love jessica's face in this btw

im gonna do replies in a second but help me ! is jessica sula (she’s afro-hispanic and chinese) a good face claim for america chavez (she’s latina). i really like her in terms of how she looks and her age but i’m not sure.

can’t believe I captured your heart

He takes in another deep breath, his palms getting clammy as he goes over what he is going to say next, “It’s Space Jam.”

Harry’s eyes bulge out in shock, one of his hands slipping making his face land on the pillow. “You. A film major. Someone who is supposed to thrive off pretentious movies and cinematic masterpieces likes Space Jam?”

Niall shrugs. “I know I know it’s a shame to my major but I love Jessica Rabbit.”

Or; Niall likes movies. And Harry is just trying to figure himself out. 17k. College/Uni Au.