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Due Course - Tyler Lockwood

Pairing: Tyler Lockwood x Reader

Characters: Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes

Warnings: N/A

Request: Hi! Love your writing ❠can I request a Tyler Lockwood x mate!reader where they’ve been friends for a while but Tyler has figured out they’re mates and doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s scared he won’t want him so tries to move on with someone else which really upsets the reader? Thank you!

Word Count: 840

Author: Hannah

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love all these pictures, he’s always awesome :D

You’re too kind; thank you so much!  I did a revised version because I was looking at it for so long I realized that the colors didn’t blend quite as well as I wanted.  xD  Sometimes I do things on the computer at night but I’m busy also watching my kid on a camera so… I get distracted super easily and end up looking at what I did the next day and shaking my damn head.  xD