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Oh No- Jacob Frye one shot (I think that's what they're called XD)

You opened the door to Jacob’s room, seeing him daydreaming in the dark in just his pants. A smirk wiped your face and you closed the door, crawling onto the bed and moving yourself over Jacob. Jacob gazed over to you, a smirk now wiping his face.

“Why hello there.” He says, you now sitting on him. Behind you, you keep a little something for Jacob, a surprise. Something he would have never guessed.

“Hello.” You continued to smirk.

“And what may you be doing?” He asked, looking at your arms behind you.

“Something.” You teased. You then leaned over to Jacob’s face, kissing his nose softly. Jacob moved his lips to your neck, placing his hands on your hips and forgetting about the mysterious object you were holding. Jacob thought what you were holding a condom, ready for some fun but boy was he wrong.

You jerked yourself back and suddenly placed a white strip on his chest. He raised his brow and placed his hand on it.

“It’ll be over in a minute Jacob.” You laughed as you leant over to his ear.

“What is this?” He tried to take it off of him until he had realised what it was. “No. No no no no no no…no!”

“Yes Jacob. Hold tight.” You giggled.

“Please no! Stop!”

Suddenly across the house Jacob’s scream echoed through the house, Evie’s ears alerted like a dog’s. She rushed over to where you and Jacob where and she busted the door wide open.

“What happened?!” She yelled.

You laughed, holding up the white strip stuck with Jacob’s chest hair.

“He needed it.” You laughed, Evie shaking her head before bursting into laughter, Jacob sitting up with a sweaty forehead and a red patch on his chest.

“You’re a monster.” He puffed.

“Yes but a less hairy monster.” Soon Jacob laughed, all three of you laughing before Jacob yelled at both of you for laughing and he kicked you out of his room, feeling a horrendous sting from his little wax session with you.

That Poor Girl

As I sit naked in the tub
With a wine glass in my hand
Cut with soda cause I’m a bitch
And hate bitter wines
All lead to by yet another bad purchase
And another shady liquor store cashier
Calling me Mamacita

With tears running down my face
I can’t help but wonder
How did I get here
The bubbles are fading into the water
And the air is getting colder

How did I become this women
So hollow these days
I barely recognize her face

It’s early February and the day peaked at 86 degrees
Winter in Southern California isn’t much of a winter
Kind of like how this isn’t much of a relationship
These days

It’s been nearly five years
So much time either wasted or invested
And at this point not being sure one which it is anymore
That’s what really kills me
And I gave up a shot at something new
Because my heart is so afraid of being damaged

Yet here it is
In a bathtub as it drains
At 5 in the evening
Left with this lonely heart of mine
Yet again