love it when shows make fun of themselves

Little things that make each type happy

ESFP - Making others smile and enjoy themselves. Seeing the bright side of any situation. Being in good company with loved ones and people who want to have fun. Enjoying life without having to stress about responsibilities. Shared interests. Affection.

INFJ - simple and quiet surprises that show them they are loved. Alone time. Reading. And ultimately being able to serve a greater and very real purpose in life.

ENFJ - when they have provided for their family and friends completely. When they feel appreciated by the people around them, and when they feel loved. People who are patient with them, and aren’t overly demanding. When someone truly listens to the ENFJ and allows them to vent and express themselves.

INFP - having people in their lives who will listen to them and allow them to be themselves without judgement. Listening to music or reading for hours. Time spent with people they care for. In depth conversations. Making people smile. Random acts of kindness. Positive displays of affection. Warm hugs.

ENFP - inspiration. The feeling of being truly connected to others on a deep and meaningful level. Sharing honest and sincere dialogue with other people. The possibilities and beauty that the world around them possesses. Reading. Exploration. Coffee. And maybe a little romance.

INTJ - being allowed to achieve a goal or accomplish a task their own way. Being able to connect with someone who has the same hunger for knowledge that they do. Being around someone who understands them, and appreciates the way that they are. When a well-crafted plan comes together beautifully. Cracking an intellectual puzzle. Good books.

ENTJ - being noticed for their accomplishments and their intelligence. When they have people who are undeniably loyal to them no matter what. Dominating in an intellectual argument. Being able to passionately express their goals and desires. When a plan unfolds smoothly before their very eyes. Honesty. Personal growth. Success.

INTP - feeling like someone understands their intentions. Being able to share their interests with the people they care about without judgement. Being around people who appreciate their sense of humor. Being given space when they need it, being allowed to process their emotions without pressure. The freedom to do what they enjoy. Electronics of varying kinds. Games that are mentally stimulating. Reading. Caffeine.

ENTP - being able to have in depth debates with intelligent people. Being able to banter back and forth without the other person becoming offended. Exploring all the new possibilities that the world has to offer. People who appreciate their unique brand of humor, and who will laugh at their jokes sincerely. Winning. Randomness. Sarcasm.

ISTJ - when they are appreciate for the hard-work that they put into everything they do. When they are noticed for their honesty, dedication and loyalty. Being allowed to have alone time. When others respect their rules and actually listen to them. Gestures and surprises to show they are appreciated. Order. Structure. Honesty.

ESTJ - when people respect their rules and regulations. Being appreciated for what they do and how hard they work for others. People understanding that they aren’t intentionally so harsh, and that they truly care. Efficiency. Television. Having someone else prepare a delicious meal for them.

ISFJ - knowing that their loved ones are cared for and happy. Being able to provide for the people they love. When the people surrounding them are respectful and mindful of others. Nostalgia. A delicious home cooked meal. Quiet time curled up with a good book. Simple comforts. Traditions. Holidays.

ESFJ - feeling like the people they love truly appreciate them and want them around. When people confide in them, and express that they trust them. Being told they did something well, and that others are impressed with them. Taking the pressure off of their loved ones. Making others happy. Being loved unconditionally. Smiling. Love. Compassion.

ISTP - having the freedom to do whatever they want to do. Absorbing as much knowledge as they can, and implementing it in the real world. Being relaxed and not feeling pressured to express themselves. Being able to explore new and fun activities. The outdoors. Video games. Really good food.

ESTP - knowing that others admire them and truly enjoy being around them. Making others laugh, and being made to laugh themselves. Going on adventures. Exploring new and exciting things. Being understood. When people appreciate their knowledge and respect how intelligent they are. Reading. Time to think.

ISFP - being allowed to be themselves freely without judgement. Being reminded that they are loved. Little surprises and gifts from the people they care about. Feeling carefree. Being with loved ones. The little things that many people take for granted. Good music. Warm rain. All things nature.

well idk if my ears will ever recover but that was so fucking lovely asdkfsldfsdf. i loved watching them yell and support each other in real time and i loved that bit where they were giving moving advice and phil was all sentimental about taking photos of your empty rooms and knowing the memories youve made there don’t come from the rooms themselves and dan didnt rly know how to react so he just resorted to making sarcastic gagging noises and i loved when phil definitely said ‘swish swish bitch’ instead of ‘bish’ and the way they giggled and looked at each other when someone asked phil to show his leg bruise and just the way that banter in general comes so naturally to them. theyre so fucking funny and good and this was so so fun

Signs as Girlfriends

Aries: Plays hard to get. They are fun and not serious. Feel happy when they insult you because they do so out of love. They will gush about you to other people but not to your face. 

Taurus: They have a shy nature and will giggle and get embarrassed easily. They want to hold you and make sure you’re okay. Do expect random texts of them telling you that they love you. 

Gemini: More responsible to you than they are for themselves. They are the “show not tell” kind of people and will most often show that they love you through actions instead of words. Deep inside they want to tell you a lot of things but is scared for doing so. 

Cancer: Cheerful and makes sure that you are safe. They always try to make you laugh. However, they have random mood swings and they need encouragement to come out of their shell. 

Leo: Clingy and is not afraid of being weird around you. They don’t give a shit about what others think of your relationship and will feel occasionally touchy. 

Virgo: Needy and doesn’t like PDA. They will tell you everything and even if they call you dumb, they love you to the end of the world. Super huggable and loves hugs.

Libra: Very reserved. Very low-key about the relationship but will be there for you to the moon and back. They will hold you when you cry and take you on random trips. 

Scorpio: Plays hard to get until they realize that the game is bullshit once you’re in a relationship. They will not hesitate to punch someone in the face if you insult their partner. They’re a ride or die kind of partner so you’re super lucky to have them with you through thick and thins.

Sagittarius: Expect a balance between space and communication. They are low-key about relationships. Will share music playlist with you and you will have chill dates (eating ice-cream by the streets, napping)

Capricorn: Knows what they want but scared to take action. Secretly clingy but doesn’t like others to be clingy. They will throw you some playful punches.

Aquarius: Expects to be treated like a queen and wants your constant affection. They will mother you and loves taking you to places.

Pisces: Wants the best and doesn’t expect any less. They ain’t clingy but they want lots of love. You’re their best friend and lover.

How to love each sign

How to love a(n)…

Aries: let them do whatever crazy stuff they want, and when you can, join them. Tell them exactly how you feel about them, let them be free and never control them.

Taurus: be there for them no matter what. Never go missing. Don’t try to change them because they’re too stubborn to listen. Don’t hold a grudge and don’t leave when they get strong-willed and lash out.

Gemini: do something new and exciting every day. Never be boring. Let them pick the date activity, and don’t get worried or upset when they do fun things without you.

Cancer: talk to them as often as possible, and let them vent to you. Cuddle them when they want to be cuddled but give them space when they ask for it. Never be upset with them for being honest with you.

Leo: give them all the attention they deserve. Remind them that you’re the only one that they want, and remind them why they should be with you. Tell them they look good. Take them out in public with you. Go for long drives with them

Virgo: let them win the argument, even if it’s just a joke. Keep things simple and straightforward because they don’t like games or bullshit. Never make them feel bad for being who they are, and let them be moody when they have to be.

Libra: cuddle them all the time. Tell them how beautiful they are and be a positive influence on their motivation. Pick them up when they’re feeling down and go out of your way to make them feel better. Never lash out at them because they do not accept misplaced anger.

Scorpio: make them feel like they’re in charge, even if they aren’t. Let them pay for stuff and show you off if they want to, and when they don’t, make sure you do it for them. Always keep things positive and remind them you care about them. Don’t push them when they retreat into their Scorpio cave, and don’t desert them when they sting you with their Scorpio tail.

Sagittarius: keep in touch as often as possible. Lay around with them on lazy days. Make them coffee and pancakes and don’t expect a thank you (although you’ll definitely get one). Play with their hair and look into their eyes when you talk to them.

Capricorn: tell them how smart and hardworking they are. Remind them that they don’t have to be perfect, and help them relax when you can. Support their endeavors no matter how draining they may be on them. Encourage them always to achieve their dreams and don’t stand in their way, even by accident.

Aquarius: smile all the time. Tell them they’re cute. Hug them and remind them how much you care for them. Make them food when they’re being moody and don’t make fun of their emotions. Never make them feel bad for seeming ‘lazy’, because they do most their work when no one is watching.

Pisces: show them affection in public but don’t be gross about it, pay attention to them even when there’s a lot of people around. Support their (many) emotions and never invalidate them, even when they’re irrational, and don’t put any more pressure on them than they’ve already put on themselves. tell them you love them, but make sure your actions convey the message louder than your words do. Don’t get distracted or a Pisces will take it personally and assume you’re losing interest

Signs when talking to their crush

Aries: blushing a whole lot, stutters while talking, trips on their own feet and still ends up looking cute

Taurus: tries to show off a lot and make their crush laugh while still having a sense of sensuality

Gemini: says something to get their crushes attention, has super cute and fun lighthearted conversations that lead to endless inside joke moments

Cancer: rosy cheeks always , lovely nervous smiles and give loads of compliments to their crush

Leo: always wants to seem in control and unbothered when talking to their crush, look super excited, and speak with positive reassuring energy

Virgo: wants everything to be perfect and smooth while being really hard on themselves afterwards even though they were lovely and even got their crushes number

Libra: the smoothest talker on any subject and makes their crush feel super welcomed and comfortable. (Lots of blushing and shy giggles)

Scorpio: shy at first then turns deeply into the conversation. Completely intrigued by everything their crush has to say.

Sagittarius: there’s always laughter and jokes, is not too serious about it while waiting for the opportunity to make the topic about going out together

Capricorn: super duper relaxed on the outside while their quirky side shows because they are so excited and nervous to be talking to them

Aquarius: cool, calm, and collected. seems like they’ve got it all under control and almost always says the right things to make their crush get flustered

Pisces: seems like they’re super confused and lost at why their crush is talking to them but soon gets the hang of it and ****what do you know?!!**** there is a date planned


The first ever proper post made by me on this blog. Just 7 boys that I love and things about them that I appreciate.

Conor Maynard 

Conor is definitely the talented one in the group. At least when it’s about music. He’s got 2 bomb albums and his YouTube covers are amazing. He’s (in a good way) extremely cheeky and loves to joke around like 24/7. Because of that he seems to be always in a good mood. Back to the music, his voice is incredibly calming and extraordinary. He is so funny and really likeable because he doesn’t take himself too serious. He literally throws penis jokes all the time and when the boys joke about his music he’s never bothered at all and just jokes around with them.

Joe Sugg

Joe is a fucking cute smol bean. He is incredibly creative but kinda never admits it. He’s definitely a family person and loves them more than anything. Also he is always there for his friends and is very observant, always interested in how his loved ones are. He’s also reflective and would never do something he isn’t sure about. Joe always tries to bring good content for his community because he knows how far he can reach out and how many people watch him. And even though he’s the popular from the boys, he never show’s that off in any way.

Caspar Lee 

If I had to describe this cutie in one word it would be simply “sunshine”. Caspar is freaking kind hearted. He’s the most care free and doesn’t care of negative opinions as long as he and his loved ones are happy. He never acts different than he is and seems to be always optimistic and never in a bad mood. He shows so much appreciation towards his friends and loves to make people happy as well at all costs. 

Josh Pieters

(Josh’s in the middle, couldn’t find any better gifs )

Firstly this man got hella attractive ginger hair. He’s amazingly confident and he shows it off in a good way. He gives a damn about negative comments, especially when it’s about his hair or his height. He encourages his viewers to love themselves and tries to make them smile and maybe a bit more confident too. All of this makes him to a really courageous person to me as well. He’s so fun loving, literally always wearing a beautiful bright smile on his face.

Oli White

Oli is the sweetest guy ever. He’s like a teddy bear that is fucking cuddle worthy. He’s got a bit more the quiet personality between all of them but is definitely not boring. He’s one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever seen. He received so much since he’s doing YouTube so that he now even wrote a book. If someone needs him, no matter why or for what, he’d always help them or be there for them, especially when it’s about his family and mostly his little brother James ‘cause he’s so reliable. Also he’s very thoughtful and always keeps himself and the other boys grounded.

Michael Pearce

(sadly I couldn’t find any proper pictures of this beautiful one)

Mikey is literally the cutest thing in the world. He’s not that popular yet and I always feel like that makes him kinda insecure even though he’s so loveable and beautiful. He loves when he’s with his boys and they love it when he’s around. They always say Mikey is easy to prank and they sometimes make a bit fun (nothing bad) about him but he just never throws things back, he’s so big hearted and simply loves his friends. He’s extremely clumsy and he sometimes doesn’t know how to find the right words what makes him even cuter. He’d never be any jealous of the boys because they received more success in the past years (he only started his Channel weeks ago), he’s just really proud of them and 100% too unappreciated!

Jack Maynard 

What a handsome one, oh my god… But he’s definitely not just a pretty face. He’s always trying to make people happy. His laugh just catches you. He’s so caring about other people and loves everyone. Jack is one of the funniest guys ever and just as cheeky as Conor. He’s the life of the party and does what he wants, always trying to involve his friends. He does not show it off that much but he’s clearly Conors number 1 fan. He’s the proudest of his Brother and of course also his sister. He sometimes seems to be a badass fuckboy but is actually a little puppy because he’s just so down to earth and very dedicated.

All in all those guys are just amazing. They’re so funny and genuine. Just adorable. Fucking loveable dorks who are the bestest friends. All of them love their community and are so dedicated in their job. But the most important, they’ve got the strongest and most satisfying friendship ever.

Father!Yoongi Head Canons

Okay so normally I do series in order of age but I figured since today is Yoongi’s birthday in some time zones and I’m in a father mood, why not combine the two together so this is an example post for the rest of the series, if you guys wanna see the other boys’ posts, let me know!! (also I didn’t realize yesterday was international woman’s day bc I’m really shitty with days, I couldn’t even tell you what day Thanksgiving is, but happy late international woman’s day!!!)

  • So this is just gonna be a list of my biggest head canons for father!Yoongi, there’s no theme to it, these aren’t all of them, I could probably make a part two but these are just some of my favorites compiled into one post
  • All of the father related posts are here (for everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Yoongi post, he has one daughter and there’s also another version where he has a younger son)
  • So my biggest head canon of pretty much all time for father!Yoongi is that he’s a total sucker for his kids
  • Any chance of him acting serious or not smiling is out the window the second they come into a room, which brings me to the next head canon
  • They are his happy viruses, he can have the shittiest day, he can be stressed out, he can be pissed off but the moment he sees them or hears their voices, everything starts getting better
  • He sometimes just hugs them to his chest and closes his eyes and he starts to calm down slowly but surely
  • He takes them into the studio with him a l o t bc just having them around helps him stay happy, they’re just chilling out on the couch with his phone or iPad watching some kids’ show
  • He actually turns the spare room of your home into a mini studio, it’s nowhere near as professional and official as the actual studio but it has enough basic equipment for him to make rough drafts that he’ll work on later on
  • The kids are always in there with him and one of them is on his lap and he actually doesn’t mind bc they almost always just want to be held or give him a hug or a kiss
  • Sometimes, when he has a draft that just isn’t working out at all and he’s not gonna use it, he’ll let them play around with it
  • He shows them that certain buttons make certain noises and he just lets them go crazy with it and he’s smiling so hard the entire time and he’s cracking up with that silent laugh he gets when he finds something really funny bc they’re s o proud of themselves and they’re having so much fun with it 
  • It’s pretty clear they have a huge love for music but he never pressures them about becoming musicians, he doesn’t care if their future career has absolutely nothing to do with music or if they follow in his footsteps, he’ll be proud of them no matter what they become bc he’s their biggest fan
  • They come to a few concerts or shows but he doesn’t like them being around so much noise (even though they do get some earplugs if it’s too loud) and so many people but they’re always backstage cheering him on with all their might
  • They’re in awe watching him perform bc they’re so used to seeing goofy dad that wakes them up with soft kisses and makes weird faces at them and buys them ice cream when they go out together but now goofy dad’s turned into this amazing rapper that’s giving his all into his performance
  • They wear “Suga” shirts that are way too big for them and they have on his snapbacks that are also way too big but they don’t care, they’re supporting their father
  • He’s v e r y private about his family life in general but especially when it comes to the kids like it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the public doesn’t know he’s gonna be a father until the actual birth
  • You know how they tend to release logs a lil bit later than the dates they record them?? Well head canon that he films a log a month before bby girl’s due date
  • He’s got this really happy look in his eyes but he also explains how he’s a bit nervous about becoming a father bc what if she doesn’t like him, what if he can’t make her stop crying when she’s upset, what if he doesn’t have those “paternal instincts” everyone always guarantees him he’ll have??
  • He holds himself up to pretty high standards and I don’t think he’d be any different with fatherhood, he’d want to be the best father to his kids that he could be so he’s a bit worried with the first child
  • He’s seen some of the boys have their first children and they make it seem so effortless like they always seem to know exactly why their bby is crying and how to fix it but they also tell him that it’s hard at times, the lack of sleep combined with the new experience can be a bit confusing and stressful but that it’s so worth it the second that bby smiles
  • And the second his bby girl grabs onto his finger, he gets it, he gets every single word they said
  • He hates seeing her cry, even though in the back of his mind he knows it’s just her way of communicating since she can’t speak yet but that part of his mind isn’t easy to focus on when she’s so upset and he’s rushing around to get whatever she needs
  • Seeing her face light up whenever she sees him makes his day every single time, seeing that gummy smile make an appearance makes the lack of sleep disappear from his mind, seeing her grow more and more everyday, discovering new things and being so fascinated makes him stop to appreciate the small things more often
  • Nothing makes him laugh harder than his bbys, they could literally just make a weird face (bc we all know Yoongi can make some funny ass faces and his kids would inherit that) and he’s gone for the next ten minutes
  • His entire camera roll is just photos of the kids, he has a few photos of you and him or just you and a few of Holly but the majority are his bbys
  • There are barely any pictures of the bbys’ faces online but he does always post a few pictures of them on their birthdays and he makes sure to include just one face picture bc he does want to include the Army in his family while not over-exposing them at the same time
  • All of the boys make them happy birthday posts as well and they upload a few pictures as well so birthdays are always when the most photos happen of the bbys
  • For bby girl’s third birthday, she wants a Peppa Pig themed party bc that’s her favorite show and there are so many pictures of Yoongi letting her put lil pig ears on him and he’s walking around dressed as the father pig and bby boy is the lil brother and all of the boys dress their kids up as the characters and it’s just really cute
  • Bby boy has no idea what’s going on bc he’s still too young to be able to understand a birthday party but he giggles every time his big sister giggles and he still has lots of fun getting hugs from all of his uncles
  • His kids are almost always in the background of videos though, like when he does V live broadcast things, there’s always the giggling in the background and the chatter of the two siblings and sometimes he shows a glimpse of them playing with Holly
  • Okay so you know how Yoongi did those album reviews, well head canon that he’s in the middle of recording one with bby boy just climbs onto his lap and of course Yoongi can’t say no bc he just wants a hug but then bby boy gets curious about what Yoongi’s doing
  • The bbys always wanna do whatever Yoongi does, if he’s eating, they want to eat too, if he’s laughing, they wanna be in on the joke so bby boy wants to look at the album too
  • Yoongi lets him and all you see are his tiny bby hands that are still so so small compared to Yoongi’s and yoon keeps making faces at the other boys’ photos to make bby boy laugh, the camera can’t see that part but you can hear the smile in Yoongi’s voice when he moves onto the next page
  • Holly is their best friend in the entire world, Yoongi comes home one day to see Holly curled up with bby girl’s cheek squished on his head and bby boy hugging him to his chest and Yoongi just about cries from how cute it is
  • Calls them his mini mes 24/7 bc they are just two tiny versions of Yoongi, they have the same eyes the same gummy smiles the same cheeks and the same facial expressions like there’s this one time Tae dresses up as Santa for the kids and they were all on board until he does aegyo for bby girl and then she just furrows her brow and gives him this look that looks so much like Yoongi’s “what the hell” face that everyone has to laugh 
  • Lots of kisses and hugs go on in the Min household bc Yoongi just can’t get enough of his munchkins, they’re so sweet and cute and he loves them so much, they’re his teeny tiny muses
about putting on a show

i think some of the jokes in the conversations between smoky and sardonyx were intentionally awkward or ill-timed. i mean. smoky laughs about the crowd being easy to please, for a reason. 

“i’m so excited i could just shatter!”

we’ve just had a bunch of episodes dedicated to the topic of shattering. how it means gems can never come back, how steven thinks nobody deserves that, how it changed the war, and how pink diamond deeply affected characters like jasper and eyeball.

“she (jasper) lost her mind in a corrupted fusion… i guess you could say she had a short fuse!” 

again, making light of a horrible thing that just happened… but i don’t think the writers think anyone found jasper’s corruption funny. heck, even people who dislike her (mostly) agree it wasn’t a pleasant scene. smoky doesn’t look all that comfortable making these jokes either.

but it segways into the real topic of the episode - how people use jokes to cover up very genuine problems. 

oftentimes, it’s awkward or flat-out uncomfortable to listen to, but for many people doing it, it’s also a way of coping. they want to acknowledge these bad things, but they don’t wanna… make a big deal out of it. they need to talk about them, but they also kinda really don’t want to. 

and that’s smoky.

trying their best to make light of their insecurities, because they don’t want to address them, or they don’t think that’s what their loved ones (sardonyx) wants to hear.  it’s kind of like having fun with a friend, while also going through something awful. you might want to talk about it, but you don’t really wanna… bring up how horrible you’re feeling when your friend is having a good time. you just wanna put on a “good show”.

so smoky starts making jokes about themselves. they’re not particularly clever or funny, they’re just “lighthearted” ways of saying they have serious issues. 

“i guess zero plus zero equals… zero!”

“they say two wrongs don’t make a right, i guess i’m living proof that’s true!”

these “jokes” aren’t funny, they’re sad. and sardonyx, who is excited for them and loves them, recognizes this and starts getting visibly uncomfortable. 

not everything can be a laughing matter. 

i think sardonyx recognized fairly early that smoky had self-confidence issues. like many friends and family do, her response was to try to help smoky find their positive traits… but when that doesn’t work, it can make the person you’re trying to comfort feel worse. like they’re a disappointment on top of everything else, for not following the “script” by feeling better already.

it was well-intentioned. it was the only way sardonyx knew how to address it, while also keeping a positive and fun mood. trying to cheer smoky up, without interrupting the “show”. 

but sometimes, you gotta interrupt the show and talk about what’s bothering you. even if it means ruining the good mood, disappointing the metaphorical “audience” that exists when you make your behavior performative to please someone else

steven, amethyst and smoky aren’t totally there yet… but, despite the joking tone, i think they’re closer to telling garnet and pearl about their issues. it’s an important step, and hopefully, they’ll be able to really talk about this soon, without putting on a show.

You know, in every fandom, people who post shit in pro tags are labeled as assholes that are making idiots of themselves and should be banned. And here we have anti Karamel pumpkins that believe they are making the world a better place, because they “show teens why this ship is toxic”. Because of course, poor teens don’t have brains and can’t make logical conclusions from what they see on the screen, especially when the ship on the screen is not freaking toxic but quite healthy.

I fucking love haters. And I fucking LOVE haters in pro tags. There is nothing more entertaining when idiots embarrass themselves in public and when they’re proud of it. I guess, my dear Karamel shippers, we are BLESSED.  

the signs in relationships

this is based off people i’ve seen in relationship and what i can see the signs doing :-) check sun, moon & venus. REMEMBER THIS MAY NOT BE 100% ACCURATE FOR EVERYONE, SOME PEOPLE ACT DIFFERENT IN RELATIONSHIPS BC OF THE WAY THEIR PLACEMENTS INFLUENCE THEM AS A WHOLE.

aries: their arguments with their partners may end in passionate making out or sex. they probably act really giddy around their significant other, might make lots of cute little jokes, will show you how they feel sincerely but without being cheesy. brings energy, passion & fun into the relationship. intense and spontaneous lovers. will probably surprise you. may argue a lot, but always willing to work things out. opens up gradually throughout the relationship. doesn’t hold back too much, but doesn’t say too much early on before they’re ready. 

taurus: will never back down in an argument but won’t stay angry with their significant other for long. cuddly and cute, very loving and caring. probably down for anything, including staying in and watching movies or going out on a late night adventure. probably wants to meet your friends and wants you to become friends with theirs. may have trouble being straightforward about how they feel but will always let you know they care. will try to hide their smiles when you show your affection. it may take them a little while to fully open up to their partner. 

gemini: lots of fun, lots of laughs. intellectual, intense conversations as well as humorous ones. wants to keep things simple, expects honesty, needs a good communicator. desires a deep connection with their significant other. surprises you with unexpected affection and little acts of love. appreciates the little things. will get along great with all your friends. enjoys cute, casual dates like going out for ice cream, going for a drive or watching netflix. might not work well with someone who is on the more sensitive side. will always try to make their partner feel good about themselves, sometimes in unique ways.

cancer: cuddly and affectionate. really enjoys making out, more than you’d expect. wants to spend time with their significant other and wants to get to know them deeply. insecure and may need reassurance because they don’t think highly of themselves which leads them to worry that their partner doesn’t like them enough. caring and loving, great at being a significant other. will make you feel special and is willing to do anything to make you happy. probably squeezes your cheeks and hugs you a lot. wants to meet your friends and family.

leo: way more affectionate and cuddly than you’d expect. may need their ego fed and can be slightly needy, but always means well. romantic, caring and extremely loyal. wants to kiss 24/7, always wants to touch you. proud of their relationship and wants to show off their significant other. insecure deep down and wants to feel loved and love you in return. thinks their relationship is the cutest. appreciative of everything their significant other does for them. 

virgo: proud of their significant other and admires them greatly. probably takes a lot of pictures of them. cute, appreciates romance and cares deeply. likes lil kisses and holding hands. sometimes misunderstood, but does their best to express their feelings. generous and devoted, will make their partner very happy and will be happy as well because they feel lucky to have someone care for them. wants to help their partner become a better person and wants their significant other to help them improve as well.

libra: charming and romantic. fun, easy-going lovers. connects with their significant other through physical affection and verbal communication. super cute and opens up to their partner a lot when they’re alone together. very loving and wants their partner to be happy. dedicated, loyal, generous. thoughtful and sweet. might change their mind a lot, but only because they always want the best for their relationship. 

scorpio: intense and explosive. wants emotional and deep relationships. will make their partner feel special and hopes for the same thing in return. may have a hard time trusting at first, but will open up in time. loves physical affection, more than they’d admit. passionate and unpredictable. needs a strong connection and a feeling of true love and care. uses their intuition in relationships. needs reassurance because of their trust issues, but will care A LOT when their find someone they really like. 

sagittarius: brings adventure, fun and passion into the relationship. loves obscure dates but appreciates simple things too. wants to learn more about their partner and hopes to grow together in the relationship. may seem apathetic at times, but they do care, they’re just light-hearted people. exciting and refreshing lovers. probably spontaneous. desires passion and new experiences.

capricorn: needs to feel wanted and appreciates a significant other that will admire them. sometimes possessive, but usually not to an extreme extent. gives a lot and doesn’t really expect much, but will be happy to have a partner who does nice things for them. likes being complimented and shows affection casually and often traditionally. can be stubborn but when they love someone, they really love them. loyal and good at communicating. 

aquarius: may seem aloof, but loving and caring deep down. likes showing their affection through unique and cute little gestures. versatile. loves to give and receive pleasure. wants to make their partner happy and hopes to make them feel good about themselves. desires a connection that is intellectual and deep. wants their partner to open up to them. generous and fun. 

pisces: romantic and affectionate. loves cuddles and sentimentality. cute and fun. interesting to get to know as the relationship progresses and wants you to know that you can trust them. hopes to make their partner feel special and happy and wants to learn from the relationship. caring, loving and sweet. deep and intellectual conversations as well as light-hearted and humorous ones. can be sensitive because they think highly of their partner and value their opinion. 

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People thinking Clexa live a high royal life with elegant maners all queens family like. Clarke convinces Lexa into doing a lip sync music video with her for fun,to show they're just 2 married dorks who are extremely nice and down to earth,always unafraid of making fools of themselves. The video goes viral and then the fans copy and support them. Years later they recreate it with the chubsters. Chubsters get older and see it and just "ohmygod moms"

I love this aww. They’re so casual and down to earth, ,,, except when Lexa is Lextra lmao

exo will love being on knowing bros, because overall is a very free variety show where the guests get to show individual talents/skills, tell stories about their childhood or pre debut, they get to make jokes freely, they get to have fun where not everything is about idol life, but more about their personal life. the hosts job is to make it entertaining for the viewers, but the guests always have a good time being themselves or doing crazy crap they wont do on another show.

So…. Harry did THIS instead of… getting himself and Louis out of their contracts? For their amusement?

“#go on harry #take the world haha” more like “get your priorities sorted.” I can see now how it will go when Louis reveals his album of gay anthems and is asked why it took him so long, and he’ll be like “we were having too much fun being petty, really, and our larries loved it so much when Harry went through months of effort just to show up my beards in two professions. It was worth missing out on months of my mother’s life spending it in Jamaica and making my little sisters carry that crime syndicate baby around.”

it’s kind of sad when shows you love just become so… boring, isn’t it?

I LOVED SUPERNATURAL, Season 1 was perfect. Scary monsters, family nonsense, messing with lore and all; and Season 2 was different, also okay, then there was an angel and things were an interesting dynamic…

but then, they never died. it was like a bad fanfic, really. the main characters just keep moving between life and death, human and demon, human and monster all the damn time, and there were never any long-standing consequences for anything they did (for the Winchesters, that is, everyone else around them was murdered or died horrifically, etc.)

Not to mention the fact that a lot of fans bend over backwards to justify writing and drawing the two brothers in a sexual relationship (often mentioning them doing things as teens, which is just creepy guys c’mon). ‘it’s more than being brothers’… no, there’s a word for that, and it’s illegal susan. i mean, it’s both better and worse than way back when it began…

i mean, on the one hand, we’re not as flooded with it on our dashes in unskippable 10k+ posts as we used to be, bc people are busy breaking away from the fandom, bc it never ends. but on the other hand, the shippers that do survive have become incredibly defensive and cruel, we’re not in the ‘superwholocks grab your _____’ phase but when you think about how certain authors and artists use false call-out posts to set their followers on people (people who are often querying why they’re always doing incest, pedophilia, rape stuff, etc.)… is it really that different?

Look, i loved supernatural. and sure, the whole dick-joke season was hilarious, in a watch-it-once kind of way. and the musical episode was a bit of meta fun…

but… it really, really should have ended so many seasons ago, it can’t keep going. the core tenets of the show have been scattered to the four winds, and now it’s just angst and never ending resurrections…

which is why the fanbase is now a sliver of what it used to be


There was BBC SHERLOCK, and sure… it seemed fun to start with, exciting and complex. But the more you rewatch it, the more you realise bendydonk crinklepatch’s character is an asshole, and his Watson spends half his time apologising or making excuses for him. Then everyone pissed all over the female characters in the show for ‘ruining their ship’ which was never going to be canon anyway bc we know who writes it…

And the whole ‘let’s give them an unsolved cliffhanger then never explain it even after we made fans wait several years before we gave another series’ thing was just goddamn rude. It was also a little cringey to watch a lot of the episodes, and very frustrating, overall.

It could have been done much better. Character development is not a foreign word, Moffat… c’mon mate.

The whole show just takes so long to come out, and isn’t that engaging anymore. A significant portion of the original fanbase has veered off, bc there are other, better shows out there. Etc.


And DOCTOR WHO… (New Who, that is)

Nine and Rose and Jack and Mickey? Fantastic.

Ten and Rose and Martha and Donna? Brilliant. 

They were complex, intriguing characters that were all amazing and exciting, flawed and brilliant. Their arcs were engaging and compelling, caught us off guard and horrified us all in the best/worst ways…

The Crystal Planet episode fucked us all up, admit it. 

Eleven and the Ponds? Great fun, could have been done slightly better, but the monsters were scary and exciting and played on basic fears in just the right ways to engage. 

But then we got Clara. And Clara… was clearly Moffat’s dream girl, and she was frustrating to say the least. He used her to piss all over existing canon (e.g. “I think eleven is the best chapter!” and “I was born to save the Doctor…”), and also she used to do this weird thing where once an episode she’d burst into tears, make an emotional speech, and ???? suddenly the doctor would have his magical answer???

Like, Moffat abandons foreshadowing or anything with 12 and Clara… it’s like, 95% of the episode they fucked about, emotional stuff, doctor can’t understand emotions and clara is an emotional vending machine, then suddenly the unsolvable issue becomes magically solved. It just kind of lost itself in proving how intricate he could make an episode or arc… 

I saw a vague half-ep with 12 and Bill and their chemistry seemed better, but i think she died?

no idea how the next doctor will go, but like… it’s taken so incredibly long to get to this point, it’s hard to get back to the show. 

- - - 

forgot the point i was trying to make, but like… a lot of shows you loved (and i used superwholock as an example bc of the massive fanbases it had a few years back) seem to just be declining so fast because the showrunners don’t know when to stop, the production times are so long all interest wanes, the characters and plot tie themselves in knots trying to be clever, the fanbase grows toxic (e.g. death threats over a goddamn fictional ship), and character development takes a backseat at all times…

and that’s sort of sad, really. because they were fun, you loved watching them, what they offered/promised when you watched the first season… and then they just kept deteriorating. you can’t forget how awesome they were, but then you see what they’ve become and it’s like, ‘why?’

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so i was watching their comeback stages, and the boys seemed so happy?? they had such bright smiles on their faces which makes me soooo happy i'm glad they're enjoying themselves :'D

YES T^T I think we all agree when I say these were iKON’s (so far) best music show stages Everything was ON POINT! They had fun, the stage looked expensive, their outfits were great, their stage presence was NO JOKE, the vocals and rappers were SO stable and they gave everything for the choreo! It was my favorite music show performance by iKON so far :’) I seriously love this era 😭♥️ and the fact they can perform songs that they love and always wanted to do, just makes me even more happy T^T

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More Arusasha


  • They love to study together. They help each other focus and get work done, and it’s also just so fun for them to work together. 
  • Sasha loves to steal Armin’s sweaters and t-shirts and wear them when he least expects it. Armin gets so flustered cause “That’s my shirt!” and “Oh no, she looks cute in my shirt!” And Sasha just thinks it’s so adorable. 
  • They always joke about the day that Armin will be taller than Sasha. And Sasha pretends to be mad when it actually happens because how dare he not be “fun-sized” anymore? (But she actually loves him tall cause the cuddles are so good!) 
  • They love to binge watch TV shows together. They get super into it, tagging themselves and their friends as the characters. They’ll theorize about it, plan for it, make snacks specifically for their binge nights. They love to geek out together and bond over series together. 
  • They’re the couple that will push each other in the pool and sneak attack each other with water guns/water balloons and will splash each other relentlessly in the pool. Neither one is ever safe from the other at a pool party. 

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Mini Fic Rec List

So until I can get an Korean adapter for my laptop, I can’t actually produce anything on this in the format I like, including my next fic rec list. Until then, I would like to just give a mini rec list of things I’ve been reading until I come out with my second official one. Remember to always review, no matter when a story was last updated, as many authors who haven’t updated in nearly ten years are coming back and saying it’s because of the encouragement you guys have been giving. These stories will all be added onto the second fic rec list too once I’ve got a working laptop. Anyway, here are some stories I’ve been keeping up with that you should too. As with before, the asterisks mean they’re a fav of mine. And as usual, check out other stuff from these authors as these often aren’t their only or best Zutara stories.

– THE BOTTOM OF A SWIMMING POOL *** by d-dulcet –

This fic is immediately post war, and while I like post war Zutara a lot, immediately after typically turns me off. However, this author is amazing and now I’m making an exception. This story is definitely going to be a slow build done well, with on point character depictions and interactions, poignant writing, wonderful pacing, and one of my favorite things, a realistic, mature, and in depth look at the issues of politics and prejudices. We see Katara staying to heal an injured Zuko, and while their bond strengthens every day, Katara must face and deal with the people around who view her as below them for being born in the Water Tribes. We see even the lowest servant show their obvious resentment of Katara and nobles with their thinly veiled disgust of her, all for being Water Tribe, and how even her position as the SWT’s Chief’s daughter or a war time hero does nothing to change this view (if anything, it almost hinders her living in the FN) I just love seeing Katara’s feelings through out this all. At first, we see her annoyance and righteous anger for this behavior build until she makes her mind known to these people who are meant to be considerate of her. We see her get confused and hurt, questioning herself and the worth of her bending, from little microaggressions from the Fire Nation nobles. And then we see her find validation in herself again and then a feeling of contentment from healing and hanging around with Zuko. Furthermore, Zuko’s relaxation and acknowledgment of her power is sweet and nice after seeing all the crap others were putting her through. I also like the little introspection we see in Zuko, in him realizing that while Katara may tease him, it never reaches a level of cruelty we see in others who were meant to be close to him. Really awesome fic,

and SHE MOVES WITH THE SEA *** by Void —

These are two companion fics that are grossly underrated. Written in a more poetic style, we see post war Zutara develop through some angst and fluff. They write so beautifully and like the previous fic, you feel the emotions the characters feel. Everything about this is perfect, definitely check them both out and give lots of love.


Not smut so chill this is actually a really cute short AU fic in which Katara discovers and saves a grumpy mermaid, all while trying to keep it a secret from others in her household. It’s really cute and the ending a bit bittersweet, depending on what you think. Adorable, definitely check it out.

– LEADING UP TO YOU by Olive-Tree-Hugger –

Trouble and unrest in the Northern Water Tribe leads Zuko and Katara to a battle between spirits and crazed men in power, resulting in the death of the blue spirit and more than political issues for Katara to face. And is the Blue Spirit really gone?! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!

– OUR FORTUNES TOGETHER *** by NomDeGuerre —

This fic is an arranged marriage fic that is super exciting with nice development. The first chapter has a bit of smut near the end which you can honestly skip and then after that, Zuko and Katara are immediately thrust into precarious situations and travel and meet certain new friends *wink wink* and have to face and Ozai who wants another war. I won’t go into much more detail than that as it would reveal too much and take away surprises the author placed in wonderfully. Super awesome story, featuring an adorable old!aang (who kinda reminds me of General Leia but with more candy) and a certain herbalist who is bound to have a family reunion. Zuko and Katara themselves are very in character. I love when stories show the characters flaws just as much as their good points, and this author does this which makes the developing relationship between the too feel that much more real. Zuko is super awkward and closes himself off constantly, feeling like he’s trapped Katara, who he’s beginning to develop feelings for, in a relationship with a monster, while Katara keeps trying to open him up and is worried that he doesn’t like her or want the relationship at all… Which leads to fun moments as they see how wrong they are. Definitely read this.


A Zutara and Taang fic in which Sokka gets into trouble with someone who turns him into a badger cat, starting a chain reaction that turns into an awesome creative story. Toph stumbles across this sassy, talking animal and sees an opportunity at adventure in running away and helping him turn back to human and find his friends. Zombies, Pirates, and Zutara moments come along quick in this. Definitely keep this fic in mind in your searches, especially for more creative plots.

– BACK FOR YOU by Reyn –

One shot, and due to a curse on the Fire Nation from the Water Tribes, the Fire Lord and a waterbender have to meet annually to prevent drought and coincidentally fall in love. Some complications fall into their lives which may or may not prevent them from being together. Very pretty, and a creative idea. Some suggestive material, nothing explicit.

– ASCENT by bexst –

Short chapters with what seems to be a depiction of a spar that is actually the development of Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship. Pretty cool. Size of fic means you can read and finish on toilet, so double cool.

– NAUTILUS by maddeve –

So unlike the previous fic, this story has huge chapters, but they’re interesting and full of good developments. Post war, Katara trying to figure things out and Zuko hoping she figures out how he feels about her. The author does a nice job of displaying where canon couples go wrong on some issues, along with brining up political and personal obstacles in everyone’s way. Really pretty, for the most part is in character, I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.

– WELCOME HEAT by cowlicklesschick –

Modern AU, which I typically don’t like, but this one is cute and entertaining. Due to a dangerous accident while saving a certain med student, Zuko finds himself in a hospital trying to make it back when Katara comes to bring brownies to her savior. This leads to a ton of events that bring them closer. The whole Gaang is here too, featuring IrohMeddling™. Nice fic.

– EYES OF AGNI** by cannaduh –

I love how in character everyone is in this story - I can actually see them thinking and saying these things the author writes. I also am liking their OC’s and the little details they’ve included like the servants and guards always “correcting” katara for saying zuko instead of fire lord zuko. It’s funny and engaging, while also giving us an idea of the environment in this post-war world.

Besides the funny and on point dialogue, the pacing is always very good - they take time explaining the things that matter but they also don’t drag on certain parts by detailing everything in a scene. It’s perfect.

I also like the plot. I find they’re making this a naturally developing relationship with characteristics of Zuko’s and Katara’s relationship being addressed in a way that ATLA’s producers (notice how i didn’t say writers) chose to skip. I also like how they’re subtly showing the problems with the canon ships without outright attacking Mai and Aang. Instead of saying “oh Mai is an evil bitch” or “Aang is an immature asshole” like so many other fics do, they’re simply including things like Mai and Zuko not seeing eye to eye nor sharing priorities. They’re allowing us to see Mai is able to be polite but also off-putting, like at one point with Zuko and Mai not really communicating is very well done as this was something we really see in the show. I would like to see how they handle Aang some more. I’d imagine they’d display him as the same lovable guy from the show, but like with Mai, showing the characteristics that make him and Katara incompatible. Awesome development, sweet story line, no outright character bashing. Really nice stuff.


Katara suffering from Kataangst and basically deciding that what Bryke did to her wasn’t what she was going to let happen. Short fic, can read and finish on toilet while being proud of Katara.


This title is literal. For this, we have a series of AU fics that are all original, fun, and exciting. You’ve got several modern AU’s, like gangster Zutara and Domestic Living Zutara, along with Soulmates and letter exchange between the fire lord and master waterbender.

– SPIRITS*** by lady wisp – Super creative fic here in which Katara, the Southern Water Tribe’s “witch” for keeping contact with the spirits, is called upon by Zuko as she attempts to get help for the Southern Water Tribe in its war with the Northern Water Tribe. In order to receive help from this spirit, she must agree to help him find the avatar, something she’s never heard of before for being almost illicit in nature. There are all sorts of twists and turns, like what sort of spirit is Zuko if he is one, how did he get to that point what does he remember, and is he trustworthy, along with Katara’s discovery of different secrets and dealings related to the water tribes and outside nations (“what’s the fire nation? Bending? What’s that?”). Really creative, fun, and cool with in character interactions and fun development and, while it is not completely dark, there’s a level of suspense.


So there are a couple fics. This post will have been queued as I’m away and will be leaving tumblr for a few months. Enjoy these, and I’ll try to come back with an actual second fic list later (and if you haven’t seen the first one, it’s on my blog).

Also, you’re an author, please send me your stuff as I’ve lost a ton of stories I remember liking but I have no idea what the titles were and yours might’ve been one of those fics.

Comparison Between Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara

//I hate when people say that everything Izaya does is just for “shits and laughs”, when they fawn over Shizuo. Did you know that in volume 11, Izaya actually says himself that many times he /can’t/ control himself and leads himself into terrible situations? Doesn’t that sound a little like what happens wth Shizuo’s body? Izaya’s mind was corrupted by himself, and Shizuo’s body was corrupted by himself. I don’t see the difference or how one is better than the other and also since I’ve read more into the characters and novels, I’ve realized that they are pretty similar in many ways, even in their illogical hate towards each other other. The novels themselves said that Shizuo wasn’t judging by any kind of moral, but rather decided that the only kind of people there were were people who either pissed him off or didn’t piss him off, and Izaya’s logic being you’re either a human or a monster. Not only that, it’s pretty much obvious that neither one of them love themselves either. Izaya loves humans, even if he’s a human, Izaya actually refered himself as the devil, and also plainly said that he wanted to observe humans that was not himself, while Shizuo says he hates himself the most of all. Shizuo’s goal was to “get stronger”, and Izaya’s was to “love all of humanity”. Izaya’s was an actual obsession. But you know what? The only reason people ever approached Izaya was for their own reasons and his knowledge, and the only reason people ever approached Shizuo typically always had something to do with his physical strength. Also, they had both decided to let loose and as a result they had only done more damage that way. They both have problems with connecting with people. They both have practically many of the same morals, but just have different ways of expressing them. And they both get bothered by stupid things, and are both unstable and unpredictable albeit in different ways. Maybe they just rub off on each other the wrong way really badly :/
Not only that, but they decided to hate each other even though they accept other people for what they shun each other for. That’s what I see. They’re both actually pretty logical, and Shizuo even admitted that even if he understands something, it doesn’t mean he won’t get irritated. They also forget names as well some times. They both can turn from good moods to bad moods and vice versa pretty quickly as well. Once people got to know them, some had good words and some had bad.

Also, their logic to hurt somebody just because “it’s fun and addicting”, OR just because you’re “pissed off” just isn’t right from the other characters’ eyes. Plus, the only person they ever tried to kill were each other. Not to mention that Shinra was also their first friend. Plus, Izaya did also once say, “It’s so fun it makes me wanna vomit.” To Shizuo, Izaya was always “just a flea” (because Shizuo claims that Izaya never gave him a reason to trust him) and to Izaya after Shizuo rejected him (Izaya did tell Miyoshi that he did try to love him once), Shizuo was always “just a monster” even when Shizuo showed his human side to other people, and even when there was a reason for Izaya for “love” him. It’s like they want each other to be nice to themselves even when they do acknowledge they are not the best people to get close to. Above all, neither one of them even understand each other or themselves, so they just narrow their feelings down to “I just hate him”, “because I’m pissed off” and “Because I love humans”. They both also admit to being cowards, and have both hurt people intentionally and not. Plus, neither of them ever really wanted to have their hands stained with blood. Not to mention the fact that they’re both the reason that their younger siblings turned out the way they did, and Izaya admited he felt guilty for that. I highly assume Shizuo did too. Neither of them would force people to stay with them. Shizuo also pointed out that he was like Izaya in the regard that they did everything alone. Plus, both admit to being cowards. :P Both also stay connected to people through formalities(Namie, Masaomi, Tom, Simon, Awakusu-kai, etc) and it has been proven that neither want to be alone, and that both want to be accepted for who and what they are.
The Kid Inside

A/N: [CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #10] - Super Lovers (Haru/Ren) - 45 “Why are you embarrassed? You shouldn’t be.” prompt by Shiba-chan! @shibakamiko I finally managed to finish this. Originally this was supposed to be fic #4 but it got #10 in the end hehe oops, I hope you like iiit *-* 

Summary: Ren and Haru are back inside after an intensive snowball fight, and as they warm up and argue about how Ren doesn’t show the kid in him enough, things turn out rather… tickly.

Word Count: 1320

“Ahhh let’s go in quickly Rennie! That was so much fun!” Haru huffed as he carried his drenched brother inside. The water dripped from Ren’s hair, face and clothes as he hung helplessly in Haru’s arms, shivering from the cold.

Haru quickly put him down on the couch, wrapped a towel plus a blanket around him and turned on the heater.

“There. Much better huh?” he laughed. He couldn’t stop smiling at adorable little Ren; truth was, for the first time in ages he had seen the little kid in Ren come to the surface. The serious 18-year-old had never showed much of his kid inside, even when he was younger. Except when there was snow. Ren loved snowball fights!

They both had been disappointed when they didn’t get to celebrate a White Christmas, build a snowman and have the greatest snowball fights like they did last year. 

So now that they got this lovely surprise, they were sure to make use of it, and got themselves in what Haru would call the most intensive snowball fight ever. One that got him to show up again: young Ren. 

They had so much fun, Ren had laughed playfully, thrown snowballs at Haru and it had been a wonderful sight. How long had they been out in the snow? Probably for hours. Haru couldn’t stop smiling as he thought back of it, and he bent down in front of Ren and took one of his cold feet in his hands.

“Ren? Why are you embarrassed? You shouldn’t be.” Noticing the way Ren lowered his head, a pouty expression and a blush on his face, Haru immediately noticed Ren was embarrassed of what happened.

“I was so stupid..” Ren mumbled, and he pulled the towel tighter around him.

“Naahhh you were a lot of fun!” Haru said, now peeling off Ren’s socks that had gotten all wet through his shoes. His feet were freezing, so he started to massage them lovingly to warm them up.

“Please just pretend you didn’t see that. I’m eighteen, I shouldn’t act like a kid…” Ren sighed, still pouting, and Haru tightened his grip on Ren’s feet.

“You’re sulking about that one time I finally get to see the kid inside you? Stop fooling around Ren!” Haru couldn’t help give the soles of Ren’s feet a quick tickle, and the cutest cackle left Ren’s lips.

“Wahh Haru!” Ren pulled up his knees and tried to hide his feet under the blanket as well, causing him to fall onto his side as he was curled into a little ball.

Ah, Haru had wanted to give Ren a break from his merciless tickles for once, especially after such a tiring snowball fight. But seeing Ren like that, na-ah, he was sold.

“Tell me again. Are you sure you won’t act like a kid again?” Haru asked, slowly seeking his way to an excuse to tickle Ren as he stood at his side, hovering over him and watching him swallow nervously.

“P-positive,” Ren muttered with a blush. Oh that cheeky little-

“GYah!” The blanket burrito jolted hilariously when Haru drew his fingers up his soles, and Haru smirked devilishly.

“I don’t think I agree,” Haru said calmly, and he pounced on the now panicking guy. Ren squirmed around hilariously, but he was quite trapped in the blanket like a sushi roll and Haru was already grabbing his ankles and pulling him over onto his lap as he took a seat on the couch as well.

“NO- nahaha Haru! No tihihickling! Not my feeheheeet!” Ren exploded and that was definitely some kid inside Haru got to see. An entirely different one. A ticklish one.

“But your feet are so cooold Ren, I’m just warming them up!” Haru teased, and he fluttered his fingers up Ren’s ice cold soles. Ren’s toes curled and a cute hiccupy laugh was forced out of him.

“HAha! Hahaharu nooo!” Haru couldn’t stop smirking while his fingers tickled every ticklish little inch of Ren’s soles. He felt the sensitive skin warm up at his touch, looking at him he noticed how adorable he looked laughing like that, and the music of Ren’s beautiful laughter was the big bonus of it all.

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Hotgomery for the ship thing? (If you still want to do it!)

Yes, I do… Srsly, I could do a ton of these if I could :}


Who was the one to propose?

~Billie. It was so bittersweet because of course Nora wanted to marry her more than anything but the fact that she was dead and the other was alive posed as an obstacle. Billie just cupped her face in her hands and tilted her chin so their eyes met, and whispered, “As long as the love between us beats strong, nothing can ever keep us apart,” or something along those lines because Billie’s poetic af. 

Who stressed more over wedding planning?

~Nora. She’s a stickler for perfection. In regards to the vows, there was talk over the whole “‘til death do us part” thing and how in their case, that was not true aT ALL. (As long as Billie died in Murder House territory) But there was also the matter of where they would hold the ceremony because the house could only provide so much space and the other ghosts who lived there weren’t always in the cooperative mood. Nora kept roaming the hallways, occasionally muttering complaints like, “This is all wrong…oh dear,Tate! It’s a wedding, not a funeral. Keep the black roses to a minimum please. And what a tragedy, the wood of this coffee table does not match with the chestnut. Goodness gracious, these table cloths for the reception will not do.” Billie always helps calm her down though. She’ll hug her from behind and nuzzle her neck, saying, “Sweetheart, if the house’s interior decorating is that hideous to you, we can wait until Halloween to tie the knot in a real setting.” Nora sighs in relief, “Oh thank goodness. I mean, a wedding? Here? What an awful idea.”

Who decorated the house?

~Nora, no doubt. But because of the horrible taste of new residents, unnecessary renovations ordered by Marcy, and fucking Chad and Patrick, Nora’s desire to punch a Tiffany-stained glass fixture has doubled significantly.

Who does the cooking?

~BILLIE. Nora shudders at the simplest thought of the microwave and that repulsive pasta arm. Billie tried teaching her how to use some of the modern devices once but the poor thing shrieked bloody murder when Violet’s hot pocket beeped ready. (Hey, she happened to wander in the kitchen at night and right when she thought she was alone and minding her own business, that little fucker beeps) 
“Baby, it’s a microwave oven,” Billie laughs.
“It’s an abomination, I tell you.”

Who is more organized?

~Nora. Not that Billie isn’t but Nora likes things around her house to stay neat.

Who initiates bedroom fun?

~Billie. Whether it’s peppering kisses on the ghost’s neck or running gentle hands over Nora’s skin, she loves making her feel loved as much as possible.  

Who suggested kids first?

~I’m sure this is a given ;)

Though Nora will never be over her little boy, Thaddeus, Billie is always there to comfort her and wipe the tears away.

Who’s more dominant?

~They’re both very strong-willed women so it’s all a matter of taking turns, in and out of the bedroom.

Who’s the cuddler?

~Nora. She enjoys cuddling and being cuddled back; Billie’s warmth makes her heart swell in a way it never has. Plus, she barely experienced this kind of affection with Charles, who was too busy feeding his Frankenstein complex down in the basement.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon?

~This relationship is all about giving and receiving so they take turns on who spoons the other as well. But Nora really loves having Billie’s arms around her so she’s the little spoon very often.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity?

~Talking. Oh my goodness, being from different time periods, they enjoy sitting or cuddling in front of a fireplace or the couch and telling each other stories. Nora shyly admits that she went through a flapper phase sometime during her teens and how she collected records from all the great jazz musicians from the 20′s in her youth which all happened before she got married to Charles and moved to California. Billie would tell her about her first paranormal experience with the Mexican ghost appearing to her and all. She’d also tell her about that bitch she wanted to unseat as president of her book club but was extremely grateful to discover her fate as a medium instead. All of this while Nora’s favorite music plays paired with two cups of hot chocolate (Billie took charge of those)

Who cooks?

~Billie! She hopes Nora will get over her apprehension from the pasta arm soon.

Who comes home drunk at 3am?

~More like who comes back with drinks at 3am. It would be Billie since Nora can’t exactly leave the house. But they have all the fun they need right there at home.

Who kills the spiders?

~Billie. If she’s not afraid of ghosts, she can stomach spiders. Nora would just go around blaming the bugs on past and present residents.

Who falls asleep first?

~Billie. Nora’s guilty of staying up a bit to admire her lover’s sleeping form.

A head canon:

~There is a rarely used ballroom part of the house that Nora likes to take Billie to. There, they hold each other close while slow dancing to some soft jazz. It’s their most common form of a date night until Halloween comes around. Then it’s Billie’s turn to take Nora out and give her the time of her afterlife before the clock strikes November.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any rituals?

~Every Halloween date there’s to be: no worries and no stress. Just live in the present and enjoy every second. 

Who is louder?

~Nora. (Remember ‘Chaaaaaaaaaaarles!’?) ;D Violet will usually turn up the volume of her music extra high around that time, with Tate begging for her to share her earbuds; Ben and Vivien will shake their heads, smirking knowingly; and Hayden will wish for Nora to go back to sobbing instead.  

Who is more experimental?

~Billie is more prone to experiment with stuff. Nora is still new to this world and needs constant encouragement to try new things and devices popular in modern society. Imagine the child-like innocence when they’re fooling around in the bedroom though…

Who takes more risks?

Nora but it’s been a slow process to even get her to consider taking more risks. She’ll only do it if Billie is around to protect her.

Do they fuck or make love?

~MAKE LOVE. Billie will be punished for using such profanity. (Yes, punished as in the good way) That isn’t to say they don’t fuck once in a while. With numerous ghosts in the house and Billie shooting her shows and documentaries, they need some fun to themselves too. Just don’t call it ‘fucking’ around Nora. Chad and Hayden already tease her enough with that.

Lights on or off? 

~Moira advises that they keep them off if they do it in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Some of the ghosts are notorious for being vile and completely ignoring the definition of the word ‘privacy’.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

~Hmm, I guess Nora? It’s not like she has a lot to do with her spare time when Billie goes to work. But personal privacy is difficult to achieve when you’re sharing a house with 300+ ghosts who can materialize anytime in any room.

Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?

~NEITHER. They are very happy and more than satisfied with their sex life and each other. (Though that doesn’t stop others from suggesting, like Travis and Hugo Langdon, who ended up being slapped by Nora as a result)

Who comes first?

~NORA. Please, with Billie’s press-on nailed fingers, this is a given.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it?

~Billie is better at oral and Nora prefers it. It makes her feel like she’s committing a scandal by allowing Billie to perform such acts on her.

Who is more submissive?

~Nora. There was a time when she took charge once, driven by the heat and the passion. Billie didn’t mind one bit. Not one single bit.

Who usually initiates things?

~Neither are afraid to initiate things, whether the action be sexually or non-sexually. From surprising the other with jewelry bought from a shop she adored in the early 1900′s to something completely random like a stolen kiss between empty hallways, Billie and Nora are all about it.

Who is more sensitive?

~Nora. To this day, she’s still trying to get Hayden to stop cursing while Billie insists there’s no use.  

Who has the most patience?

~Billie. Nora will walk through hallways, look into every room, and basically shout Billie’s name if she’s not where she should be in at least 5 minutes.  
“Okay, okay, I’m coming,” Billie would call out.
“Oh, you will be,” Nora would say. And then you’d hear someone spitting out their drink from somewhere in the house, followed by loud laughter.

What kinks do they share?

~Nora has recently taken a liking to biting. Then there’s also the occasional hair pull, fingering, bondage, establishing dominance, teasing, once in a blue moon getting fucked using a strap-on (you can imagine the look of surprise on Nora’s face when she first discovered the vibrating ones), oral sex, and ass/breast grabbing. Billie has yet to show her more. It’s a good thing they have more time than they know what to do with :)