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endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “


Credence Barebone ~ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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You love Credence and want him to have a better life.

Requested by: My soul

Written by: Head Honcho

Warning: Long, mentions of abuse

AN: My bb boi needs love


You let out a deep breath as you take a seat on the sofa in your living room. After a long day, it’s good to snuggle up with a book to forget about all the problems or rude people you’ve encountered in the last twenty-four or fewer hours.

Right when you’re getting to the part in the book where the main character meets her prince charming, there is a knock at your apartment’s door. A normal person would question why someone would be at their door at this ungodly hour while you let out a sigh of relief.

You rush towards the door, tieing your silk robe shut knowing how easily flustered he gets at the simplest of sleepwear. You open it and there he is, Credence Barebone, in all his… glory.

“(Y/N)…” His voice is weak as he keeps his head low.

“Credence.” You keep your own voice soft. “Would you like to come in?” You step aside and gesture him in.

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BB-8 The Matchmaker

Anon asked: hi, i love your work, youre such a great writer! id actually like to make a request where bb-8 finds out poe likes you and you like him, leading the droid to enlist every single droid on base to play matchmaker, including c-3po and r2-d2? thanks for considering it!

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Yasss, I love my spherical little droid baby!)

Plot Summary: BB-8, one of the few people, or well, droids that Poe confides in. The spherical droid rolls around giddily, until Poe makes BB-8 promise to not tell anyone. Especially you. However, when the droid overhears you, General Organa’s right-hand, about your attraction to the droid’s master. BB-8 decides to enlist C-3PO, R2-D2, as well as every cleaning, medical, and war droid to bring the two of you together.

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“Well, that was nice. Haven’t had a good chat in a while.” You smiled as Poe walked alongside you to your room, BB-8 rolling in between the both of you.

“Yeah, now that the Starkiller Base is destroyed, we have at least some level of peace.” Poe sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he stopped in front of your room.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You turned around, facing him with your tablet at your hip.

“Of course! When have I ever let you down?”

“How about when I told you not to get captured on Jakku?”

“Okay, besides that. And I’m still alive, right?” Poe gestured wildly to himself, BB-8 rolling around his feet.

You laughed, walking into your room. “Goodnight, Mr. Dameron.” And with a smile and a wave, the door was closed, leaving Poe to walk back to his own room.

BB-8 whirred at him, asking what was wrong.

“I’ll tell you later, buddy.”

As soon as Poe was inside his own room, BB-8 immediately began to beep excitedly, asking Poe why he was acting so sullen.

“Well, how do you feel about Y/N?”

The droid answered, rather keen on you. It considered you as a part of it’s surrogate family.

“So, I may or may not have… Romantic feelings for her.”

BB-8 squealed happily, circling around Poe once again before rolling towards the door.

“Wait, no!” Poe dived and caught the droid in his arms, keeping it from exiting the room.

“BB-8, you can’t tell her! I don’t even know if she even has the same feelings!”

BB-8 stopped and made a questioning beep.

“Just, wait, okay? I just want to be safe and make sure she’s interested or not.”

His droid gave him a reassuring head-tap with its own, before rolling off to its charging station and powering down.

Poe, on the other hand, lied awake in bed, thinking about you, sighing.

He turned over in his bed, trying to get a good night’s sleep.

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veneziano according to some fans: ve i don’t care about my brother at all I’m the better one anyways I’m so spoiled and my life is so easy my brother can do all the work

canon veneziano: a bit awkward around his brother and doesn’t always know how to react to him or what to say since they haven’t actually had much time together but loves romano all the same, shown to be kind of unsure of what romano thinks of him tbh, is honestly very patient with his brother’s moods, tries to comfort romano, thinks romano hates work so he offers to take over for it, praises romano, patches up romano when he’s hurt, stands up to england for romano, crawls into bed with romano, helps clean romano’s room, introduces him as ‘cool’, is generally always happy to see his brother and loves him lots

me: romano stands strong enough as a character in his own right that I don’t need to unfairly undermine one of his closest familial relationships to somehow try and make him seem more appealing like. These two both need more positivity, not less. Also romano is a whirlwind of insecurity, misplaced pride, and jealousy so I know that he’s sometimes an unreliable narrator who doesn’t even mean a lot of what he says. Deep down he knows feli loves him and he loves him back

Better Lucky

Rey’s dream job involves a lot more dirt that most people’s – but she loves it just the same. As a hot-walker working for up-and-coming trainer Poe Dameron, she spends her days working with racehorses alongside her friend Finn, including talented race-mare BB Eight. But when start-up millionaire Ben Solo moves his barn in next door, things are about to get really interesting at Jakku Downs Racetrack… Star Wars horse racing AU.

Fic by gallifrey_skies, moodboard for @the-reylo-void <3

MC having big curly poofy hair HC's :')

This is my first time posting my writing on here (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) and I’m on mobile KILL me

Yoosung 🎮

🎮 his hands would instantly reach to poof your hair up more
🎮 “MC… you’re like a beautiful lion.”
🎮 honestly you h8 SM when people JUST TOUCH your hair but this boy is so cute and pure you let him floof it up all he wants
🎮 loves LOVES to brush out your hair when you absolutely don’t want to (those KNOTS man UGH)
🎮 he’s so absolutely gentle and patient when combing it out tho like wow what else can those hands do??? (I’m sorry bb Yoosung)
🎮 also will buy and apply products to reduce frizz ——> RELUCTANTLY
🎮 he loves when you wear your hair down it’s so cute
🎮 you teach him how to style your hair in different ways and he’s so determined to make everything perfect he’s so CUTE
🎮 floofy panda buns give him actual life

Zen 🎬

🎬 will cry because you are and actual Disney princess
🎬 likes to watch you comb it out like,,, you thought this was frizzy??? GUESS AGAIN
🎬 will style your hair in 2 seconds
🎬 dislikes when you straighten it but either way you look so stunning plus it’s your body your rules so he doesn’t care
🎬 will actually deck someone so fast is they comment poorly on your hair
🎬 “It’s alright Zen. I get it all the time.”
🎬 HES SO HEARTBROKEN to hear you say that and is still 100% ready 2 fite 🎬 LOVES when your hair is in a raw high ponytail with flyaways and frizz he’s wild for it
🎬 won’t let you play with his hair (ITLL RELEASE THE BEAST)
🎬 but you don’t mind ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Jaehee ☕️

☕️ PLease DONT GET HER WRONG SHE LOVES YOU AND YOUR HAIR SO MUCH!! But working in such a professional setting like C&R really limits her fashion exposure
☕️ TBH you would exchange info on hair products and have nights where you style each other’s hair
☕️ (you would probably invite Zen too)
☕️ “For practice, MC.”
☕️ will also 100% drop kick someone if they talk bad about your hair
☕️ is a bit embarrassed at first when you guys first go out because people stare a lot and comment more often than not
☕️ she notices how uncomfortable you get when people just randomly touch your hair
☕️ “No you may not touch MC’s hair. She doesn’t like it.”
☕️ SO blunt
☕️ WE love you BAEHEE
☕️ LOVES when you do a messy bun and loves it even more (if that’s possible) when she gets to it
☕️she’ll smile forever
☕️ shell grow out her own hair so you have more options for styles
☕️matching hairdo’s! :’)

Jumin 🍷

🍷 lowkey he’s fangirling because you look so cute under all that hair
🍷 would pay beauticians to teach him how to style and take care of curly curly hair
🍷 SO excited to try out his new techniques
🍷nothing goes as planned… ABORT A B O R T
🍷real curly hair is much harder to style than fake hair on a mannequin head
🍷still would not give up this man will look up videos and take more classes all from different people for different opinions
🍷DO NOT let him brush out your hair poor baby is impatient and will yank…. :(
🍷is tempted to practice on Elizabeth
🍷 he is head over heels when you let him do your hair in braids he likes it when your hair is out of your face it’s easier to give you kisses all over ;)
🍷 ;;;; that’s what he tries to convince you but you know the real reason;;;; it’s the easiest hairstyle he knows how to do ^^
Saeyoung 🚀

🚀 ofc not as curly as yours but it’s the thought that counts
🚀 his addiction is trying to get the frizz of your hair to actually curl into a ringlet
🚀 no baby it’s impossible
🚀 constantly joking about how “If we’re gonna get married at the space station then how will all your hair for in your space helmet???”
🚀 will scream from laughing so hard at your bed head
🚀 but let’s be honest HIS isn’t much better
🚀 he’ll give you head rubs but it’s just an excuse to mess with your hair
🚀 will pick out outfits from his agent days that match your curly hair
🚀 teasing wars™ commence
🚀 “MC, your HAIR is SO curly, curly fries would be jealous!”
🚀 you both would laugh so hard you cried
🚀(bless Saeyoung he’s so pure and loves you so so SO MUCH)
🚀 will absolutely destroy someone’s life if they talk bad
🚀"It’s kill or be killed in this world, MC.“
🚀 he adores when you where your hair out natural
🚀 wild, poofy, and ready to go

AhhhhhHHHH THAT WAS THE FIRST!! My tumblr virginity is gone… I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing this (〃ω〃) feedback is always appreciated! ❤️️

Pros and Cons of dating my sim :D 

I was tagged by @thefoxandhersimblr for Nate here you go bb <3


  • Nate is a musician and… well who doesn’t love a musician
  • Nate is really sensitive to his partner’s needs and will always make sure you are happy. 
  • He’s a homebody so he enjoys cozy nights in cuddling up watching simsflix wrapped under a blanket 
  • Nate hates watching sports on tv so you never have to worry about him ignoring you for a game. 
  • He’s really laid back so he never overreacts to things always relaxed and calm about things. 
  • Plus he's cute af.. with his dimples 


  • Re musician thing He’s really moody and broody and spends a lot of time by himself writing his music which can sometimes make you feel lonely 
  • He’s very passive aggressive and would rather act like you didn’t annoy him but make snide comments when you talk to him 

I already tagged people in my first post but if you wanna do this and haven’t yet feel free to say i tagged you! 


Wine lover vs wine hater… guess which one Yixing is 😂

Thank you @subchanyeol and @minseoksmelaningoddess for tagging me!
I’m running out of decent pictures of myself for these bias tag things lol. I’m also running out of people to tag salkfjslakfjd ummm @uminbean @hallowxing @stanminseok @kittyhunnie @kimmidokyu @xbaek  my pretty bbs you’re it 💖

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What are your fave Penomeco songs?

You mean the songs that I basically listen to everyday?

Ma Fam is the song that got my hooked to him

No Love

WTF (When To Far)

SMT (So Many Times)

PNM (Plus and Minus)

Right There


Seriously stan this dude. I’ve been lowkey stanning him since Ma Fam came out and now that he getting more popular I want to use the chance to help more people love him. I never talk about anyone else but BB so you can see how much I love this squishy. He makes fun songs and has the cutest shy personality. He deserves his fame.

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☆ HAPPY TAG GAME: tag 5 people and what you like about them to spread positivity! ☆

Thank you!!! Hmmm:

  1. @bwisou: arden is my soulmate, i love that she’s really easy to talk to, really open and honest and we click on a level that’s hard to describe, but comfortable to have <3 i love my bb
  2. @comeherejimin: cassie is my sunshine :’) i love that she’s really cute and she finds lots and lots of adorable gifs when we chat and im really thankful of the trust that she places in me, a potato, not worthy of her friendship ;’) ily cassie
  3. @kthish: alex is my darling <3 we scream alot about taekook and we often go nuts about weird shit and our chats can go from PG13 to M76 real quick lmao. ily bb ^^
  4. @parkjmzl: stepheu is my flower <3 I love steph and we talk about anything and everything and its just really comforting to chat with her, and i know my problems and stuff lie safe with her <3 ily steph
  5. @kimdaily: sabbie is like the sister i wish i had <3 I love sabbie and her maturity, how talking to her just feels so stable, and i know she’d never judge me for anything and i can fall back on her when i need advice <3 thank you sabbie and ily ;~; you’re someone i can scream about minjoon with ;~;

regarding what jongin said he and ksoo don’t match thingy. i seriously dont think that some people will take it seriously like it show that jongin dont like to pair with ksoo. hck whut? when i read that trans i was like aww jongin u must shy to dance with your bb rite. there isn’t ounce of negativity abt match/not match thing with kaisoo.

if u ask my shipper heart i would say jongin said like tht bcos maybe his cannot focus dancin with ksoo, bcos who wouldn’t when you need to dancin n touchin with sensual af song (the eve is an upgrade of artificial love famm) with the love of your life in front of everyone when in the same time u need to hide your love?? (though we still can see it in your eyes jongin 😏) haven’t u see the fancam? they both trying to avoid each other eyes the whole time during that pairing part. they need to hide the sexual tension guys. and maybe bcos of that reason jongin said like that ( really big MAYBE bcos this rant is totally from my pov and added with my delulu-ness towards kaisoo )

and too add abt jngin on stage, he always deliver 100% ( if not more ). nothin will stop him, but remember kaisoo analysis where he accidentally hit ksoo on stage and he seem stunned for some sec. ( i cannot find that analysis help me i need to read it again ) that analysis also said that he happen accidentally hit other member but he still go on dance. now can u see the different?

i dont know if there is relation btween the match/unmatch and the hit incident but what im trying to say is jongin really love ksoo and u can see the difference if u look closely. and it funny to see that some people say that kaisoo is dead over what jongin said at the radio.

thats it. thank u for spending your time to read my rant. spread the love and have some faith in kaisoo will u?

this isn’t necessarily a goodbye post but more of a “reflecting on this season” kind of post, these past few weeks in particular have been really fun for me and i just want to say some things as a way to kinda wrap up this blogging season

i really, really mean it when i say that i have so much love for the tag. i’ve been blogging bb for 4 years now and the community this year is so nice, inclusive, and welcoming and i’m just so glad i was able to not only witness it but be a part of it. i really have never felt so included in the bb community before.

for most of the summer my interaction with the tag had been limited to reblogs, likes, the occasional tags, but ever since the discord chat was made i’ve really grown to love everyone in it and develop friendships with people whose names i barely knew a month ago.

every single bbsim, bbmafia, bbdiscord, -gate, you name it, has been so much fun to watch & participate in no matter how crackedt some of them were (and some of you guys are fkshjs) and i really hope we can continue blogging together for cbbus/bbcan6!

and not to copy @sindysnguyen or anything but i want to thank the following people for being amazing

@sindysnguyen @nomination-wheel @bigbrothermusical @jackie-ibarras @flopkingbb @dominiquecoper @davonnebb @hoh-robe @natalieskicks @sexologii @normani-x-kordei @thebeautifulevanpetersass @lyss6a @mrjenkins-4-allstars @pauls-replacement @bugguhl @vanessacries @spencerhqstings @pacer-power @negrotti-natalie @audreysusbb17 @momma-day @bbstan @bbdaniele @cancelledtkevin @lesbianbigbrother @slutforbb @bbhatchets @ika-rogers @lickeyrogerswong @sunsign @davonnelickey @kaitlinbarnaby @tims-reality-blog @itbecameunlit @bbad-orwell @bb-i-guess @bblunatic @bbjoshmartinez @p-of-v @huntyhex @muvaship @shaolinbynature @mitchellmoffit @sirdippinghotsauce @brookecamhi @youaregoinghome also rip @daddy-jek-deactivated20170917 

i know for a fact that i’m missing some people but it’s nearly midnight and my mind is blanking right now 😭 just know that if we have interacted at least once either via tumblr or discord i fucking love u and u were meant to be on this post

Thanks beauties! dksjsksk

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(ง'̀-'́)ง - me @ all the disrespectful ass ppl who steal the beautiful gifs u work hard to provide us with, i hope u never lose ur motivation to keep making gifs bc of them and i'm glad u at least have some people who love n respect our immy enough to give credit where it's due - hope ur having a lovely day/night bb, thank u always for all the lovely content - your local immy trash drunk sims anon <3

ajsdflkjfs; AWWW, I’m not losing motivation anytime soon. And ye I’m pleasantly surprised and glad too :”). (“our immy” *sobs*) thank you my lil drunk sims anon. ily sm and I’m happy to provide!

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Reasons I love you - Leonardo DiCaprio

“I don’t think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles. I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of.”


This cutie is literally the most precious thing! I’ve been subscribed for almost 3 or 4 years now and I can’t get over the fact that he literally risks his life for other people in video games. And his stupid fucking voice has me tripping up and blushing whenever he uses THAT tone.

You know what I’m fucking talking about! When he says something completely innocent but it sounds so dirty in his voice! I’m left wondering how in God’s green Earth can someone so dorky and adorable sound so fucking sexy in 0.01 seconds?

Not to mention he’s so thoughtful, when he’s streaming if chat is in a dark place then he’ll stop and talk about his struggles and encourage others to get help and gets the people to find suicide hotlines for anyone that needs them.

I just think not enough people appreciate Ohm. I love him with my whole heart and I’m honestly glad the bbs fandom sort of unanimously added Ohm to this fandom. He’s the biggest sweetheart on this entire planet. ❤

faithtrustandpixelateddust  asked:

Lucas??? Hi daddy??? How are you feeling bb boi? I love you. Anyways, when's the last memorable time someone actually said "I love you"? ☺☺

“I have not been called ‘Daddy’ in a while. Hmm.. I cannot really complain. Er- thank you, I think? Last time.. I told Mini I loved her when we traveled to Zenith Point, right before we- uh.. yeah. That was the most recent, and the most memorable.”

parkchanloeyy  asked:

Hello ☺️ About the anon before, she didn't need to be so rude about 'stealing' other people's works. If you found it on a random website etc how would you know who to quote it from ?? And j always see you saying in the description that you can't find the owner so tag them if you know them. If you were stealing then you wouldn't have done that. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing girl cause I fucking love this blog and my bb Jaebum 😂❤️❤️

Hi there, my love! Yup yup I usually find things from other stans who don’t tag people or my friends just send them to me! Like I said, hopefully many of the things I repost already has the watermark on them but if they don’t I’ll tag the person when possible! Thank you for being so sweet you just made my day! Just know that Jaebum loves you too ❤️️

izayo-i  asked:

Hey bb I gots a matchup request for you- As you know I am Amy. I love to read and write and draw- I love art and photography (when i get the chance to, also u know what i look like i believe.) I love talking to my friends (hey y'all at the mm discord) I like to make people laugh even if i suck at it and I make memes a lot. I'm also a p shy boi and love my friends dearly and I would do anything to make them happy- because they make me happy. I love animals and history. Ilyvm ur great, keep it up

How is this a fair request?!! (Just kittens! <3 ) YOU KNOW WHO I’M GOING TO MATCH YOU WITH RIGHT?

Allow me to introduce you to your new soulmate bff 


Your interests are such a perfect fit with this man. Cultivated, sophisticated, gorgeous, and just all around a warm and enchanting person to be around? There was no chance this man would be able to stay away from you. He will cherish you above all people and all things [Including Elizabeth III, Amy]

The fact that you spend so much time being devoted to those you care about, and explicitly those you see in the chat every day, checking up and being the leader that you are is just one of the many things about you that light a fire in this man’s soul for you and only you. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shy or not, Jumin is more than merely well versed in navigating the choppy waters of socializing…He’s perfected it into an art form and he wills imply take you along for the ride. He’ll come home from a long day at work just to see you curled up with a book, and then want to join you as soon as he puts his briefcase down. Luckily for the both of you he has more than enough money for your nutritionist to have dinner ready so you’ll have all the time you could ever want to pursue your passions. 

He’ll have your photos professionally framed, hung around the house and then he’ll hire an interior designer to entirely refurbish your shared home to compliment your artistic style. 

This man will love you to the end of your days and beyond.

A-Z Tag

Tagged by: @syondga tysm bb hmu sometime !!!

Answer all the questions in a new post and tag blogs you would like to know better!

A: Age - 15

B: Birthplace - Florida

C: Current time - 15:01

D: Drink you had last - water

E: Easiest person to talk to - my bff alyssa , @jellyhyun

F: Favorite song - love song #16 by jack johnson

G: Grossest memory - when i was running in my house and stubbed my toe in the graved in part of my tiles and ripped my whole nail off ndjsjsjs

H: Hogwarts house - idk

I: In love - with love!!!!

J: Jealous of people - who are pretty

K: Killed someone - what kinda edgy shit no

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - first sight

M: Middle name - Arae

N: Number of Siblings - 3

O: One wish - my brother to succeed

P: Person you called last - alyssa^

Q: Question you’re always asked - “are you mad?” or “why you so mad?”

R: Reasons to smile - friends !!

S: Song you sang last - subplots by jack johnson

T: Time you woke up - 06:50

U: Underwear color - grey and white

V: Vacation Destination - japan or australia

W: Worst habit - talking too much

Y: Your favorite food - watermelon or steak

Z: Zodiac sign - gemini

Tagging: too lazy to tag rn but if u wanna do it u can say i tagged u lol