love is science

why do i like birds so much?

well, let me tell you.

because birds like this

exist. this guy is the guinean cock of the rock. he has a brother.

the andean cock of the rock.

oh, also:

birds of paradise. also the fact that birds are incredibly smart! here are some examples:

there are plenty of examples of birds learning to mimic human speech and solving problems. like the crow who used the method of water displacement to get a drink. crows also use cars to crack open nuts and swoop in to get the treat after the cars have stopped at a light.

fittergirl  asked:

I'm pretty sure, genetically speaking, that 2 brown eyed people can have blue eyed children, but two blue eyed people can not have brown eyed children. Blue dominant, brown recessive. It doesn't bother me so much for the show because it is seriously bewildering how much Sophie looks like she could be SamCait's kid. IMHO. (I think this is fact, but am too lazy to research it.)

ok, so i actually went to google this and…

i feel deceived. but also, SCIENCE!!!!


Opal in 18k Gold Bracelet

This is an original labor-intensive piece made from 78 carefully placed and unusually well-matched opal cabochons, of 52 cts total weight, in yellow 18 karat gold. Small sapphire and diamond provide a few accents.

Locality: Welo Ethiopia

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