love letters to megan

It isn’t always a poem. Sometimes it isn’t lovemaking, but killing time. So I’m leaving you now. And I know it won’t be the worst thing I could do to you. You will find a way to thank me in an interview. The spine of your next book will be yanked from my back as I’m walking away.
—  Megan Falley

and they know it too!


Dear Tay/taylorswift,
May I call you Tay? If not that’s perfectly fine because I don’t particularly know you that well and do I have the right to call you that? But I do anyways to my friends and family because I do feel like I know you that well.
My name is Megan and I am 16 turning 17. My favorite color is grey but some days it’s purple and others it’s maroon or blue. I would have a milkshake everyday if I could. Napping is my favorite pass time along with watching Netflix.
One day when I was young, I was in the car going to?coming from? the movie theater with my mom, and for some reason I still remember the exact moment and spot where my life changed. I heard you on the radio for the first time. It was Our Song. I made my mom turn it up and I said “I really like this song”. When I got home I immediately went to ondemand and watched the music video for it for an hour straight. I have been a fan ever since.
I’m so happy that you became such a huge part of my life. You have been a part of so many fond memories of mine. Such as camping out in Times Square to see your GMA performance when you dropped the Red album. You were even the first album I bought off of my my first iPod. It was the Fearless album. You were also my little brother’s first concert. It was the Speak Now world tour. I wore the Speak Now necklace everyday until it broke. I went through 3 necklaces before my parents said I couldn’t have anymore. I’ve had so many night with my best friends where we just bake and listen to your music and dance around the house and it’s honestly my favorite thing to do.
You have not only given me my best friends, but you have helped me through my parents divorce. As well as that, you were there for my cousin, Ashley, who was diagnosed with leukemia and sadly passed a month ago. You were such an important person in her life and you were gracious enough to visit her. So thank you.
You have done so much for me and my friends and family without even trying. You have helped me become the person I am today and I could never thank you enough. You’re the big sister I never had and I couldn’t be more sincere when I say that. I love you.