love lace and lilacs


There is one scene I really want/wish to happen in ToG6.

It is when all the girls are getting ready to go out to the Harvest Moon Festival.
Aelin wearing pure gold with gems like stars in her hair twinkling with light.
Elide wearing soft white chiffon and pearl earrings bringing out the lovely radiance of her eyes.
Lysandra wearing lilac lace ever so sultry and elegant showing wonders of her toned back.
Manon wearing velvet blood red revealing more of her cleavage than most women dared. To hell she was a witch.
Nesryn wearing royal blue, stark against her coal lined eyes. Accented with luscious maroon lips.
Ansel wearing saffron in a fine two piece that fitted and hugged every curve of her body. Going great with that glorious red hair of hers in loose waves.
Asterin wearing flowing sky blue, she even dared to go bare feet. Her dress glided in the breeze spilling at her feet like a wave. With a slit on the side exposing her naked legs.
Evangeline wearing pastel pink where many tones of blush interwoven to look like dreamy, sweet clouds with flowers in her hair. In fact they all have flowers in their hair after Evangeline pestered them to, saying she spent all afternoon making flower crowns and had been stung by a bee. Even Fleefoot was sitting wearing a wreath of flowers. Perhaps Abraxos was a little too happy as Evangeline placed a large crown on his head

The girls all walk down stairs. Where the guys - sorry ‘males’- await looking incredibly handsome -gods help us all- they all stop as they stare mouths slightly open, as the girls walk down one at a time their breathing hitched at the alluring and divine beauty of the women. Each male gaping and smiling as the women fell in place next to them.

Ansel and Ilias-
I: It’s different seeing you in a…dress instead of battle gear. I like it.
A: It’s also different hearing you speak I like it… much more. *blushes*
I: You’re much more than the girl I used to know at the Red Dessert. I think she will be very proud of who stands here

Nesryn and Chaol-
*Death stares at each other*
* until Nesryn breaks and smiles*
C: That was the most beautiful and scary thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Please tell me you were thinking nice thoughts.
N: Shut it Chaol.
C: It’s so rare it only comes once every 5 years.
N: Chaol don’t be ridiculous. *tries to hide her grin with her hair*

Asterin and Fenrys-
A: I can’t believe they set us up together.
F: I know, it’s weird seeing all that love practically spilling out of their eyes, it looks like they’re hypnotised. I mean even Lorcan…

Elide and Lorcan-
E: Lorcan stop starting it’s just a dress.
L: *takes deep breaths*
E: If you don’t stop looking like the heavens opened up and shined rays of glory on me. I’m going to go with Asterin.

Manon and Dorian-
M: Cleaned up well, Princeling
D: Likewise, Witchling *holds gaze with sapphire eyes thinking about what will go down after the festival*

Lysandra and Aedion-
A: If you’re going to change forms now. I suggest that it is either something too small or too big for that dress. So that it would either come slipping off or be torn to pieces.
L: Here I thought you wanted to do the honours yourself.

Aelin and Rowan-
A: Don’t get to comfortable with this dress. Thanks to you I can hardly breath with all that Chocolate you gave me.
R: You ate all of it? Fireheart we were supposed to share it and I brought extra cookies for me, by the way you look too beautiful.
A: I wonder if the teenage Buzzard would have preferred this dress over the dragon one.
R: The teenage Buzzard’s heart would have stopped beating.
A: Such a shame he misses out on what else I’ll have for tonight.
R: *eyebrows lift*

Evangeline/ Abraxos/ Fleefoot
E: Come on guys! Stop standing there lets go. We’re going to miss the festival.
F and A: *barks and growls agreement*