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collection of rt/ah stuff from twitter that i haven’t posted here yet! as you can probably tell i fucking love drawing in the camp camp style,,

Preference: Sleeping In

request: Can I please request Evan’s character preferences on wanting to sleep in OR your first kiss with them? It’s completely your choice, I love reading your preferences and one-shots and everything it always makes my day. Thank you.

a/n: omg thank you so much i love to write them and i love you guys



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You waking him up gently.  He’d just groan.  When you say you need to get ready for school he’d whine, “No, stay just a few more minutes,”  He’d be pulling your arms back around him and you just have to give in.


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You wouldn’t even get one foot out of bed before he grabs you.  Him hugging you close and saying, “Angels are allowed to sleep in,”  You snort at his cheesiness but ultimately give in.


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You telling him to wake up, to which he’d grunt and roll over.  You using your powers to pull the covers off him.  Kyle standing up, “Ky wait- argh”  Him tossing you over his shoulder and dropping you on the bed, then climbing in and snuggling you tight.


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“Babe you know it’s late, we should really get up..”  Trying to get out of bed but Jimmy grips you and pulls you back down onto his chest.  He squeezes you tightly to him in a cuddle and tiredly whines, “But you’re my teddy bear..”


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James would always sleep with one arm securely around you, so when you wake up and see he’s watching you, you say, “James, I could’ve moved.  Why didn’t you wake-”  He shushes you, “It’s alright dearest, you are so beautiful when you sleep.  Go back to bed.”  Gladly, you nuzzle back into his muscular chest.


So we decided that the next story I should tell should be one where I’m the asshole so we decided the story I’m going to tell is really the first story from this apartment and guys I am estatic because this is one of my favorites

Okay so since like a yeaqr before we moved in together Kyle was dating this girl Grace. Almost 4 years later they’re still dating it’s fucking cute as FUCK. Grace is fucking awesome we all love her also she is fucking fine like this girl probably could model. She also had a best friend from high school who I’m going to call Gary because that sounds like a sufficiently douchey name for this asshat Gary was a fuck like a whispy little piece of shit noone of us like Gary except Grace because apartently when Grace was in high school Grace was not fine and Gary was one of her only friends.

The problem with this was that Grace could not see how incredibly desperately in love Gary was with her and just thought they were friends and it was really awkward for Gary because she would do sloppy makeouts with Kyle in front of him it was pretty great for the rest of us poor Grace never believed us when we told her how crazy Gary was well she believed us after this shit.

Anyways it’s the second week we’ve been in this apartment Grace’s old lease ended at the end of our first week and her new lease didn’t start until the start of our third week so she had a week of nowhere to live so she was staying with us in Kyle’s room they were pretty happy with it and also very loud it set a precident that should not have been set sxo early anyways one day we’re all out doing errands and Grace is home and Gary comes over to see his bff for totally non scummy reasons and they’re aparently hanging out in our living room watching TV when Grace gets a phone call maybe idk she goes into the other room is the point and this is hwen Gary decides to put his master plan to finally win Grace’s heart into motion.

You see, while Gary had seen Grace date other guys in the past, he had always been confident that they would not last together, and that he would always bee therewhen it ended to try to sweep her off her feet and make tender, probably disappointing nerd love to her. While this never worked, he was confident it was only a matter of time. However, Kyle genuinely loves Grace, and always has, so there is a fear in Gary’s mind that the breakup that will get him with the girl of his dreams might not come, so he has become desperate.

So Gary decided to pull a play out of the playbook of a famous character from How I Met Your Mother. Not Barney, that would have required skill, game, and a basic understanding of how women think. No, he decides to try Mitch’s play. If you don’t remember who Mitch is, don’t feel bad, he’s only in like two episodes. He’s better known as the Naked Man.

That’s right. He pulled that move.

So Gary’s buck ass naked in our living room, BUT LITTLE DID GARY KNOW that while he was setting his brilliant plan into motion, I was walking into the aparmetn with my fuck buddy Jane, and we turn the corner into the living room to find Gary fucking CAPTAIN MORGANING ON OUR COFFEE TABLE. He is FULLY ERECT and we made eye contact.

I was told that we only stared at each other for like 10 seconds before I spoke but it felt like 10 years.


As I say this, Grace walks back into the room and I swear to god the sound she made she has never replicated it was like a mix between a shriek, a laugh, and a gasp it was awesome so she and Jane gtfo because they want nothihng to do with this and I’ve finally realized how insane all this is so I’m laughing my ass off and trying to tell Gary to put his pants back on and leave and he’s getting all pissed off because the love of his life ran away from his dick so he’s acting like a pissant I fucking love that word btw and he starts toward the hallto go confront Grace and I stop him because he’s not walking through our apartment naked.

So he takes a swing at me. He misses because he closes his eyes before he throws a punch but still he throws a punch at me.

Here’s the thing: I fight a lot. Like way too much by any sane standard. I weigh like 180 something and I’m fucking strong. Gary is 130 at most, weak as fuck, and also has spent the entire time I’ve known him annoying the shit out of me, and also is naked in our living room and trying to fuck my friend in her boyfriend’s apartment.

So I swing back. And I don’t miss.

Gary stummbles back and I kick hm in the ass because why not. I fucking rain on him for like 20 seconds before he tries grabbing on to me.

This is the point where I realize he’s still ROCK FUCKING HARD.

So I grab him by the dick.

And I pull.


I fucking lift Gary off the ground by his dick. At this point Paul and Kyle are getting back from their errands, and they walk into the apartment to see me giving Gary the worst handjob of all time while he tries his best moose call. They kinda just stare for a minute while I spin Gary around the room by his dick before Grace comes in screaming about what happened and Kyle jumps in to beat the shit out of Gary.

So we kick the shi9t out of Gary and make him put pants on before we kick him out because we aren’t a bunch of fucking savages and we all joke about it every time I’m arguing with someone at a party Kyle tells everyone I’ll rip their dicks off. Like a week later Grace hears from a friend that Gary tore a groin muscle from our little fight and it becomes even more hilarious to all of us we spoke to Gary once after this he called Grace a bitch and I threatened to feed him his balls.

So that’s the story of the time I gave a dude a mid-fight handy that was so rough I sent him to the hospital.

Enzo Amore One Shot- Whoops

You adjusted the headphones on your head while the radio host announced your arrival to the studio. “And right now we are joined by the beautiful Y/N… WWE superstar and actress.” She smiled over at you as you leaned into the mic. “Hiii…” “Thank you for being with us here today… You are one of our highly requested people.” “Awww… Thats so sweet. Thanks for having me and all the other superstars here today… I hope they didn’t cause too much trouble.” You giggle. “Never. Everyone has been a joy to have around.” She goes on to talk about Wrestlemania being in town and how everyone is buzzing with excitement. She starts the segment you will be participating in which was just a bunch of questions about your love life from twitter. “Okay this is a question from Kyle… He wants to know how you would describe your first kiss in three words.” You pause to think about it. “Oh gosh if he hears this he is going to kill me… Sticky… Short… Regret??” You say with a grimace. “How old were you??” The host laughed with you. “I was ten and he was like twelve I think…” You cover your hands with you face in embarrassment. “Okay next question is from Liza… She wants to know what was the best day you ever went on.” You blush a bit at the question. “My last date probably was my favorite… He took me out this sketchy looking pizza joint and literally I was scared to go in. The food was like the best I ever had. And afterwards we went to the park. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid again… It was great to just let loose and be myself on the swings or on the monkey bars. He even came up with the most ridiculous game… It was like horse but he called it KISS… And at the end who ever lost had to kiss the other person… OH!! And when we were playing basket ball he helped me dunk it… He had to like pick me up so I would be tall enough…” You laughed with the host. “That  is so funny because Enzo described the same exact date when he was asked that question.” You gasped at this and buried your face back in your hands. “Oh no… Hes gonna kill me.” 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… this is just a stupid little one shot I thought off… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

as dramatic and emotional as rogue one is, i love the legends version of how the rebel alliance got the death star plans because it’s hilarious

there’s only a flaw in the death star to begin with because some (probably overworked) architect made a mistake. this mistake is noticed by the builders, but since they’re all (overworked and tired) slave labor, they don’t exactly care enough to fix it

the death star plans are found on a random base by kyle katarn as the very first, easiest level of a video game. and it turns out the plans are only out there to be found because the death star’s librarian used to work at that base and sent them out there for safekeeping so he could write a book one day

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Love how you refer to Fei Wang as evil wolverine and (avoids spoilers) im assuming the boy in the tube as lava lamp guy? Or is that a new name for Kyle Rondart? Hahaha

Thank you so much!

But you’re right! Tube boy is in fact Lava Lamp Guy. Because he like. He lives in a lava lamp. 

I probably would have thought of a better name if I realised I still wouldn’t know who he was two years later. 

this war of hearts

Summary: Sethkate - Fate had a funny way of showing itself. Just when Kate decides that soulmates and destiny doesn’t matter to her, she happens to meet the very man whose initials are tattooed on her wrist.

Author’s Note: This probably isn’t going to be all that good at first because it is my first multi-part SK fic. I’m going to try my best but I’m still getting characterization and stuff down so please take it easy on me.

Word Count: 1364

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”

                                              Plato, The Symposium

“I love you, Kate Fuller.”

Kate blinked with surprise before forcing a smile onto her face. Kyle was looking at her earnestly as he held both of her hands in his. He was sweet and godly. Everything that Kate always thought she’d want. Not to mention he followed her from Bethel when she decided to go to college at Trinity University in San Antonio. Kyle didn’t like any of it. He was the very definition of a small town guy. But he did it all anyway and he loved her. Now he was waiting for a response. Kate wanted to say it but there was something holding her back. So she leaned forward and kissed him, promising herself that she would do something about it.

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Do both of you remember your first kiss?

Oh, yeah, dude. We remember it clearly.

I was the one who made the first move. We were both alone at school, I felt hella confident that I could finally kiss him. I knew it was time to give him the kiss he deserved, and when I went to talk to him, I gave him all the love I could. He couldn’t talk, I was hella brave and totally cool. I kept my cool and when we let go, we knew that we were made for each other.

He was shaking uncontrollably, he was mumbling like an idiot, his face was bright red. Once he had gotten comfortable, he just pressed his lips against mine and at that moment, I could honestly see sparks. As cheesy as that sounds, his kiss really fucking ignited things between us. After that first kiss, we kind of…made out in the janitors closet…

It got sexual really fucking fast. We had no idea what was happening and we couldn’t stop. But we didn’t fuck or anything. Kyle had plenty of hickies though and he covered his neck for the entire day.

Iron Fist Fics

So I’m writing two of what I am guessing will be rare pairs for Iron Fist, but seeing as there are currently only 27 works in Iron Fist TV as of this very second, who knows???

The first one is done (going up on Friday), and is about these two barely-seen characters that don’t even have names (the are credited “Junkie” and “Russian Gangster” respectively) from the opening scene of episode 5:

The second is about my lovely lovey Ward and poor lil Kyle, and that one is going to be an a/b/o (whispers harshly) for reasons:

I just started the second fic, but it will prob be a good deal longer that the first one, though they are both planned as one shots.

Is anyone else writing about this show? Some of these characters are just amazing. I hope they won’t get neglected because of (what I personally feel is) unfair backlash from critics.

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Mother I love Oculus!!! 2 questions 1 is this supposed to mostly focus on the creek? Because I was kinda more focused one the style and Kyeek (that pillow fight scene was adorable) 2 you're gonna print this story? Cuz that'd be awesome

Oculus isn’t a creek fanfiction. Nothin that goes on between Craig and Tweek is romantic. There actually aren’t any pairings in oculus besides tiny hints of Twyle here and there. (Stan and Kyle didn’t have any romantic connections, either)

And yes I am ! I’m printing myself a hard copy first to be sure everything’s just as it should be. Then I’ll be printing two more books to be given away! The details for the giveaway will surface in a few weeks, after I’ve reviewed my copy.

I’m glad you like it ;U;

Chansoo Mafia!AU: A rival gang, Kalvosa, has sent an extremely lethal psychopathic killer to assassinate Kyungsoo. But as the heir to one of the most prominent mafia groups in the country, Kyungsoo did not go through 22 years of painful training just to be murdered in his own bedroom. He’s going to make Kalvosa regret this so much by taking away one of their most valued assets. If only this asset is a little more cooperative, like if it can stop trying to kill Kyungsoo every five minutes, or actually talk to him for a change.

Read the fic on AO3

(A/N: Thank you to my 3 betas chantothesoo, pastelsoo and kyleworthington. Special thanks to Kyle for the lovely photo edit!

It’s Like Sharpie for Your Skin

I should be working on my essay. I should be sleeping. I should be-*fanfiction drags me by my legs, chucks me onto my desk and forces me to write shit* why.

Danny Phantom and the origin of the tattoo AU don’t belong to me, but I love this AU to death (no pun intended) that I had to write something on it. I’m pretty sure the tattoo artist AU belongs to @thickerthanectoplasm though? If so, thanks :D

Enjoy :)


Some bells aren’t pleasant to listen to…especially when they’re being slammed from a door.

“We got an angry customer!” Kyle bellowed. “Better take this one, Tuck.”

A guffaw echoed from the corner of the parlor. “First time in a couple years he’s actually done his job, eh?”

“Shut the fuck up, Randy,” another muffled voice shot.

Said Tuck sighed heavily and lazily dragged his spinny office chair to the front desk, his red beret flopping over his forehead. A slight shift fixed it up again, but not without a smirk from the client in front of him. A pale, gothic, irate teenager glared at him with steely amethyst eyes. “Hey,” he greeted.

The girl chewed on her gum stick for a moment longer before answering. “Hey.”

“How can I help you?”

She slid a piece of printer paper onto the counter. “I’d like to get this tattooed on my back,” she replied.

Tucker nodded at the design. Large, dark wings; pretty cliche for a teen like her, but hey, he wasn’t paid to judge. “You’re gonna want to give this to your artist-that’s his job, not mine.” The girl nodded. “What’s your name?”

“Manson. Sam. Sam Manson.”

“Thanks, Mr. Bond. And how old are you?” He pulled up the customer list tab and typed in her information.

“I’m eighteen. Um, nineteen in a month.”

“Sweet. Happy early birthday.” With a final tap, Tucker spun around to rifle through several files and eventually pulled out a document. “I need you to read and sign this consent form too, please.” He slid the paper closer to her. Sam took the form.

“Um, pen?”

“Here,” he muttered, slapping a ballpoint pen on the counter before facing back to the computer screen. Sam finished signing the paper with a small flourish, and Tucker took back the document to file away later. “How many tattoos are you getting today?” he asked.

Sam looked away for a second. Insecure or nervous? Tucker chuckled to himself. Who am I kidding. She’s nervous. “Does, uh, does a pair of wings count as two?”

“Well, they’re separate, man. Pretty sure that’s two.”

Her face morphed into a mix of angered fuming and slight humility.

Tucker laughed. “I’m just playin’. I’ll take your money, thank you very much. Go in the back, my buddy Danny’s gonna ink your tattoo,” he said, and Sam eagerly stuffed her reference sheet into her back pocket. The receptionist stretched, standing up slowly and guiding the client into the back parlor. The ever-so-often squeal from other customers made Sam noticeably wary, but if real life goths behaved in any way that internet goths did, Tucker was ninety-percent sure she was going to be just fine.

Until she stopped at the closed curtain where her artist waited.

Don’t lose your balls now, man, Tucker sighed internally. Last time somebody chickened out, it was a grown man with a Scottish beard long enough to rival Gandalf. He ended up getting some vomit stuck in those lovely facial locks. Was a pain to clean up, too.

“So, um, do I go in, or do I meet the artist, or-”

Tucker frowned. “Not to interrupt your stutter session, but do your parents know you’re here?”

Sam looked ready to shoot back a snarky reply, but held her tongue. “I sort of told them I was going to the mall…”

“This is an awfully long way from the mall, and I’m pretty sure you suddenly having black angel wings and missing $120 is gonna make some eyebrows raise.”

Her eyes hardened back to that determined, steely look again. “No, I’m not backing out. Just…I think I need a second before I have my skin punctured.”

Tucker chewed on the inside of his cheek before pushing back the curtain. “Danny, can you grab a vomit bag? I think she’s gonna hurl.”

“No, I’m not!” Sam argued.

A lanky man in an Overwatch t-shirt and ragged jeans ducked out of the curtain and handed Sam a paper bag inside of a Ziploc. “I have some Pepto Bismol too, if you’d like,” he offered, and Sam looked repulsed at the bag.

“I’m not feeling sick, seriously. Thanks, though,” she said.

“My teenage rebellion senses are tingling, D,” Tucker snickered, and aforementioned Danny punched his arm.

“It’s probably her first one-is it your first one?”

Sam nodded.

Danny crossed his arms triumphantly. “Hypothesis confirmed. She’s getting the willies.”

Tucker stared at him. “Who the fuck says the willies anymore?”

The tattoo artist pulled a rejected look. “Obviously I’ve been watching Downtown Abbey when you go to your failures of online dates.”

“That hurts, dude.”

“Aw, that’s nice.”

Get over this, Sam, the client thought anxiously. They’re not gonna bicker forever. You wanted to grow up, remember?

“-You stole my fucking Vaporeon! A fucking Vaporeon! That’s, like, stealing an Arceus!”

“Tuck, you know that you can just get an Eevee down the street and evol-”

“No buts, Daniel! I taught that thing friggin’ Surf and wasted, like, three hundred Candies to evolve it! I demand my vape god back!”

Danny rolled his eyes and shrugged, pulling out his phone. “Oh,” he sighed dejectedly. “Looks like the servers are down.”

LIES. Give it here.” Tucker snatched the iPhone out of his hands. After a moment’s pause, his face crumpled. “That’s-that’s rigged. You have your WiFi on and everything, right? I mean, we share the same data but…”

“Wait, we share the hotspot?! Dude, what the fuck?! Why didn’t you tell me?! My bill’s been going through the roof for no reason and it’s ‘cause you don’t have your own fuckin’ WiFi-

Tucker shushed him. “Snow White’s getting over her morning sickness. Better get to it,” he snickered, and Danny scowled as he stalked back into the curtained room.

“You owe me five hundred and thirty dollars!”

“You owe me a Vaporeon!”

Danny grumbled and muttered something incoherent under his breath as he prepared the needle and inking table. “I’m Danny,” he introduced, shaking Sam’s hand abruptly. “Sam, right? Sorry about earlier. Tell me if you still feel sick or light-headed, alright? I’d rather have you go home with a refund than a hospital with a bleeding half-tattoo.”

Sam nodded. “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”

He polished off the tip of the needle and turned on the machine to warm it up before settling down on his stool. “So, what design do you want?”

Sam awkwardly pulled the crumpled reference tattoo sheet she printed out earlier. “I was hoping to get that done on my back?”

Danny skimmed through the reference sheet and flicked various parts of it with a slight hm and you sure you didn’t rip this off of Quotev? before pinning it on the table. “You’ve thought about this completely through, right? Once you get a tattoo, it’s there-”

“-for life,” Sam finished. “I know, Mom.”

Danny snickered. “Tuck, we got a sassmaster!”

“A sassmaster? Jesus. She’ll be screaming shitposts as soon as you needle her twice.”

Sam glowered as she took off her shirt and laid on the table. “I can take a shitload of needles, thank you very much.”

Danny raised an eyebrow. “Don’t share your needles, kid, you’ll get STDs.”

“Not those needles, I meant-you know what, never mind. Can we start, please?”

The tattoo artist grinned, handed her a leather biteguard and picked up his needle. “Pro tip: don’t hold your breath.”

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anonymous said to xnightstars: ⭐️

⭐️ One of the first drafts of Cold Skin was called Blue Blood and the character that would play Danny was instead… Kyle Ramsey, if I remember right, and was a joint OC @raintrai and I made back in our awful LOL RANDOM RPing days… Dark times.

⭐️ I’ll eat an entire box of sour gummy worms if you let me. I have no self control and I love Pain Salt. Please take them away from me.
Relationship Goals! The 20 Best Comic Book Couples
Love Is Always In The Air With The 20 Best Comic Book Couples

#9 Batman and Catwoman

The relationship between Batman and Catwoman is complex, because Catwoman is complex. Sometimes, Catwoman is a hero. Other times, Catwoman is a villain. Batman is always caught between wanting to arrest her and wanting to make love to her.

First appearing in “Batman” #1 in 1940 as “the Cat,” Selina Kyle has evolved into one of his most formidable villains. Catwoman engages Batman in a chess game, with him trying to reform her while she uses him to pursue her own interests. Although she’s supposed to be an enemy of Batman, Catwoman has her own moral code that’s even led her to team up with Batman. She’s a gray area in Batman’s usually strict moral code by being a combination of good and evil. He’s attracted to her because she’s a female version of himself: a dark creature that prowls the night, straddling the line between right and wrong.

While we’re always rooting for Batman to find love, we know it’s more important for him to fight crime, which is why we love watching him pursue Catwoman and fight villains at the same time.