love k9

rooney wasn’t the only one who got to get out on this nice day!

minus the fact when we turned down an isle, we came face to face with another dog (who barked right in canon’s face, therefore making him bark back), it was a good trip!

we did heel work on the cat food isle while the other dog and her owner checked out the toys. didn’t really need to enforce “leave it” as he didn’t really care about all the products..? even the toys! so focusing was the main thing we worked on, that about being aware of where i’m going. he also said hello to an older couple, who liked him. and that’s about it 😅

FUN FACT: this is the pet supplies plus i got scamp at. i’m happy it was here because the staff are so friendly and helpful ☺ (and no no, not got him like “buying” - he was a stray and a lady needed to find him a home or else he would have been taken to the shelter)

Li 5 John Leeson quotes

“i’m a cat person – don’t tell any fans.”

“i lost a k9 sound-alike contest.”

Interviewer: “Do you have any K9 toys?”

John: “My cat does. It has a crotchet k9. When it was a kitten it was the same size, and it regarded it as an opponent. And by now [the toy] is sort of a battered grey ball. So you see, even the cat loves k9.”