love ivy

Taylor swift wrote Don’t Blame Me about reylo and that is the tea for tonight

Little do a lot of you know, StarMo is actually a character I made up back in the early months of my Freshman year of High School.
At the time, I had been getting out of a heavily abusive relationship with the help of one of my bestest friends, @otorikei who was a big help in making the character with me.
They and I made a short comic series called StarMo and Hyde, and although it never fully came to fruition, I would love to start drawing it again.
StarMo, both as an OC and a blog has helped me overcome a lot of bad things in my life and open me up to good things.
I have lot’s of amazing friends, a place to post my art and I met my beautiful boyfriend and life partner @young-emmett through it. Without StarMo I would’ve never gotten to know who you all are and I just wanna thank each of you for being a big part of my life.
I love you all. Thank you.

Rick Sanchez is a mentally ill, pansexual Hispanic man who beats up nazi’s for fun, so why is it straight white males and alt right “intellectuals” are fixating on him and claiming to be “just like Rick”??? Do they even watch the same show as the rest of us?? Rick would hate all these cringey fucks?? So uh, who’s gonna tell them ??