love letters to ira

Chapter 29

A/N: Here is the next chapter! Please note that this will be the last one for about 2 weeks, hopefully sooner! I will be taking a mini break but will be back with more Harry and Addy very soon!

“Without further adieu, please welcome our spectacular curator who designed this exhibit. Miss Adalyn Mackenzie everyone!” Michael, the director of the museum clapped his hands together angling his body towards Addy welcoming her to the podium.

With a smile Adalyn stepped carefully to the stage ensuring she would not slip in her heels in front of all the people gathered at the museum. Today was the opening of her new exhibit at the Imperial War Museum she had worked so hard on the past few weeks. It was indeed a miracle Addy had completed it by the deadline. Beaming with pride she lifted her head up to see nearly a hundred people gathered. Gently grasping the edges of the wooden podium she began her speech.

“Thank you Michael for the warm welcoming. It is a pleasure to be here with you all today to be part of this wonderful new exhibit opening. Myself and many others who have dedicated numerous hours to make this display possible for all of you to see today are very excited to share it all with you.” Inhaling a quick breath her eyes scanned the crowd noticing the cameras clicking away. The same cameramen that hounded her outside the doors of the museum this morning before work. Breath Addy you are at work. You can’t runaway now. Don’t let them take this from you too.

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