love is that shit

If you were a dragon, what would your treasure be made of? What would you be obsessively hoarding? For me it’d be art supplies and various dinosaur items. Tell me what your hoard would be in the comments or in the tags!


this will forever be one of my absolute fav videos ever

(Notes: I received a request for another terrible Vaderwan text post, with Ahsoka getting drunk texted, and this happened. I apologize in advance. It just really seemed like if anyone was going to embarrass themselves drunk texting it was gonna be Kenobi.) 

(I’m pretty sure Vader’s texting Dad Jokes to Ahsoka on the regular though. I’ll have to think about that one a bit more.) 

Obi-Wan: [text] Areyou theree anakin?
Vader: ohhhh boy, bad spelling
Vader: its cantina night again isnt it 
Obi-Wan: yes Im AT a cantina so What?? .
Vader: lol cheers🍸
Obi-Wan: Sometiems i just dont know whyeverythigg like this HOW COULD YOU DOTHIS TO ME ANAKINN
Obi-Wan: Things couldhave ben so difrent.
Vader: oh ffs im not having this discussion with you again
Vader: i hate angsty drunk obiwan 😒
Obi-Wan: FIne
Obi-Wan: [sends a picture] look at this old picture i ffuond on my phone 
Vader: 👀omfg 
Vader: uh i definitely remember this 😘 thank u for sending it
Obi-Wan: You aree welcome 😏 ihave more on here you know
Vader: is that so
Ahsoka: Oh my God, guys, this is a group text!!! PLEASE STOP.
Obi-Wan: oh shitt Sorry Ahsoka.
Vader: lol hey snips 
Ahsoka: Vader. 😡 I can’t believe I haven’t blocked you.
Vader: pfffft u sound just like kenobi and we all know none of u guys are ever gonna block me 
Obi-Wan: Realllly Ahsoka Im sorry you know i wouldnt have carried on likethat if id realised 
Ahsoka: Oh of course Master Kenobi, you guys are usually so subtle. 🙄


I’m starting to understand the true value of being alone.

In the quiet and the void that is just myself and no one else I can be so honestly who I am and stretch into that woman. I can be unapologetically authentic. No one is watching. No one is judging. No one is making requests or in need of compromise. There are no rules, only my own boundaries, which soften and stiffen and flow as I walk on my way. 

I have the peace in my life to fall in love with myself, to build her muscles so that she can hold on to herself in the midst of others. I can laugh, and dance, and sing, and dream whenever the hell I want. There is no one telling me that something needs to change or to quiet down or that I am wrong. I can just be. Self acceptance is powerful and empowering. It feels like a luxury. I am protective of myself now. No one gets to share this heart unless they can prove that they are good and honest and true. 

My life is growing in depth, and joy, and light. Sometimes it is awkward being alone, but I ground down into my roots and resist old habits, extending out new branches, new ways of doing things instead. 

I am something like the little bird who has just found herself on solid ground for the first time and she is looking around in wonder at how big and amazing and inspiring the world around her is; so inspiring that she gets excited and flaps her wings and realizes that with just a little more effort she can fly

I care. And I just like anyone else fall in love , every now and then. But even though my intentions are gold, my words aren’t. I don’t know how to love. My whole life I have been taunted for not being good enough, living under the weight of expectations. The only love I received was in the snarky remarks. And that’s how I love. My love is in my snide remarks, in my subtle bullying, in my indirect help. I’m sorry if my love is repulsive to you but its the only way I know.
—  Draco malfoy (for all the things I didn’t say)