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Name: Josaiah

Nickname: Josie, JoJo.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′6″

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: American

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Book: The Lovely Bones

Favorite Flower: Tiger Lilly

Favorite Scent: Coconut 

Favorite Color: Turquoise and lavender

Favorite Animal: Baby snow leopard

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Tea

Average hours of sleep: Usually 10-12

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

Dream trip: Greece or Rome

Blog created: November 2017

Follower count: 135

Now that I’m more confident in my sexuality I’ve really dropped the ball with the questioning girl positivity.

Hey questioning girls? Ladies? Babes? Dames? Dolls? Woman-aligned nb darlings? People who think they’re girls or girl-aligned but aren’t positive? You’re doing such a good job keep up the good work you’ll get there honeybunch

Because it’s fun, what’s the most complex or weird character y'all have created for a game? Mine was a drug dealing dwarf mob leader who ran most of the country and she has contact with a lot of powerful people. One of which is a lich wizard, who is her bitch.

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I honestly love reading fansign notes because no offence but monbebes ask better and interesting questions than those interviewers 😂😂

fansign notes are honestly my Life Source i love them… like tbh i dont usually put down interview(er)s bc usually their intent is to like… introduce mx to people who have maybe never heard of them before or who arent fans moreso than delve into deep details for people who are fans!! but ofc fans will ask deeper and just Better questions bc we’re already past the basics :D fansign notes are so Good.. i love hearing mx talk about each other or recommend us stuff or say cheesy shit :(((( 

someone, reblogging a very adorable reylo art: ‘people still ship r/eylo????’


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Holy crap!!!!!!! Wow, I’m in shock. I feel like I made this blog yesterday and I’m already at 1000 followers. Gee. There’s so many of you!!! This makes me feel like I should say something important. Climate change is real. All dogs are good dogs. Anyway, I love you all so so so much!!! Now I’m only a few thousand away from Mr. Stark, I’m determined to outnumber the old man. Thanks again and enjoy the ride I guess!!!!! 


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www(.)qx(.)se/noje/153648/det-borde-verkligen-inte-vara-en-grej-vilken-sexualitet-manniskor-har/ Saw this article from a swedish gay paper, it has some cute quotes in it, and I thought it might interest you (I hope google translate works well...). I love your other outtakes and quotes from different articles, twitter and other places :) <3

Anonymous said:

I’m the anon who sent the article, google translate seems to work really well so you don’t have to worry :)

thanks so much for sharing this article. (I imagine the interview was actually from September when he was in Stockholm?) I love that this significant gay publication wanted to interview Niall, and that Niall wanted to be interviewed by them, and that the interviewer asked some really interesting questions, and that Niall revealed some fascinating insights in answering them. It means a lot to a lot of people to hear Niall articulating his support for the LGBT community - so thanks again for the heads up about the article. 💕💕

This one time when we were children, he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows I love snakes. So I went to pick up the snake to admire it, and he transformed back into himself and was like, “YARGH, IT’S ME!!!” and he stabbed me. We were eight at the time.

Thor, about Loki (Thor: Ragnarok)


i hope lover boy lance is having a good day

Namjoon went SO DEEP, straight philosopher (AGAIN):

Themes of fate and destiny run through this album. Have you always believed you have a set path?

RM: Nietzsche… one of his famous phrases was amor fati, or ‘love your fate’. Let’s say, me who is born in Korea, and you, Taylor who is born Australia, we can’t change that, we cannot have the same life. Amor fati isn’t just saying leave everything to fate, but to first accept things we can’t change. Love our fate, and our environment, then (think) we could do something with fate and turn directions. We’re on some path that’s set since we’re born, but I still believe we can change some things. So I believe in my faith but I still don’t believe in my fate (laughs).