love letters from yellow

Crumpled Yellow Love Letters

Eighteen years old the dashing sailor
with the wavy hair and cautious smile
braces his back against the bulkhead as
he sits on his bunk
In a steady hand he pens his heart
while the ship bounds and sways
on the angry seas of a world gone mad

Fifteen years old the dark haired beauty
with the hopeful eyes holds a letter
on her lap and graces it with her heartfelt tears
Gazing out her window she offers a silent prayer
for the safe return of her love so far away

A shoebox full of love letters, three years’ worth
hidden under the bed never to feel her fingers again
Crumbled by time and yellowed with age  
a testament to a young love with an impossible start
a life together seven and a half decades long
until death at last did them part

Crumpled yellow love letters
from a time long gone

JWB 2016

Name: Snake
From: Love Letter From Thief X
Features: Scorpion tattoo
Target: Psyche’s Dress: embroidered with yellow diamonds representing a butterfly and other colored diamonds representing a zodiac sign. The diamonds on the dress are said to be worth millions of dollars.
Occupation: Leads an organization called ORION

Requested by cosmoscookie007 and otomesiren