love is the master key

Way to love

Lately I thought about my impression that survivors are able to love outstandingly deep.

Maybe it is because it took us such a lot of pain to figure this ‘thing’ out?

We were told ‘this is love’ so many times and each single time it was a lie and anything but that.

Nobody taught us what real love is. Instead we subliminally learned all what love is NOT about.

At the point we had to grow out of our unconscious innocence we started to deconstruct our past.

In this process we were forced to substract all the lies put on us about it from our inner notions.

And maybe then we felt that the remaining result, the little rest, this microscopically small piece of unconditional magic trust…

…is what love is about for us.

And perhaps because of that we understand it as the great gift of humanity that it is, far behind a phrase filled with societal demands.

And maybe also this is why we can put all of ourselfs into loving others, why we can give out the master key to our minds to people we trust.

Because we know what can happen and for us we know what is the true meaning of doing so.

SHINee reacts to you getting angry at losing a video game

I hope this is what you wanted!!<3 Also sorry if it not that good :(

*Warning: Jonghyun’s is a bit dirty…I couldn't resist*

Onew: This fluffball would probably first tease you about getting angry, then try to make you less angry by making you laugh and ask if you wanted to do something else instead. 

“Jagi, please don’t be angry you only lost by 2 points!! Lets just go get some food” 

*Because we all know this idiot loves food”

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Jonghyun: tease tease….and tease some more…he would tease you like Onew about being angry and then ask if you wanted to channel that anger into something a little more…productive(if you know what i mean 😏) 

“Come on Jagi no need to be angry, why don’t we go back to our bedroom and scream for other reasons”

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Minho: This little competitive shits reaction would be to pout at you for getting angry at him. I can see him looking at you with those big eyes and asking why you were mad when you knew he was going to win anyway(especially if its a soccer related video game)….though he would want to make you feel better in the end because this cute idiot isn’t a complete savage. 

“I am sorry Jagi, don’t be angry at me I love you”

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Key: This sass master from Daegu would probably roll his eyes and judge you a bit from actually getting angry, even though he has probably gotten angry over a game or two himself. He would then want to see you smile though, so he’d give you pointers as you guys play and also keep his game play a little less harsh”

“Jagi, come on seriously! Please, love, its just a game come and lets play again I bet you'll win this time”

Taemin: this rude cute maknae would want to make you less angry as quick as possible because he hated seeing you so angry. He would probably blow kisses and try to tickle you, any way to make you laugh and smile again.

“Jagi come here! Why don’t we cuddle and play the game together”

*Just imagine sitting on his lap playing with his hands on top of yours*

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A nice symbolism of arc greninja was that ash and greninja were able to improve the transformation when both had the desire to save a pokemon that needed help, froakie defended Pikachu of team rocket in its first apparition of pure altruism even not knowing Ash and his friends , froakie decided to travel with ash when admired him for risking his life to save a Garchomp he did not know, altruism has always been a notable feature for both.


Its why I never thought Ash Greninja being mastered through saving a simple small Sewpa was “anticlimactic” because it’s PERFECT given what Ash and Greninja’s strongest aspects were plus what Olympia said about “love” being the key. I think mastering in during a battle may have gone against that point because the whole time Ash was trying to make the transformation work by getting stronger but strength wasn’t what mattered most it was LOVE.

You can call that cheesy or whatever but I think the Sewpa scene was great for that reason. As you said altruism is evident in both of them and in that instance when Sewpa fell they both immediately had the same desire to save and protect a Pokemon that can’t defend itself, if you ask me THATS true strength not just strength, alone for its own sake, that was the reason why the form kept failing in the first place .

UGH what I good scene I love it so damn much.