love is wasted on lovers

I’d destroy myself to see that smile, the curve of your lips and your dimples..To see your eyes brighten up. That’s what they call love. It’s pain over pleasure; a pain that’s addicting. And in the end our addictions are our own demise.
Let's waste some time

Time is precious
So the saying goes
Time is so mundane
Slaving to filthy lucre

I say, time?
Lets go waste some

Skipping on beams
of golden sun
Describing elephants
seen in white clouds
Standing silent
to hear larks sing
Arms out running
through the long grass
Mouths catching rain drops
clothes soaking wet
Making stars together
in virgin white snow
Splashing in waves
trousers rolled up to knees
Drinking cappuccino
froth on my nose
Kicking through autumn leaves
hands entwined

After all
If time is that precious
which bits are truly wasted?

Let’s waste some time
Doing the ridiculous,
forgetting sublime
As another saying goes
You’re my favourite waste of time

I’ve had too many “almost lovers”. And I’ve never been in a relationship. But don’t you dare tell me that I can’t hurt because we weren’t together. At least you got your shot. I’m fucked up because I didn’t. So upset because he let go just as I got use to him. So fuck anyone that tells me differently! You don’t know the pain I feel every time I talk about them. To know that every time I bring them up, there is his voice telling me “we weren’t together” and “we had nothing.” This pain so detrimental, that I’m still trying to put all the pieces together. I’m trying to learn how I got this far. Trying to learn and grow from this. Because someone has to talk about “almost lovers”. So I’ll take the strength because it’ll have to be me.
—  Ysela

l e t  y o u r  f e e l i n g s  s l i p // listen

…but not your mask.

related to a stallison runaway au in collaboration with maliaskira. a mixtape of allison’s favourite music to listen to on the road.

credit to my bb maliaskira for making the cover

part one of two

// born slippy - underworld // don’t look back - amarante // do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys // of the night - bastille // style - taylor swift // btsk - ms mr // i sold my bed, but not my stereo - capital cities // recover - chvrches // rat a tat - fall out boy ft. courtney love // for my help - hayden calnin // cameo lover - kimbra // waste of time - mØ // 1996 - the wombats //