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I love you and I need your in depth thoughts on DJ Otabek

Joy dies on a Thursday.

Yuri yelps as he stares at the Youtube app. Bile inches up his throat. He slides his cell phone across the dining room table to Otabek, silenced mid-sentence and staring at Yuri in concern.

“Tell me it wasn’t you,” Yuri implores over the sound of his heart breaking. Words are poison in his mouth, coating his teeth. His fingers are clenched against his palms, shaking.

“I thought we’d have more time before you found out,” the traitor intones, swiping a finger across the screen. He refuses to meet Yuri’s eyes. The truth is unhidden among the apologetic syllables. “Yuri, I-”

“How did this happen?”

“A friend dared me. It was before you knew of me,” Traitor replies. He does not say ‘before we met’. Yuri is not deaf to that silent rebuke.

“Was it all a lie?” Yuri bites out. The lights seem dim. Is this what happens when the world supernovas?

“Really Yura?” Otabek asks, a corner of his lips quirking up into a smile.


  • I can’t believe my popular (aka I put it in like everything I write) ideas of musical Otabek are true. Someone get the smelling salts.
  • Musical friends Otabek and Leo confirmed! (I knew it for so long. FOR SO LONG!)
    • Picture them venturing into record stores after practice when they skated together in California
    • Sharing music from their cultures and borrowing genres and songs
  • Pining JJ who wants Otabek to acknowledge him musically and on the ice
  • Half of his fans came for the music and then stayed for the skating
    • “Hey the hot DJ is on television!”
    • “Oh that outfit is tragic but look at his shoulders!”
  • Considering the importance of balance in skating, he’s also great at keeping music level, so the output of songs in a row are never too jarring. 
  • Refused to do any public DJ-ing until his asshole ‘mischievous’ friends could no longer find ways to make fun of him
    • If he sucked in public, that’s it, it’s over, those are the stories they would tell at his funeral
  • Imagine Yuri visiting Kazakstan and goes out partying with the Otabek friend group
    • Yuri has no idea what’s coming and is in a permanent state of shook via strobe lights and Otabek’s tight t-shirts
    • Returning to Russia: “I HIT THE JACKPOT” 
  • Yuri is 110% convinced Otabek Altin is his reward for all the bullshit he has to put up with. He’s so cool
    • Cue awkward friendship/courtship over offers to help figure out music for the next season
Political Animals-Part 10

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I looked at Sam in surprise. “I’m sure it’s……I can’t be……..wait, what?”

He took my hand and kissed the top of my head.  “I said, I think you’re pregnant. I remember my Dad saying he always knew when my Mom was carrying his pup because she smelled different.“

I tilted my head, considering him. “Different how?”

Sam walked over until he was standing right in front of me. With our height difference, the top of my head reached below his shoulder. He leaned in, his lips ghosting over my cheek.

I instinctively bared my neck to him in submission. He scented the column of my neck from my ear to my shoulder.

“Normally you smell like flowers with a hint of warm vanilla thrown in. Now there’s something else. Something that wasn’t there before.” He whispered, his low voice sending shivers down my spine.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Something spicy. I can’t explain it.“ Sam admitted. “But whatever it is, it’s making me want to throw you on the floor and fuck you senseless.”

“So why don’t you?” I couldn’t resist asking.

Sam closed his eyes and turned, grimacing and wrinkling his nose as if he was in pain.

“Because we’re going to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test.”

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Present - George Weasley x Reader

No request, I just got this idea.

It is Christmas and, just like a year ago, Georges girlfriend, Y/N Lupin, was staying at the burrow. All the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione Remus, were sitting in the living room, eating the cookies that Molly made for them. Both George and Y/N sat outside, with lots of candy and a blanket on the grass.

‘I know it’s like a little early, since it’s Christmas evening, but I got a present for you and I want to give it now,’ said George. ‘Give it me later, look at the stars for a second, they’re beautiful, just like your brother, Ron,’ joked Y/N. Georges grinned, took her hand and looked at the stars. ‘I should’ve bought you glasses, so you could see that I am the only handsome guy in the whole wide world!’

Y/N ignored George’s comment, although she thought it was kind of funny, but she knew George good enough to know that he would keep talking about his present if she didn’t ignore him now. ‘It is the best present I could give you thought…’ George was quiet, because he thinks he sounds cuter.
Y/N laid down on the blanket, and taking a chocoball. ‘I believe you, Georgie, but I’m pretty sure it can wait,’ Y/N took the back of Georges sweater, he was still sitting and Y/N wanted him next to her. ‘I’m not going to lay down, I want to give you the present!’ he said stubbornly. ‘Please?’ asked Y/N looking at George with puppy eyes.

A cold breeze passed their faces and George’s smile grew bigger at the sight of his girlfriend. ‘You know me too well,’ George was thinking of the first time she looked at him like that, it was on the train, both were in second year and Y/N didn’t have a place to sit, so she asked George and Fred if she could sit with them. That was the first time they talked to each other. And here they are 4 years later, and the facial expression still made him fall in love, over and over.

George laid down next to her, holding her in his arms. ‘I know for sure that the present doesn’t want to wait,’ George voice was getting deeper and Y/N wanted to know what the present was. ‘If it isn’t a living, or dying thing, it can wait,’ she mumbled into his chest. ‘Every human is dying a little every day, isn’t it? So, it can’t wait,’ George said.

‘Are you kidding? You are giving yourself as a Christmas present?’ she asked, trying to hold her laughter. ‘Not just me, you have me every day, I am giving you some body parts you do not have every day,’ he winked, soon realising she had closed her eye so winking is worthless. ‘Oh, I can have those every day if I want to,’ Y/N didn’t open her eyes, enjoying the sound of George’s heartbeat.

George smirked, knowing it is true. ‘But I don’t want that,’ she finished. ‘That is actually kind of rude…’ answered George.  ‘But what do you do when you get a present you do not like? You still use it, because otherwise you would hurt someone that loves you enough to give you a present, and that’s mean, so…’ Y/N wanted to resist, but she knows she couldn’t, because it is George Weasley.

She opened her eyes and kissed George, mumbling ‘happy now?’. George smiled while their lipped touched. ‘Happy is a small word,’ he answered before kissing her again.

His tongue asked entrance, which she gave him.
While their tongues were fighting their battles George and Y/N were fighting the battle with gravity while standing up. Walking towards the door was too hard for George, so he let his girlfriend jump in his arms.

With one hand holding her and the other trying to take his wand out of his pocket to clean up the blanket and all the candy they slowly moved closer to the backdoor.

And right when they were inside George realised he should’ve thought about this whole thing, because when they stumbled inside the living room ten faces turned around to look at the couple making out. It took both of them some seconds to realise that they were being a live show for 3 confused, and a little bit mad parents, and 7 laughing redheads.

George put Y/N down as soon as he realises this, and pulled her closer to him, putting his sweater over Y/N’s head since he knows she would find this even more embarrassing as he did. ‘That’s my daughter!’ said Remus a little in shock. ‘George!’ screamed Molly.

A soft giggling of George’s girlfriend made him smile wide. He quietly passed the whole group of people and winked at Fred before walking up the stairs, which was hard since he was sharing his sweater with Y/N. ‘Good job, George!’ yelled Fred laughing hysterically. ‘Y/N!’ screamed Remus at his daughter. ‘Fred!’ Molly’s voice was way louder than Remus’ and it made all the laughing redheads, Harry and Hermione stop laughing.

‘They are old enough, Remus,’ was the last thing they heard before running into George’s bedroom.

Satisfy Me

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |  Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 | Chapter 16

Saeran POV. MM Fantasy AU. Fic Rating: Explicit

Tags thus far: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Rough Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Explicit Language, Derogatory Language, Masturbation

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Could you do a scenario with the M and S brothers walking in on there s/o playing with themselves while saying their name? (Aka thing about them~) ;^)

  • Ayato: “A-Ayato…more…” You moaned softly, you had toys that you used whenever Ayato wasn’t around to pleasure you right when you wanted.

“Hm?” Ayato had heard you whimpers ad moans from afar, so he walked down the hallways and opened the door slowly, “More of what? I’m not eve-.” Ayato’s eyes widened as he saw you spread out on your bed with a toy shoved inside you. He watched you shoot up, he smiled at you frightened look.

“Well, pancake was very desperate to have me inside her.” He walked over to the bed and you felt your heart drop to your stomach.

“N-No..I mean, yes but-!” You wanted to think of a way to keep Ayato from catching on, but he already knew. You were cut off when he slammed your arms above your head
“A-Ayato!” You squirmed, but he just tightened his grip.

“Stay still.” He frowned and pushed his knee up to push the toy further inside you. He smiled as you began to moan and beg for him to stop, “Does it hurt…?” He laughed and pushed harder until he felt ready himself, yanking it out and beginning to take off his own pants. He nudged your legs apart with a wicked grin, “You want more? I’ll give you more.” (WHOA-)

  • Reiji: As a ’lady’ (That’s how Reiji always refered to you as) you were NOT supposed to touch yourself in such a place, but you couldn’t take it anymore! Reiji sexually starved you to the brink of insanity! You decided enough was enough. Being sneaky, you slipped into your room and made sure that your door was locked before slipping  your hand inside your skirt and beginning to pleasure yourself. It felt wonderful being able to receive some type of pleasure for once, instead of feeling like you  weren’t ever allowed to have sex or pleasure in your life ever. The closer you got the edge, the louder your voice became. “Reiji…R-Reiji!” You arched as you felt  yourself about to reach sweet relief, but a voice stopped you.

“What on Earth are you doing, s/o?” Your eyes shot open to see Reiji standing at the foot of your bed  with a frown. You gulped. “You know I told you to not do what you’re doing right now, don’t you?” He walked over to the side of your bed and crossed his arms with a sigh, “I guess I need to properly punish you for this. You better be ready to take full responsibility for what you’ve done.”

  • Laito: Laito had been away lately without a real reason, and you were getting very lonely. You and Laito were very sexually active, and not very afraid to be out there about  it. Kanato, Ayato, Reiji, Shu, and Subaru had gotten their fair share of moaning and groaning waking them up in the night when you and Laito got into it. But tonight,  you thought you were going to die! You couldn’t figure out why tonight of all nights you body wanted something inside of it fast. You ran up to yours and Laito’s room since the two of you shared a room. You frantically yanked open the dresser drawer and smiled, there it was. Laito always had toys handy, always. You didn’t waste  anytime stripping your clothes off and beginning to push it inside you. Vibrations pulsed through your whole body, your toes curled and you grabbed the sheets. “Laito! Yeah…L-Laito..harder.” You rolled your hips as if he was there, but something stopped you.

“Oh my! You must of been so lonely.” You knew that voice, you grinned andshot up partly embarrassed,

“Laito!” You smiled as he brought you into his embrace. He had come back to you,

“I’m sorry it took so long, I had some things to handle. But I’m back now…” And you couldn’t be any happier, not just sexually happy…but just happy. (Awe!)

  • Kanato: Kanato never wanted to have sex, ever. EVER. It drove you up the wall and made you want to scream at him, but you knew if you did that he would kill you. So, once or twice a month you would sneak into your room and say that you felt ‘sick’ and pleasure yourself since nobody else would. I mean, Laito would but you really didn’t love Laito the way that you loved Kanato. You laid down on your bed and began to pleasure, you were too scared to keep toys around just in case someone were to come across them. “Kanato…” You groaned and twisted. You didn’t even get that far before you heard the bed creak and your eyes shot open to see Kanato sitting there, covering Teddy’s eyes. He tilted his head,

“Why are you doing that? If you needed me so badly, you should of just asked.” He sat Teddy aside and climbed on top of you. You blushed,

“Whenever we start to get…into it…you just turn me away.” You looked away, but then glanced back at him when he began to laugh.

“I only turn you away because I don’t want sex unless you want it.” He shrugged and leaned down, “know that I know you do want it, you better prepare yourself.”

  • Shu: Literally whenever you wanted to shave sex you just rode him. There wasn’t a time he didn’t hear you.
  • Subaru: You and Subaru were very shy about your sex life, so when he found you screaming his name with something shoved inside of you..he was shocked. He did give you what you wanted though. all night long.

I’ll do the M brother later! I’m out of ideas for them right now. 


A stranger and an old friend

Word count: 1448

Warning: smut

Threesome with Kai and Kol

You were sitting at the Mystic Grill on your own when a tall man approached you. You saw him a couple of times before, but there was never any interaction between you two. He looked in your way as your eyes met his and that was it. But this time ha approached you and sat next to you, his hand reaching out as he introduced himself.

‘Kai Parker.’ You smiled at him and told him your name as you shook his hand.

‘Nice to meet you. So what does a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?’ He asked you with a low voice, a smirk showing on his face.

'Am I not supposed to be on my own? I can have fun without my friends, ya know.’ You replied, grinning at him as he sat a bit closer to you.

'Feisty. I like that. I also know you like me, so nothing is stopping us from, you know.’ He was incisively forward with it and put his hand on your thigh, squeezing it a little bit.

'Aren’t you a little full od yourself, Kai Parker?’ You said and moved his hand a bit higher on your thigh, a huge smirk appearing on his face.

'Just a little bit, but I can see it doesn’t bother you.’ He muttered and leaned in, your faces only an inch apart.

'Not even a little bit.’ You trailed off and cupped his face, your lips finding his. His hand went back, placing on the back of your neck and brought your whole body even closer to him.

'Shall we get out of here? He asked and winked at you.

'Absolutely.’ He smiled and got as he walked over to the bar to pay for your drink. While he was waiting, a familiar man approached you. Someone who you haven’t seen in a month. Someone you were involved with a year ago and you had to admit, there was still something coming to the surface everytime you saw him.

'Kol Mikaelson. What brings you here?’ You stated a question and got up, his arms instantly wrapping around your body. Even when you pulled away, his hand was still resting right above your butt.

'Nothing much, just caught the sight of the most beautiful girl here and I had to see you up close.’ Kol trailed off causing a smile to flush on your face.

'Charming as always. I’ve missed you actually.’ You muttered, Kol’s hand bringing you close, your bodies touching.

'I could say the same.’ He whispered as he crashed his lips on yours, his tongue slipping into your mouth. Moments later, you heard a cough behind you and when he spoke up, a well known voice. You turned around only to be faced with Kai Parker. Problem ahead.

'What the hell do you think you’re doing, pal?’ Kai asked, making Kol frowning at the question.

'Having fun with my girl over here, mate.’ Kol trailed off and pulled you close, his arm resting on your shoulder.

'Your girl? I don’t think so.’ Kai said angrily and pulled you to his side. The way they were acting was childish and it was only making you angry and having an urge to leave.

'Stop it! Both of you! There’s no need to fight.’ You replied and smirked as it didn’t take too long for them to understand what you meant by that.

'Seriously?’ Kai asked as you nodded and smiled at both Kai and Kol.

'Let’s go then.’ They both put their arms on your back as you walked out of the Grill and got into your car. You drove back to your house, both Kai and Kol not saying a single word while they were in the car. You kept smirking without them noticing, knowing this would be unforgettable.

You let them in, leading them to your room the moment you stepped inside your house. They looked more nervous than you and you thought that was kind of funny. They weren’t expecting this to happen, but atleast it was something they would never forget.

At the moment when you wanted to say something, you got cut off by Kai smashing his lips on yours, taking you by surprise. You immediately started returning the kiss as you felt Kol’s body press on your back, his crotch pressed on your butt, making you moan out. Kol tugged on your shirt, lifting it up over your head and throwing it on the bedroom floor.
Kai kept kissing you as Kol’s hands found their way to your breasts. He unhooked your bra, letting it fall down on the floor, his hands playing with your nipples, pinching them softly. Kai reached down to your jeans and unbuttoned them, making it easier to push a hand inside your pantines. He started circling around your clit with his finger, causing your body to press against his hand even more. He pushed a finger into you, curling it around your walls, a moan escaping your mouth. Kol placed a finger on your jaw and turned your head, making you look at him as he kissed you deeply while Kai’s finger kept moving inside you. You reached behind you and grabbed onto Kol’s lenght as you started rubbing it, feeling it getting harder under your touch. You grabbed onto Kai’s arm with your other hand as you started feeling yourself coming closer to your release. His fingers kept circling inside you, while his thumb kept rubbing your clit. It didn’t take you long enough as you clenched around his fingers and came, moaning out his name loudly. He pulled out his hand out of your jeans and pushed them down with your panties all the way to your ankles as you stepped out, standing naked in front of Kai and Kol. You took of Kai’s shirt, revealing his toned torso as you trailed your fingers all the way down, until your reached the button on his jeans. You unbuttoned them and pushed them down, his hard lenght obvious through his boxers. When you turned around to look at Kol, he was already standing naked.

'Lovely’ you muttered and laid down on the bed, Kai and Kol approaching you. Kol got closer to wherr your hand was while Kai settled inbetween your legs, wrapping them around his waist. You grabbed onto Kol’s lenght and started moving your hand up and down, circling around his tip with your thumb, making Kol close his eyes at the feeling. Kai swiftly pushed in, making you arch your back and scream out his name. He was thrusting fast and hard into you, your hips perfectly meeting his, while your hand worked on Kol’s lenght, his fingers burried in your hair.

'Fuck.’ Kai grunted as he looked down at where you two connected, your nails digging into his strong arm. Kol’s hips kept jerking forward, looking for more friction as you kept moving your hand up and down his lenght, making a moan slip out of his mouth.

Kai pulled out and grabbed your arms, pulling you on top of him and kissed you deeply. You grabbed his lenght lightly and moved your hand up and down a few times before putting the tip in your mouth as you swirled your tongue around him. Kol slipped his hand under your stomach and lifted your hips up as he pushed into your from behind. You moaned out, and pushed Kai’s lenght into your mouth even more, feeling it at the back of your throat. Kol kept thrusting fast into you, getting you closer to yet another release. Kai’s hips jerked up as he came, his warm fluid trickling down your throat, moaning out your name loudy. Kol thrusted a few more times as you came, clenching around him, which sent him over the edge. He pulled out and dropped down on the bed next to your body. Suddenly Kol got up and quickly got dressed.

'Where are you going?’ You asked, looking at him.

'This was fun, but I gotta go. See you soon, darling.’ He trailed off and left, leaving you and Kai alone on the bed, naked.

You looked at him, finding his eyes staring deeply into yours. He swiftly leaned in and kissed you deeply, his hand trailing down your naked body.

'You’re amazing.’ Kai said, making you smile. You got closer and sat on his exposed crotch.

'I can say the same.’ You kissed him again, his hands finding your butt as he squeezed it gently. What happened a few minutes ago was amazing, but what you wanted the most was do it again, but this time it would be you and Kai.

secretlystephaniebrown replied to your post “i was so Shook i forgot to even brag that i guessed both pairings for…”


1) i like ninerlina better, i have an accent that just makes it sound like i’m still saying carolina in my head lmfao





Prompt: For the prompt thing!! Can you do 113 and 155 with Hawkeye/Clint Barton? If not that’s totally okay. You’re awesome 🌼

113: “ Where did all these puppies come from?”

155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”

Pairing: Clink Barton/ Hawkeye X Reader

TW: None

Word count: 532

You had snuck the box into the apartment. The small little bodies had been on he street for god-knows how long. The harsh winter of New York had started to set in during the nights. You weren’t a monster, and you’re heart broke at the sight of the abandoned puppies. Once you turned on the fireplace, set out some warm food and water, they perked right up. They were mutts, but you loved mutts.

“Scamp no,” You squealed as one of the puppies started to chew on your shoes, you picked the puppy up and he squirmed. Lucky picked another puppy up by their scruff and moved it to the new box complete with comfy blankets. it was also at that moment that Clint came home from work, a hard mission out with the Avengers.

He walked into the living room, bandaged almost head to toe, it took him a moment to see what was going on, but with Scamp in your hands, and the other puppies peeking out form the new box. Upon seeing Clint, they immediately knocked over the box and ran to him. Jumping up on him and yipping excitedly. Clint sent you an almost dumbfounded look, “Y/N…Where did all these puppies come from?”

It isn’t what it looks like,” You yelped, holding Scamp closer to your chest.

“Well it looks like either you found these little guys,” Clint said as he knelt down and the puppies swarmed him, nearly knocking him over, “Or Lucky has been hiding a big secret.”

okay…” you said, setting down Scamp and sitting next to Lucky as Scamp waddled over to Clint, “Maybe it is…

Clint picked up Scamp, “You do know we cant keep them all…”

You nodded, “Yeah, but they’re just so cute!”

Clint ruffled Scamp’s head before he turned the puppies around to look at You, you cocked your head as they seemed to notice you again and every single puppies went straight for you. You let out a squeal as they knocked you over, licking and barking happily. “Clint,” you squealed as the puppies went for your face, covering you in kisses, “H-h-help me!!!!”

Clint watched you with a lazy smile as you squirmed under the warm soft mass of puppies. He rested his chin on one of his hands, as he smiled at you, you could see him start to daydream and you yelped at him, “Clint~” You squealed again.

That snapped him out of his daydreaming, he scooted over to you. Lucky whined and Clint reached over to give the dog some love. He laid down next to you and brought Lucky with him. The puppies seemed to tire themselves to and curled around and on both you and Clint. Lucky yawned and curled up by your heads, setting his own right between the two of you. Both of you reached up to scratch him behind the ears, when you both noticed that the other’s hand was there, you entertained your fingers. Clint sighed, “You know, Lucky is a pretty good babysitter….”

You pressed your body closer to him and let the fire and his body heat warm you, lulling you to sleep.

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Does God love each of us? Every single of us? I'm having a hard time believing that God loves me too, just like He loves other people. Yes in the Bible, He says He loves people, but it feels like a general statement. I'm nothing special, I'm worthless, plus i'm the biggest sinner of all, seriously, why would He love me?

Hi Dear, 

Trust me, it is so so so not a general statement. The Bible is basically a love letter written to you. It has your name on the envelope. It is addressed to your heart.

A bunch of people in the Bible felt like they were ‘nothing special - or worse.’ But God used them to do such amazing things.

  • Abraham was 75 years old when He left to serve the Lord. 75! What the heck. He went on to have generations as numerous as the stars.
  • David was the smallest and weakest within his family. He went on to literally slay giants and rule as King over Israel. 
  • Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery as a mercy act for not killing him. He went on to become 2nd in command over all of Egypt. 
  • Sarah was barren. In those days, that was pretty disgraceful. She gave birth to Isaac and what became the first of numerous generations. 
  • Moses was exiled from Egypt and could not actually talk without stuttering. HE LED THE ISRAELITES INTO THE PROMISE LAND. He freed them from Pharaoh. The dude couldn’t even speak.
  • Elisha was plowing in a field doing ‘nothing special’ when Elijah came and threw his coat around him.
  • Mary had next to no significance and then she gave birth to Jesus. Pa-Kow! Amazing. 
  • Joseph was just a good ol’ tradesmen who went on to be the earthly father-figure of Jesus Himself. 
  • Peter was a fisherman. Super basic at the time. He went on to pretty much be Jesus’ BFF.
  • Thomas actually doubted that Christ was risen and was not convinced of the resurrection but then went on to take storm to the Gospel in India. 
  • Matthew was a tax collector. Lowest of lows, back then. Like, nobody liked them. People were in awe when Jesus actually talked to him. He is believed be the author of Matthew and was one of the 12. 
  • Paul was pretty much held accountable for the murder of Christians and then went on to produce some of the most insightful work found in the Bible, convert who-knows-how-many and run churches all over.

What I’m trying to say is that God used and absolutely adored people that were ‘nothing special.’ When we are weak, He is all the more strong. Where we are lacking, He is all the more present. ‘Nothing special’ in God’s eyes - is amazing Son or Daughter. 

He loves you so so much. This is what Paul says in 1 Timothy 15-17:

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

He loves you. He has engraved your name on the palm of His hand. Your name, anon, whatever it is, is engraved into the hand of Jesus. (Isaiah 49:16). He knows every single hair on your head. Yes, my head. Yes, your neighbours head. But your head too. He’s counted them all. He knows every single strand and it’s length. (Matthew 10:30). He saves your tears, dear. (Psalm 56:8). 

1 John 4:10 “This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

WHY WOULDN’T HE LOVE YOU. He sent His Son to die for you. He’s not giving up on you now. He’s with you till you the end. He is so in love with you. He gave up His own Son so that you might just know Him. That’s love. He is love. He is in love with you. Jesus laid down His Life and while He was on that cross, He thought of you. He thought of me, yes. He thought of your neighbour, yes. But you, sweet, were on His Mind in fullness. As He died, you were in His thoughts. 

I know that I have used a lot of scripture, but seriously, this is where all the pudding is. Jesus is declaring His intimate, personal and very real love for you, anon. Ask Him, He will tell you. HE LOVES YOU! YOU!

Please message me privately if I can clarify or help in any other way, anon. Please know, that you are loved by God to ends I cannot fathom. 

XX - C

Chapter 3 - Helping out.

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

For the next 3 weeks you visit Jongin every day. You bring him chicken (that guy seriously loves chicken), you sit and chat with him, telling him stories from your home as best as you can. Jongin also helps you improve your Korean so between those daily lessons, your own study and 3 times a week at Mr Kim’s office you finally feel comfortable speaking and understanding. Thankfully you’d always been a quick study when it came to languages.

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What happens when Ashton claims Calum first…


Can you make one with Hobi where you guys always act like you hate each other so the boys set you two up and it ends in really rough sex (like hair pulling, name calling,etc) I love your blog btw okai bai *hides in corner*

No one requested jhope bc he’s just all the other horse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No but really can I get the most hardcore jhope smut ty love you and ur smuts

Hiiiiii! I have a request for you but first I wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE you writing! Okay down to the request! *cough* could I have a kinky smut for J-Hope? The kinks : rough, teasing, dirty talking and public sex. Thanks in advance! I hope I’m not bothering youuuuu

~Here you go sweetie I hope you like it!~


“Y/N your assignment is Hoseok.“ Your boss told you, not looking up from his clipboard. You had to contain a sigh once you heard the name that came out of his mouth. Hoseok rolled his eyes, not even trying to hide his disdain.

You walked over to your station where the young rapper was waiting for you. No words were said as you got out the eyeliner and started to apply it. When you got to his hair he wouldn’t stop complaining that you were hurting him and that he thought you would be at least be good at your job. You had to stop yourself from slapping him.

"Hoseok! Whats the matter with you? Shut up and let the lady do her job, stop being such a douche.” Yoongi snapped at him.

You couldn’t take it. “I am so tired of this shit.” You didn’t yell, but you talked loud enough for the whole room to hear you. “It’s been years!” Everybody stopped and stared at you two “When will you grow the fuck up and get over it?!” You snapped at him before he could even answer Yoongi. You looked down, tears threatening you. You couldn’t cry, not here, not in front of him.

You felt a comforting hand rubbing your back. You flinched at the touch and tried to pull away from it but it followed you. You noticed little droplets of water hitting the floor.

Where did those come from?

Whoever it was rubbing you back pulled you into a hug.

“It’s okay.” Said a soft sounding voice, that made you feel comforted at once. You looked up to see Jimin giving hoseok a harsh glare, one that you didn’t even a sweet boy like him could pull off. He lead you out of the room with his arm wrapped around your shoulder, holding you close.

As you walked down the hall with him it was silent, except for a couple a sobs that managed to escape. He sat you down in the lobby of the venue they were playing. A fountain lit up by neon led lights ran behind you.

“If you don’t mind.” Jimin finally spoke up “Can you tell me what happened between you and Hobi?”

You looked up at him with red puffy eyes. “I used to be a little shit.” You took a deep breath “When Hoseok and I were kids we were best friends, up until the first year of middle school. That’s when Hoseok started getting bullied. I didn’t help him. They basically made his life hell, and I just stood there and laughed. Sometimes I even helped them.” Your voice faltered “All because I wanted to be liked and fit in with a crowd I didn’t belong with.”. You started crying again, but this time it wasn’t because of Hoseok.

Jimin sat in silence, taking in all the information that he just received. Hoseok never told him he was bullied. He gave you a faint smile “Wow, you were a little shit.” He said bringing you closer so you could cry on his shoulder.


It was your last day in the Bangtans Boys dressing room, you were going to quit. Normally you would give a two weeks notice but this had been a last minute decision. You couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t take Hoseoks insults, the same ones you said to him at one point. You remembered when you were first introduced to the boys, how Hoseok expression when from loving to hate. The gaze he gave you had made you cold, you could still feel it even after he turned away. You spent the whole car ride rehearsing what you would say to your boss, to the boys.

You hurried to the dressing room. You only saw Hoseok and Jimin joking around on the couch, of course Hoseoks smile disappeared right after he saw you.

“Where is everybody?” You asked putting your stuff down at your station .

“They went to go get food.” Jimin replied cheerfully. “Now that you’re here I can leave.” He said shooting up from the couch, smile never leaving from face. “I’m going to lock you guys in a room together! Then you guys will make up and be friends again!” He was buttoning up his coat now “Don’t yell to loud guys, people are still in the building.”

“Jimin!” Hoseok yelled after him “It doesn’t work like that!”

“Sure it does, I saw it on TV.” Jimin replied with a smirk in his voice while closing the door behind him. You heard a lock clicking shortly afterwards.

You looked at Hoseok but he quickly looked away. “COME ON JIMIN.” He said walking up to the door and banging on it. It felt like hours until her finally gave up and realized that Jimin didn’t plan on opening the door for a very long time.

The tension filled room was quiet while Hoseok sat on his phone and you focused on setting up your workspace. You heard him sigh and the sound of a phone hitting the couch. You look up a the mirror to see him get up off the couch and start walking towards you. He stood at the other side of the table, messing with the brushes you just put out.

“Can you put that down?” You asked, not looking up.

He put it down in place “Listen, Y/N maybe Jimin is right and we do need to talk.”

You looked up, taken aback. You stared at him for a moment, trying to find some clue that he was just fucking with you. “Okay.” You said after not being able to find one.

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding “I’ve been acting childish and I’m sorry. The past is the past.”

You smiled at his apology “Im sorry for everything I did. I was a stupid kid. I tried to fit into a place where I didn’t belong.”

He smiled and for the first time in years you saw the Hoseok that you loved a trusted.

“Okay so we can tell Jimin th-” Without warning Hoseok smashed his lips against yours. The kiss was hungry, full of lust and anger. He pulled away, leaving you short of breath. He smirked and licked his lips, tempting you to close the gap between your lips and his. Craving the feeling of his lips on yours, you closed the gap. He stumbled back a little bit from the force of the kiss. You held his face, deepening the kiss. He picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist he carried you over to the love seat and laid you down with force, still not breaking the kiss. In this new position he was on top of you.

He broke the kiss and pushed your legs open. You felt his hard erection cover in the fabric of his sweatpants against your clothed warmth. He started adding pressure as moved in circular movements. He went to go bite your neck as you turned into a moaning mess.

“Don’t tease.” You whined

He smirked but didn’t stop, if anything he grinded harder. He started to unbutton your shirt. You felt the cold air hit your stomach as he ran his hands down your sides. He finally stopped grinding, leaving you gasping for air under him. He kissed down your neck, in between your boobs, and down your stomach. He placed a kiss on your belly button, making you shiver. He stop right below your belly button. He started slowly pulling down your jeans. He pulled your jeans away along with your shoes, revealing a wet spot in your white underwear where your arousal pooled.

“Are you a little slut for me…Or for everybody?” He said with a smirk

You moaned at his words “You.”

“I don’t believe you.”

He slowly gave the wet spot a lick as a south moan left your lips. “Remember Jimin is right outside that door.” He reminded you as he pulled your panties to the side. You felt him connect his mouth to your clit. The feeling of his warm mouth on your bare warmth made you shiver. He started sucking, making you arch your back. He digged his fingernails into your thighs, leaving crescent bruises. He stopped sucking as started dipping is tongue into your entrance. Your juices where dripping down his chin. You bite the skin on your hand, trying your best to keep quiet.

He removed his mouth from your slit with a pop. You whined from the lost. Your heavy breathing filled the room as he whipped your arousal from his chin. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes.” You breathed trying to gain your composer.

“Now it’s time to repay me.” He started to pull down his pants “You’re going to suck me off like slut you are.” He roughly pulled you off the love seat and to your knees by your arm. He pointed the tip of his length at your mouth. You happily took it. He bite his lip as he watched you take his tip into your mouth. You could feel his burning stare on you, melting you to your core. You felt the precum spilling out on you tongue.You took a moment to take in his bitter sweet taste. You relaxed your throat as you took more of him into your mouth, your tongue flat against his base.

“Fuck.” He hissed

You looked up at him, his nose scrunched up with pleasure. You took even more of him into your mouth. He suddenly thrusted forward, making you gag. He held both sides of your face as he started to mouth fuck you harder. You felt the tip hit the back of your throat with each thrust. He started to feel himself reach the edge. Tears formed at corner of yours eyes when he finally stopped, not wanting to reach his high before you reached yours.

“Finally. We found something you’re good at.” He said In a cold voice that sent shivers down your spine. “On all fours.” He demanded.

You quickly got on all fours anticipating the upcoming euphoria. He got behind you and leaned forward so he could whisper in your ear “I’m going to make you scream so hard that the people outside the building are going to be able to hear you.” He said with venom in his voice. You could feel his hard cock on your thigh making your need for him stronger.

He slowly rubbed his tip on your slit, making you whine. He placed his tip at your entrance “Beg for it.”.

“Please, sir! I need you inside of me. I need to know how you feel.” You begged throwing away your dignity.

He pushed into you without warning make you scream out. In the first thrust he hit your g-spot. Without letting you adjust to his size he started pounding into you, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin. Each thrust had years of pent up anger behind it. A long river of curses flowed from his lips as he wrapped your hair around his hand. He pulled your hair back, forcing you to look up. After noticing you were holding in all your moans and screams he started pounding into you harder, almost making your arms give up from under you. “You’re going to fucking scream.” He growled.

Moans started to escape you as you felt the knot in your stomach loosen. He used his free hand to rub circles on your clit. The room became filled with your scream of over stimulation. You screamed out his name as you fell head first into your orgasm.

“On your knees.” He grunted pulling out

You got on your knees as he started jacking off. With a loud “Fuck yes.” He came, shooting the seed into your mouth. You swallowed it all, opening your mouth to prove it. He brought you into one more heated kiss, this time tasting himself.

Jimin knocked on the door “Can you put your clothes on so I come inside? It sounds like you guys made up. The rest of the guys came back with food. But they left talking about how they need a new dressing room now.”

Hoseok sighed as he helped you to your feet. “You’re coming over to my place later tonight right?”