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How the Lakers can be successful in NBA Free agency starting July 1st

First of all they need to RELEASE Robert Sacre. I mean oh my lord!! This dude is dumb as hell can’t shoot can’t rebound can’t make a baby hook a layup he makes that bust Kwame Brown look like an All-star. Then don’t mess around Ed Davis loves you resign him Lakers. a 6′11 guy who hustles night end and night out and rebounds with long arms can block shots you know what you can do pick up his option. TRADE NICK YOUNG for more cap space to get a defensive Small Forward. Kobe Bryant shouldn’t have to move over to Small Forward next year and guard Melo, Durant, Kwahi all game at age 37 years old. But he can sure carve them up on offense but he doesn’t need to expend anymore energy on defense at his age.  I mean shoot Kobe is probably still suffering from Mike D’Antoni’s offense of 2013Now the #1 thing they must do is…. The Lakers when they meet Deandre Jordan on July 1st in Houston need to do and say whatever must be done to get him into a Lakers uniform IMMEDIATELY. Deandre Jordan’s weaknesses are shooting free-throws, and offensive post game. But his strengths defense and rebounding which Kobe loves it. It wins you championships and tons of rings he is an excellent shot blocker and led the league in rebounds and is physical and can jump high. Lakers were one of the worst teams defensively last year. 2nd worst to be exact allowing 110.6 ppg By adding Deandre Jordan you are adding someone who can defend the pick and roll and can intimidate opposing point guards from scoring in the paint.  Deandre Jordan is unhappy with his role in the offense because he doesn’t see the ball much. With Russell distributing the basketball and Kobe on his way out the door Deandre will be featured in the Lakers offense. Also Kobe rewards his bigs when they run the court block shots and rebounds.  Kobe has been on record year after year speaking on how big defense and rebounding is to him. Eventually Kobe will retire and the Lakers will be able to pursue Kevin Durant. Thats where things get interesting beause Lakers will be right in the ear of a man i’ve been on the record of saying Durant is going to Washington Wizards but in a course of a season everything can change.  If the Lakers go after Kevin Love they are getting a great rebounder and a stretch 4 but they already have a great draft pick in Julius Randle with loads of talent can hit a 12 foot jumper. He is more athletic, young, and can face up defenders and take them one on one and runs the break.. And Kevin Love is horrible on defense doesn’t protect the paint at all. So go get Deandre!

NBA Free Agency: Winners and Losers Thus Far

NBA Free Agency: Winners and Losers Thus Far #nbafreeagency @charron_elliott

Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo Via Pelicans Twitter)

Louisville, KY July 4, 2015 (Analyzed Sports) By: Charron Elliott

 New Faces in New Places Versus Loyalty Paying Off

 Although 2014-2015 NBA season has been over for almost a month now, that hasn’t kept the league from getting all the attention this summer. Last week the headline for the NBA was the 2015 NBA draft and this…

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drafts: 15
asks: … still 4


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Kobe Bryant Loved “Sex And The City”

Kobe took time out of his preseason to write an article for iVillage about why it’s important to vote. Buried among his civically minded op-ed was the little nugget that Kobe had more than a passing familiarity with HBO’s Sex And The Cit