love leggins

Favorite costumes of season ten: Buffy

Long gone are days of Buffy getting mistaken for Dawn’s mother or looking like a guerilla commander - nowadays Buffy opts for a casual, comfy and youthful look that’s also usually battle-ready, think leggins and tops 90% of the time, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because most of the time she looks great and hey, the scythe is one hell of an accessory! So anyway, those are some of my favorite Buffy’s outfits of season ten.

Leggins, leather boots, yellow blouse and a utility belt with stakes and whatnot. What else do you need?

Leggins and denim shorts - simple and sexy! I love the boots!

Tank top, denim, tactical boots. Big Sarah Connor vibes.

Buff buff wearing a buff! Sorry. Fine workout clothes - just looking at it makes me want to do cardio!

Leggins, of course, but paired with a lovely jacket and fancy sandals. Pretty!

I love this costume. Leggins, blouse, boots - yes, again, practical and fighty yet striking and stylish nonetheless!