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will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.

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what kinds of plants do u use for ur ball python enclosure? im thinking of converting to bioactive

This got pretty long, so I apologize if you were looking for a quick list lol but I am very enthusiastic about plant choices. I hope this helps!


Probably at least 50% of the plants in both of my tanks are pothos. It’s incredibly easy to grow and very hard to kill (whether by living conditions or a heavy animal climbing all over it - it can usually take it). Once it gets going, you’ll have so much green in there. I love it. There’s also several color varieties so you don’t have to stick with just the green kind if you want more interesting colors: satin pothos is my absolute favorite. Marble queen (I think) is also another pretty one.

I also have: 

  • croton - beautiful plant with colorful leaves, but it gets pretty big so there has to be space for it. However, there are several kinds of croton, including small ones with different shaped leaves, that work as well. I’m not sure what the exact croton I use is called, but I think a lot of stores like walmart and lowes where i shop for plants consider it a sort of “generic” croton
  • maranta - another one that grows very quickly, and it’s beautiful, but more picky on growing conditions than pothos. My best growing maranta is on the cool/humid side under the light
  • creeping fig - this one grows pretty quickly, and looks nice. it’s small and a little more delicate while it’s acclimating. If you introduce it before the animal is in, it should be okay. If it is added later, pay it special attention daily to make sure it can acclimate. 
  • rainbow spike moss - this is one of my favorites, but i’ve found it to be quite challenging to establish. I have some growing pretty well in one tank right now (and a few growing outside my vivs just for fun), but i’ve made several attempts inside the tanks before which have all ended with a dead plant. They’re very picky. The one I have in the viv right now is planted right next to the maranta, in the cool/humid side. 
  • bonsai tree - i have one i picked up from walmart. i’m not sure what kind it is, but i really like having it in there

A few others I don’t have right now but that I’d still recommend:

  • fittonia (nerve plant)
  • polka dot plant
  • snake plant
  • spider plant
  • pilea, begonia, and/or bromeliads

I really love browsing for plants whenever I can, and if you get the chance to check out local stores with nurseries, you’ll find plenty that aren’t on this list. There are so many. The things you want to look for when considering a plant are it’s temperature, water, and light needs, as well as if it can survive a large snake sitting on top of it. Soil needs are also a factor: specific pH requirements can affect whether the plant will thrive in your substrate or not. 

As well, you’ll want to clean every plant you get, to make sure you aren’t bringing in outside contaminants that could harm your snake or other plants. Things like pests and fertilizers. It’s called plant processing, and is pretty easy and doesn’t usually take very long. You’ll also want to make sure the plant is safe for your reptile! This is my favorite list to check when looking at a new plant. It is extensive and lists the BAD plants, but also why they are bad (for instance, is it bad only if eaten, or is it bad for them to touch? etc)

If you have any other questions about this or anything else about bio, please feel free to ask! I am very happy to offer what help I can. And this goes for anyone: You can ask on anon, or if you want a private conversation, I won’t publish any asks if you don’t want them published. And I’m just as comfortable talking on the IM. Whichever makes you most comfortable I am fine with. I just want to put that out there so you don’t feel like you *have* to stay on anon if you don’t want to. 

Anyway, hope this helped, and good luck if you choose to go through with bioactive! 

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What is your dream life like? Do you want kids and pets? Where do you want to live? What job do you want? Give me all the details!! :)))

All good questions!

Dream life? Well, if anything, i’d love to own a little house by the sea. There, i’d spend my days listening to music, hunting for seashells and painting. I’d have a cute raised garden bed and plenty of plants throughout the house. I might work at a local florist or even run my own shop! I’d have the love of my life with me and my kitty. Everything would be total bliss and relaxation.

As for kids, I’ve never been interested in having my own. If it came to it, i’d most likely adopt. There are so many kids already out there that deserve to have a loving family, food to eat, and a warm bed to rest in every day. 

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bob is just so pure??? he's so nice to everyone, he supports mental health issues and tries to raise awareness for it whenever he can, he wears flower crowns and tiaras at cons, he openly talks about wanting to kiss other men, he hates trump, he has a puppy, he's working on building an actual house, he plants his own little garden and takes care of it, he loves his fans so.... this list can go on and on

u come………… in my inbox……….. and try to MURDER me

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Himdae! 😁

  • Who was the one to propose:

Himchan, Daehyun lowkey wanted to but he knew Himchan was going to plan something hella romantic so he let him

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Both of them lowkey because they’re romantic dumbass nerds and want everything to be perfect – luckily they’re tastes were similar on most things

  • Who decorated the house:

Himchan, Daehyun had a couple thoughts here and there, but otherwise yeah

  • Who does the cooking:

Himchan, mostly, while Daehyun stands to the side and steals food

  • Who is more organized:

Daehyun is the resident neat boy, he’s constantly cleaning everything up and keeping the house organized (and nagging Himchan’s ass off for bothering Dae’s rhinits (i think i  spelled it wrong oops)

  • Who suggested kids first:

Daehyun, it’s like the first thing he says once they’re married that boy wants like 6 children

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Both??????? All the time all day every day they’re clingy but fun fact the switch on who is clinging and who is being clung to

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

most often? Dae’s the little spoon, Himchan’s the big spoon. They do switch sometimes but yeah

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

(Play) Arguing and play fighting, you’ll find them in tickle fights, wrestling, and pillow fights daily

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Himchan, he makes Daehyun come pick him up

  • Who kills the spiders:

They call Jongup and scream until he comes

  • Who falls asleep first: 

Himchan, then Daehyun falls asleep on top of him

  • A head canon:

They fight a lot of little things, but they always make up within 20 seconds of beginning to fight, but if something’s actually wrong they’re really calm and mature about dealing with it

  • Do they have any “rituals”?

They get dressed together in the morning and Daehyun yells at Himchan for wearing his clothes, but they also constantly compliment each other’s style

  • Who has the most patience?

Neither?? Both??? When it’s something little and dumb there is no such thing as patience but when it’s major and important they’re both hella patient and understanding

send me a couple

do u like gay stuff and bigfoot????

just a reminder that my multimedia narrative about looking for bigfoot has begun and is continuously updating… so if you like seeing weird and fun posts about bigfoot, aliens, cryptids, and gay stuff, as well as care about better representation for lgbt people, mental illness, and other topics… you can follow my tumblr, my twitter, and my youtube channel

feel free to come ask questions and talk with me on these platforms. it is more fun for me and for people following the more participatory the narrative gets. i am always willing to make a fool of myself on my youtube channel too, so ask, suggest, and tease away :) i am here to please and to have both silly and serious discussions about cryptids and issues of representation



Let’s start at the top. 

Because Sakura sees Syaoran’s pure joy and enthusiasm and she’s just so happy. 

That is the most incredible panel. Do you see it. Go see it. You must. SAKURA YOU HAVE IT SO BAD FOR THE NERD. 

But we also need to talk about the fact that the entire family is so genuinely supportive of Syaoran’s enthusiasm here. None of them share his same interest in history and reading but they leapt at the chance to bring him here and are so happy that he’s enjoying it. And that’s so important, both in general AND for Syaoran, because it’s another one of those moments that are about him and who he is and his identity outside of the quest for Sakura’s feathers. 

They’ve come a long way since the Land of Fog, but it’s the same kind of moment that he had there. Syaoran’s own passions and interests have had time to grow and expand, and he’s growing with them. More than that, I love the difference between the two worlds. Whereas in the World of Fog it was just a private moment between Syaoran and his memories (and after jumping into a lake for self sacrificing reasons) now it’s a moment between Syaoran and his family, who all support him and are excited for him and actively took steps to make this happen. 



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What do you think of "Never Again"?

Never Again is hands down one of my favourite episodes. Definitely in my top ten.

I really didn’t understand as a kid during the original run. But now that I’m an adult woman working in a male-dominated industry, now that I’ve had a few more dealings with the complexities of relationships and serious illnesses and been steamrolled and depressed by the banalities of life… Never Again just hits me really, really hard. I am a shipper all the way, but I LOVE how this episode handles the tension in Mulder & Scully’s relationship. I love how it explores Scully’s sexuality. I love it in all its angst, confusion, and malaise. It is a highly sophisticated episode, it’s feminist af, and it ends with one of the most powerful, heartbreaking conclusions I’ve ever seen on the series. 10/10 would die for Never Again.

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Who are your other 4 ocs? Do they have any association / relationships w each other?

ooohhh do they ever :)) 

Luca: my other main oc, lowkey the leader (?) of the group, he’s a prince and he’s hecka gay for Shiro. Him and Maia are either best friends or at each other’s throats there is no in between.

Ronan: Maia’s twin bro, haven’t really figured him out much tbh. Him and Yanmei get along really well though! (platonically)

Eden: Shiro’s childhood friend turned demon. Had a crush on shiro at one point but a lot of things happened so now he’s a manipulative asshole with a superiority complex. He still cares about Shiro but in a rlly twisted and unhealthy way. He doesn’t give a shit about anyone else tbh maybe he likes Yanmei a liiitle bit 

Lee: he’s tall and has a sword and wants to fight constantly. But its like for justice not just for the sake of picking a fight. Chaotic good. He’s loyal as fuck and he’s made it his life goal to look after Luca and so he really reaaaaally does not like Eden or Shiro


I’ll report you to the Diamonds! All of you! You’ll all be shattered!

a little note for everyone:

you are allowed to be LGBTQA+ and religious 

it is ok to be both

they are not mutually exclusive 

and when people jokingly refer to being gay as sinning,

don’t pay attention to them

because they don’t have religion in their lives the way we do

you are also allowed to be questioning, 

“"How can I serve and love God the way I want to while also being my true self?”

because guess what?

not every LGBTQA+ person is an atheist or a non-believer

so here’s a shoutout to the Christian LGBTQA+

and the Muslim LGBTQA+ 

and the Jewish LGBTQA+ 

and the Buddhist LGBTQA+

and every other religion that you may believe in

religion can coexist with your sexual identity and your gender identity

you are loved by God and by me