love knows no race


At that moment, he realized seeing his two favorite people smile at the end of the day was his refuge. His safe haven. As long as he knew they were happy, he could endure the pain a little while longer. 


Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

Opinions on the queens so far

Aja - I already follow her on ig and her look is gorgeous, I adore her aesthetic

Farrah Moan - she is so beautiful I literally could just stare at her face for hours it is that gorgeous

Nina Bo'nina Brown - she seems like such an interesting person and I am so excited to see what lewks she brings to the stage

Valentina - again she is so beautiful?? like this is such a beautiful season??

Shea Coulee - again, already followed her on ig and she is absolutely gorgeous and so interesting

Eureka - she seems really cool and I’m interested to see what ‘non-big girl’ looks she pulls off

Peppermint - she seems so graceful and gorgeous and lovely and wonderful I just wanna hug her

Sasha Velour - her look was so interesting and I’m again excited to see what looks she brings, her style seems so different to most of them

Alexis Michelle - she seems like a really cool mix between campy and beautiful and I really love her

Charlie Hides - she seems totally mad and I love it

Kimora Blac - for some reason I really relate to her and love everything she said in her video which is very unexpected if you know me irl

Jaymes Mansfield - again, so beautiful, everyone is so beautiful

Trinity Taylor - her look is really cool as well


“Before I met you I wanted to be dead all the time. I still do, because of the you know, mental illness. But, now that you’re here I don’t want to, want to die anymore.”
-Neil Hilborn - Me, but happy.


hp aesthetics | pansy parkinson (ft. bibi sharipova as pansy)

i’m a wanderess
i’m a one night stand
don’t belong to no city
don’t belong to no man
i’m the violence in the pouring rain
i’m a hurricane

It’s a brand new day. I want to express my love to my Jai sister wives. I love you guys and dolls with my heart. Thanks for stepping up and standing beside me. We are one and I know we are one in love no matter our race, background, our ethnicity and who we love. I pray Jai is the same way. Please don’t be a stranger to me. DM me say hello cause I love you. XXOO
In health and love.

I don’t know how it happens or when it hits but once you fall in love there is something inside of you that just knows.

I knew I loved you when my heart raced so fast the first time I kissed you.
I knew I loved you when we slow danced in the kitchen late at night.
I knew I loved you when we broke into that pool and the water was freezing and the only way you would get in was if I kissed you.
I knew I loved you when I first saw you put your napkin on your lap before a meal. (You’re so cute when you do that)
I knew I loved you when we experienced one of the most beautiful places and I had such a hard time looking at the scenery because all I wanted to look at was you.
I knew I loved you when we built a fort in our hotel room and still got caught making out.
I knew I loved you when I looked at you the night in the shower and the water was running down us and the lighting was perfect to show how beautiful you truly are.
I knew I loved you when we went to the movies and they made bets on if we were dating or not even though we made out through most of it.
I knew I loved you when we both cried to one another because neither of us can stand the idea of ever losing one another.
I knew I loved you when we sat under stars all night next to the bonfire and just talked.

I knew I loved you so many times even before you first told me the night we were cuddling paying attention to each other more than the movie playing. I knew before we looked each other in the eyes and you whispered you loved me. I don’t know how to explain it or when the exact moment was that my love for you hit me but I know now that I want to spend the rest of my life falling for you over and over again, every day and every night.
I love you so much.

It’s a tough thing to let go of all your control habits, especially when it comes to love. Love will drive you like you’re in a car doing 90 on the biggest interstate and before you know it, you’re doing 360’s across all lanes. I’ve loved a lot, but never like her. And in the midst of the 360 turns all I could think was “is this ever going to end?” You become overwhelmed and a million thoughts race through your head.. “How did this happen? When will it stop? Will I make it out alive? I hope she knows I never stopped loving her.” And as your thoughts start to race you’re smacked with the impact of the 90 mph vehicle hitting the rail guard like it was your hearts way of screaming to hold your shit together. You’ve been through a lot worse, and though you rest yourself easy, you can’t seem to grasp how at ease you feel with the pain of being broken-hearted. But that’s just it, life may never make sense, but you’ll always find you’re much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You’re much stronger than the impact of any heavy weighted vehicle merging itself into a solid mark of steel. You’re stronger than your hearts break, or the unrequited love that’s being carried so heavily on your chest. You’re stronger than it all. And although you love her, and continuously will, you learn to love from a distance. You learn to love in a way that keeps you from spinning but instead drives you straight ahead.
—  I haven’t stopped loving you, I’m just being careful not to crash.

Infinity on High is the third studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy, released on February 6, 2007

Happy 10th birthday, Infinity on High!