love is the master key

baekhyuns smile is legitimately the most stunning thing ever, the stars must be jealous that he’s brighter than the entire sky !!! when he smiles and his laugh lines appear and his brilliant teeth peek out and his eyes scrunch into half crescents and you know exactly how he’s going to laugh because it’s hearty and giggly and so so beautiful i love him so much i 

Way to love

Lately I thought about my impression that survivors are able to love outstandingly deep.

Maybe it is because it took us such a lot of pain to figure this ‘thing’ out?

We were told ‘this is love’ so many times and each single time it was a lie and anything but that.

Nobody taught us what real love is. Instead we subliminally learned all what love is NOT about.

At the point we had to grow out of our unconscious innocence we started to deconstruct our past.

In this process we were forced to substract all the lies put on us about it from our inner notions.

And maybe then we felt that the remaining result, the little rest, this microscopically small piece of unconditional magic trust…

…is what love is about for us.

And perhaps because of that we understand it as the great gift of humanity that it is, far beyond a phrase filled with societal demands.

And maybe also this is why we can put all of ourselfs into loving others, why we can give out the master key to our minds to people we trust.

Because we know what can happen and for us we know what is the true meaning of doing so.

Save (Jeojang!) The Date!

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Hello everyone! :) Given that it’s barely 40 days to the big A’level examinations (aka a national exam that is taken by most 18 to 19-year-old Singaporean students), I have decided to take a short hiatus from this blog and I will only be back after my examinations officially come to an end on the 29th of November! I know it sounds like a long time, but don’t worry, I’ll be back with more (hopefully) quality content before you know it! ^^ 

Before I get to the main point of this post, thank you for all the support and love over these past few months since Produce 101 Season 2 and it’s so heartening to know that this blog has been growing steadily, currently with a total follower count of 622 followers! <3 No words can express how grateful I am for you all really and I am so happy to receive all your kind comments, as well as those simple likes and reblogs, because they truly mean a lot to me. :) Trust me when I say that without you guys, I would have probably stopped this hobby a loooong time ago. :’)

Now to the main point of this post, here’s a list of dates to look forward to as an information sheet for everyone! :) I will be updating this as more news come in so watch this space and stay tuned! ^^ 


  • 27th: Wanna One debut in Japan 
  • 28th: Wanna One Go 2/ Wanna One Comeback (1-1=0; Nothing Without You) Teaser HERE
  • 29th: Wanna One @ Gangnam Festival Kpop Concert 


  • 2nd: Wanna One “Wanna City” special BTS footage
  • 3rd: Wanna One Fanmeeting in Hong Kong, Reairing of Produce 101 Season 2 
  • 4th: Wanna One Fanmeeting in Hong Kong, Reairing of Produce 101 Season 2
  • 5th: Nu’est W @ 63rd Baekje Cultural Festival
  • 6th: Nu’est W “Where You At” Lyric Spoiler 
  • 7th: Wanna One Fanmeeting in Taiwan, Nu’est W “W.Here” album pre-listening, Reairing of Wanna One Go Season 1 
  • 8th: Nu’est W JR + Ren “Where You At” M/V teaser 
  • 9th: Nu’est W Baekho + Aron “Where You At” M/V teaser 
  • 10th: Nu’est W comeback (”Where You At” M/V release @ 6pm KST
  • 12th: Nu’est W’s Aron on Shadow Singer, Rainz First Mini Live 2017 
  • 13th: Wanna One Fanmeeting in Phillippines, Nu’est W Reality Show “Love Record” @ 11pm KST
  • 14th: Wanna One Ong Seongwoo + Kang Daniel on “Master Key” (SBS), Nu’est W @ KBS Friendship Super Show 
  • 18th: JBJ (Just Be Joyful) debut
  • 19th: Nu’est W’s Aron on Shadow Singer 
  • 20th: Nu’est W @ Sports World Hope
  • 21st: Wanna One @ Gangjin Kpop M Super Concert
  • 22nd: Wanna One + Nu’est W @ Busan One Asia Festival 2017
  • 28th: HOTSHOT Timoteo + Hojeong on KBS’ “The Unit”
  • 29th: Nu’est W Fanmeeting in Taiwan
  • 31st: Samuel Kim + MXM + JBJ @ Busan One Asia Festival 2017 


  • TBC: JBJ, Kim Samuel, MXM, Jeong Sewoon @ Weekly Idol
  • 3rd: Wanna One Go Season 2
  • 4th: Nu’est W + Wanna One @ ‘Dream Concert’ in Pyeongchang
  • 11th: Wanna One comeback
  • 15th: Wanna One + Nu’est W @ Asia Artistes Awards 2017
  • 19th: Nu’est W Fanmeeting in Hong Kong
  • 20th: Wanna One Go Season 1 Episode 3 (tVN Asia, 8.45pm KST)
  • 25th-1st Dec: MAMA week 

December: TBC

January 2018: 

  • 18th: Wanna One Fanmeeting in Malaysia
  • 21st: Wanna One Fanmeeting in Jakarta
  • TBC: Wanna One in Phillippines 

**Translation in progress (if someone could tell me what it is, that will be great!)

Work In Progress (Scenarios etc):

  1. Park Woojin x OC Dancer AU (Plot: HERE)
  2. Completion of “When Two Worlds Collide
  3. Kang Daniel x OC Medical Student AU (Plot: HERE)
  4. Bae Jinyoung x OC Medical Student AU (bonus!) 
  5. 100 Ways to say “I Love You” series

For now, that will be all! :) Once again, it’s been a fun experience writing for all of your personal enjoyment and I am so happy to have met some of my readers and requesters, even becoming mutuals in the process! :D Thank you so much once again and if there is anything missing in the list, please send me a message! ^^ 

With this, I say my goodbye and let’s meet again soon! :) 

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