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Tough Love pt1

hey guys, my names Goldie! this is my first fanFic ever about the brooding and beautiful Eric Coulter with the help of @sparklemichele Feel Free to reblog and messages me with questions!  ENJOY!

“Fuck!” my head hit the mat hard. Four looked down at me and smirked.

“Just give in so we can go back to our apartments.” He offers his hand. In my mind he might as well have offered me flowers and a trophy that said “weak”. I swat his hand away and jump to my feet, turning from four i walked off the mat in a huff without a word.

In all my four years as a leader my attitude remains the same, win at all costs, to be defeated is the greatest shame. My name is Aadya I was born and raised Dauntless, I finished at the top of my group of initiates and soon after I decided my path was to be a leader.

As I walked through the pit many young dauntless avert their eyes or lower their conversations to whispers beyond my ear. I bled for the position I hold today but besides the blood my disposition  came with another cost… Loneliness.

There are many nights when I wonder what it would be like had I grown up in another faction, Abnegation for example, would I be surrounded by friends and family?  I shook the thought away as I entered the code to my apartment. We just had a new group of initiates come in this morning, tomorrow would be their first day with me and the thought of their tears, blood and defeat made me smile….

“you are here because you wanted more than the meager lifes afforded to you in your born factions, while some of you just got here and others were born here,  you each made a choice. Now… prove you made the right choice” the group of nervous and cocky eyes stared at my stone cold emotionless face with fear and excitement. After pairing them up i announced the task. “ the person you are standing beside is now your enemy, fight and show me what you’re made of”

“ but its only our second day” someone from the back called out.

“With that attitude consider it your last” I barked back and there were no more outbursts from the crowd.

“what Aadya says stands true, fight and be deemed useful. Fail and consider yourself factionless” Four went around the room adjusting the initiates in their stances. I joined Four in walking around, making mental note of who was a decent fighter and who held true potential. At the end of the hour long training session I gave permission for Four to dismiss them to get some lunch. As the room emptied I decided to train a bit myself. I took off my leather jacket and stretched my arms out. I had picked up three knifes on my way to the targets and stood still as I held the smallest one in my hand. Growing up my father called this “ becoming the weapon”. with a steady and firm flick of my wrist the knife went soaring across the room into the jugular zone of the target. Pleased with myself I went through four more groups of knifes before I decided to call it quits.

“well well well, if it isn’t the forever hated 3”  a deep voice came from the shadows of the training room. “ if it isn’t the foul stench of the underworld come to disturb me my in all my greatness” I turned to see Eric Coulter step into the light of the room.

“greatness” he paused. “ such a extraordinary word for such a ordinary girl”

Eric was part of my group. Four finished first, Eric second and me third. Thats why he always called me three. Ignoring him I continued to walk out of the training room lowering my eyes I watched as eric stuck his foot out to trip me.

“ going to have to do better than… that second place” I frowned. His attempt to trip me  was only a distraction and his fist connected with my jaw. Eric moved to hit me again as the anger crossed his dark and alarming features. I blocked his blows with ease.

 Eric was much larger than I was but he was slower as well. Leaning back I pulled my leg in sharply and kicked him in the stomach and as he bent over I used the opportunity to kick him right in the chin, his head jerked towards the sky from the impact. I pulled my knife out and in one swift movement had it to his neck. He smacked my hand out of the way and stood back trying to catch his breath.

“Bitch” he said “ ingrate” I replied and turned on my heels out of the room.

When I got back to my apartment I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. A huge bruise was starting to form and my lip was busted. “ DAMNIT”! I could feel the anger overflowing and before I knew it I was staring at the remains of a shattered mirror……

I heard a knock at my apartment door. “piss off”! I called out.

“Aadya its me” Four replied. “ just let me in”

I frowned, took a deep breath and opened the door. Four’s eyes grew large and he sighed.

“let me guess…” he shook his head.

“GOD DAMN THAT ERIC COULTER…for fucks sake what did I ever do to him came at me like a bat out of hell he did!” I could feel the anger returning and my foot connected with the nearest object, lucky for Four it was only a metal chair.

“Aadya calm down. If this behavior gets back to max he’ll have both of you by the neck” at fours comment all anger drained from my face. I sighed and looked at Four. “ I have got to get my anger under control”

“you will, I will help you” Four placed his hand on my shoulder. “ if I didn’t know any better id say we just became friends” he smiled

“ but you do” I frowned and shrugged his hand off my shoulder…..

A miracle may not come as soon as we’d want or need for it. But always remember, God doesn’t bring any being far to leave us. He loves us and with that love will come miracles we never imagine.

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽ॐ नमः शिवाय || हर हर महादेव 🕉🔱📿

Tough Love Pt 2

Here is part two loves. I appreciate the out pouring of support from you all! @sparklemichele @readsalot73 @ariwolff14

part one can be found below!

Tough Love Pt 1

also  in my mind Aadya is dressed like Alice from Resident Evil The final Chapter Enjoy and as always messages and questions are appreciated!!!

In the morning I took a moment to look at my face in the bathroom. The swelling had gone down but the bruise and the busted lip remained. At least it wasn’t my eye I frowned.

After getting dressed I decided to head down to the dorms, Four was waiting outside. “Ready?” he asked.

 “quite frankly id rather be asleep” I looked down the hall right as Eric was walking by.

He didn’t say a word and wouldn’t even look at me, he stopped and turned to Four. “what are the plans for your training this morning?”

Let me take a moment to describe Eric. He was tall with broad shoulders. His arms looked as though he spent every waking moment inside the practice hall and lifted buildings in his free time. He had short brown hair that he wore shaved on the sides and long on top. His face was like that of a stone statue, hard and beautiful. His eyes appeared to have absorbed every storm in history. Above his eye he had two orb piercings and on the sides of his wide neck were tattoos. As every dauntless black was his clothing color of choice. At first glance he instilled fear in most of the initiates and with a few more glances I’m sure every one of them had a wet dream on the first night.

Id realized that I was staring at Eric pretty hard when he snapped at me. “ what the hell are you looking at 3”?

I was merely admiring your features, if you weren’t so daft you might actually be attractive”. I shrugged and walked into the dorm before he could retaliate. I could hear Four trying to calm him down. Smirking I started banging on the bunks and yelling. After an impressive scrambling of the initiates I decided to head to the training room while they ate breakfast.

I was checking the knifes when I heard footsteps coming up behind me, I turned and ducked kicking out my leg putting the person, who turned out to be Four on their ass.

“what the hell Aadya”! he cursed, picking himself back up. “ I thought you were Eric, you shouldn’t have crept up on me” I turned away back to the targets.

“I was walking. What was that with you and Eric back there”? he looked cautious as he asked.

“Nothing, I was just trying to get under his skin and by the sound of it I succeeded”. I smirked.

Four rolled his eyes as the initiates started to file in. The knife training was Fours area of expertise so I was pretty much observing this time.

We were twenty minutes In when Eric walked in and with a booming voice he addressed the room. “ All this knife throwing is a waste if you don’t know what it means to practice on a living breathing target” he paused. “ you”! he called to one of our more skilled initiates, “ stand where the target is”. the Initiate who’s name was Chris paused before moving into position. “Four, you do the throwing” Four looked at Chris and then Eric. “ I am not risking an initiates life”

“what’s wrong Four, don’t trust your aim”? Eric challenged.

I walked up to Chris and told him to get out of the way and I took his place . “ Why don’t you throw the knifes with me as the target Four” Four didn’t get to answer me because Eric snatched the Knifes away from him.  

 The first one went soaring right past my ear. I felt the sharp pain as the knife grazed my skin. The second knife went soaring through the air and out of instinct I ducked as it hit the wall behind my head. I only needed a split second to close the gap between me and Eric before he lifted his hand to throw the third one and he went flying as I landed on top of him.

With a quick hand I smashed his fist holding the knife, it slid across the floor.

After the shock wore off he was on top of me and had pinned both of my hands to the floor.

“ you would attack another leader”? he growled

“ you were trying to hit me on purpose you second rate ape” as the word ape left my mouth he pulled back his fist aiming for my face and I slide down in between his legs right as he punched the ground.

 Eric yelled in pain and quickly turned and punched me in the stomach causing me to fly back from the force. With only a moment to recover I used both of my fists and cracked him in the side of his head.

“STOP RIGHT NOW”! I could hear fours voice as Eric slammed me down into the concrete, the last thing I remember was my head hitting the ground and then…. Darkness…

When I awoke I was in the infirmary. My head was pounding and my hands ached. I turned to my bedside to see Four asleep in a chair. It must have been nightfall. I yanked all the monitors from my skin and got out of bed. Quietly I walked past Four and the nurses in the next room. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to see me in such a vulnerable state. When I got to my apartment I stripped and stepped into the shower. The scalding water ran over my back and shoulders and I could feel the sting from the bruises that I was sure to find there.

After I got out I remembered that it was capture the flag night. Dressing quickly I headed to the train. I jumped off onto the rooftop just as Eric was assigning himself team captain.

“In place of Four the second captain will be…” I cut Eric off. “Me” the crowd parted as I walked through to the front. I could see the look of annoyance on Eric’s face.

Eric and I gave the flags to the initiates to go hide. I was feeling the excitement from the impending match when Eric stopped me. “ aren’t you supposed to be in the infirmary 3” he smirked.

“First, my name is Aadya and second the infirmary wont miss me but your team will miss you” a confused look crossed his face as I dropped kicked him and took off for my team.

Feeling the wind in my hair as I jumped from the rooftops gun in hand. Eric’s team had already set up an ambush line on the way to the flag and they were taking my teammates out left and right. A loud crack rang across the sky and the rain started to fall. Most of the initiates weren’t dauntless born and had never played in the rain and it was starting to show. Everyone was sliding and falling. If I wasn’t so focused on finding the flag I might have stopped to laugh myself.

 I had reached the top of the tower. Wiping my eyes I realized I could see the glow from the flag.

Gun raised I followed the light until I came to a room with the door wide open. The flag was in the middle of the room. To a newbie dauntless this looked like a piece of cake but I knew better.

I watched as Eric walked into the light.

“you didn’t think it would be that easy 3 did you?” the rain had matted his hair to his forehead and I saw his sinister looking grin.

“I’m glad you finally lived up to your full potential… a filthy guard dog” I laughed, gun still raised I walked farther into the room. “ just give me the damn flag Eric and I’ll be on my way”.

“I’ll give you the flag when I’m fucking dead” he took a step towards me.

“Death is closer than you think” I lowered the dart gun and pulled out a hunting knife.

The gap between us was closing fast. Eric made a lunge for me and I ducked ending up on the side of the room with the flag or so I thought, there dangling in Eric’s hand was the flag.

I was running out of options, if I moved too slow he could take off running. Before my brain could catch up to my body I ran up to Eric smashing right into him as his back hit the wall.

 His face was inches from mine and I could feel his racing heart against my chest. With an inch of space between our lips I whispered “ in another world we’d fuck until the end of time” and slowly  I licked the top of his lip. “ why not this world”? Eric said while his eyes filled with lust. I pulled his head to the side and Whispered in his ear “because..” I carefully started to slip the flag from his grasp. “ I just came for the flag” Snatching the flag away I ran towards the door and down the hall.

I found the first window and leaned out shouting that we’d won. Eric came barreling behind me furious but off balance. I watched his angry mouth curse me before I jumped from the window and I as I fell I could have sworn Id seen a small smirk.

Tough Love Pt 3

hey guys here is part 3 of Tough love. I love you all and as always messages and questions are appreciated. @sparklemichele @readsalot73 @ariwolff14

part 1 and part 2 can be found here

the inspiration for Aadyas outfit is selene from The Underworld series


When I landed on the ground I was surrounded by my teammates. I held up the flag in victory while they all cheered. I started walking back to the train when I was met by an obviously cross Four. “I vow to watch over you and this is how you repay me, by sneaking out of the infirmary to play capture the flag” he didn’t smile.

“I am perfectly well Four. While your watchful eye is appreciated I can care for myself” I made no point to hide my annoyance and walked away from him. On the train I was thinking about tomorrow. It would be visiting day for the Initiates. Their first day off, most of them had never been without their families so it held a lot of meaning for them. The downfall with that, were the attachments visiting day brought.  When you choose a faction that differs from the one you were born in to, your old faction fades completely from your life. In a fight you’d be expected to abandon your family if the choice came down between Dauntless and your natural born home.  For some this would be extremely difficult while for others it would be effortless. When we reached the pit opening I took my place by the ledge as the initiates jumped down. Four and Eric took their places as well. None of us spoke and it was probably for the best. I’d rather not deal with a hateful Four when Eric told him what happened in the tower and I certainly did not care for the theories about what happened that were undoubtedly going through Eric’s mind. I just wanted this day to be over.

“I will expect to see you both in the morning to brief the initiates on visiting day. Do not be late” Four addressed both of us in a low tone and then turned and jumped without waiting for our response. The rooftop was empty as Eric turned to me “There’s nothing to talk about is there?” he paused. I awarded him a one word response “Nothing”. He turned and jumped down as well. I jumped down right after. I decided to stop by the dining hall. I remembered that I hadn’t eaten since this morning. Tomorrow would be a big day for me as well. On visiting day I would go see my father Marcus because it was the only day he thought it appropriate. Things were very difficult for my father and me, especially after the death of my mother.  Sighing I dumped what was left of my tray and made my way upstairs. When I got the top floor I felt a sort of discomfort. Almost as if I wasn’t alone. I stopped in the hallway and scanned the area. I dropped into my fighting stance and took out my knife. “Reveal yourself” I spoke into the dark hall. Eric stepped into the center. I did not sheath my knife. After several fights with Eric I thought it better to be ready in case the conversation went awry.

 “For fucks sake what do you want” I asked.  “What happened in that tower 3?” his arms were crossed over his chest and I could see his bulging arm muscles in his tight black shirt.  “I manipulated you in order to retrieve the flag. That’s all, nothing more” I scowled.  “I would hope not, for your sake” his brow raised.  I really wanted to ask what he meant by that, but I know bate when I see it so I remained silent.

I was watching him closely as he attempted to close the gap between us. “Take one more step and this Knife will be in your shoulder” my apartment door was on the right from where he was standing and he knew it.  “Is that a threat or a promise”? He smirked “Depends on who’s asking” I took a breath and walked straight for my apartment, all the while keeping him in my sights. When I got to my door he reached out for me. “ If you value the use of your hand, which judging by your massive ego and budging pants you do, you should let go at once” at my words he tightened his grip. He pulled me to his body and held me by my waist. I refused to struggle and said “You have me, now what?”  He was clearly taken aback by my calm demeanor and we just stood there. “Why don’t you just admit that what happened in that tower was more” he said in a voice barely above a breath. “Simply because, for me it wasn’t and no matter how you rationalize it in your brain the outcome is the same” I made sure to look him right in the eyes. 

“I’m not some young girl you can chase after; now release me from your grip” when he did I stepped back and typed in my pin and my door slid open. “This meeting did not occur” I walked into my door and turned so that I saw him standing there as the door slid closed. I didn’t bother checking to see if he’d gone because I really didn’t care. I had no intention of becoming one of his play things and I was going to make sure he knew it. The respect I commanded in this faction was hard to earn and I certainly did not plan to piss it all away on some over grown fool whose ego and reputation preceded him.  If it wasn’t for the rain outside I wouldn’t even bother showering but after my shower I felt much more relaxed and ready for bed.  Drifting off to sleep I thought about my meeting with my father. I had to make sure I was perfectly groomed and dressed for the occasion otherwise I’d never hear the end of it. 



After carefully choosing my clothes I made my way to the training hall where Four and Eric were already waiting. Four caught sight of my outfit and his face showed shock mixed with appreciation. “Going to see your father today?” he asked “Yes, it’s unavoidable and it was either this or a floor length dress” I replied flustered.  “I wasn’t going to say a word” his eyes were soft.  “My apologies, you know I hate visiting day, I just want to get it over with” I sighed. I had chosen to go with an outfit somewhere between armor and feminine. My hair was in a long braid down my back with two strands hanging out on each side. My outfit hugged every curve I had. I could feel every pair of male and some female eyes on me as we addressed the young Dauntless. Eric spoke first. “Today is your day to visit, understand that your family means nothing to us and when they leave it would be wise to count them as dead”  when he stopped I chimed in “ Your home will be Dauntless should you survive the tests and we will be your family. Enjoy your day but understand you will not be granted visiting time ever again” Four took up the last part of the brief “Go and return just before sunset. Your family will be escorted out of Dauntless at that time. Do not be late to the training room tomorrow for your final test” with Fours last words they took off and the three of us turned to one another.  “As you know I will be visiting my father for the afternoon. It shouldn’t last long but should you need me you know where I will be” I addressed them.  “I will be visiting friends in the pit and keeping a close eye on our initiates” said Four. “I’ll be in the training room taking advantage of the freedom from those pathetic children” Eric aid and then walked away.

On my way to the highest levels of Dauntless I felt nervous. My Father Marcus was in very high standing and held a seat on the Faction council. His disposition had always been stern growing up and in my adulthood it hadn’t changed.  As I reached his floor i was faced with two massive sliding doors and a key pad.  Entering in the special code associated with my name and our relationship as father and daughter the two doors slid apart and disappeared into the walls. Stepping through the archway I could see that everything was still in place just as it was during our last visit.  In the back of the apartment was a large black desk and behind it sat a pale broad shouldered man with silver hair. I stood stalk still until I was called forth.

“Aadya, my child, come forward and let me look at you. I stepped gracefully forward with my eyes straight ahead, posture perfect and not a sound from my footsteps made. When I was an arm’s length away from his desk I stopped.  “Hair looks healthy, posture pristine, well groomed, muscular figure. Where do you stand in the rankings as a leader?” “Permission to speak sir?” I waited “Granted” he bowed his head in an inviting manner. “In both physical and academic attributes I remain Number one in standing sir” I pulled out my paperwork proving my words to be true and waited for my father to accept them. These weren’t just any documents; they were stamped and signed by Max himself.  Not many faction leaders know, but we are ranked by our personal attributes and by the success rate of our initiates. Every month my father receives these reports to see where I rank. This was my father’s way of calling to check on me like most parents.

“As you know Dya my three goals in life for you have always been, Success, Good Public Standing and Marriage. While you have always made good on the first two I worry about the last. You make speak freely from this moment on” he finished.

 “Father, being married is the least of my worries. I’m a warrior and a leader. I don’t have time to tend to the needs of another human being, let alone some grown man” I tried to keep my voice even.  “Dya, a leader you may be but a warrior needs to come second in your life. Its time you settled down, you will not be young forever. I have heard stories about your demeanor with the male populace. You are unapproachable and cold and that does not make for a very good wife or nurturing mother!” 

“Again with this tiring conversation, I have done everything that you ask of me and yet here we stand!”  I seethed.  “I will not have a Spinster for a daughter. You will marry and you will produce a male heir to retain my seat on the council when I die!”  His voice was raised but steady. In silence I struggled to keep my head held high and hold back my angry tears and my embarrassment. “You will return to your duties at once” he did not look up from his work as he dismissed me. “As you wish” I said then turned on my heels and exited the apartment. I held my composure until I got to the training room and not being able to stop it I put my foot through the nearest object, which happened to be a wooden table. Looking towards the roof I could feel the tears start to fall. The sting of always being a disappointment to my father was simply more than I could bear…

Founding Fathers age comparison.

In 1776, Benjamin Franklin was 70, George Washington was 44, John Adams was 41, Thomas Jefferson was 33, John Jay was 31, James Madison was 25, Alexander Hamilton was 21 and James Monroe was 18.