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What exactly is BMC??

(( BMC, or more commonly known as Be More Chill, is a book written by Ned Vizzini but a musical adaptation was created by Joe Iconis in 2015. Without giving too much away, it’s basically about a high school boy named Jeremy Heere who is seen as a loser and only has one friend, his best friend, Michael Mell. Jeremy also has a huge crush on a girl, Christine Canigula, but he’s too nervous/awkward to talk to her. Jeremy is tired of being a loser and hopes to find a way to change this, and through his bully, Rich Goranski, he learns about the “SQUIP"—a quantum computer in the form of a pill that can communicate directly with your brain after being ingested. Jeremy purchases the pill in hopes of transforming him from a klutzy loser to a member of the social elite. 

 I hope that helps explain things! Thanks for taking the time to send in an ask, you shimmering morning glory!- Mod easter ))

Short Thing: Getting Older

Hi! Just a short weird little thing I wanted to talk about and maybe see what other people thought. I’ve seen a lot of fan art or fics, that are about korra and asami getting older. Usually they’re old and happy together and I love the idea of them being rad older ladies, who are still total dorks and totally in love. But when I see them, I get kinda sad. And this goes into the other kinds of pieces i’ve seen, that have shown one of them, remembering the other after they’ve passed.

And that, destroys me. And in a weird way too. Cause obviously, I’ve seen or read or played thousands of things where characters i’m invested in or care about die. And I’ll be sad sure, but at even the thought, or the slightest hint of the death of one of these two? Emotionally i just go to the dumps. Like the idea of it horrifies me lol. That probably just means i’m way too into this. Like it is for this reason, I’m actually in the camp of I don’t want another avatar series. Cause that by default means Korra will have passed, and I can’t deal with that lol. Like when they announced Korra, obviously that meant aang would be dead. And i didn’t think anything of it. But suggest Korra will die, and my brain just cries NOOOO! I already suffered enough just seeing one of them in pain while the other was their to support them! That hurt enough!

Now I think this is probably for two reasons. The easiest is that I think it’s clear I love these dorks more than I usually get into characters. And my friends… THAT is saying something lol, just trust me I get way into characters. And I think reason number two is that they’re two parts of a whole. If one goes, the other has to deal with that loss. I love their relationship and I think of one of them having to go on without the other and that just hurts. A lot. Not to say I don’t think they could handle the loss. I think they would handle it with grace and dignity similar to how Katara lives on. It’s just interesting to me, that the concept of either dying causes more emotional distress in me than literally anything else has for me in fiction.

Just a rambling thought. And I’d be curious to know what anyone else thinks! Personally, I would like to imagine after they’re time they got to run around, still head over heels in love in the spirit world like Iroh. I don’t know how that would work given the whole avatar cycle thing but don’t talk to me about that. Happy in the spirit world! Happy and together!!! I think i might be in too deep here lol.

you don't want someone to die because of you again

What if one of the no.70s died because of Vanitas?

The Minitas in Vani’s mind isn’t a memory, but talks to Vanitas directly making him a fragment of Vanitas’s mind. This shows that the things Mini is talking about are things that are weighing on Vanitas’s mind. A lot.

Who would die because of Vanitas?

Another important question is, did this happen before or after Vani and Mini were taken in by the O.V? (original vanitas) If Vanitas feels he caused someone’s death before or while they were taken in (I’m looking at you, no.70) it would explain why he’s upset when he goes with Original Vanitas. 

What about no. 71, aka Minitas? If he had died because of Vani, it would explain a lot- why he isn’t still in the picture despite being attatched to Vani, why Vanitas freaks out at the sound of his number.

Who do you guys think died because of Vanitas?

Another question- Minitas says that Vanitas is “too late”. Perhaps this means he is too late to save the red moon vampires? If so, why? And then, he should hurry and tell “those people” something-that they are too late?

Al the questions. This is such a great series :D

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if you could rewrite only one scene from the affaire days, which one would you choose? Why? And how would you change it? 😬

ONI my love!!

This is an easy one for me - the second hotel scene. I’m still not over Aaron’s little face as he’s walking away and he knows Rob’s in the room with Chrissie and it’s k i l l i n g him because he’s so in love already. I just wish they’d been able to have a nice time together (nudge nudge, wink wink) before realising Chrissie was there and it still makes no sense to me why Aaron would suddenly want to close the curtains I mean he’d surely have been lost in Robert’s eyes within seconds and completely lose focus on anything else as soon as Robert kissed him so I just wish they’d been able to make proper use of the room before he’d had to leave ;) 

So I’d make sure Aaron got a good seeing and probably just to indulge myself I’d have made Katie/Chrissie not notice Rob’s car and just leave them to it. 

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1: What’s the most annoying thing about your best friend/s?
2: Least favorite TV shows?
3: Favorite moment with your best friend/s?
4: What’s one quality you would like to have?
5: Name three people of your same sex you would: marry,kiss and fuck
6: Do you like your full name?
7: Tell me your most embarrasing memory
8: Favorite color to wear?
9: Favorite restaurant?
10: What would be a good first date for you?
11: Are you a good wrestler?
12: Are you allergic to something?
13: Would you be a good singer?
14: Who’s the last person you told “I love you” to?
15: What car would you buy if you had enough money?
16: Favorite cover of a song?
17: What was your last conversation about?
18: Where were you born?
19: Least favorite app?
20: Tell me two facts about your country of birth
21: Do you like wearing sunglasses?
22: When it’s a good moment for a first kiss?
23: What are your nationalities?
24: What would make you drop college/university?
25: A crossover between two shows (any shows) you would like to see?
26: Long or short hair?
27:A character from a book/TV show/movie that shouldn’t have died?
28: Favorite movie scene?
29:Do you ship more fiction people or more real people?
30: Favorite country song?
31: Favorite John Green book?
32: Least favorite Ed Sheeran song?
33: Favorite ship?
34: How do you deal with sexual tension?
35: Name a celebrity who died that you miss
36: Favorite Harry Potter spell?
37: Something you are scared of losing?
38: Someone you regret meeting?
39: Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought he/she was your friend?
40: Do you easily open up to people?
41: What is a gift you love receiving?
42: What is something you could leave easily?
43: Rant about that’s eating you up
44: If you could make one phone call to anyone right now, who would it be and what would you say?
45:Are you easy to love?