anyone want to send a love letter to me?”

“Rae, you’re an amazing person, who ever it is has impeccable taste”

I give Archie a hug and hope this is not some cruel joke

“Thanks, Arch, let’s just keep this between you and me Yeah?”

“Sure Rae no problem”

I made way back over to by the bar where the rest of the gang were listening to Chop babble

Archies POV

I recognized both sets of handwriting as soon as I saw it, Finn because I’ve known him forever and Rae because once she drunkenly wrote me a list of songs to perform at open  mic night 

I can’t believe Finn sent Rae a love letter, normally he’s pretty confident when it comes to girls…he must really like her…and Rae sent one to Finn that doesn’t even make sense, I would think she would think the whole idea of a love letter is stupid.

Ugh… look at them over there, it’s completely obvious they like each other, how could I have not notice, they stare at each other enough.

Well, my two best mates sent each other love letters, I guess it’s up to Uncle Archie to work some magic.

Rae’s POV

Why would anybody send me a love letter, it’s probably just a cruel trick…it has to be why would someone like me when they could like someone li..

“Oi! Raemundo are you listenin’ to me!?”

“yes, um sorry what was that Chop”

“A little birdie told me you’ve got an empty”

“so” get to the point Chop

“so how’s about we have a party?”

“No, Chop no parties” I really just wanna figure out who sent me this love letter

“I’m not just talking any party, I’m talkin’ a Sexy party”

Finn looked at him baffled  “what’s a sexy party?”

“Everyone brings sleeping bags and no one asks questions in the morning”

I’m still not fully listening to conversation but I happen to look at Archie and he gives me a look that says why not have a party because if you don’t he’ll never shut up.

So I said “alright, alright we can have a party if you shuddup already”

Chop brings me in for a hug and kisses my cheek and says “Yes! Raemundo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

“So what times the party” Finn asks

I said “not sure, 8?”

He said “sounds good how about I come by early and brings some music?”

“yeah, yeah sounds good, I’ll see you guys later I’m going go home and hide the valuables” I laugh out

Archies POV

Hmm Finns bringing music..what can I do to get them to realize they sent each other the letters without them knowing I set it up..think Archie think.

“hey Finn, I heard you tell Rae you would bring some music?”

“yeah Arch”

“what are you going to bring?”

“Just a few Cds why”

“oh I was just thinking you could bring the mix tape you made for Knebworth has some good tunes on it”

“good thinkin’, Arch will do”

YES!!! That tape has “Knebworth Mix” in Finns writing on just to get something with Rae writing on it…hmmm

Finns POV

Alright Finn time to shower and put your game face on.

Maybe tonight I’ll tell Rae I like her, maybe she’ll say she likes me back, maybe we will have a kiss or five…

Ah! FUCK! cold.cold.cold.

See Finn that’s what ya get for over thinking JUST.TELL.HER

Okay, Overnight bag check, Cds check, Knebworth mix check, Ckone check check

Come on Nelson you can do this

Rae’s POV

What should I to keep it casual but maybe a little more girly

Fuuck… I hate all my clothes

Alright get it together Rae, maybe tonight you tell Finn you like him, maybe he likes you back, maybe you will fuck it up and scare him off, maybe if that happens you can blame the booze and pretend not to remember what happened.

Ding, dong


I made my way downstairs and I greeted the gang hugging them as they entered Finn was the last to enter and GEEZUS he smelt good, I never wanted that hug to end.

We walked in to the Living room and Chop had brought a lot of booze

I said “Chop just how many people are coming?”

“not to many Raemundo, don’t worry, I know them all personally”

Finn asked if he could put on a Cd and I said sure and showed him to the stereo behind Chop

Chop handed us all drinks and Archie made the toast

“To an amazing night” lifting his eyebrows with a mischievous look..what’s up with him..

We all toasted and drank our beer

As the night progressed a few more people than expected showed up, It was not going to be fun cleaning this in the morning

As I was making my way around the house I bumped into Archie, he was pretty tipsy

Archies POV

“Hey Rae! This is the best party everrrrr!!!!”

“Ok, Acrh Calm down”

Oh damn, what was it you had to do tonight Archie think think

“Oh hey Rae”


“why don’t you go change the music?”

“yeah alright”

“Finn brought his Knebworth mix why don’t you play that, you never got to hear it”

“okay, yeah I’ll put it on”

“Great see you upstairs”

“for what”

“we’re playing spin the bottle”

“oh, ok see you up there”

Right now to get to Chop

Raes POV

“um excuse me can I just get to the stereo please”

Geeze get a room for crying out loud

Okay, Knebworth mix , Knebworth mix, okay, here it is

I pulled the tape out of the plastic case and gasped!

Luckily the music was still playing or I’m sure the entire neighborhood would have heard me

As soon as I saw it I recognized the writing as the same writing my love letter was written in

Finn wrote the Letter?

What the actual Fuck is going on? could he really like me?

I started making my way thru the house to get to my bedroom

Archies POV

 Okay now how can I get Finn to realize it was Rae…hmm..come on Arch keep thinking..stop staring at that guy! tonight is about your best mates…

I got it! Rae keeps a list of songs she hears on the radio on her desk!

I walk in and as luck would have it Finn is standing by Rae’s desk

“Hey Finn mind turning on Rae’s desk light it’s a little dark in here”

Finns POV

“sure mate no problem”

I turn on the desk lamp and a list is illuminated by the light, I run my hand over the list and wonder why I recognize the writing, I clutch my back pocket realizing where I know the writing from

I breathed out “Rae”

I turn around and Rae walks in her bedroom and Chops says “alright everyone sit in a circle’

Everyone sits but Rae, she looks a little nervous

As luck would have it there’s an empty space next to me and she comes and sits down

Now, I’m really nervous I had hoped she had sent me the love letter and now I know it was her, I have butterflies in my stomach, I wonder If she knows I sent her a love letter, I wonder if she even got it? Fuuck

Chop spins the bottle and lands on Archie

Oh fuck please don’t let it land Rae please, please, please, PLEASE!

It lands on a guy..thank fuck!..huh..he seems a little too happy to kiss Archie wonder what that’s about..

Before Chop spins the bottle again he says “alright we are upin’ the stakes, couples have to go in the cupboard for a full 7 minutes”

He spins the bottle and it lands on Rae

Fuck, fuck, fuck

I think I’m going to be sick, what am I going to do if it lands on another guy, will she go with him, uugghh I’m going to end up in a fight but maybe she’ll like it..why is Chop looking at me like that..

Chop smiles at me and spins the bottle and it lands on me

I stared blankly for a moment trying to process what just happened

I get up and walk to the cupboard, I looked back and thankfully Rae was following me

Raes POV

Oh Fuck I’m following Finn into the cupboard, do I tell him I know it was him who sent me a the love letter letter, do I tell him I sent him a letter…oh fuck,fuck,fuck

We got into the cupboard and we were standing very close to each other and it seemed like hours passed before what happened next

“Did you send me a love letter” we said in unison

“you got it” again in unison

“Yeah” in unison

Then we chuckled and Finn was looking down then he looked up at me through his eyelashes I nearly fainted my lady garden was tingling so bad

He said “I like you Rae, like a lot”

I smiled and said “I like you, a lot too”

We slowly drifted towards each other before I pulled away

I said “how did you know it was me?”

“I saw your music list and recognized the hand writing” he smiled

“how did you know it was me?”

“I was putting in your Knebworth mix and recognized the hand writing”

We both chuckled

Then he leaned in and our lips connected, I can’t believe Finn Nelson likes me as much as I like him and I also can’t believe he has me pushed against the wall..I can really feel on my leg how much he likes me

Archie’s POV

At the 7 minute mark everyone followed Chop to the cupboard and as he opened the door there were my two best mates expressing to each other exactly how they felt, they didn’t even notice Chop open the door…I walked over to Chop put my hand on his shoulder and said “give em’ a few more minute, yeah”

Chop said “I think I better” laughing

Yep Uncle Archie did good

The love letter wasn’t from Rae and she thinks they’re stupid

No parties, sexy or otherwise


Now she won’t talk to me

~More recently~

Rae stopped petting my hair

Rae put me in time out and said I can’t kiss her for ten minutes because I told Chop about the scratch marks on my back

Archie said I wore too much cologne and that’s why Rae has a headache

Backstreet boys on the radio


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Dear Finn

You are so fit and lovely, I want to make you mine.

Love from

Izzy finished reading out Finn’s mysterious love letter, and everyone was smiling and laughing. Rae felt like her heart had been ripped from her chest and Izzy was holding it in her outstretched, open hand for everyone to see beating. Somebody else had a crush on Finn; and they were probably girly and normal. Unlike her. She knew she didn’t have the slightest hope of snagging a lad as hot as him, but it would be hard seeing him in a relationship with someone else.

Wholly gutted she tried to cover up her heart break by blurting. “Who would even send a love letter? That is so stupid?” With a look of disgust on her face.

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