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Daddy, Hair master

Author: @riversong-sam

Word count: 114

Paring: Dean x daughter!reader

Warnings: fluff

Request: @jkqueenly said can you do a little fic of dean combing the readers hair?

 “Daddy! Daddy!” (Y/N) shouted racing through the halls of the bunker in her princess dress.

Dean chuckled, “Yes my princess?”

“Daddy can you do my hair like punzel? Pwease?”

Dean smiles down at his daughter. He’d become the master of doing hair since your mother passed.

”Of course I can. Go get your brush sweetheart.”

You giggled running to get your brush. Coming back with it in hand and your favorite flower crown.

Dean picks you up setting you on a stool letting you watch Scooby-doo as he brushed your hair and braids it, topping the look off with your crown.

“All done (Y/N/N).”

You giggled in delight, “Tank you daddy.”

“You’re welcome princess.”

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Due Course - Tyler Lockwood

Pairing: Tyler Lockwood x Reader

Characters: Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes

Warnings: N/A

Request: Hi! Love your writing ❠can I request a Tyler Lockwood x mate!reader where they’ve been friends for a while but Tyler has figured out they’re mates and doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s scared he won’t want him so tries to move on with someone else which really upsets the reader? Thank you!

Word Count: 840

Author: Hannah

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alphabet tag game

tagged by @qhostfacers, thank you!                                                                           

rules: answer the questions and tag 10 other people

a- age: 19
b- birthplace: Radom, Poland
c- current time: 8:27 pm
d- drink you last had: coffee
e- easiest person to talk to: my best friend Dorothy
f- favorite song: …it changes so quickly, “Anyone who knows what love is”?? “Exit Music” by radiohead???? #blackmirror
g- grossest memory: 
h- horror yes or horror no? yes, but with company
i- in love?: there are remnants of unrequited love affairs in my head still. Wow. It sounds exactly as dramatic as I think about it.
j- jealous of people: yes, but trying not to show it
l-Â love at first sight or should I walk by again?: walk by again
m- middle name: only Faustyna for confirmation
n- number of siblings: 2
o-Â one wish: to be happy
p- person you called last:  my mum
q- question you are always asked: omg, how can you study this? (idk either my dudes)
r- reason to smile: people I love
s- song you last sang: maybe Anyone who knows what love is
t- time you woke up: 6:45
u- underwear color: blue and white
v- vacation destination: last year? Bieszczady mountains
w- worst habit: staying up too late (me too, mate)
x- x-rays: i don’t understand??
y- your favorite food: chocolate in any form
z- zodiac sign: Saggitarius

I tag @glitchtriforce @thatfangirlatyourwindow @akane171

Just Your Heart, In Exchange For Mine

↳Author: noxsoulmate

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Chapters: 12/12

Words: 46,808

Summary: Dean owns a bakery and Castiel loves his pie. This could be such a cute little bakery love story – if it weren’t for the fact that one was a retired hunter and the other one a powerful witch. There’s also the matter of the black little cat Dean finds in front of his bakery one cold and rainy night. Not to forget the crazy witch on the loose, ripping out other witches’ hearts..

(Read Here)

Personal Notes:

Warning: There’s a (sort of) sex scene

In all honesty, when I first saw this fanfiction I debated on whether or not I should even read it. I usually steer clear of anything that involved Dean and cats being in the same room together just because people often seem to forget that he’s actually allergic to them, and if you can’t get the allergies right then I don’t really trust you in the personality department either. Besides that, I also don’t really like the idea of changing Cas’ race in a drastic manner. Going from an angel/human to a witch? That’s not my style.

And then there’s the other part of me that went: “But it’s a bakery au!” 

So I read the prologue, which ended up being really good. Then I read the first chapter, and it was even better. And as I continued reading, not only was Dean’s personality accurate, but the fact that he was allergic to cats still rang true in the fic. Only, he’s been taking some sort of pet relief medication to control it. It made me super happy that the author actually acknowledged this, and not only that, it turns out that the whole cat thing ACTUALLY HAS A ROLE IN THE FREAKING PLOT–

I’m sorry, I just really liked this fic. The author did a great job at diving into the canon world and bringing back bits and pieces to tie into their story. Incredibly well written, keeps you excited to read chapter after chapter with how interesting the entire story is, and it was just an overall fan-freaking-tastic read. I loved and related (a little too personally) to demisexual Cas. Usually people will make him pansexual, asexual, or gay (I’m actually a big fan of pan Castiel), but I’ve hardly ever seen someone use demisexuality in their stories. Maybe I just don’t read enough fanfiction.

Like stated in the warning, this fic does contain a pretty steamy scene. Sex is actually a heavy part of the plot, which you’ll understand if you choose to read it, but the topic is treated with a very mature point of view. It’s not full on dirty smut, this story is so much more than that, but if you’re uncomfortable with physical intimacy then I’d suggest turning away. Even though it’s such a great story.

Seriously, it’s definitely one of my favorites. I guess that just goes to show you should never diss a fanfic by its summary.

Halloween with a Vampire

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 510

Parings: Benny x Reader

Warnings: character death (minor detail not too important but warning anyway), flashbacks in italics, overall fluff, my twist on A/B/O

A/N: GIVE ME FEEDBACK. IT KEEPS ME WRITING. Its super late I apologize For @deansleather challenge Prompt: Hot Coco 

Benny smiled watching you dance around the house you shared, decorating for Halloween. He remembered the day he met you, it would have been his last (again) if you hadn’t shown up.

It was dark and stormy when he got to his nieces restaurant. Crazy hunter bastard name Martin wanted to kill him and had her for leverage. Stepping inside martin makes some off hand comment about monsters. Blah, blah, blah, his main concern was his niece. They scuffled a bit before you came sweeping in knocking martin across the room.

Benny couldn’t help but stare as you bared your teeth snarling at him. He’d never seen a more beautiful creature, not even his Andrea compared. He trailed his eyes up your body starting at your combat boots working his way up to your tank top and jacket, finally settling on your face. He knew what you were, a pureblooded omega werewolf.

He was amazed how you were able to completely ignore him, especially since he knew you were his mate. Watching as you stalked towards Martin who was unprepared for a werewolf.

“You killed my family.” You snarled “Now you must go.” Martin didn’t stand a chance as you ripped his throat out.

“Benny? Alpha?” Your voice pierced through his thoughts and he looked at you now on his lap, face twisted in concern.

“Yes cher?” He rubs his thumbs over your hips.

“Are you alright? I’ve been trying to catch your attention for ten minutes.” You ran your fingers through his hair.

“I’m fine darlin’.” He smiles softly as you peck his lips before nuzzling his mating bite.

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Good then you can come with me to pick apples.” You grin brightly moving off him.

Benny chuckles standing up grabbing your jacket.

“Mon Cherie” he holds it open allowing you to slip into the jacket.

You giggled “thank you.”


“Benny!” You called as you struggled to reach an apple on a branch above you, squealing as he picked you up putting you on his shoulder.

“A little to the left.” You smiled as he moved careful not to drop you. 

“Got it!” You squealed in delight.

Benny lifted you down smiling at your happiness. You brought so much light to his life. Watching you put the apple into the basket topping it off he smiled picking it up.

“That all cher?”

You nod, “Yea I think we have enough.”

“You planning on feeding an army?”

“No just Sam and Dean. Well mostly Dean. These are for pies.”

Benny chuckled knowing you’d invited the Winchesters for dinner next week.

“How about we pay for these and go home. I believe hot coco is in order.”

You nodded skipping of in front of him.


Benny started a fire after making two cups of coco. You curled into his side once he was seated handing him one of the mugs. He draped his arm over your shoulder kissing your head as you sipped your drink. 

“I love you Alpha.”

“I love you too, my beautiful omega.”

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Puppy Love

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: Anonymous asked:

Dean Mlm anon, can I have a one shot of Dean bringing home a puppy for reader? (It’ll be a good hunting dog someday but rn it’s just cute)

Word Count: 312

Parings: Dean x (Male) Reader

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated. (PLEASE!!!!!!!!)

Dean and (Y/N) had been dating about eleven months now and Dean wanted to give him a surprise. So while Sam and (Y/N) were doing research he told them he was going on a supply run and left. He knew exactly what he was going to do.

Upon arriving in town Dean did a quick supply run then headed to the local pet store. He had bought a black lab puppy for (Y/N), and she was ready for pick up. He had gone the whole nine yards. Dean had gotten leashes and toys. Dog food and a doggie bed along with a kennel which the little pup was riding in on the trip back to the bunker.

“I can’t wait for (Y/N) to see you little one.” Dean said loading her in baby. The pup just wagged her tail giving Dean a little yip.

Once back in the safety of the bunkers garage, Dean unloaded the groceries first bringing them to the kitchen.


He looked up from his book, “Yes Dean?”

”Could you put away the groceries while I set up your surprise in our room?”

”Surprise?” (Y/N) asked smiling pecking Deans lips.

Dean smirked smacking his ass, “Yes now hurry up.” He chuckled as his boyfriend all but ran to put away supplies.

Hiding the puppy under a blanket proved to be slightly difficult for Dean as she barked and wiggled.

”Shh sweetheart.” He tried to get her calm as (Y/N) came in.


“Oh hey.. didn’t think you’d be done so fast.” Dean sputtered as the blanket began to move and a little puppy poked out.

”Dean oh my gosh its so cute.” (Y/N) gushed picking her up laughing as she licked his face.

”It’s a she. Do you like her?” Dean asked worried he wouldn’t.

”Dean I love her.” (Y/N) kissed him, “As much as I love you.”

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Fallen Angels Saving Grace

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: @fayemenelmir said:

Okay. Request… hmmm…. A little Lucifer x Reader based on the Song Fallen Angel by Three Days Grace? :D That’d be awesome.

Word Count: 321 (With Lyrics)

Parings: Lucifer x Reader


A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

“Lucifer!” you shook him trying to wake him from his nightmare.
“Lucifer open your eyes!” cold blue eyes stared at you full of fear, anger, pain and other swirling emotions.
“I’m here baby I’m here.” You stroke his cheek.
“How can I take the pain away?” you whisper.
A fallen angel, in the dark
Never thought you’d fall so far
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won’t let you fall tonight
Fallen angel

“Just don’t leave me alone.” He whispers pulling you to him.
“I’m not going anywhere Luci,” you kiss his chest. It hurt you to see him this way. He was your soulmate and him hurting was killing you.
“Talk to me my love. I’m here let me in.”
You do it all for my own protection
You make me feel like I’ll be okay
Still I have so many questions
How do you stay so strong?
How did you hide it all for so long?
How can I take the pain away?
How can I save,

Lucifer cracks he couldn’t bear this pain alone anymore. He knew you weren’t weak but he didn’t want you to have to bear his monsters with him. He tells you about the cage and his fall.  
By the times he’s done you’re both crying.
“I’m so sorry baby,” You whisper kissing him softly pouring your love into the kiss. You needed him to know how much you loved him. He needed to know he wasn’t alone any longer. That you were here and you’d catch him when he fell.
A fallen angel, in the dark
Never thought you’d fall so far
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won’t let you fall tonight
Fallen angel, just let go
You don’t have to be alone
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won’t let you fall tonight
I was right beside you
When you went to hell and back again
I was right beside you

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: @riversong-sam

Word count: 136

Paring: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: fluff

A/N: since my original tumblr deleted :( 

It was late as Rob finally climbed up the stairs to the bedroom. With filming and conventions he was gone a lot. He wanted nothing more than to finally be home with you.

Slipping in quietly he couldn’t help but smile at your sleeping form. You were in your supernatural boy shorts and his “Rock God” campaign tank top. One leg was hooked up over the body pillow you were sleeping on as the ceiling fan whirled above you with a low hum. The moonlight peeking in through the curtains illuminating your peaceful face.

Rob undressed silently as he waited for you to roll over enough he could take the pillow and replace it with himself.

Once he did you stirred enough to mumble his name.

“Shh sweetheart,” He soothed kissing your head.

“I’m home now.”

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Letting You Know

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 132

Parings: Jared x Reader

Request: @impalaimagining-mainblog asked:

I think it’s prompt list 7, the prompt is “You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?” And if you do RPF, Jared please :) if not, Dean is perfectly fine 😁 ♥️

Prompt: You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

You stalked off to the green room where you knew Jared was. He wasn’t answering his texts and you need to talk to him.

“Jared Padalecki.” You said walking into the room getting oos and uh oh he’s in trouble from Rich and the other cast.

“Baby hey.” He trail off seeing your face.

“You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?” You asked placing your hands on your hips.

“Sorry (Y/N).”

“You’re gonna be read them.”

He pulled out his phone and read the texts you sent. He looked up wide eyed and about dropped his phone he was shaking so hard.

“You’re.. we’re.. I’m” he sputtered as Jensen made him sit fearful he’d tip over from shock.

“You’re pregnant?!”

You giggled, “Surprise babe.”

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Highlights not golden but blue

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: @carry-on-my-akward-son said:

Could you do a fluffy Samandriel one shot? 🍄


@amanda-marie-1997 said:

Please some Samandriel fluff? I don’t even care what they do I just need some long fluffy Samandriel and reader relationship. Well I just dyed my hair with like blue highlights and if you could incorporate Samandriel thinking they’re cute and silencing any insecurities I may have about how it looks. Basically I just need lots and lots of compliments from Sammy.

Word Count: 379 

Parings: Samandriel x Reader

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Combined two requests for fluffy Samandriel Feedback is greatly appreciated. Gosh I suck ass this has been on my list forever I’m so sorry I’m slow.

You’d been dating Samandriel for a while. He was the sweetest man you’d ever come across and were so lucky to have him. He’d been away in heaven on business a week now and in that time you’d recently dyed your hair. You were worried that your angel wouldn’t like your new style. Most woman with highlights did blonde but you’d seen this color and fell in love, deciding to try it on yourself. You were very happy with it and hoped that Samandriel would like it as well.

At the flutter of wings and a call of your name from downstairs you bite your lip nervously and call out to him.

“Bedroom Sammy!”

He’s up in a flash sweeping you into his embrace and peppering your face in kisses making you giggle.

“I’ve missed you so much my love.”

“I’ve missed you too,” You smile up at him as he plays with your hair in thought.

“You dyed it?”

“Yes please don’t hate it,” You rush out afraid of what hell say. 

“I don’t hate it. I think it suits you. Its very beautiful just like you,” he kisses your nose.

You relax into him, “You think so? Its not too much?”

“No (Y/N). I think its perfect.”

You smile it’d been silly to think he would not like it. He loved you and whatever made you happy made him happy.

“So love tell me about your time away,” You say plopping back on your shared bed. Smiling he lays next to you playing with your hair as he tells you about his week. After he’s finished you tell of yours and your decision to do your hair.

“If you like it I like it my love,” He smiles tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.

“Now how about I cook us dinner and then draw us a nice hot bubble bath. How does that sound babe?”

You grin kissing him, “That sounds heavenly.”

Samandriel laughs, “One heavenly meal and relaxing bath from your heavenly host coming right up.”

You laugh, “I love you.”

“I love you too (Y/N),” he kisses you then heads downstairs.

After dinner the two of you share that bubble bath. You relax against him happy to have him home with you again.

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Just a Dream

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 280

Parings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: character death, angst

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

For  @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian​ and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid​ challenge

My prompt was Just a dream Carrie Underwood

You stared at yourself in your wedding gown. This wasn’t right, wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He’d promised to be home, promised to marry you. Barley eighteen and alone, heart ripped out. It had to be a dream, a cruel, horrible dream. You’d wake up and he’d be here with you.


Baby wake up.”

You groaned burying yourself deeper in the blankets, and closer to his warmth.

Come on sweetheart. He chuckled.

Dee I don’t wanna.” You mumbled.

I know baby girl. But our appointments today.”

You smiled as he kissed your neck, “Get up (Y/N) I want to go see our baby.”


Mary knocked at the door interrupting your thoughts as she came in. “It’s time sweetheart.” She states quietly unshed tears in her eyes.

You embrace what would have been your mother-in-law before following her down to the chapel. You put your veil down as you cried silently.

The preacher man said let us bow our heads and pray

Lord please lift his soul and heal this hurt

Then the congregation all stood up

And sang the saddest song that she ever heard

Then they handed her a folded up flag

And she held on to all she had left of him

Oh, and what could’ve been

And then guns rang one last shot

And it felt like a bullet in her heart

You took the flag from the officer and held it tight. You couldn’t believe he was gone. This flag, the diamond on your finger and the child you were carrying, the only things left you had of Dean Winchester the love of your life. After all this was just a dream.

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I Want Her P7

I Want Her Masterlist

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 508
Parings: Jensen x Reader
Warnings: character death, memories of kidnapping and assault, angst, comforting!Jensen  
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jensen was shook from his thoughts when you started to whimper and clutch his shirt tighter.

“Shh (Y/N)” he rocks you.

You barely registered Jensen holding you. The memories in your dreams held you too tight.

“No! Please don’t hurt them please.” You cry

“(Y/N)! Wake up!” Jensen was worried now that you started shouting and begging.   

You wake with a start and it takes a moment before you realize where you are. It takes another before you start sobbing and less than that for Jensen to crush you to his chest and let you sob against him.

Jensen looks over to Ryan feeling helpless. Ryan just looks back sadly.

“There’s a bedroom down the hall you can take her to. We’ll be here.”

“Thanks” he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom, lying with you on the bed.

“Please let me help you.” He whispers holding you close.

It takes several minutes before you stop crying, and a while longer after that before you talk to him.

“This man..”

Jensen lightly rubs your back waiting for you. He wasn’t going to push you’d tell him on your own.

“I was just about four weeks after my medical discharge from the marines. I was still recovering from the bullet wound I received my last tour. He was in my home when I got back from physical therapy. My son was..” you start to cry again.

“He was so little Jensen. So little barely two years old.” You cling to his warm embrace and it’s another few minutes before you can speak again.

“My baby was on the floor with my husband. They’d both been shot, execution style once to the back of the head.”

Jensen pulls you closer and you hear him sniff. It’s obvious he’s crying too.  

“I called 911. There was a fight with this man and we were gone before the cops arrived. He held me for a year before Ryan and the rest of my old team were able to find me. He did awful things to me.”

“Why didn’t they just kill him?”

You were surprised by his statement, “I don’t know but I wished they did. He swore he’d escape and come for me.”

“(Y/N) I won’t let him hurt you anymore.”

“Jensen no please you can’t help! I can’t lose you too.”

“(Y/N) I love you. It’s my choice to help.”

You look up at him, “You love me?”

He nods brushing your stray tears away, “I don’t expect you to feel the same, but it doesn’t change my decision.”

“Jensen I care for you deeply. I wouldn’t call it love I’m not quite ready for that yet. But I don’t think I could handle you getting hurt or dead because of me.”


“Jensen please he’s very dangerous. I have the scars to prove it.”


“Ten whipping scars and a few of my stab scars are from him.” you whisper.

Jensen growls lowly and you bury your face in his chest. He’d protect you no matter what.

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His Knight Chap. 7

His Knight Masterlist

Author: @riversong-sam

Summary: Welcome to the land of Elara, a kingdom split in three run by the Winchester royal family. (Y/N) (Y/N/L) is a young woman who wants to be a knight. Will she achieve her dream? Join them on a journey of love and betrayal.

Word Count: 435

Parings/ characters: Sam x Reader, John x Mary, Dean x OFC yet to be named, Cas, Lucifer, Gabriel, Chuck, Cain

Warnings: AU

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated. This fic has a special tag list by request! READ OTHER PARTS FIRST!

The ride back to the palace was tense. Sam had some cloth pressed against your wounded shoulder trying to stop the bleeding.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Sam its my job to protect you.” You hiss in pain as he applies more pressure to your wound.

“It shouldn’t have to be. You shouldn’t have had to do anything.”

“A hurt solider is better than a dead king Sam,” You tell him softly.

“If it were anyone else but you sure.”

“Sam I am your knight. I serve you that is my job. That includes protecting you at my own expense.”

He doesn’t like the answer but doesn’t get to comment as he’s rushed into the castle by other guards the second the carriage arrives.


“Sam! What happened? Are you alright?” Mary frets over him.

“I’m fine mother I need to get to (Y/N).”

“What do you mean Sam? What happened?”

“She’s hurt mom. Stabbed in the shoulder.”

Mary gasped, “John send for her.”

John nodded he knew the time had come to tell you and Sam of your heritage. The love he saw in Sam’s eyes was the same torch he held for his boys mother. There was no stopping it.


One of the royal doctors had you in his care when John came down himself with Cain and some other guards.

You stand, “Your Majesty,” you bow despite the pain you’re in.

“Doctor is she cleared to move?” John asks before directing you.

After a clear yes sir from the doctor he addresses you, “(Y/N) you’re going to need to come with me please.”

Your eyes widen at his sullen tone. Had you done something wrong? You protected Sam like you were supposed to.

“You’re not in trouble young one.” He soothed your fears as he took you up to Sam and Mary.

“(Y/N) are you alright? Here sit down.” Sam practically carries you to a chair.

“I’m fine Sam.” You soothed softly unaware of three sets of eyes watching your interaction.

When the two of you finally did become well of the others in the room you mumbled a soft apology embarrassed.

Mary smiled softly, “No need for apologizes (Y/N).”

You look up at her confused. You didn’t understand you were just a peasant girl.

“Sam, (Y/N) there’s something you need to know,” John begins.

“Please know you were both kept in the dark for your safety (Y/N),” Mary adds softly.  

“Mom please you’re scaring us,” Sam squeezes your hand.

“Sam sit down.” John orders gently “Trust me you’ll want to.”

Sam obeys looking between his parents.

“(Y/N) you’re a princess.”

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