love jeffree

Was suppose to do another fun look today, but I got so distracted. That’s what happens when you’re trying to have a life.

And sorry if I’m posting the same look. I just love it so much, might as well show it off. I’m not complaining.

“A couple weeks ago I got my certification in lessons for MAC. Today I got to do my first one. I was not originally scheduled today but was filling in. This is Ethan, he is 8. He wanted to learn drag makeup. He loves Jeffree Starr. His mom is so supportive of him and is letting him discover who he is. I did one side of his face and he did the other. He did soooo great. He is a very talented guy. And I expect he will be a great artist in life. But I was so touched that his mom said I gave him confidence in letting him be himself. And it truly was meant to be that I worked today. It shows me the world is changing from when I was his age and that there is hope for kids who are different. And whether he is gay or not who knows. But I really respect the mom who is letting him be himself and discover who he is and what he wants to do in life. Please share if you like. Spread the message of acceptance. xoxo” - Joey Killmeyer


It’s a no foundation and lotsa freckles kinda day ☀️

Nathan Schwandt es mejor conocido como el novio de la famosa estrella de maquillaje de Youtube, Jeffree Star. A pesar de no creer en las ‘etiquetas’ las personas lo consideran pansexual, es decir, es atraído hacia las personas por sus sentimientos, independientemente del género. Por otro lado tenemos a Bella King, quien solo ha estado con un chico en toda su vida y se basa solemnemente en las apariencias. Una salida a un bar hace que estas dos almas completamente diferentes se encuentren y hagan 'click’ sin embargo ambos saben qué hay algo sobre su amistad que no sienta del todo bien. ¿Será amor?.

* Tengo un crush con el novio de Jeffree Star y pensé hacer un fanfic.